Abstergo San Francisco building Wins Green Building Award

We are pleased to announce that the Abstergo building in San Francisco has been awarded The Green Building Award becoming a Certified Gold building. This means that Abstergo is above standards in water conservation, clean energy and reduced atmosphere pollutants, recycled materials and sustainable resources, good standers in indoor environmental quality, plus we earned an additional 6 points for Innovation in Design.

One of our goals at Abstergo is to help preserve the environment through advancements in certified green technology. We hope that one day CO2 emissions and finite resource consumption will be a thing of the past.

We thank you all for supporting Abstergo, and through us, supporting the environment.

Operations in Korea

A quick announcement:

Effective today, security operations at our location in Seoul, South Korea will be heightened to Level 5 due to increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  All remaining personnel will be required to attend Emergency Training by the end of this week, no exceptions.  International travel to this facility remains open, but is discouraged at this time.

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[#10 has been destroyed and our interests in the north have been compromised.  U. has lost control of the situation, and has been lost to us as well.  Such actions cannot be tolerated.  Our operations in that region have been aborted and personnel have been pulled back.  Await further instruction.]

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Your career at Abstergo

Start today with Abstergo in a great future!

Apply for example as Information Officer, whose functions are, among other things, the planning and implementation of IT-issues.

Or get part of our editorial team, write articles and create new pages.

There are many paths, choose yours today – Abstergo Careers.

你好中国!| Hello China!

At this moment a new Abstergo Office Tower in Beijing, China is nearing completion of construction.

Alongside that, plans for a larger facility are already approved and construction shall start real soon.

Currently, we have approved the applications of over 37 employees with hundreds of more application to go through. We expect that this will be a great expansion for Abstergo.

With the new offices in China, India and Russia our position in the Asian market continues to expand.