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Animus Fixes and Updates

Recently, an update has been made to the Animus. Here is the change log:

– Added a system to make the Animus accessible for more hours
– Added a new security system, viruses have now been “run-over” [ERUDITO]
– Interface made more accessible and simpler
– Animus functionality increased. Less probability to have connection problems to your memories and misplaced desynchronizations. Less mixed up timeline problems.

Thank you for reporting all the problems you’ve found in the Animus and all our other products.

43 replies on “Animus Fixes and Updates”

abstergo what happend to Desmond Miles just give it up abstergo tell us what happend or we will find out what happend! and i will put the abstergo industries password on the internet and bad things will happen!

No abstergo making to much comments of making our life’s better but how are they oh and i know the answer they trying to make our life’s hard and they trying to take over the world as well witch i don’t want them to.

Non of your comments are true. Abstergo is a multicultural organization not a Templar organization.

Yes we do produce gaming software and hardware at Abstergo Entertainment.

All of our creations and developments in technology helped the world. The biggest example is through the Ozone layer. Our green technology is allowing the Ozone gap to start closing. We should be expecting cooler weathers in the future.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Guys i would never trust Abstergo they are pretty much Templars i don’t believe they do gaming consoles they more of a evil company and we should take everyone down who works there.

It is not a bug. Security in that sector is very high and interns are not allowed to enter the programs or rooms of the OS 4.0 team.


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

Hi im a new intern an im supose to get to work on the history of some pirate named Edward.Kenway An Im Having trouble With Accessing the memory Apperentely its locked with a subject 17 Who ever that is Could You Send Some one Over to your New York Office An Have them Open it I dont have the pass codes needed an The Way the board Put it,It sounds rather important that i get to work on it right away.Thanks

You are not allowed to access these files since your security clearance is very low. I am contacting your supervisor right now to see why you are even assigned to the OS 4.0. Interns are not allowed to access these rooms and that is why you cannot pass security.


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

Yes, we do have a facility in Hamburg, Germany. Please feel free to visit us at anytime you wish but make sure to read the FAQs first.


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

That all depends on our marketing team but do not worry, we will surly let you know. I do think there are some special offers up now.

Thank You,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

Thats why im asking because i dont see any.. Igot money even for a chapion pack but theres nothing i like i wanted the red coat one..

I very much appreciate the updates. Especially the [ERUDITO] Virus. I am a big fan, and of course feel safer with Abstergo fixing these problems.

Thank you

Nathan Mane

Under no circumstances are you given the right at insulting any of Abstergo’s clients, staff, personal or anyone else.

Thank you


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

So far we have aided more than 67% of the whole world. Furthermore, Abstergo Industries has a huge hand in the Ozone layer closing back up again. Therefore, once again, you have invalid information.

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

While I”m all for making the interface easier to use (especially if you plan on rolling this out in na education environment!) Part of me kindof wants a little chance to crack the hood open and poke around. Same part of me gets the rest of me in trouble by frying my laptop on a weekly basis poking around with linux or windows or whatever I’ve got installed at the moment.

Not such a good idea when you’re dealing with something that monkies with your brain.

As for Erudito. Given the interference happened at such a late stage that apparently management decided o just ship instead of do a massive recall I couldn’t be quite so confident just yet that he/it has been barred. They’re planning something. Buy their message or no they have conviction that what they’re doing is the Right Thing To Do. This makes them very dangerous.

And who’s to say somewhere in the screaming and whining and the voice of the legion videos that don’t have a point buried in there somewhere? I mean no disrespect or to imply I agree with the more outlandish claims but I’m a big fan of oversight especially when it hasn’t been compromised by the entity that it’s supposed to be watching over.

Simi-related (if you consider groundbreaking then-new media events as relevant.) Citizen Kane released was released this day in 1941.

you better stop what you guys are doing or we will have to stop you. we will make your guys life more difficult then ours. stop trying to take over the world.

We are not ‘trying to take over the world’. Come on guys, what is your base proof for that thought anyway? Seriously. Come on.

Abstergo|Live better

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