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New Animus Program

Thanks to our engineers’ work with Project Legacy and the DDS, Abstergo is about ready to venture into a new area of simulation with the Animus.  After almost 20 years of studying users in the Animus and compiling DNA memory, there is enough information to start forming simulations of alternative history.

Alternative history or “Uchronia” refers to a work of fiction regarding the timeline of our world if an important historical event had occurred or ended differently.

Perhaps it is better explained in an example.  Within the first months of 2013, Abstergo will be releasing an add-on program for the Animus that will allow the user to live in a time when checks and balances fail in the newly formed United States of America.  Instead of adopting a democratic presidency, George Washington names himself King of the newborn nation and imposes a tyrannical, power-drunk rule.

The Tyranny of King Washington will be the first of what we hope will be a series of add-ons with more to follow.  Just another way for you to Enjoy Your Animus!

By John Griffin

Editor for Abstergo Industries publications based in the USA

14 replies on “New Animus Program”

Have to say interesting concept. However going with ‘ancient artifacts’ as the reason behind his sudden shift from the historic into this new timeline feels weak. Sure he wanted power but he also knew popular support is what would give him that power and Congress hadn’t done a very good job of financing and supplying the fledgling army. That could have been used along with the bickering and backbiting between different factions within the army (I do apologize as I’m not knowledgeable enough but a pet idea I had was Arnold’s treason slowly turning him to look at the reasons he might have turned in the first place and seeing a firmer hand than government was providing would be needing.

Always justifying it. Always thinking he’ll just set power to one side.

Yet always ‘just one more thing that has to be done.’

After all historically there were those that wanted to make him King instead of President. It probably would have taken far less than we USicans like to believe for him to have fallen into that role.

Anyway I rather appreciate your taking a less ‘MURICA F’K YEA!’ approach to the revolution (I say this as an American.) The founding fathers are too often idealized, faults overlooked, humanity stripped away to turn them into dimigod heroes of some sort.

You are all pitiful
Attempting to change the past
In your weak human ways
I hate you
Abhor you
But fear not
It will all be over soon

01001010010101010100111001001111 translates to JUNO.
There is a lot with the name Juno, including but not limited to: asteroids, entertainers, the 4.2 version of Eclipse software development environment, a line of musically themed children’s educational products, awards, vehicles, and of course, the Roman goddess of marriage/queen of the gods.

The way she referred to humans, I’d say it’s the last one. /: Now we just need a demigod hero, or something. There’s already too much anger in the world to throw enraged deities into the mix.

Your kind.
You wretched, simple things.
One step removed from animals.
One step removed?
No steps.
You ARE animals.
We had the sense.
The sixth.
We were transcendent.
You are pretenders.
You suppress.
your artifices are lies.
All borne of desperation.
Denying what you are.
Who root.
Who feast.
Who fuck.
Who kill.
That is what I think of
When I think of you.

O.o Whatever you is actually Juno, if you’re real you then why on here?

Also you will not success your goal….

And I hate you, all the nightmares are of you, and what you will do in future

Better to be the simplest of animals than the most corrupt of gods. Or, at least, I’ve learned a lot more from the former.

Some deny the animal. Some wholly embrace it. Most of us integrate this into a complexer identity instead of thinking about it so simplistically. Yes, we root, feast, reproduce, kill, hate… and struggle, remember, live, change, evolve. All this and more.

This will be an interesting take on what is shown in the Animus. I recently picked up the portable partition and have been enjoying it in the hmmm…. week I’ve had it. It’s been amusing and enlightening in that I don’t remember learning about the Louisiana Rebellion in classes.


There are a lot of things covered up and just generally forgotten about throughout history. This is, in part, why the Animus was created – so that we can see history as it actually happened, through the eyes of those who lived there at that time!

John Griffin

Empty threats by your sad organization do not scare me. We have put plenty of you away, and will continue to do so as long as you exist. Play your games while you can. Every time you make a move, we are that much closer to shutting you down for good.


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