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The Bleeding Effect

The media has recently sensationalized a rare condition caused by prolonged exposure to the Animus.  The condition, called the Bleeding Effect, occurs when a user’s DNA memory “bleeds” into that user’s real-time memory, causing the user to temporarily become confused and unable to distinguish past from present.  Abstergo has contacted these media outlets in an attempt to have the story retracted, as the information was leaked from internal R&D documents before a full study could be done to release a full disclosure statement.

As already stated, the Bleeding Effect is a rare condition, appearing in less than 17% of users with prolonged exposure to the Animus.  This number is not taking into effect users who have had shorter exposure, as the condition has not been seen at all in any of these users.  Regardless of length of time in an Animus, each user is closely monitored for vital signs and neurological patterns while in-session to ensure physical and mental health.

Abstergo is committed to your health and safety.  Our scientists are aware of the signs of the Bleeding Effect, and can safely end your Animus session if you show signs of being susceptible to it.  Those who have been exposed to the condition can, and will, be treated immediately.  Don’t let media dogs, hungry for whatever scraps of a story they can find, deter you from the wonderful experience of living through your ancestors’ memories!  Visit your local Abstergo facility and learn the truth!

By John Griffin

Editor for Abstergo Industries publications based in the USA

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Hey Abstergo thank you! after using all three versions of your Animus product and being an escaped subject I have enhanced my “Abilities” don’t attempt to twist the truth we shall take you down ==__==


It is quite possible you could be experiencing the beginning stages of The Bleeding Effect. It would be in your best interest to visit an Abstergo facility to get evaluated.

John Griffin

Don’t worry Corey continue to play the Animus, but watch closely and make use of your newfound “Abilities” don’t fall for Abstergo’s act they are using you so instead use them and their Animus for the side of freedom. Remember we are always watching over you brother do not fear.



RISE instead

I have seem my friend Moka Thorwham has been talking to herself or the air, she seems to look around as there’s people everywhere but there’s nothing.

I have been searching for symptoms and it lead me to this post. The Bleeding Effect.

I don’t know if it’s really serve or not, but I can say that she talks in both different languages. Arabic and Italian. She also been attacking people, she told them they’re ‘dangerous’ about people she’s attacking.

Right now I worry, she is in deep sleep or something. Maybe similar like being in coma?

What should I do?

The closest one is in London, but I don’t know if I can take her because she’s in deep sleep, like in coma or something and I don’t have a car. Is there a chance for someone to pick her up?

Why don’t you tell the world the real purpose of Abstergo? Why don’t you tell them of Daniel Cross, Desmond Miles, the DIA accident and the truth about the Eye-Abstergo satellite launch??

I have been visiting the Animus for quite a long time, however, I think the Bleeding effect is well…. Taking effect! I’m seeing things and it becomes very hard for me to concentrate and I’ve almost lost my job. I stopped attending, and it’s not helping. Is there any advice you could give to treat this?

Please stop the Animus use and head directly to your closest Abstergo Laboratories. You are suffering from prolonged sessions. Please follow the health guide manual located with in the owner’s manual next time.


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

It isn’t working. I’ve stopped using the animus overall, and I’ve made many appointments with Abstergo. The only advice they gave me was to use medication. I took the offer, if it would work. It hasn’t been. In fact, it’s making the Bleeding Effect worse.

I could only recommend heading to the Philadelphia Facility for advanced therapy right now. They are informed of your situation.

Thank You,


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

What if the person didn’t show but later on shows the sign even if they don’t return to the facility?


There have not been any recorded cases of this occurring. Anyone who feels they have been affected by this condition should visit their local Abstergo facility immediately.

John Griffin

Abstergo is the world’s leading pharmaceutical and technological industries. Our laboratories are able to offer all the medical advantages anyone may dream of. Abstergo will have your back always so no worries. Just visit your closest Abstergo Laboratories for all the help you may need or want.

Help us. Help you. Help the world.


Okay, but there might be people who don’t feel like trusting anyone.

Also I would like to visit, but I don’t know where it is in United Kingdom.

Truly a great place to be in. Hope to see you soon. :) All are welcome here at Abstergo Industries and at Abstergo Laboratories.

Help us. Help you. Help the world.


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