Research Opportunities and Employment

Abstergo is seeking new participants for our next round of active research. We will be accepting application for our Montreal, London and Florence offices for genetic research. Our New York and San Francisco offices will also be accepting applications for medical and scientific research.  Our Middle Eastern divisions and Moscow are seeking employees in weapons, GIS and Bio Chemistry. We encourage all peoples to apply; Abstergo does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process and is an equal opportunity employer. Please see you nearest branch for more information and application papers.

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    • no, not for freedom. They once united long ago for the greater cause of peace. We have just uploaded a rewind of Haytham and Conner’s time on our YouTube channel. Please check that out to see what actually happened at that time. Here is a direct link to the first part. Here is a direct link to the second part. Here is a direct link to our channel page on YouTube.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

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