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Ebola Drug

Abstergo is working on combating Ebola with new drugs. The new drug will create antibodies designed to attack and kill the Ebola virus. It will also help strengthen the body’s immune system so the patient has a better chance of fighting the virus. The blood of surviving patients is being analyzed for further research. The blood of a survivor when transferred to an infected patient will boost the survival rate of the sick patient; Abstergo is looking into this further and trying to duplicate it synthetically. We are also working on creating better protection for health care workers who may have to respond and treat infected people.

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Ebola cure eh? I trust this wasn’t tested in any water like the “New fluoride”, the company was under fire for quite awhile from that little incident. I don’t understand why people keep claiming these odd accusations of your company, as we both know “Templars” were disbanded long ago.

The Wayfarer

I thought that abstergo changechanged from being a pharmaceutical company to an entertainment incorporation associated with ubisoft

Abstergo Entertainment is a subsidiary to Abstergo Industries. Abstergo has a large chain of different industries in order to provide the utmost variety to our beloved consumers.

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Otto Schmidt
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