About Abstergo

Henry Ford

Early Abstergo luminary and pioneer of the automotive industry, Henry Ford.

Created in 1937, Abstergo Industries has provided customers with quality products and groundbreaking innovations for over 75 years. Among our “founding fathers” number technological pioneers and masters of industry like Henry Ford and Ransam “Ranny” E. Olds.

Thanks to these and other visionaries, and the consistent excellence of every employee, from the CEO to the intern who brings you coffee with a smile, we have been in the vanguard of technological and scientific developments.

As the rest of the world has caught up to Abstergo’s limitless imagination and ambition, our stocks and international presence have flourished in the last two decades. We have offices and laboratories in every major city in the world and are set to expand even further with new projects and technologies still in development.

From exploring the mysteries of outer space, to helping a sick child recover from disease (right in your own neighborhood), Abstergo Industries is there.

There has never been a better time to join the Abstergo team!

Alan Rikkin, CEO Abstergo Industries since 2008

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