New design

As you probably have seen the design of Abstergo has changed. The old, colorful design which was used to promote Abstergo Entertainment and its products won’t be used for the whole company in the future. Instead we use a new version of the old Abstergo Industries logo that finds a use in the upcoming movie of our subsidiary. Continue reading

Career opportunities at Abstergo

The work fields at Abstergo are extremely varied. Do you want to work with other people as an employee in Customer Services? Or would you prefer to help in the Research and Development Department? Or would you prefer to be a Editor in our Editorial Department?

As one of the largest employers in the field of medicine, research and telecommunications Abstergo offers not only a job with good career opportunities, but also a friendly working atmosphere, clear hierarchies, autonomous work planning and other services.

If you have always wanted to work with an international team from all over the world you are right at Abstergo!

To see the open jobs go to the “Careers” Page where you can find the open positions!

Operations in Korea

A quick announcement:

Effective today, security operations at our location in Seoul, South Korea will be heightened to Level 5 due to increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  All remaining personnel will be required to attend Emergency Training by the end of this week, no exceptions.  International travel to this facility remains open, but is discouraged at this time.

_ _ — _ _ | -_- | _ _ — _ _

[#10 has been destroyed and our interests in the north have been compromised.  U. has lost control of the situation, and has been lost to us as well.  Such actions cannot be tolerated.  Our operations in that region have been aborted and personnel have been pulled back.  Await further instruction.]

_ _ — _ _ | -_- | _ _ — _ _

a-OS 4.0 Officially Announced!

Exciting news from the R&D division of Abstergo: a-OS 4.0 coming later this year!

After extensive work with Project Legacy and the Animus DDS, Abstergo engineers have just about completed the software code that will allow users to explore the DNA memories of anyone in history!  Thanks to our Animus testers and users from around the world who have given consent, Abstergo DNA databases have been loaded with enough information to make this exciting opportunity possible.  Imagine being able to relive the memories of people who actually lived during some of history’s most exciting times!  Live as a painter during the Renaissance, a revolutionary during the French or American Revolution, a pirate in the West Indies in the exploration of a new continent…the possibilities are endless!

Stay tuned to our blog for more information as it becomes available.  a-OS 4.0 is scheduled for consumer release on 29 October 2013!

In the Know with Abstergo: 8 questions for one of the largest companies in the world

In an interview with one of the leading company in medical research SciTechMed magazine (STM) asked eight questions to help clear the fog about who Abstergo is and what they do.

STM:     So what does the name Abstergo mean?

Abstergo:     It means “I cleanse”

STM:     Why that name?

Abstergo:     Because with our products we hope to cleanse humanity of harmful diseases.

STM:     What is the Animus?

Abstergo:     The Animus allows people to relive their past by reading the persons genetic memory and projecting it on to a screen in three dimensions, it’s also used for research purposes as well as medical applications.

STM:     How does the Animus work?

Abstergo:     This is our most important company secret, which gives us an advantage in the tough competition of medical research.  We can say that the Animus reads the memories of the user’s ancestors embedded within the user’s DNA to create a fully immersive sensory experience in which that user can actually relive his or her ancestors’ memories.

STM:     How long does an Animus technician train for?

Abstergo:     It’s different for each person based on skill level and knowledge before applying. They can take anywhere between two weeks and two months to complete the training.

STM:     What applications does the Animus have on the medical world?

Abstergo:     It helps people overcome traumatic events and strengthens people with amyotrophy, a condition in which muscle tissue progressively wastes away. If you repeatedly do an action in the Animus your body will learn that movement and you will be able to perform that movement outside the Animus. Hopefully one day we can cure Alzheimer’s and paralysis with the Animus.

STM:     Besides medicine and lineage research, does Abstergo do anything else like environmental or green research?

Abstergo:     We have many divisions, such as bioinformatics, genetic engineering, future technology, space technology as well as environmental engineering.

STM:     What can we see from Abstergo in the future?

Abstergo:     Currently the Animus team is perfecting work on the Portable Animus.  We are also working on expanding our space, energy, and communications divisions with the pending launch of the EYE-ABSTERGO satellite.

Haylin Porter is one of the marketing officers at that works with statement releases and interviews like this one.  Thanks for the great work!