Mission #4 – The Tower

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*I wait but no one seems to be availiable.*

Oh well. Guess I’m going solo………

*I pack my things and write a quick note*

-I have to go take care of some stuff. I’m going solo. It’s to dangerous. I have someone on the inside but I can’t say who just yet. The assassin’s want me dead once and for all. I think I know who is behind it. I will contact you guys when I can. -Adee-

*I grab my stuff and leave*

*Adeline looks around trying to see if her contact is there yet or not. She is about to leave when she feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns around in less then a second, pulling her pistol out and aiming it at the figure. The person is wearing a jacket with the hood up.*

Contact: Geez Adeline, its just me.

Adeline (putting her gun away): Sorry. You never know who you can trust these days.

Contact: Yeah I know.

*adeline looks around to see if anyone is watching them before they continue the conversation*

Adeline: Who ordered the hit on base?

Contact: I think it might be one of the fellow ring leaders in your old assassin group.

Adeline: Figures.

Contact: Are you okay?

Adeline: I’m fine.

Contact: What of Axel.

Adeline: Haven’t talked to him much.

Contact: What happened between the two of you?

Adeline: I don’t want to talk about it.

Contact: Okay. I know you feel trapped. I know you don’t know what to do, but I’m here. Alright?

Adeline: I know….

Contact: You need to tell them about me.

Adeline: I don’t want you to get dragged into this.

Contact: I already am.

Adeline: I know. But it’s getting entirely to dangerous.

Contact: What are you planning?

Adeline: It wouldn’t work if I told you.

Contact: You can’t leave me in the dark about this stuff.

Adeline: I have to. You could get killed.

Contact: If you really think I’m that weak, why am i hear?

Adeline: I’m not saying your weak. Your my secret weapon. Besides… Epsilon doesn’t know your alive.

Contact: Why?

Adeline: I can’t tell them just yet. That would ruin everything. Not to mention… Axel thinks you are dead.

Contact: But he was like family.

Adeline: I know and it hurts really freaking bad…. but I’m moving on. But its like everyone I get close to turns out to be a backstabber…

Contact: I am still here. I will always be here.

*Adeline smiles*

Adeline: I know.

*They hug.*

Contact: It will be okay.

Adeline: I know. Stay hidden. Stay out of sight. Figure out as much as you can.

Contact: I will.

*Adeline and her contact part ways.*

*I see a pigeon with another note attached to it. I take it off and read it.”

-We are running out of time. This is it. Are you sure you are ready for this? ~R-

*I write back*

-Yes. It is time to get this over with. You know where to meet me at. Until then, stay out of sight. Don’t engage. It’s to risky. ~Adeline-

*I attach the note and send it back. I grab my stuff, along with my weapons. Then I disappear and meet my contact.*

Contact: Are you positive you want to do this?

Adeline: I have to. Why are you asking me these questions?

Contact: I’m worried about you. You haven’t been acting like you.

Adeline: Things change.

Contact: I know when there is something wrong with you.

Adeline: I’m fine.

Contact: Stop lying.

Adeline: We don’t have time for this. If they get Lily, we have no solid leads.

Contact: Alright. We are going to continue this later.

*Adeline and her contact head for a building and climb to the top, then they silently enter from the entrance on the roof. Adeline signals to split up, tossing her contact a gun and checking each room. Her contact does the same. Finally Adeline finds what she is looking for. Who she is looking for.*

Adeline: Well, long time no see. *she grins.*

Person: How did you find me?

Adeline: I don’t want to kill you but you know what side I’m on now. If you give me the information I need, I will let you live.

*Adeline points her gun at the persons chest*

Person: I didn’t realize they put a hit on you.

Adeline: They won’t be able to kill me anyway. You know this. now, stop stalling and tell me what the Assassin’s are after.

Person: They want the apple. What else would they be after.

Adeline: Is Axel Involved?

Person: I don’t know. I haven’t had contact with the Assassin’s much lately. I figure live the rest of my life while I still can.

Adeline: Do you know what side he is on?

Person: No. If I did I wouldn’t be here.

Adeline: Good point.

*Just then Adeline’s contact comes into the room. Her hood is up, and she won’t show her face, but the person knows who she is.*

Person: Your alive?

Contact: I was never dead.

Person: How?

Adeline: That doesn’t matter.

*The person grabs a gun and aims it at the contact and both Adeline and her contact aim their guns at the person.*

Contact: Do the math. Two of us. One of you. Even if you shoot me Adeline will kill you and she won’t give it a second thought.

Adeline: Where is the leader?

Person: Again, I don’t know. As we speak he could be with a small group of assassins stealing the apple.

Adeline: I doubt that.

*Just then the leader bursts through the door and aims his riffle at Adeline.*

Leader: Drop your weapons now.

*Adeline grins as she grabs her other gun and aims it at the leader, and her contact swipes the gun away from the other person in the room.*

Adeline: What are you really after?

Leader: I couldn’t tell you even if I wanted to.

Adeline: Then you leave us no choice.

*the other person takes a quick shot at Adeline and pulls the trigger, but Adeline blocks the shot and shoots him dead. Her contact then shoots the leader in the leg. Adeline looks at her contact and she (contact) nods. They get the leader up. Adeline then teleport them back to the Epsilon base and they lock him up.*

*Her contact smiles as she pulls her hood down.*

Adeline: They still don’t know your alive.

Contact: I wanted back in. I missed them.

Adeline: So did I.

Contact: What of Aedin?

Adeline: I haven’t talked to him much either.

Contact: He is your brother…

Adeline: I know. We just haven’t had time…. and I haven’t been very talkative since what happened between me and Axel.

Contact: Is he still alive?

Adeline: I think so.

Contact: Will he come back?

Adeline: I don’t know. Why did you want out in the first place?

Contact: Because I want found out who killed my parents. I wanted to live in peace. Besides, they don’t need me. They have you.

Adeline: I need you, Rosa.

*Rosa smiles.*

Rosa (contact): I know.

Adeline: How are we going to explain it to them?

Rosa: I don’t know.

*Adeline stares at Rosa.*

Adeline: You aren’t going to come back are you?

Rosa: I want to, but they are better off thinking I am dead. They don’t need my problems.

Adeline: I know…. I just wish you could stay….

Rosa: I know. It’s a struggle.

Adeline: Everyday is a struggle.

Rosa: Yeah.

Adeline: How’d you come back in the first place? you told me a little bit but it didn’t make sense.

Rosa: I came back because I had a choice. I wanted to be with my parents, but they told me that you need me, and I wasn’t going to turn my back on you.

Adeline: Are you sure you want to continue down this path. It;s getting dangerous.

Rosa: I abandoned you… it’s the least I could do.

Adeline: Then stay hidden. Don’t show your face. If anyone finds out…

Rosa: If the secret gets out that I am alive, I will just disappear again and I won’t come out of hiding.

Adeline: I wish you could stay…

*Rosa smiles and hugs Adeline. They hear the noise of shuffling feet and Rosa let’s go. Adeline nods her head, and Rosa climbs up to the beams at the top of the room and disappears.*

*A few hours past since Rosa left. Finally, Adeline is able to talk to the assassin leader. She enters a room and the door shuts behind her. she sits.*

Leader: I won’t tell you anything.

Adeline: You have no choice.

Leader: I’m not afraid.

Adeline: You should be.

Leader: Why?

Adeline: I’m asking the questions, not you. Let’s start from the beginning. So you and Lily were working side by side for a few years, am I right?

Leader: She was everything to me.

Adeline: Is that why you need her back?

Leader: No.

Adeline: Then why?

Leader: I’m not saying.

Adeline: then you will be trailed for murder.

Leader: I’m already dead if I talk.

Adeline: You wanted to kill me. why?

Leader: I’m not the only one.

Adeline: Who are your other ring leaders?

Leader: I’m not saying.

Adeline: Who are they?

*the leader stays silent.*

Adeline: Look, I know you know stuff or you would be talking.

Leader: I can’t tell you anything.

*Adeline stands up and leans over the table, looking the leader right in the eyes.*

Adeline: Tell me.

*Leader looks at Adeline. She says something to him, but low enough to where to audio recording cannot hear what she is saying. It scares the leader.*

*I go outside for a breather. I see a pigeon and ignore it but I realize it has a message attached to it and I take the note and read it.*

-I found the assassin leader. intercepted this note. heard some good intel. “It is best for us to stay seperated. I need to figure this all out. we must hit them at a time they don’t expect. It will be difficult with adeline in the way which is why I am ordering a kill on her. Also if we find Lily, we have to get her out.” this is what it said. what shall i do?-

*I write back*

-don’t engage. stay in the shadows. Don’t let them discover that you are working for you. Worst of all Epsilon does not know about you. You are on your own. I have to prepare for an attack. I might go solo. I don’t know. I have limited time if they plan to assassinated me. stay safe. please. ~Adeline-

*I attach the note and send the pigeon back.*

*mumbling* I have to tell them…….

*using abilities.* anyone who is available come talk to me. I need to bring your attention to something.

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*i hear a noise and walk out of my room. I see a shadow and at first im scared but then i see bladewolf round the corner and i accidently bump into him.* oh… Bladewolf.. Sorry. I didnt see you there.

Walking around Bladewolf bumped into other, he looked up as being a canine the other is taller or bigger than him. Other apologies for bumping into him. “As sorry is human term of apology, then it is not problem as you humans use the term.”

It’s been a while since he have came out of his ‘room’, he thought he wasn’t really needed for a while so he kinda went into hibernation mode. Now he is out of his hibernation mode, he looked around for anyone that can be around. “Hm…”

*Axel walks to the door to the base with me in his arms.*

Axel: Let us in! Adeline… She’s hurt!!! please…

*the door opens and we are quickly rushed inside, I start to wake up, slightly weak.*

Adeline: Why didn’t you listen to me?!?! I could have bought you enough time to get help!

Axel: I wasn’t going to leave you and you know it.

*I stop bleeding as I regain my strength from two gunshot wounds. the bullets come out and I start to heal myself.*

Adeline: You must have gotten the anti-serum out.

*suddenly we hear a load bang and assassins burst through the doors. at least a hundred. maybe more. all very skilled.*

Axel: I thought we lost them…

Adeline: This is all your fault! if you had listened to me….

Axel: stop! I did what was best for us…

Adeline: and because of that the base is being attacked!

((to be continued… hope you guys like this.))

*I make a barrier to insure that they can´t get through. We barricade our selves and prepare for a fight. I am still weak but I can fight. I turn to see aedin.*

-whispering- Adeline: Aedin……

*I turn back to the door and suddenly the barrier comes down, because I can´t keep it up anymore. Adeline grabs her swords and slashes at two assassins, who soon fall to the ground, dead. I turn back around but Aedin is not there. Axel isnt either. Assuming they went to fight off the assassins I try to fight back but the assassins pile on me and I am over powered. I end up on the ground wit hthe last assassin near me fighting me trying to push a knife through my throat, but then the knife flies out of the hand and hits him in the back. he dies instantly. Its axel. I look at him but he dashes off.*

((to be continued…))

*I look around me, surrounded by assassins. I turn back and there is no one around me. I grab my throwing knifes. I throw them and kill at least 5. I run out and I grab my gun, and shoot ten more but they keep piling on me. I am out of bullets, and I don’t have my swords. I look around me and release a sound wave that kills every last one of them. I am still weak and I pass out.
I open my eyes, faint from being so weak and I see Axel and Aedin standing over me. when I wake up I am in the infirmary with axel sitting next to me.*

Adeline: I am still angry…

Axel: I understand….

Adeline: I just wish you had listened…. you should have left me….

Axel: no! i wouldn’t have left you no matter what.

Adeline: it doesn’t matter. You could have been killed. They could have been killed. I could have been killed…

*Axel begins to tear up which is something he does not do very often.*

Axel: are we….breaking up?

Adeline: I….I think so…..

*Axel storms out of the room and I begin to silently cry as I know what he might do.*

((to be continued))

*It’s been a month or two since axel and I broke up. No one has seen axel since the day he left. no one knows what’s happened to him and I haven’t talked to him. things are getting worse for me. everyday the pain gets worse and I can’t get everything out of my head. I know Axel knows that I can’t stop thinking about everything because of the fact our minds are linked together, or he just has completely blocked me out.*

-mumbling- I wish I could take it all back….

