Happy Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with Abstergo today if you did not get a chance to yesterday. Have a great picnic, a walk on the beach or a nice jog in the park. Make sure that you do something for our beautiful green planet today to aid the environment and sustain our lives.

Thank you and best wishes from Abstetgo to all of you,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

One reply on “Happy Earth Day”

Just remember folks. Dumping trash in your neighbors yard or cramming it all in the closet only works on a small scale. Just because all the toxic is over in China because they’re more than willing to fubar themselves in the name of profit and out-pricing everyone else so the markets crash to the point that they’ve the only ones with hte infrastructure for the things needed for electronics. Well. Out of Sight Out of Mind only works on a small scale.

On a planetary scale it’s not workable.

Plant a tree. Start a garden, even if it’s just a little window box in the kitchen. Pity there’s so many stupid laws preventing people from turning their yards into spaces for growing things. I mean above and beyond the (admittedly small) gains in growing your own is the fact you have people up and Doing, possibly trading what they have for what they need from neighbors. You get a community out of that. People healthy because they’re up and doing. People supporting eachother as opposed to fearing for their kids locking them away because the nightly news constantly flashes BE AFRAID! BE AFRAID FOR YOUR LIVES! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Sorry. I’ll remove the rose colored glasses. I’m just a country boy at heart. Large scale subsistence farming is hard work, sweaty tiring and you burn a few zillion calories doing it. What I”m talking is more small scale. Turn that quarter acre back yard into a patch of ‘would be nice’ stuff. Pick up guides on learning to can vegetables.

Few years ago mom made a few dozen cans of salsa. Best stuff I’ve eaten. Went good on chips. Was even better when on a sandwich.

Sorry. Rambling.

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