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Warning, please read!

Important message:

We advise all persons against the substance dihydrogen monoxide. This substance, which is also used in some of our medications, have the following side effects:

  • Also called ‘hydroxyl acid’, the substance is a major component of acid rain;
  • Contributes to soil erosion;
  • Contributes to the greenhouse effect;
  • Accelerates corrosion and breakdown of electrical equipment;
  • Excessive ingestion may cause various unpleasant effects;
  • Prolonged contact with its solid form results in severe tissue damage;
  • Inhalation, even in small quantities, may cause death;
  • Its gaseous form may cause severe burns;
  • It has been found in the tumors of terminal cancer patients;
  • Withdrawal by those addicted to the substance causes certain death within 168 hours;

Nevertheless, governments and corporations continue using it widely, heedless of its grave dangers.

21 replies on “Warning, please read!”

The more that fall, the more will they learn for the future. There is nothing shameful in falling for a prank. At least on the bright side, their identities are not revealed.

Thank You,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

I saw a survey on the another website to ban this “Di-hydrogen Monoxide.” 512 people had signed it. Pure proof that 512 people have about has much intelligence as a rock, maybe 2!

People can be remarkably easy to manipulate- it’s how a magician castes his illusion, salespeople are so persuading, and how speakers and writers keep their audience’s attention. Things get even crazier when you get into mob mentality.

And in that same way, illusions are fragile. With that awareness, such illusions can crumble like sand.

If you enjoy this then make it your hobby, you do not have to change for society to accept you. We are not mammals that change themeselves to survive in the world; we are viruses that change our world and society to survive and move on once our resources are depleted to another form of resource. Therefore do not worry about that; if you are enjoying what you do and you are not harming anyone or yourself than do not worry about it much.

Thank You,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

I thank you. My aim is to show the world that they are not seeing. Most of the things we see, if not all, are not in what their true form or intentions are. Humans are easily mislead once they are in a point of their interest or by fear. This is why we need a better future. A bright day. A clean start. A safe life.

Thank You,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

“Nothing is true… everything is permitted.” Apparently Alamut has become popular- Erudito seems fond of it, among others. Or perhaps the phrase is what inspired Alamut? *Shrugs*

Truth, I suppose, is the assumption I make to remain functional. If I don’t assume that I won’t fall off a cliff by rolling out of bed, well, I’d never get anything done. Or perhaps the phrase is more an implication that truth is a human condition- dependent on perspective, and perspective changes- making a truth set in stone impossible. It’s hard to say, since I don’t grasp the historic and cultural contexts behind the phrase, and it has been a long time since I sat in a philosophy course.

To be fair it is an interesting philosophy especially if you consider it less as ‘the world is full of lies do as you like’ and more ‘You are responsible for your actions. Not God or Divine Law. You and you are the only person that limits yourself.’

Seems we’re all feeling philosophical as of late. Then again with how the world keeps getting weirder sometimes it just can’t be helped i suppose.

And my being a grammar Nazi (I saw that you used “caste” instead of “cast”) is a side effect of English classes.

As am I. In the western US water is called liquid gold. Whoever said that I think to be foolish, for gold can do nothing to transform brown field into fertile green meadows overnight the way water can. Gold can do nothing to quench thirst. I’ve never seen gold cleanse the air from tasting of dust into something crisp and fresh and vibrant.

…. Di-hydrogen (2H) monoxide (1 oxygen)… water. Why didn’t I see this sooner? >.< Of course, there's hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) and hydroxide (OH−). Water has many names, including Hydrogen Hydroxide and oxidane (according to Science Ray), but everyone just says water.

…. and this rant is a potential side effect of chemistry class.

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