*I plug my headphones in and listen to music as tears stream down my face. I want to see Aedin, since we never got the chance to talk about anything and I honestly don’t know if he considers me a sister or just a co-worker. I wish Jacob was alive, but I can’t take back what I did, and I can’t just wish him back to life. He was my brother… Our brother…*

-mumbling- did aedin care for him like a brother would.. or did he hate him?

*tears continue to stream down my face as I realize I am practically alone. I know the team care about me, but I have to wonder how much… am i family to them? am I just another person in this world to them?*

-mumbling- I just want to talk to Aedin…………………..

*I turn my music up louder and I am playing a song that makes everything slightly better when nothing is okay. but I can’t stop thinking. I can’t get thoughts out of my head. Again I think of Aedin and each time the tears intensify….*

-mumbling as I realize my abilities are trying to communicate with aedin through his ear piece- What am i to you, Aedin………………………………………………………….

((To be continued… hope you guys are liking this. Things for me aren’t going so well and I am trying to reflect the way I feel outside rp. I hope you guys are doing well….))

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****As a quick summary of everything that has happened for those of you who have not been on in awhile, this is what happened. Jacob broke out of his cell and attacked Adeline and Axel. He shot Adeline three times and decided not to kill her. Though when he shot her, she saw memories and she finds out that Aedin and Jacob are her brothers. Jacob shows up again and Axel get’s hurt when Jacob pulls out the Apple of Eden, and Adeline end up killing Jacob. Axel does not remember Adeline killed Jacob, and she runs away because she does not want to hurt anyone else. Though, Axel ends up coming with her and they find out who killed Aedin and Adeline’s parents. Out of revenge, Adeline kills him, but she also makes a discovery. She finds out that the woman that grey captured and the man she killed were business partners. She also finds out that the man who was responsible for her parents death was also the person who created the Injection. When Axel and Adeline get back to base, Adeline finds out that the woman and Axel knew each other and they were once more then friends. She get’s upset but then when Axel get’s abducted by assassin’s she saves him. they make up and some kissing in order…. Then Adeline decides it is time to take a vacation, and tells Aedin what is going on and to tell Otto that her and Axel are leaving but they will come back eventually.****

This is where the story is left off. hope you guys have fun with what we have set up, and I will be on when I can.))

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*I sit in my room and think to myself. I start to get an idea in my head. I send a mental message to Axel.*

-can you come to my room? I want to talk to you about something.-

hey… so what I was wanting to talk about is… I was thinking… maybe we could take a vacation. We could come back when ever we want, but I mean… that kiss got me thinking… maybe we would benefit if we spent time away from all of this.

I was thinking maybe Italy first. Simple, yet romantic, we could go anywhere and everywhere if we want. I already talked to Aedin, and he agreed to talk to Otto. So we are okay to leave. what do you think?

*smiles. Axel and I pack our things, and board a plane. Aedin stands there and I wave goodbye as the plane leaves.*

Goodbye Epsilon, we have not completely parted… not yet… we will come back and stand by your side again.

*Axel holds my hand.*

Axel: You ready?

Adeline: yes. For what ever is to come.

((To be continued…………………………………………))

Lily: You don’t have to hide from me I know it is you Axel.

*Adeline starts to get slightly mad but she refuses to show it.*

Lily: Axel, look at me? why are you here? I thought you died back there…

Adeline: We came here to question you, not pity you so stop the nonsense and starting making some since of this. How do you know him?

*I’m silent for a while before answering*
When you thought I died during that mishap mission a fellow named Otto who was a Templar. He took me in and helped me get back on my feet.

Lily: You traitor! I loved you!

*Adeline starts to get really angry. She stands up, walks out of the room, and slams the door*

You left me to die in that collapse building while everyone ran off and you even help the person next to me, but you left me .. me there the one who went with you ridiculous plan and tried so hard to make it work and you left me to die with metal in side.

*My face begin to tear up and I walk out*

You never told me! never! you loved her all along didn’t you? you lied to me!

*I begin to tear up*

did I ever mean anything to you?

Adeline what are you talking about you know I love you why would you say something like that. She might have loved my but my heart was with you.

*I go for a small hug*

Adeline: D-Don’t hug me! lets just go back in there and get this over with!

*walks in back in room*

((we can continue this tomorrow can’t wait this is getting really good!))

Adeline: We know your employer had to do with the Injection, and we know you did to.

Lily: How did you know about him?

Adeline: it was simple really. And he is dead!

Lily: wha-

Adeline: He is dead!

Lily: You figured it out didn’t you? You know he killed them.

Adeline: Of course I do.

Lily: You don’t feel closure though. am I right?

Adeline: None of that matters. we are the ones asking the questions, not-

*suddenly power goes out and when it comes back on Lily and Axel are gone and I am surrounded by assassins.*

*I realize I am surrounded and I grab my swords. and begin to fight them off. I can’t shake the fact he never told me any of this out of my head but I continue to fight because I have a simple choice. Fight or die. I begin to tear up as I continue to fight, and slash through the assassins. I push my sword through one assassins stomach. Another charges toward me and tries to shoot me when I counter and kill him. time and time again I kill them, until there are none left. I begin to talk to myself as I look for the apple.*


*I find the apple safe and sound and I have mixed emotions about Axel, but I know I have to find him. I look around in distraught trying to pinpoint his location. I finally do and I am off to find him. I bring a unit of special task force because I know it would be suicide to go alone. I leave the building with the task force and head to the location. We get there and we storm the building guns blazing.*

*Right when you open the door Adeline sees Lily and me but severely wounded just as the elevator closed its doors and several more assassin now block your path.*

Dammit! Axel!

*I launch a sound wave and it knocks every assassin down and kills them, more come but I put up a barrier so to speak and they try to shoot but the bullets bounce off and hit them instead. I untie break Axels hand-cuffs off but leave the hand cuffs on Lily. I know both of you need healing but I don’t have enough time to. I think a small something to my self*

Adeline: we don’t have time. We have to get out of here. They knew I was coming.

*Adeline helps Axel and Lily stand up, and we rush out of the building. Just then the building blows up, and we go back to base.*

*Adeline didn’t notice but when the building blew up. A piece of shrapnel blasted off and impaled Axel in side of his upper Torso, but at that moment I didn’t notice either because I was being tortured profusely before Adeline came to rescue me*

Adeline: Axel….

*I pull out the piece of shrapnel and heal you as we ride in the swat car back to base. you start to regain your strength from the torture. I go over to Lily and whisper something in her ear that I don’t want anyone else to hear. I heal her and go back over to Axel.*

Adeline: I only did this because I knew they would be angry if I didn’t. I would wish to talk about that argument but now is not the time. Perhaps when we get back to base and we secure her so she cannot escape again.

*We get back to the base and we lock her cell tighter then a bank vault, then Axel and I go to a private room where we can talk.*

*I was still mentally drained from all the mental torture they inflicted upon me but I was more worried about Adeline and how I was going to explain to her, but I manage to walk into the private room my mind still racing from what just happened.*

….you don’t understand. I know how that feels but you can’t hide in your own shadow. I am afraid of hurting people to, but I have learned that it is not good to keep things from people. Because of me, Rosa is dead.

… … during one of my missions with the assassins I had to kill multiple civilians in order for a plan to work, but in the end their lives didn’t needed to severed because the it was only a ruse to kill me off with a collapsed building… .

*My hands begin to shake violently and then I clench them into fists to try to keep going*

….This is why I wanted to talk to you. I heard you say that in that room. I didn’t know what you meant. She said she loved you and I lost it. I want to talk to Aedin so badly because I know everything now, but I can’t because he is always so busy. But I would never truly abandon you. You are family. I love you. You just don’t see I am here for you…

*I put my hands on your shoulders, and look into your eyes. I see you can’t take any of it. Nothing I am saying is calming you down*

What ever they did to you… it is okay. Your safe. I am here. nothing is going to happen. I won’t let it. I refuse to give up on you. On us. I can’t. You and Aedin are the only family I have. But your more then family. I should have never dated Adam. I knew in my heart it was you from the beginning, and for the longest time.. my heart did not want to admit it……

We… we both have been through so much. I wish… I wish we had listened to Rosa. You know. Leave the brotherhood. Leave all of it behind… but I was stupid and said no and you followed me. It… It is my fault. If only I had listened….

*Hearing those words I stop thinking about myself and kiss you very passionately then I pull away.*

Don’t ever put yourself down again alright.

*I give her a brave smile.*

*I still can’t stop kissing you but I know it has to end. I sense someone is coming, and I pull away.*

We have to go unless we want them to know what just happened.

*It takes me a moment to gain back my composure but I reluctantly agree.*

Yeah we should go but I wouldn’t mind them know though.

*Adeline looks to Aedin who does not know what to do. He grabs the apple and it stops pulsing*

Adeline: Axel… this is my fault. All of it… I just… I wanted the truth… and because of the apple…

Aedin: what are you talking about?

Adeline: the apple took control of him. It effects him differently… its hard to explain but lets just say that thing will kill him if you don’t get it out of here!

*Aedin rushes off and finds a safe place to put the apple, and comes back. he helps me get Axel into the infirmary. We prepare to wake him up when Axel wakes up on his own*

Adeline: Aedin it’s alright I got this. I will take care of him but I want to talk to you later…

*aedin leaves the infirmary.*

Hey don’t worry so much I’m still here aren’t I and don’t think I will be leaving you anytime soon.

*I give you a weak smile but another surge of pain runs through me.*

Dammit! I told you to leave for a reason. I knew he was going to pull out the apple… I knew it would hurt you… If anyone was going to get hurt by his hand it was going to be me…

Did you think I was just going to stand their and do nothing while you are in the face of danger, but you did something something I don’t know about didn’t something relating to death.

*Then she realizes I don’t remember what happen to Jacob*

Remember what?

*I looked at you questioningly then another surge pain this time a lot worse than before. I curled up and held my eye*

*Axel closes his eyes, and falls asleep. I walk out of the room and go back to my room. I begin to cry in silence not knowing what to do anymore. I begin to realize what I should do, and I know that no one would like it but I have it set in my mind. I search for something, anything to make a message. Finally I find an old recorder, and I start talking as it records.*

geez… I uh.. I don’t know how to say this but uh… I think it is time I take my leave. I don’t know how to say this, but uhh.. I have really grown to care for all of you. Otto, Aedin, Grey, and you to Axel.

*laughs as I begin to tear up*

I.. I realize that I uh.. I think it is best if I find out who I really am as a person. This whole time I have been searching for family when they have right in front of me the whole time. Literally. and I don’t mean just you Aedin. Yes… your my real brother but I realize now everyone I have met on this journey is my family.

*sniffles and continues to talk*

And I.. I really care about everyone of you. I am not just making this for one person. I am making it for all of you.. but I guess I am getting side tracked. The point of this message is that I don’t want anyone else to get hurt… and I.. umm.. I think that is why I should leave. I love all of you, and that is why I must leave. Axel.. I love you.. as more then family. More then you ever will know.. and Aedin, your my brother, and I know you would not like me to do this… but I have to. Grey, I thank you for what you have done. You made me realize I’m not alone. all… all of you have and I uh… I have to think you Otto. For everything.


by the time you hear this message I will already be gone. Where? I don’t know.. but please.. don’t look for me…

*ends the recording and silently opens the window, climbs out and shuts it. Then I climb down and disappear into the night*

*As I was resting I get another surge of pain and i wake up and I look around for you and slowly begin to get up pain running through me as I try to find you and then I see a recorder and begin to listen to it as it finishes I look down and hit the wall and try to think of a way to reach you or at least contact you.*

*mentally hears what Axel is trying to say, thinks she should ignore it but realizes that would hurt him. She sends him a message back*

-I have to do this. Don’t look for me. I love you more then anything in the world but I can’t do this anymore. I will come back in time. I promise.-

*Mentally hear you and a wave of relief takes over me*

-Alright I believe you but you have tell me something how long do you intend to take?-

-I don’t know… just please… don’t tell them anything. don’t tell them you have heard from me. just let them listen to the message and convince them to not look for me.-

-dammit your right… Idk I just need to do this. I don’t know where I will go but I will be fine. go ahead and tell them I talked to you, but tell them you couldn’t convince me to stay. I am going to do this. I know you and Aedin and everyone won’t agree with me but I can’t take it. I know everything which is why I… I am going to find out who killed them. For the sake of Jacob… that was his last wish… and I keep my promises.-

-…that’s not possible-

*just then I realize he is not really alive and the apple is wanting Axel to control it*

-Axel, he isn’t alive. It is the apple trying to tell you that since it was that last person it effected….it wants you.-

-Are you sure about that? The apple should know what its power does to me … never mind I’ll keep you in touch with you-

*I wince again in pain and you could hear me wince and then try to relax again*

*I look behind me and see him. I realize he is there, and I kiss him.*

I am sorry I ran… I can’t go back. I need to find out for my self.

