Machine development

Animus 2.0 Project

On the 23rd of November 2010, Abstergo finalized the new version of the Animus, the Animus 2.0, developed by Dr Warren E. Vidic and Dr Panila Cavett. It is much more convenient for the user since the new model of Animus also allowed for remote interaction from an outside source, which included uploading database-like information […]

Software development

Animus Operating System “Animus OS 1.0” Finalized

The first operating system to control the head-up display of an animus is finalized. The developers under the management of Jade Raymond and Patrice Desilets Raymont worked over 9 years to get an OS that meets the high demands of developers as well as consumers.

Machine development Research

Research for genetic memory and the Animus project

At the moment, Dr. Warren E. Vidic and his team are working on the research for genetic memory that explores information from our ancestors that may be stored in our genetics. Another project of his team is the development of a device that is able to store and display that information in both video and audio form. […]