Creative Submissions

Welcome to our Creative Submissions page! Here you can share your work(s) with us for a chance to have them featured on this page, as well as on our other social media pages!

This Month’s Featured Eddie Bennun Work

Created By: Ubisoft Entertainment – Eddie Bennun

Social Media: LinkedIn


Honorary Work

Created By: Caitlin

Title of Work: “Sketches found in back of school book”

Social Media: Tumblr


Latest Received Fan Work

Created By: IF Prototype LQ-84i (Bladewolf)

Title of Work: “Abstergo Alliance”

Social Media: Non

Website: Non

Created By: Caitlin

Title of Work: Epsilon Team- jacket patch

Social Media: Tumblr

Website: Non

Computerized by Abstergo:

 We have decided that it would be better to remove the rating poll so that artists do not have to be worried and everyone can enjoy the art. This was suggested by Guzzardi (deviantART Artist) as well as several members of Abstergo HR.


1) The artwork you submit to us MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK OR CREATION! This website and its official members are not responsible if a posted work turns out to be a copyright infringement. If such an incident occurs, all responsibility for it goes towards the submitter of the work.

2) If you did this project with others, you must name them.  Unless you have their written consent that they do not mind your sharing the group’s work under your name.

3) Submissions of any works that contain references to religion, foul language, politics, sex and/or drugs will most likely be disregarded.

4) Following submission, all appropriate works will be added to our internal gallery and a new piece of artwork will be featured each month or week. The submission of your work does not guarantee that it will be featured.

Terms and Conditions

1) All submitted artwork becomes the property of, to be used in whichever way this website’s team sees fit. Be that in advertising, global sharing, or for other purposes.

2) You must read the FAQ page before submitting anything so that you understand that this is a fan-run website and not the property of Ubisoft. We have created this site out of love towards Ubisoft and their Assassin’s Creed franchise, as well as their integration and expansion of the Watch_Dogs franchise.

3) You are not to expect any monetary compensation or reward for your submissions other than our posting of them on our website and social media.

4) Although the chances are very low, you must understand that Ubisoft may, one day, pass by this webpage and see your work. There is, however, no guarantee that this will happen.

Submission Form

Creative Submissions on deviantART

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  1. Top Secret authorized personnel only

    1. Hello,

      Your multiple submissions were all invalid. No link to a work was presented; only links to an email.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

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