*suddenly someone gets out of the suspicious van and I look around. There are assassins all over the place, hiding. I grab my gun and start shooting*

Axel take cover!

*I grab my sword and kill at least a dozen, then take out another dozen with my “powers” then we run*

Dammit they must have known! I already have a lead on who killed them, and I already know where to go.

*we turn a corner and I run up a fire excape, then climb to the top of the building and pop the air vent open.*

((can’t wait to continue this. this is such a good story line I wish I could write a book on it..))

*I stop you before you exit and teleport us to the building next to the hideout where you saw some assassins getting ready to ambush us*

You should always look at your surroundings.

*I use eagle vision and there is only people in the building, I carefully scan around and then go back, and enter the air duct*

whether you come with me or not is your choice, but I am going, and you can’t stop me.

*I start to climb through the duct and finally I find the man I am looking for. I quietly sneek around security, and confront him with my hidden blade out.*

Adeline: You killed my parents.

Man: I kill a lot of people. Your gonna have to be more specific.

*The man looks into my eyes and realizes who I am.*

Man: you.. you were the little girl, with the two boys.

Adeline: Yes. Why did you kill them?

Man: I was only following orders!

Adeline: by who?

Man: I don’t know. Some guy in a hood. He never said his name. I didn’t get a good look at his face!

*I hear a voice in the distance*

Adeline: thanks.

*Adeline stabs the man in the neck with her hidden blade*

Adeline: You deserve that.

*adeline quietly exits the way she came and meets back up with Axel.*

Adeline: let’s go.

Adeline: He said it was a guy in a hood…

Axel: That does not mean that it was the Assassin’s. We only have part of the story, don’t jump to conclusions, alright?

Adeline: I know… But I can’t help but wonder… Was it really the Assassin’s? was all of it a lie? I just…

*Axel stops walking and pushes me up against a building wall. His face is close to mine*

Axel: Now, don’t think things like that. I know you want answers, and I want you to find those answers, but without Abstergo, it is going to be difficult. I know you don’t want to go back yet, but we need to. This has to stop.

Adeline: I can’t! not until I know.

*Adeline starts breathing heavily as if she is getting scared and Axel picks up on it. He leans in and kisses her. He pulls back.*

Axel: I know you want to fine out, but this is getting to dangerous, don’t you agree? I don’t want my girlfriend dead.

Adeline: Alright fine, but I want to find out for myself. We can go back as soon as I track down this “guy in a hood”

Axel: Agreed.

*Adeline and Axel kiss again. They here police sirens and flee.*

*about a week passes and I spend every minute restlessly trying to find out who ordered the kill on me and Aedin’s parents. I start to put the pieces together. I think of Jacob’s last words again, and I realize he hinted at it.. all along. “she called you Adee”


*I search the Name Adee, and I find something interesting. I look through photo’s and as I get closer to the bottom of the page I start to see pictures of needles with a substance that almost looks like honey in them. I go to the page and begin the read*

“Many referred to it as “the injection.” it was responsible for at least the deaths of a thousand who took it. No one knows about this substance or its origin, but it is safe to assume that now that the dealers have been arrested and the police have found all the drugs throughout the city, it is safe to assume the substance is off the streets for good.”

*I scroll down even more and see a photo of the man who was arrested. I take a close look and I realize that is the man who killed them. I remember seeing him flee. I cover my mouth in disbelief. I see another link on the article and I click it.*

“after just three years of his life sentence, the man who was arrested during a drug raid is now free.”

*I somehow get a feeling of where he is at, and I wake up Jacob.*

Adeline: Let’s go. I know who ordered the kill.

Axel: Who?

Adeline: It is a long story. I will explain it later. He is more then likely here in town I just need to find him.

*We look through the streets of the city. Trying to find him when I suddenly feel the Atmosphere change as if he is around here somewhere.*

Axel: How do you know he is here? it could be a trap.

Adeline: it isn’t. He is alone. Reading a book. we have to hurry. No guards. nothing. this could be our only chance.

*Adeline walks into an apartment building and up to the fifth floor where I stop in front of a door and kick it open. I grab my gun and there he is, still reading his book. He puts it down and grabs his gun.*

Man: So you found me at last haven’t you? took you long enough. Now that Jacob is dead.

Adeline: How do you know that?

Man: I know everything!

Adeline: you were a family friend! we trusted you and you turned your back on us! you deserve to die!

Man: Indeed I do, but you see, you shoot that gun, I shoot to. The residents of this building will hear them and call the police, then it will be a matter of minutes before the arrive… and you know the rest.

Adeline: I know everything! you ordered the kill! you coward! to afraid to kill them yourself? they should have killed you in that prison!

Man: You have fight in you. Your hurt and confused. You want to kill me but you don’t think you can do it. You want to get revenge for them, but you can’t. And I am the coward!


*Adeline starts to glow*

Man: Ah, yes. The Injection. My masterpiece. Tell me, did Abstergo find it like I had hoped? did they not use it?

Adeline: They found a solution! thanks to me! and I almost died!

Man: Well lets make sure you are dead this time!

Adeline: Axel! get out of here! this is my fight!

*axel reluctantly does what adeline wishes, and Adeline continues to throw attacks at him, he returns blow after blow but Adeline keeps the attacks coming. Finally, slice. A cut on the man’s face. Slice. Another on his leg. Then another and another. Adeline feels the rage piling up on her and she gives one more blow, and it knocks him off his feet.*

Adeline: any last words?

Man: You won’t do it! I know you won’t!

Adeline: You thought wrong!

*Adeline delivers the final blow and kills him. She leaves the building unnoticed and meets with Axel back at the old hide out.*

Axel: is it time?

Adeline: it is time.

*they start to walk away and go back to the Epsilon base. They are allowed in and there stands Aedin.*

But where are we heading after this? Regardless when need to move.

*I hear some movement and teleport us again but this time five buildings over.*

well… I got some good news. Sorta…

*adeline takes out a letter that she found on the mans body before leaving*

Seems to me that the woman grey found actually had connections to this man I killed. Aedin, I will catch you up on that later. Maybe when I can talk to you alone, because it has to do with…. mom and dad… Anyway, she was a business associate. He called her “Lily” but it has not been confirmed if that is her real name yet. like we all know she is an assassin, but we didn’t know that she is connected to the injection.

*My body tenses up and the sound of her name but the instant it tenses up it relaxes*

Well I guess that is sort of good news when you look at it.

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*I Appear next to Aedin.*

Adeline: Aedin, we need to talk!

*The tears stop and I feel nothing but pure anger now.*

Adeline: You knew all along! you knew I am your sister! you knew… WHY DID YOU NEVER TELL ME? AND WHY DID JACOB TAKE MY MEMORIES AWAY! I WANT ANSWERS! I… I just want answers…

Aedin: Wha-


Aedin: I never told you because I didn’t want you to be hurt… You have lost so many people who are important to you already…

adeline: and so you decided not to tell me your my brother? you thought… you thought that would be a loss to me? yes.. mom and dad… but….

Aedin: I meant Jacob…

Adeline: but… no… I can’t!

Aedin: we have to Adee. I know it is hard but he has the apple. It is corrupting him. You know what we have to do…

Adeline: can’t we just convince him to join us?

Aedin: You know it isn’t that simple..

*Adeline is about to start crying again when the Sirens go off and I realize that he is here again. Then, Axel tries to stop him from entering the room but he can’t.*

Jacob: Adeline. Come with me. we can be a family. That’s all you ever wanted isn’t it? we can forget about all of this nonsence. The apple, Templars, Assassin’s.. we can live a normal life!

Aedin: Don’t listen to him Adee, he is lying…



*Just then Jacob pulls out the apple and forces axel into the room.*

Jacob: Made up our mind have we? come with me Adeline, or he dies!

Adeline: STOP! STOP! I’ll do what ever you want… Just… JUST LET HIM GO!

*Jacob lets axel go, and I walk away with Jacob, only to knock the apple out of his hand and grab a gun. The apple rolls over to Aedin.*

Adeline: I don’t want to do this Jacob, but I will if I have to. I refuse to go with you. I have a family here. Don’t you see what the apple is doing to you?

*Jacob pulls out a switch blade and starts to walk toward me, and I stand my ground*

Adeline: Stop!

*Jacob does not stop and I shoot him in the chest*

*Adeline walks over to Jacob, and gets down on her knee’s.*

Adeline: It didn’t have to be this way…

Jacob: yes it did…. I made it so…. I am why all of this happened. I.. I just wanted to get revenge for them… I see now that it wasn’t Aedin’s fault. It.. it was mine…

Adeline: It was not any of our faults… it was the people that killed them, and I know now who I am. Was my name really Adeline?

Jacob: y-yes… Mom called you Adee… that’s why… That’s why Aedin calls you that.

*Jacob smiles, then it fades and he dies*

Adeline: You were my brother. you caused a lot of trouble.. but in the end all you sought was family. You will be missed.

*adeline closes Jacobs eyes, and stands up. Adeline goes finds Axel and Aedin behind her, and realizes they saw it all.*

Aedin: I… I didn’t think I would feel anything, but I do…

*I wake up and smile*

Don’t worry about that now and just focus on getting better alright. Besides I already told Otto everything that happened between Jacob you and I.


*tries to stand but I can’t because I am to weak*

I… I have to tell him… he…. he doesn’t know what is really going on.. a-and neither do you…

*begins to cough and I feel like my lungs are on fire*

You.. you don’t understand… when he shot me… I saw memories. Only.. clearer. I saw me as a child with two little boys. Those two little boys were Aedin and Jacob… Then…

*I begin to tear up*

I heard my mom say “You three stop playing and get out here. dinner is ready and your dad is home!”

I.. I don’t know if it is true or not. He could have just been messing with my memories.. but it felt so… real….

*I make sure your eyes are close and then I activate my power and look into your memories and you feel a sharp pain but fades away just as fast as it came then nothing and I remove my power from you*

I…..I don’t know what to do… I can’t… I CAN’T TAKE IT!

*rips iv out of arm and slowly stands up, then walks out of the room with tears in my eyes. I wonder aimlessly trying to find Aedin.*

*I stop you and pick you bridal style*

What do you think you are going to do in your condition at this rate you won’t recover at all you need your rest alright.

Axel… put me down! I can’t do this! you don’t understand… I know what all of this is really about now and I just…

*tears start pouring down my face as I realize what happened to my parents. I remember everything. The screams, the blood, and Jacob trying to save them.. and I loose it. I begin to glow a bright golden light and I disappear out of Axel’s arms*

*Adeline and Axel walk out of the room. I begin to sense the presence of Jacob. We turn a corner and see him. Some how he got out. I immediately pull my swords out from my holsters, and Axel grabs a shot gun. Just then the alarms sound. Jacob grabs a gun and starts shooting at us. I form a bubble that shields us*

How’d you escape? we locked that cell tighter then a bank vault!

*Now with the shotgun in my hands I charge him and while charging him I thew throwing knives at him knocking the gun out of his hand and I was still charging at him*

*fighting jacob*

Adeline: You were never after the the piece of eden were you? You were after me the entire time!

Jacob: Congratulations, you figured it out haven’t you?

Adeline: You knew I have first civ DNA, you knew if I had the injection, I would become a sage, you knew what was in the temple, you knew Rosa would be locked in there, you knew everything! WHY CAN’T YOU LEAVE US ALONE?

Jacob: It’s simple. I am not who I seem to be… yes.. I am Aedin’s twin brother. But what you never saw was this. You never saw that I was betraying you. The entire brotherhood. You never saw any of it, and now, I am on my OWN TEAM!

*Suddenly the ground begins to shake*

Adeline: You…. you are….

*Jacob gives off an evil grin*

Jacob: Indeed.

