Who is Abstergo? – Debunking the Myths

“Who is Abstergo?” is a multi-part series of articles that explores the past, present, and plans for the future of Abstergo.  This series is being published to create an accurate public profile of the company, and to debunk the myths surrounding its creation and operations.

Whenever a company grows to the size of Abstergo, there are bound to be some theories and allegations regarding the true roots and intentions of that company.  Abstergo is certainly no exception.  Through my previous Who is Abstergo? articles, I have explored the founding and direction of the company, but still some misinformation remains.

One such example is the allegation that Abstergo employees are members of the Knights Templar.  This is not true, as the Knights Templar were officially disbanded in 1312 by Pope Clement V.  However, it is easy to understand the confusion, as most Abstergo employees are members of the Freemasons, whose core principles are founded from those of the Knights Templar.  As a company, Abstergo shares a similar vision as these organizations: to unite mankind and progress humanity forward through charitable actions and commerce.

There are also a number of references by visitors on our website to a group known as the Assassins.  This group was also disbanded in 1275 and no longer exists, but we believe its terrorist beliefs to be reflected in the hacker group ERUDITO, which continues to attempt to attack our website and other digital systems.  The primary purpose of these groups is to attack companies and people in power simply because they covet that power.

Finally, there have also been references to an object called a “Piece of Eden”.  We are not sure how this nickname came about, but the object in question is a propriety energy source discovered and engineered by Abstergo that will revolutionize technology as we know it!  The details are confidential so as to maintain a market advantage, but it is known is that the power source will be added into the EYE-ABSTERGO satellite to reduce the need for maintenance on the satellite in the future.

This concludes the Who is Abstergo? series.  Hopefully this will put to rest any questions or concerns consumers have about our company or our products.  With Abstergo at the helm, the future looks brighter every day!

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By John Griffin

Editor for Abstergo Industries publications based in the USA

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Hey Abstergo I live in Kentucky and I want to know where your closest location is. I just want to know about my ancestors. Thanks a lot ( I’m one of those guys who actually take this seriously)


Our facility in the Midwestern US is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our other facilities in the US are in Washington, DC, and San Francisco, CA. We have plans to also try to expand into Florida and Texas.

John Griffin

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