Attention Readers

Dear Readers,

There have been a series of murders, break-ins of our buildings and thefts towards our employees. Each time an attack is carried out we lose valuable time on our projects. This means that you, the public, lose out on valuable research in science, technology medicine and other fields. That cure you need may be delayed a year, too late for many people. We are asking the public for help in catching the culprits. These dangerous people call themselves the Assassin Brotherhood. Often wearing white hoodies and hiding their faces. If you have any information on this terrorist organization or the people who are in it, please call Abstergo or the police. On behalf of Abstergo, we would like to thank you in your support of our safety and research.

Abstergo: Live Better

15 thoughts on “Attention Readers

  1. Abstergo, i have some question for you
    1.did you have a facilities in indonesia? the recruitmen work on Abstergo?
    3.why Abstergo very want mr.Aiden to join?
    4.did Abstergo have a problem with DedSec?

    Thank you,


    P.S: i have a theory that the both Assassin and DedSec have a something conected betwen them.

    1. Already answered in your other posting.

      Abstergo | Live Better

  2. We can see through your lies.
    You May have the upper hand now.
    But we will come back.
    When we do.
    We will take all your power.
    Be prepared

  3. What did the “Assassins” do?? Are they really the bad one´s, Abstergo?

    1. They do not fight for a cause and what they seek to happen they do the opposite of. They assassinate based on given targets from their higher-ups without being informed full reasons to their actions. They do not hesitate to kill and cannot be called hit-men or hit-women due to them not even receiving anything for their kills other than ranking up. Their business stinks of blood and the enjoyment of killing.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  4. Abstergo is real?! Like seriously? The Assassins are real?!?! Altair?! Ezio?! All of them?!

    1. NO. Jordan. No.

  5. As a employe of abstergo I would like to say that a lot of great workers both men and women have paraished from these so called “assassins”. I wish that we take this threat seriously and do what we can to prevent this from happening again.
    Hope this was helpful.
    Mike Delong

  6. Moka Thorwham - Subject 18 Saturday, June 14, 2014 — 3:49 PM

    Oh? Well…maybe because those assassin ‘terrorists’ dislike your ways abstergo. But where is it at? Because why would i want to go back there? I’m neutral…..

    1. moka or subject 18 why do they call assassins terrorists there not not even close

      1. Due to their recent foul activities and many bombings that took the lives of many innocents they have acquired that name.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

  7. When can we see footage or a poster for Piece of Eden????

    1. We cannot disclose much of that information yet however, May 2015 is arriving soon therefore the wait is no longer that long.

      Jhonathen Green

      Temporary Assisstant of R4
      Abstergo Customer Services Assisstant Officer

  8. Is anyone even listening anymore…. -R

    1. Listening to what?

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