Assassins Creed Syndicate Is Here

The wait is over! Assassins Creed Syndicate is here! From all of us at Abstergo Entertainment we hope you enjoy our latest installment in our Animus experience. We are proud to give you a unique perspective on street gangs during the Industrial Revolution in England. Our hope is that you will learn of the historical events that have shaped our future today through the eyes of a notorious murderer. If you have any problems with the Animus interface, or the game, please contact our support team immediately. Enjoy.

Gun Safety

In today’s uncertain world, more and more people feel the need to protect themselves with personal weapons. Guns are the popular choice, with millions on the market today. Gun safety is a major concern for many people. Accidental and intentional shootings of innocent people are on the rise. Abstergo is working to eliminate these fears by using imprinting technology in guns. When a gun is registered to a person, a scan of their hand will be taken. While gripping the gun, a sensor will read the palm and fingers. When a positive match to the registered owner is received, the gun’s safety will unlock, allowing for use. The safety on the gun will automatically lock after 3 minutes without use. Another possible addition to gun safety systems is a means for law enforcement officers to lock the gun remotely. However, this part of the design is still in the concept phase. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

4 Facts About Assassins Creed Syndicate

With one month to go until the release of Abstergo Entertainment’s Assassins Creed Syndicate, we thought we would wet your appetite with a few facts.

1: For the first time ever, you can play as two Assassins – Jacob and Evie Frye.

2: When Jacob and Evie arrive in London, they are seeing everything for the very first time, right alongside the player. You and the characters must learn all of London’s secrets together.  As they learn, you learn.

3: Much of the game’s activities and side quests will revolve around winning over London’s various gangs, on behalf of how important it is to maintain the Templars’ lack of control over the streets.

4: “Gone are the good old days, when you could walk down the streets with a sword at your side and no one would bat an eye. Concealment is now key”.

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“Sketches found in back of school book” by Caitlin makes “Honorary Work” status

Since the Creative Submissions project was initiated over a year ago, we’ve had a nice, small quantity of submissions. After going through our submissions today, we decided that one of these takes the cake.

Caitlin has been a supporter of this website for over 2 years; ever since the 21st of October, 2012. She excelled in her creativity and was recruited into Team Epsilon. Caitlin’s artistic and creative skills have been noticed by us and by many others as well. We hope to continue to see her shine within Abstergo and within our world as a whole.

Submission Number: A00000020

Created By: Caitlin

Submission Date: 21st of January, 2015

Title of Work: “Sketches found in back of school book”

Social Media: Tumblr


Instantaneous Learning

Abstergo strives to be the world leader in medical and technological research, and nothing exemplifies that desire more than our work in brain science. Abstergo is slowly recreating the human brain piece by piece, which has lead to astounding discoveries, such as the Animus. One potential application for the Animus is to use the system as means for learning a new skill, or behavior. The side effect known as the ‘bleeding effect’ is being translated into a system for instantaneous learning. Imagine downloading a program on physics into an Animus-like system, and then becoming a master of that program within just a few days or hours. This technology would completely change the way we learn new information, and the way we teach it. While this information system is still in the concept, Abstergo feels confident that no one else will be able to bring you technology like this and we are excited to share our ideas with you.


As most of you have already heard, Abstergo Entertainment’s new game Syndicate, set to be released on October 23, takes you through the streets of Victorian London. The Victorian era has captured the imaginations of thousands of people, whether through the books of Charles Dickens, or movies like Alice in Wonderland. We hope our new game will capture the spirit of the Victorian era while also keeping to its industrial roots. Our team works hard to make sure that the gaming experience is as real as possible, which means hours of research, visits to historical sites all across England, and even wearing period clothing to get the flow of fabric and movement in them just right. This story highlights the harsher side of Victorian London’s glamour by following a street gang who preys upon the wealthy. Why a street gang? One reason for this, is that it will help tell gritty industrial England’s tale better than a wealthy factory owner could. The street gang perspective gives character to a harsh reality, much the way The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, or Death in the Haymarket by James Green did. Remember, what may seem good may actually be evil, and what may seem evil, may actually be good.

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