Some Insight From The Secret Conference

Hello readers,

As our YouTube subscribers already know, one of the grand aspects of the secret conference that many of us went to (and still at) was the introduction of our grand project “The Crew”.

Working alongside Ubisoft, Ivory Tower and BLUME Corporation we were able to create a grand challenge for all of our fans and followers.

By using a large sample of recollected memories donated by racers as well as a country scale ctOS implementation system aspect, we were able to develop a data disk that allows you and your crew to travel across a reconstructed United States of America!

Your experience will help us here at Abstergo to create better products and developments for you as well as it will be helping BLUME Corporation to pin point what needs to be upgraded and improved within their ctOS systems before expanding and going international.

With your help we will craft a safer and better future for all of us and at the same time you will have fun doing it :D

So, do you think you can defeat a country wide ctOS Police Response Force? We will be watching everything through our mini EYE-Abstergo satellites.

Have Fun.



Abstergo | Live Better