See the trailer of the new Abstergo Entertainment Game: Valhalla

Together with the new Animus-OS, a video game will be released that reproduces content from real Animus sessions in playable form.

By analyzing the genetic memories of test subjects of the Animus we were able to achieve a high level of interactivity. This is characterized, for example, by a Norwegian village that you can expand, or by the possibility to decide how to play your male or female protagonist.

New Animus-OS announced!

Animus-OS Valhalla is officially announced!

Our developers at Abstergo Systems have worked tirelessly over the last few years to bring you the latest Animus operating system:

This new version includes extensive improvements in almost all aspects. Mystical beliefs that your ancestors believed in can become reality with Valhalla, the translation of ancient Nordic languages has been implemented and much more!

Look forward to more information in the coming months!

Why do concepts of supernatural beings appear in the mythologies of ancient peoples?

The Egyptians had different gods, the Greeks the same way. And what the Greeks had, the Romans renamed and presented as their own gods. Malicious tongues would claim that mythologies still exist today with religions, but I don’t want to talk about that now.

Depending on the region, there were and are ideas of mythological creatures. Medusa or Hydras in ancient Greece, the sphynx in the Egyptians, giant octopuses or a snake that spans the whole world by the seafaring warriors of the Nordic countries, everywhere there were creatures for whose existence science found no proof. And yet people believed in such creatures.

So where does the origin of these beliefs lie?

The latest findings of Abstergo Research show that it was probably changes in the mind caused by certain substances or events that led to the belief in such creatures.

We do not want to reveal too much, but in the coming months we will publish more exciting findings.

Test persons for new project needed

Abstergo Industries is looking for test subjects for a current project.

The content of the project is the research of certain genetic memories of persons with Scandinavian descent.

If you are interested in working with Abstergo, please answer the following survey and follow the instructions.

Test subjects make a valuable contribution to improving the world every day. Thanks to all applicants.