Update: You know, going to sports, killing some templars, watching TV, just the regular stuff…

The page is under control of Abstergo again. We apologize if you had any discomforts.

The criminals are now detained in Germany by security forces and the police. We would like to thank them and you for your support throughout this situation.

Original Message from the hacker team Erudito:

Hello guys from Abstergo!


If you continue searching for us we will kill 11 of you agents so you should think twice about killing us with you team in Hamburg. We see them right now.

We will find you! Expect us! We are ERUDITO!

Update: Ha, you guys suck. Still trying to shutdown the servers so nobody will see the truth? Ridiculous!

3 replies on “Update: You know, going to sports, killing some templars, watching TV, just the regular stuff…”

Noble. You should consider the Assasins your allies. I don’t side with either Abstergo/The Templars or the so-called terrorists, the Assasins, but the Abstergo want slavery by Eden.

Here is where the problem is. We do not wish to in salve anyone or anything. This is all Assassin propaganda. We also respect your views towards us and are glad that you are not looking to join the assassins; this means that you can see the light of their actions and think clearly. That is a trait that we highly respect and admire in a person. We just ask you not to judge us based upon stereotypes you may or may not have heard and seen.

We would like to invite you to your closest Abstergo facility in order to give you a grand tour and to show you and tell you a bit more about us.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

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