Blind Cure

Just to keep you up to date, our “lab-boys” are working on a cure that may or may not cure blindness. So far tests have been responsive on increasing a sense of path finding, but so much as to seeing just yet. We are really close to getting it done, specially now that we have done some development on the electronic nose, this will really help and improve the Blind cure more.

2 thoughts on “Blind Cure

  1. Moka Thorwham - Subject 18 Thursday, August 28, 2014 — 12:00 PM

    Blind cure? O.o I don’t think it would cure of someone born blind.

    1. We still have not reached that bridge to cross it. If our research proves success then we may actually have a chance to cure people that have been born blind, or at least give them vision.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

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