New design

As you probably have seen the design of Abstergo has changed. The old, colorful design which was used to promote Abstergo Entertainment and its products won’t be used for the whole company in the future. Instead we use a new version of the old Abstergo Industries logo that finds a use in the upcoming movie of our subsidiary.

Abstergo Business Card Movie
Alan Rikkin’s business card from the upcoming Movie

The purpose of this new design is to replace the logo that promises entertainment and take up the integrity of the past logos to show clearly that Abstergo Industries chiefly is a research company. Although our subsidiary Abstergo Entertainment is producing movies and video games and we hold share in companies such as Ubisoft, our main purpose is still to push humanity forward through groundbreaking scientific findings in the fields of pharmaceutics, telecommunications, biology, chemistry and more.

The new blue-green coloration is characterized by blue, which stands for integrity, and green, a natural and healthy color. The connection of those values reflects the values Abstergo had always claimed for itself; the new design is meant to bring this message to our customers.

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