Our Very Special OS Is Closer Now To Release

As our a-OS 5.0 comes even closer to release we must not forget about our special a-OS 4.5 as well. Coming out this October on the 13th while a-OS 5.0 follows by a day. Be sure to check our YouTube channel to see more on what both of our new animus Operating Systems have to offer!

Animus Division a-OS 4.5

AC-Rogue BackCover

Animus Division a-OS 4.5

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Our a-OS 5.0 Can Be Downloaded Through Steam Soon!




If you did not know yet, our friends at Steam have set-up our new and upcoming Operating System on their page. However, you can not pre-order on Steam at the moment since the item is coming soon and not yet available but at least now you know ;) If you wish to pre-order now you may head to our friends at Ubisoft or at Uplay and be a step closer!

a-OS 5.0 on Steam

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Abstergo | Live Better








Brain reconstruction

Our brain is the key to our existence and mostly a mystery to scientists but with all the data gathered form our extensive and ongoing animus experiments and observations our scientists are mapping the brain in details not previously seen. We are currently collecting data on how each part of the brain functions and how best to copy the signals created by the brain for reconstruction purposes. Imagine when we can completely eradicate mental illness simply by re-wiring our brain and filling in gaps. So far researchers have only been able to map small segments of the brain but Abstergo will be the first to map the entire brain. We are creating a revolutionary image of the brain that shows how cells and complex neural circuits interact in both time and space.

For more information check out the BRAIN Initiative.


A New Eddie Bennun And A Fan Created Artworks Are Up!

Head Over now to our Creative Submissions Page if you wish to submit your own artwork for us to feature it here on our website! Artwork includes videos as well that we may feature on our YouTube Channel!

As for the latest submissions, please head over to our Gallery to view all of the submitted works and/or the Creative Submissions Page to view the featured submissions.


The Secret Conference Is Over! We Are Back!

After all of the traveling back and unpacking I am glad to say that we have all returned safely to Abstergo. Some of us got sick on the way due to weather changes but other than that everything is fine.

As for what happened during our secret conference, well ….., it is a secret ;) A secret that will be revealed soon enough if everything works out great and R4 does not mess up.

We hope we were able to entertain you while our teams and I were away; there is much more to come in the future.


Abstergo | Live Better