The Team Is Back!

We would like to apologize to all of you for our small unexplained absence. All we could say for now is that we were at several conferences held by BLUME Corporation on a new project we may be working on in the future together. There is no concrete information yet and we still have more conferences to attend in these upcoming weeks therefore we may be disappearing for a while again.

Even more, BLUME Corporation has invited us and the public to their upcoming grand conference featuring their grand project the Central Operating System, also known as ctOS, that they implemented in Chicago in 2011 as well as the revealing of other projects.

BLUME Corporation will be addressing the mass public in approximately 5 days from today; around Tuesday 27th of May 2014.

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Thanks Mike, you did an excellent job. Keep it up.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

What’s this? You guys had secret shindigs you didn’t invite me to?
Now that’s just plain hurtful to a man’s feelings.

On a more serious note, the ctOS can be very dangerous. It watches everything we do outside, and sometimes even inside. If the wrong sort of people got their hands on this technology, it could be very dangerous. Lives could be lost, privacy ruined, and terror could reign supreme in the streets! Along with all these horrible possibilities, a lot of good can come from it too. Eyes and ears everywhere and switches to change the color of stoplights, open and close bridges or doors, and even the ability to abruptly stop a train on it’s tracks remotely. With all the benefits this sort of power brings also brings equal risk, and responsibility.

Very dangerous indeed.

On the 27th, we’ll see if your ctOS really works for the greater good or not. Only time can tell.


The ctOS system has already been installed and working ever since 2011 and showed amazing results.

Thank You,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

In Chicago, crime has dropped drastically, I’ll give you that.
The amount of fear in the streets though, you obviously haven’t seen any of the more recent footage. You’ll see that the streets are definately more barren– people are more afraid to go outside because of a constant state of paranoia. Even J-Walking is enforced strictly now.

As well, on the screen your results may have been great, off the camera though.. That’s something entirely different.

I just want all the puzzle pieces to be in their rightful place, and I’ll do whatever it takes to put the pieces back together; wish that I could do this with your help actually. Guess not all things are good and perfect though with this new system.

Aiden Pearce.

J-walking is also of of the common causes of death, that situation may be saving people’s lives. We would definetly consider working with you Mr. Aiden as long as we share the same goal of a better and safer world, filled with order and stability.

Thank You,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Well nice to see you hadn’t been reassigned to Siberia or something.

Five days? I suspect only empty hype, but never know. I thought the animus was pure tinfoil til I saw it.

ctOS… Kinda looking forward to this.

You’re looking forward to being watched? Man, if that’s not some kinda misdirection and crazy mindwashing, I don’t know what is.
They’ve got eyes and ears everywhere man! Everywhere you look here in Chicago, they look back in eight different directions man! I swear man, everyone in this city should have Ophthalmophobia (or however ya spell the word for fear of being watched) by now. I sure as heck know I do, and I betcha after this big release, you will too.

ctOS Is going big, and now that Abstergo is in on it, Canada’s in on it too! next thing you know, Europe is under Blume, and has Abstergo’s Animus crap all over the place, searching for whatever the hell they’re looking for! Before you know it, we’re ALL just gonna be controlled, set in line, no change ‘cuz everything’s all set out for ya! It’s like a freakin’ Vector Sigma man! Just part of the machine!

As if we aren’t already watched? Recent news pointing at having been going on, likely illegally, for years with nobody outside of governments the wiser? I’d rather face something that is out in the open and I can plan around than take ‘oh hey we poisoned the routers so it doesn’t matter how encrypted your traffic is we’re plugged in AFTER google decrypted it for you.’

I see little need in screaming over it. You plan, you watch to see what happens, then you reshape your plans to work around ongoing developments.

It isn’t that I’m unconcerned. If I were to sit and pay attention I would be too terrified to do anything at all. I’m simply trying to cope with the reality of things til I have a chance of making it better.

As for Abstergo… Otto, Guys? I’m going to level. I have little trust for ‘you’ as a company. That, however, doesn’t mean I don’t like you as people. Huge difference there. I’m naturally distrustful of entities that both claim the privileges and rights of personhood but shoulder none of the responsibility or liabilities. It’s nothing personal on your parts. Far as I’ve seen you’ve done good work so far.

We thank you for your honesty Will. Why not come over to Abstergo and take a look your self at our operations? We would be more than happy to give you a tour around one of our facilities and operating centers. Be sure to read the FAQs first before passing by.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

Based on the newer upgraded versions that BLUME presented to us, the system looks quite impressive.

Thank You,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

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