*suddenly Jacob lets off a burst of energy and it sends us flying*

*Jacob pulls out the apple.*

Jacob: This! All of this! it was my plan! I waited. I waited so long to use this! for this opportunity!

*I see the blast he emitted and I use the shock wave to bring me back to him and punch to the ground rage has fuel my mind and I was beating him for hurting you with the energy wave*

*I was about to punch again I stop slowly and look at you Adeline and she could see the rage inside but I manage to calm down*

*As I running away I feel another shock wave and then I smell the sent of blood rage begins to swell with in me and I want to help her but I manage to keep my cool and go a little farther before stopping an running back to her*

*The sound wave stops and Jacob is still standing. I launch an attack with my sword but he parries, when Axel comes back. The pulse from the apple keeps getting stronger*

*Suddenly the area around me. Its gravity increase ten fold and I’m brought down to my knee but I keep going rage still inside and its keep swelling with in me and now its wants to burst out and hurt Jacob*

*I keep throwing attacks at Jacob but nothing seems to work. I go for another blow when suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder. I look and see that I have been shot. then, another shot in the leg. I start to loose a lot of blood and fall to the ground.*

Jacob: We will continue this another time.

*Jacob shoots me one more time at point blank range, but decides not to kill me. He rushes off and leaves the building.*

*I run to your side and look at you with concerned eyes* no No NO this can’t be happening now. *I pick you up and take you back to Otto tears in my eyes and then your remember that I have never cried before until now.*

d-don’t cry.. I will be fine…..

*I try to heal myself but I am to weak. I glow a dim golden light, and slowly the bullets come out of my wounds and drop to the ground*

*I stop before I get to Otto.*

Yeah you are right.

*A dim very dim golden light emits off of me and Adeline is healed but before Adeline can say anything she falls asleep due to the pain.*

*I didn’t sleep at all because I so worried about her but I manage to get some sleep and my head was right next to hers side with me sleeping*

*we get back to the base and I grab an earpiece along with the woman and throw her in a cell*

Otto.. We got her.. or at least that is what grey told me to say…

*sends mental message to Axel*

-I know there is something wrong… you don’t need to lie. We are in this together.-

-well lets just say I had a problem with one of his plans and we argued about it until we came to our compromise but nonetheless he wasn’t too happy about it but everything worked out fine in the end more or less.-

-you’ll be fine. I promise. He is nice. Rosa and I… we killed their agents furing an attack.. and yet… he forgave us. He will forgive you.-

-Well if that’s all I did then yeah I would probably believe you but some thing I have done that doesn’t deserve forgiving at all but lets talk to him now.-

-alright… but might want to talk to me at least when he gets the chance to… especially because I know that grey Aedin have already told him what I did… I disobeyed orders… but I had to…-

I started working for abstergo a few days ago and then a group of people with some sort of hidden blades and 1980s hoods came in and killed my best friend. I know they must be the assassins, please Abstergo, help me find those assassins and take their lives.

I know… it’s funny.. how it works.. we found each other again in the worst of times and some how made it into something good….

yeah.. maybe a little headache.. but that’s it…. I promised her I would let her be with her parents.. I kept that promise…

yes and this is why i need to go alone guys…

((axel, I need to talk to you. go on the schools gmail network and email me.))

I know you don’t want me to, but I have to. I will not let anyone else get hurt…. I promise I will come back… I promise I will be okay, but you guys need to get out of here…

*Ground starts to shake again*


*Aedin, grey, and Axel all run out of the temple and get as far away as possible as I press further into the temple. The ground continues to crumble and I show no signs of fear. Finally, I reach it.. the center of it all. The shaking stops again and then I see a figure. it is Rosa.*

Adeline: Rosa? how? your.. your dead

Rosa: This… this is my last message… they are here adeline. With me. You can’t see them… but they are here. I know what you are thinking..

Adeline: I can get you out of here! I know I can..

Rosa: And take my place? for what? to save me? you cannot sacrifice your self. your role is to important! Adeline let me go! You found Axel.. and I know you feel like you lost everything, but you haven’t!

*Adeline smiles*

Adeline: I knew you would say that… I promised you… and I will keep that promise…

*suddenly the ground starts to give way and Rosa disappears, I run but manage to get hit in head with a falling rock… I start to black out but I am determined to get out. blood is beading down my forehead, but I press on, and get out… I manage to grab the helicopter as it takes off with Axel, Grey, and Aedin, and Axel pulls me up*

*as the helicopter leaves, the ground completely gives way and the temple is destroyed*

I… I told you I would make it out….

*i sigh gently shaking my head, grinning* oyu know, for someone as younge as yourself i never expected youd do the crazy stupid thung. thats my job *i begin to walk away* il meet up with you guys later. take that assassin i had back to otto. he’ll know what to do. now, if youl excuse me. *whistles gently to myself as i wander off*

Axel….. I.. I don’t know how to say this… as… as I was in there… I realized… I realized that i could have died back there… everything flashed through my head. You, Rosa, Aedin, Grey, Otto. Everyone I know… but the two that got were you.. and Rosa… and I….. it’s so hard to explain…

“Regardless of what happens I’ll be here to help you and save you when you need you saving.” I give Adeline a brave smile.

*hears Rosa’s voice again, and understands everything now*

Axel… Aedin… I know what this is about now. The injection I had was of Juno’s DNA. because I have first civ DNA in me… it affected me differently and turned me into the first girl sage. Axel… your injection was of Juno’s husbands DNA, which is why it effects you differently and why our minds are linked together…. as for why I keep hearing Rosa… She has yet to explain….

*continues to here Rosa’s voice in the distance*

her spirit is located in the sanctuary, along with her parents. She says her that is where they died……..

Well kid, let’s go follow the voice then. If you start going twitchy and crazy let me know. *puts on battered mirrored aviators*

But right when all of us were going to move to follow the voice the floor and the ceiling gives way and we begin to fall.

yes and this is why i need to go alone guys…

((axel, I need to talk to you go on the schools gmail network and email me))

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*he spots Grey while he comes up from his room* Greetings.

((just go with it i got a friend to join in he is helping us long story short Rosa is dead and we are trying to break through some assassins and get to a sanctuary that had a POE))

//the thing is Bladewolf don’t go out of the facility unless it’s important missions xD he stays in the Abstergo facility, so there’s nothing to join with the rp you’re doing//

*Double-taps an Assassin through the face.*
“I think that is the last of them… For now. So why are we here exactly? Grey already got the POE two years ago.”

that does not matter… I am the missing piece to this puzzle.. don’t you see? I understand now… the Piece Of Eden, the injection, the First-Civ DNA. Don’t you see, I am a sage..

*suddenly I start to glow golden and I realize that the sanctuary is helping me become stronger. It is not Juno, but the magnetic force that keeps this place together. I hear a voice in the distance, and it sounds like Rosa*

-keep this place safe Adeline. You need to protect it.-

adeline: I don’t understand!

-nothing can be fully explained but one day it will make sense just do as I say and things will be okay-

*i stop glowing and the ground starts to shake*

((nine minutes til school is out I will try to get on later when I go to the library but can’t make any promises I hope we can continue this and finish this mission before the end the school year))

*grey now wears a new grey longcoat, gotten from, somewhere* kid your saying your a sage? well miss sage, i am literally an assassin engineered by your first civilization, made to end the humans uprizing. i went rouge and now i help people.

Yes grey, I am a sage. But there is something going on here that none of us saw coming… that voice… it sounded like Rosa… and I don’t know how…

((and thanks Aiden, I had fun. Can’t wait for monday…))

*assassin comes at me and i grab the sword I found earlier from my holster and it goes straight through his stomach. I continue to slash and cut my way through the assassins.*

*He pulls another throwing knife and in one motion slices an Assassin’s femoral artery and releases the knife sending into neck of another.*
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*slices through assassins and it is as if no one can stop me, I work my way to Aedin and we team together*

We need to move. Axel is right… if we don’t move more will keep piling up on us…

*shoots assassin in the face and runs to a building, and notice that it is the building that help the POE.*

((axel, you still on or are you busy? I am bored. Don’t have anything to do in class cuz I already have all my assignments done…))

*suddenly assassins surround us, and blocks Axel from leaving*

you must be learning how to control the senses if you knew they were coming… and you were going to find Jacob weren’t you… I know it hurts that he killed rosa but our mission is to figure out what Jacob was wanting, not to kill him…

Who said I was trying to find him. I couldn’t care less about him but he deserves to have his plans ruined and that is what I intend to do.

just fight!

*Grabs assassin and kicks him into a wall. shoots 3 assassins with riffle then springs hidden blade and double assassinates two more while running. launches a signal wave and a massive wall of fire forms and kills ten more. The fire wall comes down, but there are more heading for us*

*grabs a gun and throws it to axel. Thinks to self and sends mental message to Axel.*

-don’t try to fool me, you seem to forget our minds are linked together-

*my blades glisten as i dethroagterize a pair of assassins, taking their swords and suing them to then impale another, throwing him at a fourth assassin, before i unload the 8 round .45 into the faces of 4 other assassins, then my “fangs” tear into another assassins eyes, my cloack slowly becoming red with blood, as they attack me, wounding me *

Alright I fight. *I pull out eight throwing knives and throw them killing eight more assassins then taking sword and throwing into on of their heads and then run up to it rip it out and then proceed to kill two more assassins*

*soon the bodie pile grows, my longcoat in tatters, my bglades dripping blood, my sunglasses long broken, my wounds heal as fast as tehy are inflicted, with a thrust my left hidden blade breaks, causing me to growl, then i pick up an empt rifle and swing it like a clup as my weopon, seeming more animal than human*

hey kid, save your energy, i heal on my own, thanks for the thought though. *spits out halkf a dozen bullets* if i didnt id have back in 2012 when i was shredded by a pair of snipers. trust me, passing .50s isnt pleasant. *i drop the broken gun and look at the chaos and death* i hope otto still has my stuff together.

*Aedin sidesteps a pistol and then severs the shooters arm with his hidden blade. Cuts a backflip over another attacking from his rear and strikes upward into the brainstem with hidden blade. Aedin pivots and fires 4 consecutive headshots into oncoming Assassins. He pulls out the hidden blade and grabs a throwing knife from his boot and sticks an Assassin straight through the eye.*

((epsilon team and others, i will back in a matter of hours, for i am leaving school and going to a freinds, and live iwithout wifi,, be safe one and all in all your ventures! -your freindly neighborhood assassin))

((Later guys. I have internet all the time. But a busy scheduele so I was really multitasking today therefore a lesser amount of writing. Sorry about that. Axel nice meeting and I hope you stick around.))

Axel… a lot has happened. I have left the assassin’s… and I refuse to go back…. if you change.. if Otto approves of you… you will be able to stay with me…

Alright Aedin… but I already know… kinda hard to explain… lets just say Axels mind is linked to mine in a way… he must have figured out the solution and injected it into him.. he is like me

Otto has already approved of me when I accidentally tried to attack him and you know what he did he offered me a deal and I took it so yeah.

Okay guys.. I am ready… this is going to be for Rosa… and Adam….

*starts tearing up but remembers what Rosa said, and stops*

hey kid, dont worry. we can help you. thats what we are here to do. im sorry about your sister, *gently pats her shoulder reasuringly* things will get better. thay always do

I know.. it is just hard. I have lost so many since all of this started… but I know where I belong.


I have a family… I just wish she was here because she wanted to have one more then I ever have…

I know. I am glad you are alive… at least I have you, and Otto, and Aedin, and Grey.. everyone that is in my life now has shown their support and I know I belong here…

Otto should’ve given you a pass phrase but i’ll take your word for it. But both me and this guy in grey have got our eyes on you.

*i nod* if you prove to be a turncloack then so help me il let youl ive, but you wont like the pain. dont give me reason to do that, it isnt pretty. and id hate to get blood on my blades. at least, good blood anyway.

we can trust him Aedin. I am telling you he is just like me… he has nothing to loose either. His family was me and Rosa. Now she is gone.. I am the only family he has…

Grey! don’t threaten him! I keep telling you guys! he is with me! if he was a mole… do you really think I wouldn’t have killed him? he is like me and our minds are linked together. It is hard to explain but Jacob must know the solution.. that is how he is alive…

* i throw my hands up* im not threatening! its a promise. and i wouldnt be harming him too much anyway. 8grnning like a mad man* oh you should see the look on your face

Well you guys watch out for some assassins to your right and to your left. Thank you for putting some trust in me. *I give you all a smile before rushing off.*

Aedin… I am sorry for not telling you about him.. I felt it. He was dead. somehow.. he is alive I can tell he was not lying… the lnjection effects him differently then it does me..

