E3 Recap

Hello everyone, if you missed us at E3 here is a recap of our talk and what we had on display. We are currently working with our partner Google to develop a way for mobile technology to understand space and motion using 3 steps called project Tango. Motion tracking gives the device the ability to understand its position and orientation using custom sensors. Depth sensors allow the device to understand the shape of the space around the device letting the virtual world and real world interact. Area Learning uses visual cues to help the device recognize the world around them, “They can self-correct errors in motion tracking and relocalize in areas they’ve seen before.”(Google) We hope to use this technology in forensics, archaeology, medicine and subterranean real-time mapping.

We also are in the process of creating a way to bring holograms in to everyday use, no longer just the stuff of science fiction. Imagine having a holographic pet or immersing yourself in the Animus anywhere at any time. Holograms can be used for a wide range of things from building complex models to holographic travel. Abstergo Industries and Abstergo Entertainment are building a device that skips over the glasses and goes straight for the eyes by building contact lenses that use holographic technology. We are still in the testing phase and hope to have a prototype ready for public display soon.

Antivirus and Antispyware Software

There have been recent concerns about how effective our personal computer antivirus and antispyware software is due to the recent breach in US Government computers. Our software development team is confident that our programs provide the best in home computer security. They would like to point out that the Federal Government uses a different program than the ones we sell for home use and that Abstergo is looking in to the breach. If you have any concerns about your computers antivirus or antispyware software please feel free to contact tech support at Abstergo Entertainment.

Medical Animus

Our medical research team is proud to give you an update on our attempt to communicate with people in vegetative states. We have learned to distinguish between different types of awareness levels in people who have severe brain damage. Medically each patient appears to be unable to communicate or is aware of their surroundings. This creates a problem for administering medical treatment or legal representation. However we have been working on a modified version of the animus which can project real time thoughts on to a screen enabling a person to communicate. This in the testing stages and not very practical for wide use because different types of trauma require different settings in the animus prototype. We hope to soon figure a way around that problem and provide a revolutionary technology to our community.

2014 annual activity report

Hello and thank you to all of you amazing people out there!

We wanted to start a new trend with you all and that trend is the annual report of Abstergo.org that we will hopefully be releasing every year. We want you all to know how big of a community we are and how much we appreciate you taking the time and visiting our website, posting comments and joining us by role-playing.

With out further stalling, here is the annual report of our 2014 activity.

May this new year be an even more successful year and a greater joy for us all.

Research Opportunities and Employment

Abstergo is seeking new participants for our next round of active research. We will be accepting application for our Montreal, London and Florence offices for genetic research. Our New York and San Francisco offices will also be accepting applications for medical and scientific research.  Our Middle Eastern divisions and Moscow are seeking employees in weapons, GIS and Bio Chemistry. We encourage all peoples to apply; Abstergo does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process and is an equal opportunity employer. Please see you nearest branch for more information and application papers.

ctOS Counter Terrorism

Abstergo and Blume Cooperation are working together along with local, state and national governments across the globe to upgrade and further interface the ctOS program. We hope to more effectively combat terrorism and are urging nations to openly use this system in the wake of recent tragedies. We have been working hard to further secure the ctOS system form hacking and truly believe the system is safe to use. Our companies have been gathering data on various hacking techniques and security systems to insure the safety of our program to its users. Abstergo and Blume are dedicated to the protection of our communities across the globe.