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Animus Commercial

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The machine and the plans are completely safe, at least that’s what our technicians acknowledge for now. The commercial seems though to have been taken down by hackers. Nothing is safe anymore for honest companies it seems. Our technicians are doing their possible to bring it back online, sorry for the inconvenience.

Alvaro Grammatica.

What would make you think that, sir or ma’am ?
The Animus is only a science tool. I do not understand what you mean by “Death Machine”.
For more information please visit your closest Abstergo Research Lab or ask a question via our site.

Alvaro Grammatica.

I’m female.

Anyway I think it’s because I know Warren Vidic would want to use it on someone like he’s want to get to some certain memory like he used to on Subject 16 and Subject 16 is dead and was about to do same with Desmond and I.

That’s why I think it’s death machine, it kills people.

Mr. Vidic is a respectable scientist, and we really don’t get what you are saying on the “Subject 16”. None of our test subject has ever encountered any injuries of any sort, they are in perfect condition and leading normal lives.

Alvaro Grammatica,
Head of Future Technologies Operations.

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