Alright. It’s not a threat its a clear statement. But he has nothing to worry about.
You take point, use that first-civ thing and find our objective.

a few cloaks on the way wont be an issue. now if they had a tank up here.. but even then id have more fun with that than just the cloaks *chuckles* oh that was one heck of a party…..

Well I think it is about time to take my leave. Watch out some people are coming and they down’t look to friendly.

((just to clarify I meant the only person i will talk to at this point is Aedin because Adeline can keep a smile and pretend to be okay around him))

we are here because i had to grab somewe are here because i had to grab someone, and a few things, needed a ride back to a place i can rest,, and because the assassin have with me cawe are here because i had to grab someone, and a few things, needed a ride back to a place i can rest,, and because the assassin have with me can tell us where we have to go. *shrugs gently* now, my memorys a bit fuzzy, have we met? ((sorry my tablets a bit iffy sometimnes and crashed))n tell us where we have to go. *shrugs gently* now, my memorys a bit fuzzy, have we met? ((sorry my tablets a bit iffy sometimnes and crashed))one, and a few things, needed a ride back to a place i can rest,, and because the assassin have with me can tell us where we have to go. *shrugs gently* now, my memorys a bit fuzzy, have we met? ((sorry my tablets a bit iffy sometimnes and crashed, i missed the fighting again))

Aedin to Med team: Um prep a Grey-level diagnostic. I think he might have a concussion.
Aedin: Grey we’re going to head back to HQ so you can take a load off.

you crash a perfictly good helicopter into a blimp then proceed to take the blimp and sea-land it withh automated controlls and not get shaken arround… and bah. it wouldnt be a cuncussion, ive beenn alone in the mountains for a while. everythings gone a wee bit fuzzy.

*The team heads up to the roof to put the casualties and prisoners on the transports. Grey providing escort for them in case more Assassin’s attempt to catch the burdened members off-guard. While heading up the stairs Aedin tries to get Adeline to vent a little bit.*
“How are you holding up Adee?”

I figured as much….. I’m sorry. About Rosa, about Adam, about everything. If there’s anything we can do let me know.

My advice in the words of a great man. If you’re going through hell, keeping going. Otherwise you’re stuck in the middle of it…
…Those words saved me a fair bit of grief. You never forget the faces of the ones you’ve lost they stick with you forever. Popping into your mind at the strangest times. And then the pain comes. Each time it becomes duller and duller. But never forget that pain. Never forget the pain, never forget the faces.

*The whole team forms up in a circle. Aedin and Grey facing opposite directions.*
“Adeline you get Rosa out of here me and Grey got this handled.”

*begins to fight the assassins. I counter one, grab his gun, and shoot him in the head. another charges toward me, and I slit his throat. then, I jump fall to the ground and I start to glow. Suddenly.. all the assassins turn to ash*

*Adeline rises, the Assassin’s open fire and she makes a forcefield around the team. The firing stops and then the shield goes down and the team goes to work. Aedin puts 3 rounds in the chests of two assassin’s, checks a spinning back kick and throws his own and the attacker. The other two Assassins get back.*
“Grey they’re wearing high grade body armor.”

“More Assassins are definitely on their way. Adee grab Rosa’s body and let’s get out of here.”
*Aedin puts a hand on Adeline’s shoulder.*
“I’m sorry for your loss.”
*Turns to Grey.*
“So why are we here? We need to tie up loose ends.”

Grab your brother.. I knocked him out… I want him to suffer….

*goes over to Rosa’s body, and holds her as if she was a baby*

we are here because i had to grab someone, and a few things, needed a ride back to a place i can rest,, and because the assassin have with me can tell us where we have to go. *shrugs gently* now, my memorys a bit fuzzy, have we met? ((sorry my tablets a bit iffy sometimnes and crashed))

*Adeline creates a mist that forms around Rosa, and forces her out of Aedin’s brothers reach, and over to us. Starts to glow even brighter*

*Adeline charges toward him and knocks him on the ground*


*Aedin’s brother swipes his leg and knocks me down. he stands back up and gets his riffle out. He shoots Aedin once and shoots Rosa once as well, then points the gun at me*

Aedin’s brother: Adam died because of you adeline. Yes, I ordered the hit on the base, and I sent him, but he was supposed to extract you and Rosa. I had my own plans for both of you… such a shame.

*i walk out of the chamber, carrying an unconcius assassin on my back, i drop her as i witness this, my collapsable sword now in my hand, confused* who-what- *i sigh take my glasses off, left eye glows a soft blue* okay oaky i gotcha.. *i put my shades back on and sit back, sheathing my sword, and begin dissassembling my .45, cleaning it as i watch this all unfold*

*Adeline Disappears right before Aedin’s brothers eyes and reappears behind him holding a gun. Hits him in the head and he is out cold. Adeline goes to Rosa and begins to heal her, but it does not work.*

Rosa… please.. don’t do this to me…

Well… Because they’re here.
*Assassin’s appear from behind every corner. And surround the team. The lot of them a little startled at the unexpected appearance of Grey.*

*Adeline begins to cry as she realizes that Rosa is dying. Rosa begins to cough up blood*

Rosa: Adeline… don’t… don’t be sad….. I know… who…. k… killed them now. I wish to be with them… please… promise me

Adeline: I promise…

*The light fades out of Rosa’s eyes, and Adeline closes them*

*Grey walks over and checks on Rosa. The whole time muttering to himself ” -ust.. a bulle- wo–d.”
“There’s more to all this Aedin. If that’s what you choose to go by. But you screwed up royally when you let that injection go to waste.”

*Adeline begins to cry as she realizes that Rosa is dying. Rosa begins to cough up blood*

Rosa: Adeline… don’t… don’t be sad….. I know… who…. k… killed them now. I wish to be with them… please… promise me

Adeline: I promise…

*The light fades out of Rosa’s eyes, and Adeline closes them*


*begins to glow and so does Aedin. Next thing you know, he is healed*

*the team is noticably less surrounded, greys coat is now red with blood as he sheathes his sword, and his boot knife, both supprisingly clean*

*Spins around to see what has caught Adeline by surprise. And there not 10 meters in front of Adeline, Aedin’s twin brother has a knife to Rosa’s throat.*

Aedin: You again why can’t you just leave me alone damn it!
Rosa: Sorry Aedin I.. I just-
Aedin: Rosa it’s alright just stay calm.

Aedin’s brother: I thought you were smarter then this! All of this was my grand plan! So i could kill YOU! and yes.. I killed her parents!

Adeline: You tricked us, didn’t you? you… YOU WERE BEHIND IT ALL! I KILLED HIM… BECAUSE OF YOU!!!

*Adeline gets very angry and starts glowing a bright golden light*

Aedin: Adee be very careful about your next move. Jacob WHAT DO YOU EVEN WANT!? You tried to make me join in Paris and then told me who I was. I’m not joining you so wha-

*The knife at Rosa’s neck punctures the skin and a little trail of blood goes down her neck. At this sight Adeline glows even brighter.*

*I look at the note Rosa wanted me to give to Aedin. I turn on my eagle vision and notice something I didn’t see before.*

I knew it! she didn’t go to Italy!

((you can head there to trt and trac me down, last time i was there was just to dig up a sword, im actually heading into an old assassin crypt with an office building on it to find more information on the target, and to say hallo to an old freind from my assassin days))

She left… Rosa… She said she found a lead on who killed her parents.. she said she was going to Italy. She wanted me to give you this letter… But… I read it and I noticed something I didn’t before. She left a secret message..

The secret message said “not really going to Italy. I know who killed them but Aedin won’t like it”

*a grizzled man in a grey long coat sits on a rooftop, stretching ever so slightly, as if he hasn’t stretched in a while, he pulls out a battered old 2way radio, then tunes in to a frequency commonly used by epsilon team and allies* hey is anyone out there? This is the grey assassin. If anyone can here me, I’m back. And if you can hear me, seb, or cait, I’m sorry I just disappeared like that, now, I’m going to be at the place this all started. Figure I should clean it out after all. *he sets the radio down, and sets the message on repeat, after hooking the radio into a battered cell phone, he puts on shades, and then jumps off the building into traffic, landing neatly in the bed of a pickup, unnoticed*

Audio to Otto: Otto I wasn’t here when the early stuff went down. I’ve only met Grey once. If Seb or Cait were here they’d know exactly where he is. But Seb is still MIA and not quite himself and Cait is with him to i think. But Seb filled me in on a bit and I think Grey might be at Monteriggioni. If no one has any better ideas i’m going to head there now.
Message to Adeline: Meet me there 43.390403, 11.222577

*interupts Aedin’s earpiece again*

Okay.. this is starting to get annoying.. I need an earpiece, and I am here, and I have to talk to you about Rosa….

*a couple hours later the man approaches a building, there seems to be no name on the office building, he looks in the camera as he scans an ill gotten identification card, the sleeve on his grey hoodie is frayed from recent combat, he enters the building slowly, then he enters an elavator, ottos computer flashes as the building coordinants are sent to him, allong with a note* -thanks for using the old dead drop location nearbye. im supprised you guys havent trailed any assassins to find the place tho. anyway, im in. im going to head up to the labs. after that im going loud in the server room. have the team come in via the roof if you can. if not il figure something out. oh- and we need a cleanup crew about a block south of here, he had freinds, they didnt like me much. i think the guy i trailed survived. hes called tom or something, thanks otto! Grey-

*Upon alert from Otto Aedin’s Osprey changes direction and heads at full speed to Grey’s coordinates. All the while Aedin awaits information updates from Adeline. Aedin starts loading his .45s and checks his other gear. He’s Abstergo combat jumpsuit fits him perfectly with the Epsilon symbol on the shoulder.*

I keep sending you one but the box it comes in is deceiving. Wait so is that all the message said? And we’re going into a combat situation. I trust you in the field but stay close to me. We’re going to have to multitask.

*soon the man is below ground, beyond even the elavators reach, he is in a cirular room, assassin lie dead, some shot, some stabbed, two simple blunt force. the man has his foot on the chest of a white jacketed woman, the tip of a raipier held to her nose* so. i finally got you. care to tell me where the building is? if not im sure my freinds can.

woman*spits blood on the grey cloaked masn shoes, missing a few teeth* F*** you. i will tell nothing.

grey*simply shrugs and grins* oh i can wait. ottos team should be here soon. *shrugs, putting my .45 back on my hip, the colts handle has been modified with blue pearl accents over the wood they were*

*Aedin Jumps from the Osprey and lands on top of the building. He looks over to see Adeline do the same. He runs over to the entrance hatch and uses the plasma cutter to open it.*

*it is night, and I am still awake. I grab a piece of paper, and begin to write a letter when Adeline figures out I am still up*

Adeline: what are you doing up this late?

Rosalia: I have not told anyone this but since we left the assassins I have been tracking a lead on who killed my parents. *continues to write the letter as Rosalia talks* I have discovered a very possible lead in Italy, and I know you want to come…. But I think it is best I go alone. They need you here.

Adeline: I understand.

*Rosa finishes the letter and stands up. She hugs Adeline and hands her the letter.*

Rosalia: Give this to Aedin when you have the chance. My plane leaves first thing in the morning so I won’t get to say goodbye.

Adeline: Okay…

*Adeline and Rosalia hug one more time and Adeline leaves her room. Once she is back in her own room, she reads the letter*

I have kept this from the entire team for awhile. I have found a lead on who killed my parents. Problem is, I have to go to Italy. my flight left first thing in the morning so I am sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. I trust you will look after Adeline for me. I will miss Epsilon very much, but this has to be done, and I decided to go solo. Please don’t look for me. It is only a matter of time before I find the person responsible. I will keep in touch with Adeline when I can.

yours truly,
Rosalia Capello-

*the next morning I wake up, hoping it was all a dream. I go to Rosa’s room, and open the door, but I realize it wasn’t a dream. She is gone. I go back in my room and see the note laying on a table. I get ready for the day ahead. I use the injection to interfere with Aedin’s earpiece again*

Aedin…. I need to talk to you….

