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Antibiotic Resistance and the Animus

With the announcement of a-OS 4.0, Abstergo has been fielding a number of questions from the public, but the most common is why a company with a main focus on pharmaceutical development needs to explore the past in such great detail with the Animus.

Abstergo is committed to solving the toughest riddles in the medical community, with the most critical focus on eliminating antibiotic-resistant bacteria and super viruses.  We know that rapid DNA mutations within these types of bacteria and viruses are what cause them to be resistant to pharmaceutical treatment, and that finding a way to stop these mutations from occurring will be the key to eliminating them.  Our scientists believe that uncovering the source of a particular virus and tracking its progress throughout history will allow us to map its mutations and discover a pattern or common occurrence.  By tracking more than one at a time, we can see if there is a similar pattern that spreads across all mutations.  With the Animus, not only can we truly see history as it unfolds, but also retrieve accurate, first-hand data of the progress of human diseases.

Abstergo’s ultimate goal, however, is to develop a nanobot that can be administered to a patient orally in a pill.  Once in the patient’s system, it will be able to identify, track, study, and destroy any infection from a common cold to cancer!

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The research is amazing, and captures our imaginations and hopes for the future. Still, I find myself somewhat pessimistic about this situation. Cutting edge technology can sometimes take decades to trickle down to everyday use.

As said in a response to someone else the Animus as more than entertainment or teaching aid has great potential pending how accurate the life-simulation is. If it’s accurate enough to find specific objects one could use the animus to locate now obscured graves to sequence versions of the diseases that are now hundreds of years outdated from their modern cousins.

Going one step further one could, if they had the right linage, get actual information. Tesla’s notes? If you’re related to the man you can read them! Da’Vinci? Hm I’m not sure if he had kids but why not his assistants? Romans? Mayans?

The tricky part is again with editing. While history itself is immutable (barring a certain blue police box mind) this is as close as we’d get to first hand knowledge and yet unless you’re the one in the chair for that first recording what ‘we’ the public (second hand users) would get is edited to avoid the boring parts, private and irrelevant details, and whatnot. What’s to say a little editing isn’t done to shape the narritive a bit? Everyone is bias in some way. Me. These ‘assassins’, Abstergo. Everyone has a bias. Sooner that’s recognized the better.

Now then about the nanodoc pill? Even after perfected I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be with the concept. Maybe it’s just too much scifi. Maybe I just don’t feel the technology is ready. I’m not an engineer (genetic, molecular, or any other sort) So please be aware my ignorance is probably showing. What if you give that pill to someone to correct some oddball defect and something between the programming and the nonconformity of the thing it’s working on breeds a new cancer? Or somehow makes it worse?

Sure testing is damned importatn to prevent cases like that but let’s move on. I’m reaching a bit I’m sure but if you can have a generalist ‘upgrade me’ pill that takes what you have and plus’s it while getting rid of the more common quirks you at first will have it banned from sporting events. Then you’ll end up having debates both religious and secular over the validity of such treatments even if the early cases are purely to correct diseases that prevent people from living normal lives. Then eventually you’ll get to the point where the social pressure is to take the pill/injection/whatever and those that won’t are now the minority.

I know. Tinfoil hat territory there but who makes sure other changes aren’t added in? After all it’s been shown we can extract memory from genetic material but what about adding new memories? It’d be easy to misuse such technology and I already have trust issues over the sort of power that corporations already wield (regulatory capture comes to mind.)

Still. As long as there’s impartial monitors in place to keep anything hinky from happening. Well I’ve got an uncle who literally cannot live without full time care due to being born with an open spine. I’ve got a family history of cancer. Friend of mine has hallucinatory seizures. Having pills that can go into the system and correct these defects/diseases and give a sense of normalcy would be greatly appreciated.

Wait. Had a thought. Does a virus have genetic memory? Does a dog? Or is it merely a human feature? Even if it’s a human feature how far back down the line can you go?


You bring up a lot of interesting points, thank you for your feedback and questions.

First, I would like to comment on having to be related to important historical figures to get close to them in the Animus. Thanks to Project Legacy, that is no longer a barrier! We have compiled enough DNA memory that a user can get close to, even become, almost anyone in history, which you will see when a-OS 4.0 is released this October! Why stop at Tesla or Da Vinci? Personally, I’d like to see Xerxes I and the Battle of Thermopylae.

As for the nanodroids, there still is much testing that will need to be done as well as methods for regulation. Rest assured, that will be done and in place before consumer release is even considered.

The most interesting point you bring up is with genetic memory of nonhumans. We have not tried using the Animus on animals or pets, but we are unsure of what would happen because animal brain activity differs from that of humans, and there is a possibility that brain damage may result. This may be an area of exploration in the future. As for viruses and other microorganisms, they do not possess the ability to have memories, so if even if we could use them in the Animus, there would most likely not be any data to retrieve.

John Griffin

Probably more mundane and less dramatic things . After all if you literally can build a model of the past that’s accurate enough to find specific thing (Even if the perseption is skewed by the person you’re shoulder surfing from) You could find things like mass graves (and then dig up the bones to be able to sequence older versions of the bacteria or virus or whatever and track it’s changes over time) Or you could track a family’s change, or change of people in a given area over time that current records can’t provide.

Interesting tool if it gives this kind of accuracy.

Either way, I am not going on any of those machines or have those injections or pills. I been forced once on animus.

Also I however, like to keep my eagle vision…it can tell me the truth of who you people are…


Virus mutation refers to a change in its DNA to become resistant to anti-bodies. They are in a constant state of change to stay “alive”. That is what makes them so difficult to destroy.

John Griffin

The sad thing is even with all the valid concerns over glitches in programming, unintended side effects, and the like the biggest thought is of an old crummy scifi ‘movie of the week’ with terrible cgi and an even worse premise about a guy that’d been enhanced with nanites that ended up turning into The Blob… except thanks to the stupidity of b movie logic it could affect any and all electronics.

Yea The Blob only it’s making all the cars full of tasty tasty people drive TOWARDS it.

Not even in your biggest failures would that be possible. More realistically you’d end up with new and interesting cancers, mental disorders if you used the nanodocs to rewire the brain or best ‘worst’ case absolutely no change whatsoever and a bunch of inert uber-expensive nanomachines.

That’s still not going to work. Trust me. I’ve made my fair share of nano bots. Talismans work much better. Now all that I need is to get a much larger power scource. Like my soul. Oh, and I know you guys have made “better” versions of my Phoenix talismans. They still do not stand the test of time.

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