The ERUDITO Threat

ERUDITO, or The ERUDITO Collective, is a terrorist organization consisting of several individual users whose goal is strictly to oppose Abstergo Industries primarily by hacking Abstergo’s intranet and destroying digital property.

The threat was first discovered in Abstergo’s DDS, or data dump system, Project Legacy, which employed a vast number of volunteers into a special Animus program to compile events in history from each individual ancestors’ perspective into one fully-immersive experience.  This would allow anyone using this program to relive the memories of anyone in history, whether they were blood related to that person or not.

ERUDITO would attempt to =__==___—++


The world HatEs liars, abstErgo.  we kNow what you’re DoIng.  we will not Stop uNtil Everyone knows, you ARe the enemy.



==++__—++=     brought to justice.  Rest assured, the Animus program itself is safe, as it is taken off network during sessions.  These sessions are digitally recorded for later upload onto our secure server for the safety of our users.

25 thoughts on “The ERUDITO Threat

  1. (I wasn’t spoiling anything…………[edited]……………………………….)

    1. (Sorry, it was way too close to being a spoiler, really trying to limit that kind of thing.)

      1. (I understand. I apologise. I tried to delete it myself, but couldnt find a way of doing it.)

  2. You my enemy and I your enemy Come and find me >:D …. Yeah you never but i found you Haha… Wtf.

  3. Obviously ERUDITO had done rather serious hacking, but that in of itself is not necessarily terrorist activity. It’s what you do with the hacking. So what is it that ERUDITO has done to earn him the label of “terrorist?” Where is your evidence?

    1. The reason to that is because ERUDITO assassinates people on their choice. They are dangerous and love to play in trickery. However, they pose no threat to our highly trained security teams. The only thing they can do is these pranks of a hack.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

      1. ÉdenResearcher_WilliamMilles Sunday, February 24, 2013 — 12:54 PM

        Nocense,………….protocol 5578923900163567_304_Security_Sistem_Diactivasion_Iniciation.

  4. “The world HatEs liars, abstErgo. we kNow what you’re DoIng. we will not Stop uNtil Everyone knows, you ARe the enemy.”


    1. -. — – …. .. -. –. .. … – .-. ..- . .-.-.-

      . …- . .-. -.– – …. .. -. –. .. … .–. . .-. — .. – – . -.. .-.-.-

    2. I have no idea where you are getting these thoughts from. Abstergo is a technology and pharmaceutical industry aiming for the betterment of humanity. Nothing less and nothing more.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

      1. EREDITO is not threat. They seek only to free minds and bodies both. To show a path to freedom and eliminate those who oppress that freedom. You and we have very different perspectives on the world, Abstergo. We both have different ideas on how the world should exist. You seek to control but hide your goal for dominance behind the false identity; Abstergo. To help “the betterment of humanity.”

        -. — – …. .. -. –. .. … – .-. ..- . .-.-.-

        . …- . .-. -.– – …. .. -. –. .. … .–. . .-. — .. – – . -.. .-.-.-

        Nothing is true. Everything is Permitted.

        1. The only type of “freedom” ERUDITO stands for is anarchy. They hate people and companies in power simply because they have power, regardless of what they use that power for. Abstergo’s fortunate history has put us in a position of power, which we choose to use by advancing mankind into the future by improving medicine and technology. So by your own words, we do have different ideas on how the world should exist; people like you want to see reputable establishments burned to the ground, whereas we want mankind to grow and prosper.

          John Griffin

          1. Yeah. “The betterment of humanity”, “grow and prosper” that’s exactly what it says here in your private documents signed Dr. Warren Vidic for “authorised personnel only” you’ve glady provided for us unknowingly. We’re particularly interested in the ‘Lineage Research and Acquisition’ section. Now, tell us about Clay Kaczmarek. Subject 16 it says here.

            Status: deceased.
            Date of death: 8.8.12.
            Cause of death: Prolonged exposure to the Animus. (I’m sure many people are ‘dying’ to participate in your Animus Project now!)

            Now, here’s something about one, Desmond Miles. Referred to as Subject 17. Now, you and I both know who he is don’t we? But that’s where I’ll have to stop. Afterall, we’ve got a lot of late night reading to do…


      o___O ??? The end of what?

      Abstergo is everywhere these days. To boycott them, we’d have to all become hermits or something. /: …

  5. ‘What makes you confused will soon make you realise the truth behind the disguise.’

    1. I am sorry but may you refine your message please?

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

      1. Keep up, Abstergo…

  6. hmm someone hack into your files?

    1. Have no worries at all. Our security team will take care of all of this. We always secure our files therefore this small event shall not affect any of the activities or confidential information that you may have given Abstergo. :)

      Thank You,

      Otto Schmidt
      Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

      1. Hey Mr. Schmitt, how come Abstergo is a tech center when the Temp…ahem, brilliant men Olds and Ford were car dealers? Tell it truthfully, because if you don’t, ERUDITO can read and see through what you say. If you tell the truth, I’ll consider joining your company in 5 years. :)

        1. I think you may have your information misallocated a bit. You see, although Mr. Ford was in the automobile industry, it was the invention of the conveyor belt that started the technology future of Abstergo Industries.

          We hope to see you with us very soon.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

  7. Moka Thorwham - Subject 18 Monday, November 12, 2012 — 10:06 AM

    O.o…. Confused…kind of

    1. Our apologies, it appears our server was hacked to edit this article, obviously unauthorized.

      John Griffin

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