*The monitor in the room turns on, a red dot bleeping in the bottom right corner. She presses it*

Otto: I wanted to let you know that your sister will be safe. Even though she may think that she is on this mission going solo, I have made sure that she is not alone. I have a member from Psi Team join her undercover. He will ‘bump’ into her at the terminal and just so happen to be seated next to her on the plane. Well, Abstergo does own that airlines so it is not hard to pull off. I called ahead to our headquarters in Italy and asked them to keep a medic team and extraction team on standby as much as possible. The Psi agent will help her in her research as well. We at Abstergo always take care of our own.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

*heads to training room. I seem a little on the upset side but after everything that has happened I want to be left alone for awhile and blow off some steam. I grab a gun and start shooting the head of a dummie until I have no more rounds. I grab some throwing knifes and move on.*

I wish Aedin were here… I kinda wanna do some sword sparring…

You promise to be loyal to Abstergo, Templars and more importantly Epsilon? Promise to always keep a white heart, help those in need and not commit crimes? Promise to wear the name Abstergo with honour and pride?

Welcome to Epsilon Adeline, it is a pleasure and honour to have you aboard. Aedin will be your handler until you are more familiar with us.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

“Looks like i’ll have to dial it back on solo missions. But i’m looking forward to working with you guys.”
((YAY i’m a handler SOO COOOL!!!))

((“Mark and remember our purpose. To guide all wayward souls ’til they reach a quiet road. To guide all wayward desire ’til impassioned hearts are cooled. To guide all wayward minds to safe and sober thought. By the Father of Understanding’s Light, let our work now begin.”
JK different rite of passage lol))

((it is about time for school to be out so i will talk to you tomorrow. I have two assignments that have to be done by next week so I may not get on first thing in the morning))

((It’s alright :) I have to go now too, today was great! :) See you all soon; this will turn into an amazing novel one day :D))

Since you’re Epsilon now you should know that we have still have to officially go in and complete this mission. ((Otto you might want to add Rosa’s name to that post and i’m a little lost as to where we are with the tower. hahaha))

//heh like wise, me and Moka are like finishing college and all loool though they are still a pain in the ass also there’s comic con going on in London so getting that ready owo it’s on 27-29th may //

“Yes, the mission…”

((sorry. I was getting really bored during study hall today and then things kinda took off during my fourth hour once Aedin started replying))

((okay but friday I get out of school about an hour early and I am going to start buckling down and working on school more as well. It is the end of the year and I can’t afford to repeat any classes… I will be on when I can today but i don’t know I am really stressed.. I have a binder check in biology next week which means I need to get all my assignments finished other wise I will fail it))

((focus on school, we have unlimited time for role playing (technically). We wanna celebrate your school year together and celebrate Aedin’s graduation too :) So your primary missions are to focus on succeeding in your studies and in your schools :)))

((I know. I didn’t know Aedin was graduating… But i am focusing on school I promise you that. I completed those assignments I had to finish… and I literally just finished an assignment for math.))

Aedin! Are you okay? you don’t look so good…

*Rosalia see’s what is going on and hurries over to adeline. Rosa asked what happened and adeline says that it is a long story*

“I’m alright. It’s lucky that Otto showed up when he did. And now for the first time we have my brother in custody. But we’ll have to question him later, after we’ve had time to finish securing the area and getting back up to speed here at this HQ.”

Umm …. yeah …. about that …. he escaped. He did leave a message though. Looks like it is meant for you … the thing is … non of us can read it.

It is a paper and the writing seems to be written with a green substance; we had to seal off the room, whatever substance that was made the guards become hallucinated.

hmm… well..

*gets on an abstergo computer*

hope you don’t mind me hacking this computer.. I can fix it if you would like…

De-toxic has successfully sealed it in a see-through container. Feel free to look at it … but not here. I want you all to prepare for immediate evac. Something feels off, I do not believe the building is safe. I have already evacuated most of my teams and replaced them with drones and AIs. I have arrange for your transportation on the roof.

((your fine Aedin.. I just got handed an assignment so I have to work on that as well… I will look again once I finish the first few questions))

((First off. Otto i’m dead serious about making a youtube video. I have things I need and any its set up so if others want to add stuff I can do that. I wanted to do it for the christams event but I never got confirmation. I’ve been looking for a video project to dedicate some time to.
What do you think?))

((I am confused, let me know when you guys sort things out but I really want to get back to the story because this is so interesting!))

((Ok i’ll try my best. But im supposed to be multitasking and failing lol It’s been awhile since I had someone I needed to keep up with. And we have got a find a way for you to have access at home. Bucause it was just dead luck that I was working from home twice. But hopefully my school year ends sooner then yours so we will have a little bit of time either way.))

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((Please pay more attention to your studies than this website. It is fun and great and all but at the end of the day your studies are way more important. Same goes to you Aedin))

((okay. I am focusing on school at the same time though… I mean… I am usaully an A and B student, and my parents just tell me to get them up as long as none of them drop to a D or F I am good

((To Otto. Thanks mom.. jk. Im graduating this week so its no biggy :) but I agree studies first. And alright so no money transactions of any kind does that include me personally paying actors to play a portrayed original character cuz im pretty sure that’s a separate entity. If I cant that’s cool. Id just like to know what my options are.))

((XD you’re welcome son XD, as for the legal stuff, don’t worry about it much right now. Just create an idea and we’ll see where it goes :) I thought you said you could do it for free, why would you need to pay actors? Try to get volunteers instead; try your best to stay away from any sort of payments, especially personal ones.))

((there is no way to my parents can’t afford it. After school gets out for the year, I could go to the library and get on there but hte bad part is my parents only take me once a week when they have to pay bills and stuff which is usaully friday))

((If it is really good Ubisoft may endorse it, I don’t know. We can put it up on the Abstergo YouTube Channel as well.))

((Well I have tried to create an advertisement about us actually and Abstergo as a whole. That project kinda died through time and stress though. But multiple videos from different cameras and different audio and such may really harm the quality. Have one strong cast and set of equipment may give it more justice.

What we could do is make it an animation instead and this way we only need to deal with voice acting which should be waaaaaaaaaaaaay simpler … hopefully. What do you think?))

((Im not familiar with animation that much so it seems more complicated and more expensive. If i did the video it would be free, But I could look into ways to streamline and simplify. I’ll make a video of some scene from the story and use it as a promo with a timestamp so people can go back and read what happened before and after and hopefully get more RPers. It’ll just be a test so I can run it by you and see what you think. And you could email me the animation stuff we could have options either way. Is that ok?))

((Sure! Go for it! I’m not an animator either tbh but maybe one of my friends can help out in that (I doubt they would do it for free though). As for uploading the video, due to Legal reasons, the video is NOT to be monetized and NOT to be used in any form that promotes monetary transactions or transactions of the sorts. That is what I remember from Ubisoft I think))

((I agree wholeheartedly! I just wish some the others could see this right now!))
((If you want I can right a timeline order for you and then we timestamp then and i’ll fill in what happens in between. The first leader is killed by Adeline. The second leader snipes me then breaks in after we think we’re safe. (The second leader being Aedin’s brother so we can’t kill him. ) Then I get the drop on him after you pull in with the cavalry and then….. We continue.))

((Sure! It’s over 6 pages of comments to catch up (and counting) … I wonder if they would go through reading it all :3))

((I would love it if Ubisoft actually combines all of these missions and turn it into a side-story and release it :3 Or we can create our own visual novel / mini-game!!))

((I will stick to the whole “I could save him” thing because I really think my character should do something to help heal someone because mine nearly died and you guys saved her))

(( no it was not fake my character nearly died after she met Aiden, but my other character gave the solution and now adeline knows that she has first civ DNA in her and the solution made her immune to the side effects of the injection))

From my knowledge I know that the distance you can make a forcefield form away from use is limited and you can’t make more then one under normal circumstances so stay as close as you can to the security force but make sure you keep the field around me and him.
((Sorry if the limitations are bugging you. being OP just takes some fun away so I figured you’d be cool with it.??))

*suddenly hears a gunshot and realizes that it is the leader. Grabs a grenade launcher a dead employee left behind, stands up, and shoots. instantly kills surrounding assassins but some how the leader is still alive.*

Leader: Well Adeline… long time no see

*leader see’s Aedin and paralyzes him.*

Adeline: You used the injection?

*creates a mist that surrounds Aiden, and it releases him.*

Adeline: Cover your ears, it is going to get loud

*Aedin cover’s his ears. Adeline releases a sound wave and it drives the leader mad. Adeline runs toward the leader, knocks him down, and stabs him in the chest. Then the sound wave stops, and the leader is dead*

*Aedin gets up off the floor.*
“Nice work. You are most definitely Epsilon material. And that was definitely the guy in charge. But not my brother. Hmm. I was so sur-”
*A sniper round hits Aedin square in the chest knocking him back twenty feet. Adeline instantly raises a forcefield, in the process stopping three more shots. The power comes back on and the emergency lights turn off. With the power restored the building goes into lockdown(if not for topnotch Assassin work the lockdown would’ve happened anyway). She rushes over to Aedin who is lying very still.*
“Aedin, Aedin are you alright.”
*She tears open his jacket to find a Abstergo tech bullet proof vest that had taken considerable damage but was not fully punctured. Aedin’s eyes fly open and he takes a huge gasp for air.*
Aedin: “OW. Ow, ow, ow, OW!!”
Adeline: “That was awesome…”
Aedin: “Yep.” exhales sharply “So glad it’s not my first rodeo. Probably a few broken ribs, cracked sternum maybe.”
*They fall back to the ground and relax as a medical team approaches to inspect them.*

*Just as the situation seemed to be taking a grim side. Sounds of unfamiliar sirens hail from outside the building. As the party looks out of the window … more than 40 fully armoured Abstergo vans surround the area outside of the facility. As the joy starts to shine from the eyes of the new trainees, Abstergo helicopters appear from behind several buildings; closing in … all except for one. In that helicopter, a shadow can be seen, then suddenly …*

*P.A. systems create static then become silent*

Otto: Shame on you Aedin, holding a party at my facility without inviting me are ya? Hey you, white hooded kid with a butter knife, yeah you *leader takes a second to glimpse out of the window* … what a dumb dumb. You take your eyes off of battle? *startled, the leader looks back to notice that Aedin has disappeared*

Otto (grinning): My oh my, this will be interesting.

He’s being treated don’t worry. I wanted to ensure his vitals. As for you, I knew all along that you had First Civ DNA. When you broke into our facility, our sensors detected that you in fact have a triple helix. That injection you were so worried about, is nothing. A mixture of water, some useless plasma and sugar; completely harmless. I wanted to show you the true power of your mind and help you control it; this was the only way. I had a medical team on stand-by the entire time and two agents keep an eye on you in case anything happened. You do not need to worry about your powers anymore, we were able to give you the key to not only control them but to master them as well. You will finally be freed from all those years of pain and misery these unstable powers may have caused you. Your sister is already waiting for you in your new suite. My teams are clearing the building tile by tile. As for the assassin you once loved, I had him transported into the medical bay to see if we can save him or his memories in any way for you. If not, this will give you one more chance to see him before the funeral; yes, we will take care of burying him, alongside the others that have died on this tragic day. We are not soulless.

As for the people that killed your family, we found a lead … you will not like it though … not at all.

*after I say that I feel the atmosphere in the room change, and there are two assassins standing in the door way. I grab a throwing knife from Aedins boot and throw it at the first, then Rosa grabs a gun from the floor, shoots the 2 assassins three times in the chest*

Come on Aedin!

*runs out of the room with Rosa, and run into at least 50 assassin lackies. One assassin tries to attack me but i counter, use my hidden blade to kill him, takes his gun, shoots three more, jumps over another, and kills her, them lands on another and pushes hidden blade in his throat*

Think you can beat that?

*Aedin moves into the hallway.*
“There is something you two need to know. It doesn’t make sense that they would target this room again unless this second wave wasn’t after you. They’re after me….”

well we arn’t leaving you behind so don’t think that for one second

*grabs gun on floor, shoots 5 assassins and on tries to attack me. I counter and kill that one to. Then I grab the neck of another and snap it*

Aedin: Under normal circumstances this information is private the situation requires that I inform you so as not to get you both killed. I have a twin brother who is a member of the Assassin’s Brotherhood.
*Both pause for a moment then continue clearing the building.*

not very strange to us.

