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Animus Experience – Feedback

Dear customers,

We at Abstergo have implemented testing laboratories in the past. We’ve received complaints as to which nothing has been heard from people who have participated in the tests. We, of course, do not want to keep you in the dark for longer. We will introduce to you some of our most successful subjects who have agreed to share their experience.

Please note that some of our subjects are not native to the english language, our staff has translated their stories.

“Hey! My name is John Storms and I’ve participated in the Abstergo Animus Tests. At first, I was examined physically to ensure my safety, and if I was capable of using the Animus. Everything went great and I was finally allowed to enter the machine. I felt like my body was brought to another place. I could see someone, but I wasn’t there with him. I though felt what he felt, exactly like it was. I know more of the people in my family, now. And I thank Abstergo for letting me experience it ! Honestly, come down to their labs, it’ll change you forever!” – John Storms, 34, Philadelphia

“My name is Elena. I joined the AAT a year ago. It was an amazing experience. Some of their tests were part of training sequences where we would compete against each other, in a virtual world, of course. It’s great to be able to say that you’ve been part of this, I’d recommend it to anyone!” – Elena Sistema, 26, Rome

“Hello. My name is -CONFIDENTIAL-, I’ve joined the training courses about two years ago. Now I am part of the Abstergo Team and am glad to say that this has made my life better.  now work fully for Abstergo. The Animus really changes you. It makes you a better man. Get to your nearest Abstergo Facility and take those tests, they are amazing.”


We hope this has cleared things and convinced you to participate in what we have to offer. Thank you for your time everyone!

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What are you talking about? Another thing you have been misinformed about?

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

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It is time for the release my people are being killed by lack of security, instead I’m going to avoid this but I need help, and we have found since we only have 22 people, I do not think we can endure a little longer.

I’m being moved. Different building. Met a Templar named Lucy. She’s trying to get me to trust her.

if it’s real project is interesting I would like to participate I live in Paris and I have a mental Extremely solid.I think with my sleeves down and my cervo I would like to clear up before the end of the night time

Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2012 22:19:00 +0000 To:

Of course, Mr. Thorwan,
Our laboratories are more than ready for you,
We of course, wish you a pleasant stay at Abstergo.
Dr. Warren Vidic,
Head of the Animus Project.

I’m a woman, anyway the problem is I do not know where the facility is in London Area. I guess I can say I didn’t look back when I escaped..

I’m sick of all this my government is privatizing us all and I am determined to finish this. I have a group of only 32 people, few weapons. Desmond you help me?

Juan I would help but we all are in different country.

Desmond, I wish to help you but as you know we all are in different country, I’m in London.

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