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Meet The Team – Erica Nichols

– Sorry for the lack of updates on this series, we are making sure to entertain you with everything we have got here at Abstergo ! –

Erica Nichols is an Abstergo Representative within the media. Most of our press releases, interviews and others are all made by her. She is an asset to our public relations and she makes sure that all that is needed to know about our company is released in the press. Check your newspaper to see some of her articles.

You can also ask her questions in the comments below.

2 replies on “Meet The Team – Erica Nichols”

You may not know who I am but i know who you are, and the things you do ABSTERGO. You have a mole in your company, someone very close to you Mr V. If you don’t take this seriously than your plans this december will not be in the holiday spirit like you plan it to be.

Look closely,

Because I can see you.

– FishEye-

Sir, there is no “mole” in our company and we have no “plan” for December.
If you continue issuing threats towards us, sir, we’ll have to inform the authorities.
Thank you for your comment,
Alvaro Grammatica.

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