*See’s someone coming up from behind Aedin and creates a force field. Assassin does not stop and the force field sets him turns him to ash.*

*Jumps over Aedin and double assassinates two behind him. Grabs a sword from a wall decoration and kills 3 more, then shoots a gun and kills at least 2, then grabs adeline. She launches me up into the air and I come down to stab another in their spine*

*Aedin rounds a corner and an Assassin throw a crescent to Aedin’s face. Aedin cartwheels with the momentum and follows up with his own flying jackhammer to the Assassin’s neck.. Breaking it and killing the man instantly. Assassin#2 raises his rifle at Aedin point blank. Aedin sidesteps grabs the barrel of the gun yanks it down ward then fires two shots into his attacker’s right shoulder, the hollow point rounds destroy the limb. Aedin follows up by hugging the Assassin#2’s flailing body and uses him as a human shield for the Assassin who just lined up a shot at Aedin’s back. Aedin fires his pistol from behind the safety of the shield double tapping the new assailant in the head(not that the second shot had much to hit). He pulls the trigger of his meatshield’s automatic rifle spraying 7.62 rounds behind killing and injuring five more Assassin’s.*
Aedin: Was it a competition you guys?

maybe, but if it was, I think you might have just won, but what do you think?

*counters assassin and throws him across room. *

how rude of you to interrupt!

*Rosa uses hidden blade to stab him/her*

Are we good enough?

yeah, because we are rocking this… it has been awhile since we got into a fight this big!

*guard comes toward me and tries to attack me, but I kick him in the face and stab him the back. Laughs*

We should form a little team… Adeline, me, and you Aedin. We are pretty good fighters!

*adeline glares at me.*

Okay, not the time for that…

*An Assassin hiding in the roof lands freefalls and descends behind Rosa. Aedin spins slicing two Assassins across their throats with his hidden blade and reloads his Glock simultaneously. Then fires three rounds at the would be killer flying towards Rosa. The impact jolts the Assassin’s body and sends him flying backwards and changes his direction in midair.*
Aedin over Comms: “All security forces form up around the medical area they’re after what little bit of the activated injection we could remove from Adeline.”
*Aedin turns and starts running the opposite direction from the security forces.*
Adeline turns “Hey where are you-” Aedin cuts her off. “Follow me. We’re going to ambush the leader.”

Aedin: And yes I like the sound of that. Especially because you have good skillsets for newer members. And you guys are doing great. Just don’t get cocky, always keep something in reserve.

“Alright an MO for Assassin field leaders is they actually lead. He will be providing auxillary where he thinks I will be. I need you to use you’re abilities to create a forcefield around me and him so I don’t have to tangle with the others and can put my full focus on him. Got it?”

The solution… It just made me immune to the side effects. I realized why I could handle the injection better then the other’s. I have First Civ DNA. I realized I have “the sixth” as well……

“I see. Well I’ve done the research on this kind of topic. And having First-Civ DNA isn’t too uncommon. But the ratio of triple helix DNA(First-Civ) to double helix DNA must be the cause of your reaction with the injection.”
Mutters to himself “I wish Caitlin were here.”
“You having this amount precursor genetics would give you a lot of significant advantages and abilities.”

*Something is off with the atmosphere. I quickly go to the window and hide. I turn on eagle vision and see assassins surrounding the building, ready to pounce at any moment. Turns off eagle vision and looks at Aedin.*

You better prepare your guards, this is going to be a bloody battle….

*looks out window again, and backs away slowly. Looks really sad, but looks as if I know what I have to do, even though I don’t want to. Just then, power completely goes out, and assassin’s find us, and we have no where to go.*

Assassin: Adeline? Where is Rosa? we came to get you out of here?

Adeline: What are you doing here?

Assassin: We were worried sick. We couldn’t get you to respond through your earpiece… and we thought you were dead! where is Rosa? we have to get out.. NOW!

Adeline: I WON’T! I AM ALIVE BECAUSE OF THEM! I NEARLY DIED FROM THE INJECTION! if…. if it was not for them… I wouldn’t be alive!

Assassin: Adeline…. you know that is not true… they are corrupt… please! just help us find Rosa and lets get out of here before we are all dead!

*Adeline looks at Aedin, and looks at the male assassin. She begins to get choked up.. she does not want to make this decision, but she knows she has to, and she knows what she is going to do*

Adeline: No… I can’t… I won’t….. and neither will Rosa…

*Just then the assassin guns for Aedin, and tries to shoot him, but Adeline steps in the way and uses a magnetic force field to stop the bullet.*

*The bullet then bounces back and hits the male assassin in the shoulder. The male assassin falls to the ground, and a tear falls down Adeline’s face.*

Assassin: Why Adeline? you promised me you would never-

*Adeline releases hidden blade*

Adeline: Not all promises can be kept. I know my place… I am sorry…. I hope one day you will understand why I had to do this… why Rosa chose this… Why I did to.. I loved you once…. I truly did, but now…

*Adeline begins to cry*

Assassin: I loved you to. I understand… if you are going to do it, don’t hesitate. I am ready…

*Adeline continues to cry but the male assassin strokes the tears away.*

Assassin: just do it…. kill me

*Adeline is still hesitating, and the assassin grabs her arm, and makes her stab him in the jugular.. he dies instantly*

*Walks into room and see’s assassin lying on the ground, dead, and instantly realizes who it is. Power comes back on and assassins that are not dead are falling back to their vans, and take off*

How did he find us?

*continues crying as sits next to the body. my cloths are drenched with blood.*

I don’t know…

*Looks to Aedin. Tries to calm voice after what has happened, but finds it hard to stop crying*

Aedin… I don’t know how this happened… I am sorry for what has happened. It is not Rosa’s fault. It is mine….

*Aedin steps beside her and places a hand on her shoulder.*
“I know this is hard for you right now but you need to compartmentalize and kick it in gear we have Assassins to clear out. And these guys aren’t just foot soldiers.”
*Aedin pulls out his Glock30SF and raises at the door.*
“I’m aware of your training but refrain from using your precursor abilities, they are untested, have their limits and can come at a cost.”

Aedin: That doesn’t matter at the moment the thing is those Assassins falling back are a ruse. It doesn’t matter who their after they wouldn’t rush an Abstergo facility without a long game. They’re are most certainly still in the building. Consider this the first field test of both your abilities.”

*After a few more days the doctor wants to run a few tests to make sure I am ready and able. He examines me closely and tells me that I can get back on my feet again. He tells me that I need to take it easy, since they no nothing about this solution, and the effects of it. within an hour, I am out of my bed and I go to look for Rosa. She is in the training room, like she said she would be.*

I got the okay from the doctor. i am ready to start training.

I know, but I feel… the same. I feel I still have it… it is just not trying to kill me now.

*picks up a throwing knife and throws it at target, and it stabs the target in the head*

Do you think it is possible… the solution made me immune to the side effects of the injection, and I still have it?

I will be fine.

*Rosalia and Adeline go somewhere else where she cannot hurt anyone. Rosalia backs up and closes the door to the room they are in, and peaks through the glass. Adeline closes her eyes, and focuses. She starts to glow a soft golden light, like before, only it is not as bright. She is not going crazy, or bleeding. She is able to breath. she opens her eyes, and it stops. She realizes she still has the injection. The solution worked but to an extent. She turns toward Rosalia, and then some how she turns on ‘”the sixth sense” and she realizes she is a descendant of first-civ. She realizes that this is why the solution did not counteract the injection. It only stopped the side effects. Adeline turns off eagle vision and rejoins Rosalia.*

I have first-civ DNA in me. That is why I still have the injection. The solution only stopped the side effects. I am a weapon myself. Epsilon can use this to their advantage… and I will help them.

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I know.

*goes back in room without Rosa because Adeline does not know if what she is about to do will work, or if it will hurt Rosa. Adeline closes her eyes again and focuses on trying to send a small signal to Aedin and Otto’s earpieces. I focus and I think to myself “Aedin, or Otto, who ever is available, I need to talk to you. It is important.” Shockingly, it works, and they get the message, though no one else hears it.*

((May not reply depending on what time it is… I got an assembly and then after that school should be over, so if I don’t I am sorry…))

Aedin hears the message and heads to Adeline’s location and open’s a channel.
{Um Adeline did you just access my com without using your radio?}

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*Some orderlies clothe Adeline in a medical gown while others move the machinery into its original space. Dr. Moreau exits and then enters the observation room.*
“She is resting now and her vitals are stable we won’t know for sure how everthing went for sometime. But she will be ok for now.”

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*A few weeks pass as I heal from the gunshot to the leg. Adeline continues to show signs of waking up anytime soon. I train, and show my worth as an asset to Epsilon. I show various techniques of my skills using different tools such as swords, hidden blades, guns, and other types of weapons. I am in the training room when I get called into the medlab.*

Dr. Moreau: She is awake. Her vitals are stable. that solution you were working on worked. We have yet to discover how it effects her, or if she still has the injection in her, but she will be fine. She is asking for you.

*Walks into room where Adeline is.*


Glad to see you are awake… the solution work. We are not sure how it effects you yet, or if you still have the injection, but you are alive. you made it out of this mess, like I promised you…

You went into shock in that room. Aedin was there and thanks to him, you are alive. I gave him the solution because it was the only way to save you. They gave the solution to you, and your vitals have been stable ever since. It is because of Epsilon that you are alive… and I have agreed to join their team… you should think about it as well.

I know you would not lie to me. I will gladly join their team. I owe them my life. I feel nothing but guilt for all those people we hurt. Innocent people. I hope they can forgive us…..

I think they already have. I have been showing them my skills, and I can’t exactly tell but I think they might think I would be a good asset, and they know I will not help if you won’t. So it is safe to assume that with a little training, and showing them what you can do, both of us are on the team.

*pattern starts to appear on forehead again and I get really scared… I start to glow again. I can’t breath again and it triggers me to go into shock. I feel like I am going to die. I scream and feel a sudden hand grab my arm.*

*in calm, quiet voice*
it is okay Adeline. You are safe. No one is going to hurt you… As long as I am here. You are a sister to me. The only family I have. You WILL get through this. I will not lose another family member….

*calms down. Rosa’s voice calms me down.. I gasp for breath… and start to lose conciousness*

please…. aedin…. otto…. or anyone… I need… the solution…..

*passes out in chair*


*tears start pouring down face.*

Please… Please… answer me!

*turns to aedin.*

please….. I need her… she is the only family I have… if she dies…. It is my fault….

The… the solution… that is why we stole those documents. We went rogue on The assassins after we I found her… She knew she was going to die. We trained together. She was the sister I never had. Then when my parents…. when they died, she became my family. We took the documents because in them… no one else knows this.. but in them… is a solution… we just need to perfect it… and it will stop all of it…. and it may even make them immune to the injections… no one can be for sure…

please… I need that solution. For her… I can’t loose her. I will do anything…

*looks down and starts crying.*

*Aedin quickly rises and circles the table while calling in for a medical team.*
“Rosalia it’s ok please remain calm. She passed out, in shock, and she’s is unconscious which means her body is going to slow down which is the best thing for her right now.”
*He turns to the door as a three-person medical team enters and puts Adeline on a stretcher. They exit and start wheeling her down the hallway. A wheelchair is provided for Rosalia which Aedin himself pushes.*
“Take Adeline to the medlab where we can begin treatment.”

*Hands flash drive to a guard.*
“Take this to Dr. Moreau and make certain you explain the situation.”
“Yes Sir.”
The guard runs ahead of the medical team.

I don’t understand…. I was raised to believe templars were the bad guys. That they don’t care… and yet…. your helping…. this is the proof I need. I don’t care who killed my parents… I think this is where I belong….

