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Abstergo San Francisco building Wins Green Building Award

We are pleased to announce that the Abstergo building in San Francisco has been awarded The Green Building Award becoming a Certified Gold building. This means that Abstergo is above standards in water conservation, clean energy and reduced atmosphere pollutants, recycled materials and sustainable resources, good standers in indoor environmental quality, plus we earned an additional 6 points for Innovation in Design.

One of our goals at Abstergo is to help preserve the environment through advancements in certified green technology. We hope that one day CO2 emissions and finite resource consumption will be a thing of the past.

We thank you all for supporting Abstergo, and through us, supporting the environment.

By haylinporter

Abstergo Employee: Works in Marketing and Research

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That is great. Please feel free to revisit anytime.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

We are glad you had and are having a great time.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

Oh just a reminder guys. The Web turned Twenty today. CERN even put up a recreation of the frst web page.

It’s only been twenty years yet you’re starting to get people who’ve either forgotten how life was like pre-internet or never lived before the web existed.

Let that one sink in for a bit. With as many faults as we have and though tested, fragmented by political iron fisting, and laws being written to try even more ham handed approaches to regulation the Web will endure.

For a more thorough history I recommend reading ‘where wizards stay up late’. It deals more with ARPANET than the web, but you see the beginings of things like eathernet, the tcp/ip stack, email, flame wars, discussion groups, and basically the precursors of Everything.

Live Well. Hold yourself accountable to no-one but yourself.

Good goals. However I want to find whoever keeps doing renders of ‘green’ buildings that have trees on their rooves and smack them wit ha large fish or something. Think of the enviroment. Look at any big city and forget it’s buildings and look at it as just another location. Canyons and mountany bits. Look at what grows in high wind high altitude places. Not Trees. Mosses. Grasses. Fine. Trees? No.

Sorry. I love the idea of using nature to help reduce the heat island effect of cities. Love the idea of using reclamation technologies to make use of all that rain water that normally goes down the gutter. Also a fan of engineered algies and whatnot that first produce biofuels and then when they’re dead you can dry ’em out in the sun and burn ’em to fuel the processing of said biofuels. We’ll never get a complete independence of finite resources since minerals are a huge part of what makes our way of life possible (that iphone? Gold, silicates, rare earth minerals, aluminum, etc..) Outside of mining asteroids what we have on this planet is what we have in terms of mineral goods

Of course recycling last generation’s Stuff so it stays out of the landfill is a good way of reducing the need to mine for more Stuff.

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