The Way A True Brotherhood Stands

Once again we wanted to show you the wisdom that the Templar Order had during its days directly instead of indirectly from Assassin eyes. We were lucky enough to be able to find a very generous donor that happened to come from a blood line of very prestigious Templar Knights.

One can see how that order truly appreciate their members through living out the exact words of “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno –  One For All, All For One”.

It is always healthy to look through the non-foggy lens once in a while and unite as a true order and as a true family under a glorious and noble goal for a better new world.

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The Crew Beta For PC Ends!

We hope you all had fun. Your experiences were a tremendous help to all of us! PS4 and Xbox One users we have not forgotten about you! Be sure to check back at the registration page starting late September 2014 since the closed beta will be open for you in that period! You may start registering from now too if you wish so.

Have Fun

Abstergo | Live Better

Blind Cure

Just to keep you up to date, our “lab-boys” are working on a cure that may or may not cure blindness. So far tests have been responsive on increasing a sense of path finding, but so much as to seeing just yet. We are really close to getting it done, specially now that we have done some development on the electronic nose, this will really help and improve the Blind cure more.

The Crew Returns!

As our YouTube Subscribers already know, the closed beta for our latest development project “The Crew” will be back two days from today!

In celebration we left a few Easter Egg messages in our video below; if you subscribed to us on YouTube then you have already gotten a head start :D

We can not wait to see how far we can upgrade our products and BLUME’s ctOS systems. If you have not subscribed to us on YouTube yet, you may be missing out on early information.

You may register for the Beta by clicking here.

Have fun


Here is a hint on one of the Easter Eggs


Abstergo | Live Better