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“Well Moreau will take care of it. Don’t worry.”
*They enter the lab and begin to stabilize Adeline. Aedin takes Rosalia into the observation room next door so as not to get in the way. The operating room is hermetically sealed so the oxygen and any other variables can be controlled and maintained.*

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*Dr. Moreau enters the operating room and starts working behind a computer console while orderlies remove Adeline’s clothes and place her beneath a machine that swings from the ceiling. The machine has dozens of syringes attached some empty or with various liquids inside, some ordinary and some glowing and pulsating as they get closer to Adeline’s body. Orderlies set a ring of equipment around her and the machine and activate them. The room goes dark and nothing but the monitor screens and the glowing syringes give of any light. Then the surrounding equipment turns on and illuminates the room with various colors. Markings and symbols start to glow on Adeline’s body then energy surrounds her and is kept at bay the machines giving off the exuberant light. The syringes now penetrate Adeline’s skin and bone. The fluids are injected into her body and slow the markings begin to fade, while the empty syringes extract a bright liquid that shifts back and forth form blue to yellow. The surrounding machines begin to die down as the markings completely vanish from the young woman’s body.*

A man opens the door and walks into the room. He takes a moment to observe the two would be Assassins before pulling up a chair in front of them and sitting down. His vibrant crystal blue eyes contrast starkly with his pale complexion and black hair. He sits up straight before addressing them.
“Otto is predisposed at the moment and apologizes greatly. He personally issued the order to pull out of a serious assignment. So he considers this a top priority. Any questions you have can be run through me. So what’s the question?”

…the question is…. is there any way to reverse it… the injection.. i don’t want to be this… monster….. I don’t know what i have become… and I know it will kill me one day…and as for rosa… she wants to know who killed her parents… she refuses to speak because she is in pain from being shot…

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the question is…. is there any way to reverse it… the injection.. i don’t want to be this… monster….. I don’t know what i have become… and I know it will kill me one day…

*Aedin leans forward in his chair and removes his black leather jacket.*
“The truth is that the gelatin that’s in your system was NOT ready. Anything First-Civ has numerous effects that can’t always be strained from it’s original makeup. Can it be reversed. We don’t know. Can it be treated yes. The gelatin is formulated to protect the organism from any foreign substance that would respond negatively to your body. So we theorize that right now the other molecules in the air that your body is used to, is being thinned out. Your breathing in less contaminated oxygen. Which can lead to over oxygenating your body. Which has a whole bunch of nasty side effects. That’s probably why your skin is feeling irritated and why your nose is bleeding”
*Aedin hands her a handkerchief.*
“That’s just one example of the expected side effects and only one of its symptoms. The other problem is all the unknown side effects from the stuff we couldn’t strain out of the First-Civ compounds. Other processes in your body are being enhanced. Which is our hypothesis for the things that are happening to you during the tests. That’s the simplest we can put it right now. If you would like me to elaborate more then I will do my best. But if that’s all then we can start treatments immediately.”

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Okay Otto. It looks like you have a deal. But there are terms, and if you do not abide by these terms, we will not be working together on this.

1. Adeline stays with us at all times. There will be no testing on her what so ever. If there is….. I will personally kill you, along with your team. One by one, plucked out of existence.
2. get this stupid bullet out of my leg and patch me up.
3. If you betray us in any form… we will kill you…

and so on… you get the idea…

Otto shall I be with you while you handle the “terms” as humans call it to this person?

And you can not kill me I am IF Prototype LQ-84i, but if you do try even attempt to kill anyone in the facility I will have to kill you. Otto has been great in helping me and I will do to protect him and any members of Abstergo.

okay bladewolf… you seem to forget…. I have the injection and I can hurt just about anyone…. and I know how to control it to… so yeah… you get it… don’t you. Not to mention… both of us are highly trained. we really are a good asset.. to bad you did not see that. but if Otto excepts our terms, we will be working with you anyway… so best we all learn to get along now…

Just ask them…. or him.. who ever you find more comfortable to ask. They will stand to reason. besides, if they do, it will not just benefit you. it will benefit them to.

Fine. I would rather ask Otto. Like they will know anyway…..

*to a guard*

I have a Question for Otto. I would like to talk to him about the injection, and a possible solution….

Guard: He will see you after you have finished just this experiment. you have nothing to worry about. It will not hurt… and as for your friend… we will patch her up as soon as we can… but with the paramedics standing by reviving those you attacked… it will be a while… I know she is in pain but we will help her as soon as possible…

….thank you…..

*lies down on animus. animus session starts and guard/scientist starts to extract memories…. when suddenly…*


*starts to glow again and cannot think straight*


*Screams. Guard quickly turns off the machine and lets me up. I gasp for breath.*

Guard: I am going to contact Otto now. The experiment did not go as he had hoped with you… He did not know that would happen…

Adeline: where is she? where is Rosa???

Guard: She is fine… Otto wishes to speak with you.. he will bring Rosa down if it means getting you to talk about what just happened…

*walks down hall with guard and leads me to a room. Guard opens the door, and there is a large table with several chairs. In one of those chairs is Rosalia, and I look relieved to see her. We talk quietly with the guard standing by the door. We ask each other things like “did they hurt you” and “Why hasn’t he come yet” we start to get worried but the guard assures that there is nothing to worry about. The experiment is over. The guard does not know why the animus hurt me, but his guess is the injection it’s self. Rosa and I continue to talk quietly and we start to ask each other if we are really safe here. The paramedics finally get the bullet out of rosas leg.*

*mumbling to self*
Please just let him come in person this time…. I need to know….. can he reverse it?

*Breaks into Epsilon base with other assassins, guns blazing. Gets in huge fight with at least 15 guards, but uses hidden blade, and guns to kill them all. smiles*

I hope your ready for a fight, because you got one head epsilon! you should have took me in… but since you didn’t, i did a little research of my own, and guess what. Assassin’s did not kill my parents! TEMPLARS DID! NOW YOU WILL PAY!

*Walks into a small security room, and knocks out the guards. Hacks security footage and the entire system goes down. Emegency power comes on, but I cut the wires to all the abstergo computer servers, and completely shut down the entire system.*

I hope you are ready Otto. We tried to give you a fair warning… yet you didn’t listen… now you will pay!

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Those injections are from the first Civilization! You cannot use them! They are from the first Civilization! If you use them… If you do not heed my warning… you will have a bunch of brain dead zombies on your team. They will turn against you. They will kill you. They will torture you. They will be immune to you attacks. nothing will stop them!

*a small pattern appears on forehead. The same pattern as Daniel Crosses when he went crazy at the facility in Italy, and I start to loose my mind*


*is paralyzed. Golden light starts to flow around my body, and lifts me up into the air. I gasp for air but cannot breath. I slowly start to loose consciousness, when suddenly, it all stops, and I fall to the ground. I gasp for air.*


*gasps for air again. Stands up.*

I know…. I was injected with it…..

*runs to room where Adeline is, and suddenly gaurds burst through the door. There are at least 30.. ready to kill us

Don’t you think for one second it is your fault. It is not. They took you and tortured you. They injected you with it! you were forced. I can do this. I know I can. All my training has come to this. We wouldn’t be this low on numbers if ERUDITO had listened to us….


If we don’t get killed here, he will kill us when we return…. we disobeyed his orders…

*counters guards attack. Manages to pull a counter kill. Holds off the other gaurds*


*Guard catches me off my game, knocks me down, and shoots me in the leg. another guard forces me up and the guard that shot me in the leg grabs me by the arm and forces me to stand up.*

Guard #1: Take them to Otto. He wants them alive.

*Appears on a screen as a silhouette with voice scrambled*

Did you really expect me not to plan that you will be attacking? Did only 15 guards not make you feel a tiny bit suspicious in a facility that holds over 2,000 guards? Well, this was not Epsilon’s location even. You all walked right into the trap. We did put out our hand for you but you slapped it away. Funny thing is, it was the Assassins that gave you up; it was a part of a bargain, seems you are no more valuable than a piece of tin coin for them; something Abstergo would never do.

*talks into a PTT device in a language not know to any human*

*highly fortified guards enter the room and beams of light shine down on the two captives*

*talking to guard* increase the amount of guards in this room, FTD is on their way up.

*looks at the two captives* Listen to me, I am not a vengeful person. What you did today was wrong. If you want information about your parents we can show you proof that it was not us and even help you investigate who did. Instead you decided to kill all of those men and women and put yourself in this situation. Those guards had families, did you think about that? Did you think about how many children will not be able to see their fathers and mothers because of you; and on mother’s day too? It is not too late to redeem yourself. Abstergo will always treat you as part of a family. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and this is your second chance should you wish to take it. Many Assasins and ERUDITO people joined Abstergo when they felt the real peace we can offer. They have been loyal to us for years.

The FTD people will come in now, they will not hurt you at all. The experiment is memory extraction. We will be using technology similar to the animus technology to allow us to access your most recent memories in an attempt to see if this is possible. You should be fine. Security is there in case you feel the urge to kill again; they are heavily fortified to sustain a direct attack from a piece of eden, your weapons will not even make a dent in them. It is FTD’s tech after all; which also happens to be the division that I run, the Future Technologies Division.

You got your second chance now, what do you plan to do?

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

I suggest you listen Otto. You may think you have the upper hand in this but you do not! I know you desperately want to know how I am still alive with the injection! Guess what. I can control it. You won’t get to do any tests on me unless you go by MY TERMS! so here they are….

1. Kill the man who shot Rosalia
2. Do what ever needs to be done to ensure she is not going to die
3. Release her. Let her free. It is me you want, not her.

If you do not agree to my terms, you will never find out anything.

Adeline! NO! you will not take this chance away from me! you have acted like my sister ever since I found you. I thank you for all you have done for me, and I know you won’t give in, but this is my chance to find out what REALLY happened to my parents. You cannot do this! either we stay together, or not at all….

Fine. Together then. But if we are separated… I will assume the worst has happened…. and they will pay… they won’t be able to stop me and you know it.

*plugs flash drive into Abstergo computer, and logs in. Looks through various documents, downloads them, and takes out the flash drive. Touches ear and begins to speak*

I got it. I know what to do….

*someone tells me my next mission through my ear piece. I search through a desk and find a document. I take a quick look, make a copy of it, place the document back in the folder where it belongs, and quickly put it back where it was*

Someone is coming…

*Hides underneath desk hoping not to be seen. Two Security guards walk into the room.*

Guard #1: I tell you there is no one here. there is no way it would be possible.
Guard #2: But I saw someone wondering about this area! no one is suppose to be here!
Guard #1: come on, lets go. If we see anyone, we will take them down.

*Guards walk out of the room, and I come out of hiding. I walk slowly, but notice the same two guards are posted not far from where I am. I go back into the room, look around and notice beams. I climb up and silently move around the guards. Two more guards are posted near the entrance to the roof. I Jump down and use my double blade to kill them both, and enter to the roof*

Yes. Flash drive and all. Now we know what they are planning. I glanced through the documents and it seems they plan to get rid of the assassin’s for good. and guess who is behind the attack on London?

person in earpiece: Epsilon. They are the threat. for now….. we must rid of them before it is to late….

Adeline: We work in the dark to serve the light…

That’s the latest transmission we have Epsilon from one of the mole cells. Sigma Team saw this coming and warned us. By now, 4 days should have passed. If they followed what was in the documents they would have been able to recreate the immunity gelatin that FTD is working on perfecting; allows full immunity against poisons of liquid, solid and gas natures. That is … if the documents they took were real. By now the chemicals would have been injected in them; the documents allows them to create a self-absorbing microbe that will shut down their immunity system and signal their location to us. Epsilon, I want them and their cell leader brought to Abstergo. There is a small experiment I wish to run … they would be the best subjects for it.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

you should have headed our warnings. You should have listened. It is to late now. your team will be disbanded. killed one by one until there are none left. Then.. we will kill you Otto. We are coming for you!

I want to be in your team. I was in the Abstergo Facility in Italy when Desmond Miles killed Daniel Cross and Warren Vidic. I saw him kill Cross.

I can help in anyway possible. The truth is… I was an assassin. I know protocols, I know how to fight, and I have nothing to loose. I want to join Abstergo and the Templars because I just feel that is my duty.

Denied, the ‘Assassins’ you referred to has been disbanded long ago as Otto would say. So those ‘Assassins’ are enemies and would be referred as Terrorists.

Assassins are disbanded long ago, and templars too been disbanded. This company are saving lives and this company helped me as well.

No they are not they are just trying to get pieces of eden to try to gain control of the world. Assassin’s are still up and running. we are weakened but we are not dead. if anything we are stronger.

You know, we have been on the defensive for a while now. Why not just end this, once and for all … (teaser for possible future mission :p).

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Speeding down the road.
“Ok everyone i’m heading to the facility. We’re going to go with Plan B, shock and awe. We have fire teams assembling now. Grab your and i’ll meet you there.”