Thank you!

Almost one year has passed since we started our new Abstergo website, and now we have 100.000 page visits!

Thank you for your loyalty, succor and help!

Visit regularly in the future to keep informed about our projects.

8 replies on “Thank you!”

Hello. Moca? If you get this, then I’m probably dead (Shaun taught me to hack an animus to send a single message after my death.) abstergo me in there Baghdad base. Don’t ask why I was there, contact order. But what I am saying, or trying to say, is that, you, and possibly a few others may be able to stop abstergo. Destroy the Baghdad base. It is full of artifacts of Eden. DO NOT RECOVER THEM! Repeat DO NOT RECOVER THE ARTIFACTS! In a package in wing 39 of the overhead unit in home bad you will find a map, and 2 Items. these are explained in the note attached. if i am alive, it would be better to let me die as that would mean i have been suffering the bleeding effect and have lost total control.If i do live,then abstergo will most likely comment on this. They cannot remove it thanks to there own animus software. -the grey assassin-subject26-Dan Drummond.

This so called “grey assassin” never existed. We only keep those whom agree to our conditions. Thank you.
Help us. Help you. Help the world.

We do not even ‘keep’ people. Everyone here is by their own will.

In the words of R4 – “Help us. Help you. Help the World”

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt

Linage and Subject Acquesition and Customer Officer

Own will my ass.

Remember me? I’m the grey assassin, killed than brought back to be tortured. Soon,I will be eradicating you from my hometown:Detroit. You have 30 mins to evacuate. I am not heartless. Now run. And leave the goddam guns ! I’m not getting shot twice in one night!

I am sorry that your information is misleading you. I am not in Detriot.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt

Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

Hello, Abstergo industries… I am one of your test subjects,
subject 30, or “The blue assassin”. I am contacting you to inform you about
the mistakes of what you have done (Not the spelling mistakes). You loose the DNA data for the animus, and now we, your customers need to give you information on our ancestors just to get the data back? I hope this does not happen in the future, or I will stop using all Abstergo products, once and for all.

Yours truly,
The blue Assassin

P.S. I will be stopping by my local Abstergo office, and go to the consumer complaints department and “complain”, if you know what I mean.

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