Future Technologies Division Closing For 2 to 3 Weeks

Hello readers,

I am Otto Schmidt, the head of the Future Technologies Division here at Abstergo.

I would like to inform you that my team and I will be traveling for a conference and we will be leaving starting tomorrow. Here are some FAQs about the situation that I am sure you may think of asking.

1) Where will this conference be held?

– That is classified information.

2) Will BLUME Corporation be at that conference?

– Most likely yes.

3) When will you guys return?

– In about two to three weeks from now.

4) Is it only your division involved?

– No.

5) Who else will be joining you?

– From Abstergo we have R4, medical crew, security teams and some members from the Epsilon Squad.

6) What will the conference be about?

– Mostly about new technology and business partnering. Other than that, its confidential.

7) Who will reply to our comments?

– There are many people away from Abstergo at the moment due to the conference however we still have some admins around and one of my assistants may check in once in a while. I will try to check in when necessary but due to the secrecy of the conference I do not think I will be able to establish a connection outside of the room.

8) Is this conference something that may have a hand on things to come in the future?

– Possibly.


Thank you all, we wish you a great day.


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2 replies on “Future Technologies Division Closing For 2 to 3 Weeks”

It is not possible at this moment to give an absolute confirmation to that. However, I can tell you that we aim only to make your experience more smooth and enjoyable but we do not do so until we check all the options and analyze how it may have a reaction on our clients as well as on the franchise in the future.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

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