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Who is Abstergo? Part II: Current Products

“Who is Abstergo?” is a multi-part series of articles that explores the past, present, and plans for the future of Abstergo.  This series is being published to create an accurate public profile of the company, and to debunk the myths surrounding its creation and operations.

It’s hard to visit a pharmacy and find a product that doesn’t have the Abstergo logo on it!  Over the years, Abstergo has revolutionized the pharmaceutical world, having improved and manufactured ingredients in many household products.  Pain killers, cold and flu remedies, and sleep aides are among the common drugs that contain ingredients with the Abstergo brand.  But it certainly doesn’t end there.

In today’s world, people have made a shift into finding more herbal and all-natural ingredients.  Abstergo has you covered there too!  In each of our facilities are certified farms, dedicated to growing and cultivating herbs and plants of the highest quality without chemicals or hormones.  The resulting products can be found in everything from daily multivitamins to energy drinks!

Abstergo is also heavily involved in technological research.  In 2008, the Akashic Satellite Plexus (ASP) was launched, containing a number of communications, weather, and observation satellites.  The ASP serves the purpose of transmitting information, such as the study of bodies in space and weather patterns on our own planet, around the world.  It also serves to carry audio and video signals, like those found in satellite TV or cell phones.

And of course, there is the Animus, the culmination of all Abstergo research.  The idea of the Animus was born from the Sophia Project, which studies cellular information and the means by which information is passed genetically.  The Animus was designed to decipher and decode this information, so that the user can access it and effectively relive the memories of his or her ancestors!  Imagine being able to learn about the history of the world as it unfolds through the eyes of the people who lived during that time!  As of today, testers are still being recruited for the upcoming Animus 3.0 upgrade, so be sure to stop by your local Abstergo facility for details.

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By John Griffin

Editor for Abstergo Industries publications based in the USA

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We can’t wait either! Animus 3.0 will feature an advanced synchronization engine to allow users to better explore their DNA memory and maintain stronger control over their physical actions while in-program. The upgraded software will also allow users to see more human interaction in their display. As far as 4.0 is concerned, it is speculated that our team in development has a goal of releasing further upgrades annually.

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John Griffin

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