Abstergo’s Animus Disk – Dev Diary #2


Hello dear customers,

We’ve been thrilled by all the results we’ve had since the launch, and we already released one of our developer’s diaries. Unfortunately, it would seem that a group of hackers has shared some false information on it. It’s unfortunate, but we assure you none of it is true, and our security team is doing it’s best to assure the best educational courses and historical games on our quality Disks, while maintaining safety.

The Animus Disk

With our amazing and brilliant launch a week ago, with your help, we have introduced to you all an amazing new technology. A simple disc that would let you explore the memories of actual true events of the past.

Even though we’ve had trouble with the terrorist organization, known as “Erudito”, we stand strong, and continue to deliver you the best we can.

Animus Experience – Feedback

Dear customers,

We at Abstergo have implemented testing laboratories in the past. We’ve received complaints as to which nothing has been heard from people who have participated in the tests. We, of course, do not want to keep you in the dark for longer. We will introduce to you some of our most successful subjects who have agreed to share their experience.

Please note that some of our subjects are not native to the english language, our staff has translated their stories.

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ERUDITO – We Give You Truth


This is ERUDITO. You may not know who we are but have been noticing us around here.

We love to access Abstergo’s secured network and reveal to you what abominations they do. Soon we will reveal to you what happened to a town that has been destroyed by their weapons. But now, we will show you what they have done to many people :

What kind of a pharmaceutical company shoots people and injures them for “questioning”… ?

The images that will follow may be disturbing, please pass them if you have a weak soul.

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I hope you have seen the truth and will ask them what this is. Maybe they’ll feel threatened and reveal it ? Who knows. We’ll keep in touch.

INFO : The following post has been created by hackers who think they are funny. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please do not pay attention to the contents of this message.