Operations in Korea

A quick announcement:

Effective today, security operations at our location in Seoul, South Korea will be heightened to Level 5 due to increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  All remaining personnel will be required to attend Emergency Training by the end of this week, no exceptions.  International travel to this facility remains open, but is discouraged at this time.

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[#10 has been destroyed and our interests in the north have been compromised.  U. has lost control of the situation, and has been lost to us as well.  Such actions cannot be tolerated.  Our operations in that region have been aborted and personnel have been pulled back.  Await further instruction.]

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The Animus Disk

With our amazing and brilliant launch a week ago, with your help, we have introduced to you all an amazing new technology. A simple disc that would let you explore the memories of actual true events of the past.

Even though we’ve had trouble with the terrorist organization, known as “Erudito”, we stand strong, and continue to deliver you the best we can.

The ERUDITO Threat

ERUDITO, or The ERUDITO Collective, is a terrorist organization consisting of several individual users whose goal is strictly to oppose Abstergo Industries primarily by hacking Abstergo’s intranet and destroying digital property.

The threat was first discovered in Abstergo’s DDS, or data dump system, Project Legacy, which employed a vast number of volunteers into a special Animus program to compile events in history from each individual ancestors’ perspective into one fully-immersive experience.  This would allow anyone using this program to relive the memories of anyone in history, whether they were blood related to that person or not.

ERUDITO would attempt to =__==___—++


The world HatEs liars, abstErgo.  we kNow what you’re DoIng.  we will not Stop uNtil Everyone knows, you ARe the enemy.



==++__—++=     brought to justice.  Rest assured, the Animus program itself is safe, as it is taken off network during sessions.  These sessions are digitally recorded for later upload onto our secure server for the safety of our users.

Who is Abstergo? – Debunking the Myths

“Who is Abstergo?” is a multi-part series of articles that explores the past, present, and plans for the future of Abstergo.  This series is being published to create an accurate public profile of the company, and to debunk the myths surrounding its creation and operations.

Whenever a company grows to the size of Abstergo, there are bound to be some theories and allegations regarding the true roots and intentions of that company.  Abstergo is certainly no exception.  Through my previous Who is Abstergo? articles, I have explored the founding and direction of the company, but still some misinformation remains.

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