a-OS 4.0 Officially Announced!

Exciting news from the R&D division of Abstergo: a-OS 4.0 coming later this year!

After extensive work with Project Legacy and the Animus DDS, Abstergo engineers have just about completed the software code that will allow users to explore the DNA memories of anyone in history!  Thanks to our Animus testers and users from around the world who have given consent, Abstergo DNA databases have been loaded with enough information to make this exciting opportunity possible.  Imagine being able to relive the memories of people who actually lived during some of history’s most exciting times!  Live as a painter during the Renaissance, a revolutionary during the French or American Revolution, a pirate in the West Indies in the exploration of a new continent…the possibilities are endless!

Stay tuned to our blog for more information as it becomes available.  a-OS 4.0 is scheduled for consumer release on 29 October 2013!

New Animus Program

Thanks to our engineers’ work with Project Legacy and the DDS, Abstergo is about ready to venture into a new area of simulation with the Animus.  After almost 20 years of studying users in the Animus and compiling DNA memory, there is enough information to start forming simulations of alternative history.

Alternative history or “Uchronia” refers to a work of fiction regarding the timeline of our world if an important historical event had occurred or ended differently.

Perhaps it is better explained in an example.  Within the first months of 2013, Abstergo will be releasing an add-on program for the Animus that will allow the user to live in a time when checks and balances fail in the newly formed United States of America.  Instead of adopting a democratic presidency, George Washington names himself King of the newborn nation and imposes a tyrannical, power-drunk rule.

The Tyranny of King Washington will be the first of what we hope will be a series of add-ons with more to follow.  Just another way for you to Enjoy Your Animus!

The ERUDITO Threat

ERUDITO, or The ERUDITO Collective, is a terrorist organization consisting of several individual users whose goal is strictly to oppose Abstergo Industries primarily by hacking Abstergo’s intranet and destroying digital property.

The threat was first discovered in Abstergo’s DDS, or data dump system, Project Legacy, which employed a vast number of volunteers into a special Animus program to compile events in history from each individual ancestors’ perspective into one fully-immersive experience.  This would allow anyone using this program to relive the memories of anyone in history, whether they were blood related to that person or not.

ERUDITO would attempt to =__==___—++


The world HatEs liars, abstErgo.  we kNow what you’re DoIng.  we will not Stop uNtil Everyone knows, you ARe the enemy.



==++__—++=     brought to justice.  Rest assured, the Animus program itself is safe, as it is taken off network during sessions.  These sessions are digitally recorded for later upload onto our secure server for the safety of our users.