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Operations in Korea

A quick announcement:

Effective today, security operations at our location in Seoul, South Korea will be heightened to Level 5 due to increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  All remaining personnel will be required to attend Emergency Training by the end of this week, no exceptions.  International travel to this facility remains open, but is discouraged at this time.

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[#10 has been destroyed and our interests in the north have been compromised.  U. has lost control of the situation, and has been lost to us as well.  Such actions cannot be tolerated.  Our operations in that region have been aborted and personnel have been pulled back.  Await further instruction.]

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By John Griffin

Editor for Abstergo Industries publications based in the USA

14 replies on “Operations in Korea”

For many years people have been learning history incorrectly based on confirmation bias. The world was becoming ignorant day after day and others used that ignorance to manipulate the people; one of those manipulators are the Assassins terror group.

Abstetgo became committed to remove ignorance and show true history and that is when our lead designer team and technology groups came up with the idea of the animus.

After approval and sponsorship, the animus was produced.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

Curious. Why don’t they just hit edit and remove the kippple that gets thrown in. It’s not like whoever is doing this has a script that’ll scan then re-ad if changes are made right?

In a more serious note the Korean situation does worry me not only with the whole ‘north Korea is making grumbly warlike noises and has no regard for it’s own population’ but because with how the world is how do you go about the situation without 1. pissing china off. 2. if there is a reunification of the peninsula how do you avoid the economic nosedive that you got when Germany unified?

Sorry, no three page chain of thoughts this time kids.


ERUDITO is a very persistent bunch. Every once in a while they make it past our cybersecurity, and even after we kick them out for adding in their own propoganda, they make it so we are no longer able to edit or delete these posts somehow.

Abstergo has no official interest in politics, so we leave diffusing these situations to the experienced professionals. In the meantime, Abstergo will continue to operate business-as-usual, striving to make the future brighter for all mankind!

John Griffin

I don’t know if I’d say Abstergo has no interest in politics. All companies, one way or another, have some kind of interest in politics. The state of a company often depends on the politics of the day and, depending, don’t politics also depend on companies and their influence on the flow of money?

Of course, you did say that Abstergo has no Official interest. Valuing clarity myself, I find little comfort in this.

I will have to agree with you. Given personal history I am rather pessimistic at how in bed Big Companies(especially pharmacudical giants) Are with Government to write laws tat favor them. No I’m not going to point fingers or name names but the entire industry leaves me disheartened over the idea of positive change.

Then again Erudito’s message seemed less ‘let’s carve ourselves a nice market’ and something a bit more… I dunno even voicing speculation feels silly since it gets into tinfoil hat territory pretty quick.

Nice t’meecha Sharon.

Final thought for now. While I have my problems with basically Everyone from Google (yes the ‘don’t be evil’ guys I have problems with) To the RIAA, to Philip Morrison, to Whoever I’m rather glad Abstergo at least cares enough to have a spot we can poke our heads in, occasionally voice complaints, etc. Far more than a lot of other places seem concerned with.

Whether the high end muckamucks listen is a whole ‘nother ball of wax, but still, improvement over the usual having to hunt and hope to find a contact form buried in 6 point font.

The pleasure is mine, Andrew. ^_^

These kinds of tools, how beneficial they prove to be, hinges on those that choose to use them- or not. Still, I acknowledge your point. It helps to have these kinds of tools in the first place before we can begin to decide how to use them, and is much more convenient than hunting for proper paper packets.

As for Erudito- his message was cryptic. It was either meant for another’s eyes, and the surest way to get it to mystery person/people was to post it publicly where it is easy to find, or- in passing along said information in public- Erudito gets the bonus of leaving us common folk with something to scratch our heads over- a hint of what we should try paying attention to.

Or maybe someone has a peculiar sense of humor. I won’t discount that possibility.

No matter where your feelings site on if this Erudito has a point or it’s ‘next level anonymous’ type stuff I do hope everyone out there is as safe as realistically possible. I mean Abstergo went in there in what the eighties? Relative peacetime and well after the North/south korean thing had stabilized into normalcy?

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