Piece of Eden 2015

Abstergo Entertainment is eager to talk about our new movie set to be released in May of 2015. The movie called Piece of Eden is an action, adventure, Sci-Fi and has elements of our Animus work in the plot. We will be using state-of-the-art technology along with a little Abstergo flair to wow the audiences with excellent graphics and a moving story.

This movie will star Michael Fassbender as our main hero who helps a secret organization obtain artifacts to save the world from destruction.

Interested yet? You will just have to wait a little longer before we release more information. We don’t want to spoil anything for you.

Celebrate With Abstergo The Success of “Devils of the Caribbean”

After checking up on our friends and their AWESOME work and products at UbiWorkShop, we have this to proudly share based on what we discovered.
Ladies and gentlemen, Abstergo Entertainment is proud to celebrate the success of its new video game titled “Pirate of Nightmares”.                                                                                                    
This success reinforces our position as a company driven by innovation. Furthermore, our entertainment branch has just announced a movie for the summer of 2014. This movie will be an adaptation of our best selling game! It will be titled “Devils of the Caribbean”.                                                                                                                                    
Join us in this time of grand success and glory! Honor the progress by wearing the colors of innovation with the new “Abstergo Entertainment - Official Hoodie“.                                                                                                                                                                        
Abstergo Industries – We ARE The Future

Our Year To Come

Hello everyone,

I hope your new year is coming along as well as you have hoped it to. This year Abstergo is excited to release many new improvements and products that we wanted to share with you all today.

To start, Abstergo Entertainment is currently working hard with many production companies, directors and actors for its first full length feature film set to be released in 2015, titled Piece of Eden.

Furthermore, Abstergo Entertainment is also working on expanding the Animus universe for the home system. New updates, stories and characters are in the works for 2014.

Even more, Abstergo Pharmaceutical Laboratories are working on creating strips to be place in the body that uses minute changes in conductivity to detect targeted viruses or antigens faster, cheaper and more accurately than today’s standard diagnostics. This strip will be used mostly to detect early stages of cancer when treatment is most affective.

For our ‘green’ friends we would like to share that our environmental sector is working on a new form of renewable energy from an encouraging source. This is promising research that we are taking extra care to guard; therefore unfortunately we will not be able to share more details about it at this moment in time.

Last but not least, our space program is creating a private shuttle to carry supplies and people to the international space station, this shuttle can be hired by private people for personal use.

Our year is packed, expect great things from us. We will be sure to deliver.

Have a great year

Happy Holidays

Happy Holiday’s everyone,

Abstergo would like to remind you that we will be closing all our building on the 24 and the 25 of December 2013 in order for our employees to enjoy the holidays. We will be back hard at work on the 26 of December 2013.

Here is a fun holiday fact to ponder, Jingle Bells was originally written as a Thanksgiving Tune by James Lord Pierpont while enjoying sleigh races from the Simpson Tavern in Medford, Massachusetts, in 1851.

Animus 4.0 Reaching Full Exposure

We are glad to announce that on the 21st of November 2013, the animus 4.0 would have reached its full exposure point around the world. We would love to celebrate this great achievement by presenting you with the opportunity to join Abstergo Entertainment if you have not done so already via the animus 4.0.

Our amazing friends at Ubiworkshop have created, specially for all of you, The Official Animus 4.0 – Abstergo Entertainment Baseball T-shirt.

We thank you for your continuous support to Abstergo and we wish you a pleasant future.