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Merry Christmas!

During the Christmas holiday, our offices will be closed in the United States on 24 December and worldwide on 25 December.  The Animus Network, however, will remain fully operational during that time so you can still enjoy your Animus!

From all of us at, have a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!


By John Griffin

Editor for Abstergo Industries publications based in the USA

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I am sorry to inform you that Abstergo has nothing to do with the Templars. The Templars are long gone.

Thank You,

Otto Scmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

Hello and Happy Holidays!
My 15-year-old daughter has been asking me for ages to go to the Animus sessions.
Are they safe?
Is she old enough?
If not, how old do you have to be?
What is the Bleeding Effect?

The bleeding effect is what happens when a person is over exposed to the animus. Abstergo claims this occurs in less than 17% of people, or in other words, 3 in 20 people. Hm… that still seems kind of vague. Let me put it this way, in 2011 London had a population of 8,174,100 people. 17% of that would be 1,389,597 people. That’s the best I can do in terms of illustrations. Thus far, Abstergo has yet to clarify what the severity is amongst those who are effected. For those with a shorter exposure to the animus, the bleeding effect occurs “rarely.” Current recommendations to prevent over exposure are as follows, “We would recommend a healthy 30 minuet break after every 1 hour session and no more than 4 hours in a day with it being split as; 1hour – 30min break – 1 hour – 1h30min break – 1 hour – 30min break – 1 hour – off.”

The bleeding effect is a disorder where the memories of your ancestors becomes mixed up with your own, real life memories, or “bleeds” in. I haven’t seen a whole lot of research on the subject released to the public, but it seems in the most severe cases, hallucinations, multiple personalities, and mental break downs were symptoms. But that would be worst case scenario. Abstergo currently recommends immediately bringing in anyone who shows susceptibility into their laboratories. A little bit of irony there, that you would bring such a person in to the same people who created the cause of the disorder in the first place. ;) My cynicism aside, hopefully you can find more answers from elsewhere.

I just wanted to comment on the irony part. Abstergo has no hand in the cause of the disorder or also known as the bleeding effect. How can we be held responsible if consumers do not follow our safety advice and regulations? All of this is within the contracts signed by the consumers themselves as well. Even the consequences of the bleeding effect and epilepsy are there :)

I wish you all a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year from me, my division and Abstergo.

Help us. Help you. Help the World.



With your consent, your daughter may enter the Animus, but be aware that she may be subject to graphic or violent content. It would be recommended for you to be present while she is in session so that you can instruct our technicians to safely end her session should she experience that kind of content. A user can enter the Animus without parent or guardian consent at age 17.

In response to Sharon’s concerns, perhaps I could have worded my previous article on The Bleeding Effect a little better in that the percentage of users affected was measured before we confirmed the Effect’s existence and identified ways to prevent and treat it.

Rest assured, your daughter will be safe in Animus sessions under watchful eyes!

John Griffin

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