Commenting Rules

To our beloved commentators, please keep the following rules in your mind when commenting. Breaking these rules will result in an edit to your comment or a complete deletion of your comment. Repeated breaks of the rules may result in your permanent ban. Thank you for understanding.

Rule 1: No sharing contact information! (that includes but is not limited to e-mails, phone numbers, addresses, websites and blogs).

Rule 2: No insulting and or harassing other commentators!

Rule 3: Commenting on Epsilon missions after they have been deemed “closed” will result in your comment being removed.

Rule 4: Including Religion or Politics within your comment will result in your comment being removed.

Rule 5: Impersonating a member of the official team on this website and using their username will have your comment deleted and may result in your permanent ban*.

Rule 6: Comments that include profanities or inappropriate words or topics would be edited by Abstergo if not deleted completely.

Rule 7: Please note that this rule board is tentative and more rules may be added at anytime.

Thank you once again for your understanding. This is a peaceful community and we would like to keep it that way; where everyone can have a good time, enjoy and meet new friends.


*The following are official members on this website (please note that the list does not contain all members):

  • Alan Rikkin
  • Otto Schmidt
  • Haylin Porter
  • R4
  • Caitlin
  • Shadow
  • Daniel Cross
  • Grey
  • Logan
  • Sebastos
  • Sephiras
  • IF Prototype LQ-84i (Bladewolf)
  • Aedin
  • Dawson
  • L
  • T