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Happy New Year and Thank-You

As we ring in the New Year Abstergo Industries and Entertainment want to thank you for your support throughout the year. We have had losses and triumphs this past year, including the release of Abstergo Entertainment’s first feature film. Abstergo has helped lead the way in science, medicine and entertainment in the past and will continue to do so in the future. We cannot thank our supporters enough and hope you will join us in 2017 as we continue to push the boundaries of reality to create a better future.

May the Father of Understanding Guide Us to a successful New Year.

Scott Baldwin

Director of Public Relations


VR Conference

Abstergo finished its virtual reality (VR) conference today in San Francisco, CA. Many VR developers came together to discuss issues and advances in virtual reality applications. Some of the topics included: The Future of Healthcare: Creating VR/AR for Patients & Doctors, Hybrid Reality: A New Paradigm for Astronaut Training, Beyond Games: VR as the Next Mass Medium (Presented by HTC VIVE – VIVEPORT) and, What Really Happens When You Put VR in Schools.

There is interest in moving beyond personal entertainment and into the fields of medicine and business. Using VR as a tool to assist in complicated surgical procedures, treating psychological illness such as depression or addiction, VR-based job interviews, social media expansion, crime scene investigation, and education are just some of the possible applications beyond gaming.

Mobile VR applications are being worked on within the world of gaming, but for the moment, the use of VR is limited to confined spaces.

Defense Against Drones

Over the past few years our facilities have come under attack from hackers trying to gain access to our countless research projects. However, these attacks have made us more resilient and allowed us to keep up to date on our cyber security. Nowadays, a new technology that is rapidly advancing in accessibility, maneuverability, and tactics is posing a new threat to our company’s security. Drones, while a useful and fun tool, can pose a serious threat. Abstergo has developed technology to build invisible security fences around a facility to keep drones from flying in, and hackers out. These walls can be used to protect remote radio towers, power substations, and so much more. With refinement, this technology has the potential to go beyond static objects, like buildings, to be applied to moving vehicles such as cars and planes.

Here is an example of how a car can be hacked:

2016 update


Abstergo and its affiliates have had a great year thus far and would like to share some accomplishments with you.

  • We have successfully taken virtual reality to the next level by using it in medical applications, such as helping autistic children interact and learn visual facial cues.
  • We have also launched home DNA testing kits for people wishing to dive deeper into their ancestry.
  • We are also using genetics to better determine cancer. Studies have shown that cancer behaves differently in different races.
  • No doubt you have heard of our latest astronomical success. Juno is now orbiting the planet Jupiter and will soon begin investigating the planet to find out more about its evolutionary history.
  • In December Abstergo Entertainment will premier its first feature length film.

We are always busy at Abstergo and will continue to strive to make the world a better place.

Want to know more about these projects? Let us know, and we will be happy to give you more information.

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