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Who is Abstergo? Part III: Visions of the Future

“Who is Abstergo?” is a multi-part series of articles that explores the past, present, and plans for the future of Abstergo.  This series is being published to create an accurate public profile of the company, and to debunk the myths surrounding its creation and operations.

With all of Abstergo’s accomplishments and contributions to humanity, where could the company possibly go next?  Well, we already know of three projects slated for launch by the end of this year!  The first one to expect is the Animus 3.0 project, scheduled for launch on 30 October 2012.  Animus 3.0 will feature an advanced synchronization engine to allow users to better explore their DNA memory and maintain stronger control over their physical actions while in-program.  The upgraded software will also allow users to see more human interaction in their display.

The next is the Portable Animus, which doesn’t have an exact release date, but is anticipated for launch also in October 2012.  The Portable Animus will have similar features and functions to Animus 3.0, but in a device that is portable.  Advantages to this project include users’ ability to jump into their DNA memory as needed on the go.

Finally this year, Abstergo will be launching the EYE-ABSTERGO satellite into orbit on 21 December 2012.  The purpose of EYE-ABSTERGO is to boost the functions of the ASP satellite, launched by Abstergo in 2008.  Instead of having to route signals to centralized data hubs for distribution, EYE-ABSTERGO will allow signals to be sent directly to end users all around the planet, ensuring that data is sent securely and as fast as possible to those requesting.

Of course, Abstergo also plans to continue its core business in pharmaceutical research and development in an effort to create better treatments and formulate more cures.  To quote Dr. Vidic in an internal document, “We change the world every day in a hundred different ways.”  Be it pharmaceuticals, communications, or technology, Abstergo will be there to lead humanity forward.

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By John Griffin

Editor for Abstergo Industries publications based in the USA

13 replies on “Who is Abstergo? Part III: Visions of the Future”

Do you have any comment on the recent death of American resident, Clay Kazmarek, who was last seen being escorted into Abstergo’s Vatican HQ earlier this year. Futhermore, a reliable source has informed me that your Animus machines cause extreme side-effects, will this be resolved in the new portable Animus device?
Chris Ship, Head Editor, Technology Today Magazine


Abstergo extends its deepest sympathies in hearing of the loss of Mr. Kazmarek. He was one of the Animus program testers who worked closely with Dr. Vidic, and his contributions helped the program become what it is today. As for the Portable Animus, it is still in its testing phase, and testers continue to be closely monitored for mental and physical effects. Once a comprehensive report can be made, an article will be posted to our website

John Griffin

Dear Mr.Ship and Mr.Griffin,
as it so happens I knew Clay and he had no link with Abstergo and never informed me that he was going to work for Abstergo in Vatican city. I only found out he was there when I went to his apartment (as he hadn’t been to work for weeks) to find he was gone. As he always had it with him, I tracked his phone to Vatican city in Abstergo’s HQ, so i took a flight to the Vatican and went to Abstergo, but apparently Dr.Vidic had ‘no knowledge of Clay Kazmarek’, but as I left, I saw him at a window. From there on,I waited outsise Abstergo every day for months waiting for him, but he never came out and I only saw him at that window every few weeks and never outside. Which brings me to my main point, one evening I was strolling along Tiber river in the out-skirts of Rome and saw an Abstergo van pull up on the other side of the river, so I hid behind some boxes and saw two Abstergo workers carry a dead body out from the van, it was Clay, they then carried him to a ledge and dumped him in the river. So please Mr.Griffin. Do explain.



Testers for the Animus program are subject to a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits testers from discussing their involvement in the program in any capacity. So it should come as no surprise that Mr. Kazmarek, if you actually did know him, would not be able to mention his participation. As for your other concern, Abstergo is committed to adhering to the environmental protection laws of each facility’s host country, which would prevent such things as waterway dumping. If you have any further concerns, feel free to visit one of our facilities to talk to a public relations officer.

John Griffin


Without leaving a name, you cannot be considered a credible source. I am not sure what else you may have been under the influence of at that moment, but I can assure you we do not participate in waterway dumping of any waste material, especially not human bodies. This is a serious allegation you are bringing upon Abstergo, and if you do not cease, we will consider legal action. Our cybersecurity professionals will track your location and press charges.

John Griffin

Actually if I might interject, newspapers reported that Mr.Kazmarek’s body was found in Tibre river. Therefore this ‘anon’ person has a very valid point, so as a journalist myself, I believe an explaination is needed.

Abstergo has no explanation other than the authorities’ official statement surrounding the circumstances of Mr. Kazmarek’s death. We have no further comment on this issue.


So… If someone want to go on that death machine, you just let them? Or you are looking for someone with interesting ancestors that you can use against innocent people?

That’s what I think you people are doing…


The purpose of the Animus is for users to explore their roots through their genetic memory, and is by no means a “death machine”. Anyone is welcome to purchase time in an Animus.

John Griffin

Whoah Whoah Okay I’m confused now….

One say that the animus who I call the death machine is not dangerous nor the company….How do you explain I being there then? I don’t remember walking into the facility

Other say they’re dangerous and stuff, okay my brain is confused. O.o

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