Attention Readers

Dear Readers,

There have been a series of murders, break-ins of our buildings and thefts towards our employees. Each time an attack is carried out we lose valuable time on our projects. This means that you, the public, lose out on valuable research in science, technology medicine and other fields. That cure you need may be delayed a year, too late for many people. We are asking the public for help in catching the culprits. These dangerous people call themselves the Assassin Brotherhood. Often wearing white hoodies and hiding their faces. If you have any information on this terrorist organization or the people who are in it, please call Abstergo or the police. On behalf of Abstergo, we would like to thank you in your support of our safety and research.

Abstergo: Live Better

ERUDITO – We Give You Truth


This is ERUDITO. You may not know who we are but have been noticing us around here.

We love to access Abstergo’s secured network and reveal to you what abominations they do. Soon we will reveal to you what happened to a town that has been destroyed by their weapons. But now, we will show you what they have done to many people :

What kind of a pharmaceutical company shoots people and injures them for “questioning”… ?

The images that will follow may be disturbing, please pass them if you have a weak soul.

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I hope you have seen the truth and will ask them what this is. Maybe they’ll feel threatened and reveal it ? Who knows. We’ll keep in touch.

INFO : The following post has been created by hackers who think they are funny. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please do not pay attention to the contents of this message.

Abstergo’s Legal Issue

We are currently being accused of copyright infringement on an idea that will now create conflict on our patents. We have received a law suit from a man claiming that the Animus project is his own creation from an old idea that he published.

Rest assured, Abstergo is the only creator of the Animus and all of its derived products. We, at Abstergo are doing our best to make sure that your experience of the Animus 3.0 will not be delayed by this little incident.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about this event, our legal department will try its best to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

We thank you for your trust in Abstergo, and hope that this will not alter our image in your eyes.

Renewed Attacks by Hackers


The armed hackers, from the original four three are dead and other is seriously injured, he is currently under police arrest in a hospital.

Original message:

Currently the blog is under attack by hackers again, this time from Switzerland.

We suspect a small group of activists hostile to Abstergo, potentially even standing in contact with the last group of hackers.

Our Swiss security teams are already on the search and are working closely with the local police.