Happy New Year

Greetings Everyone,

We hope your holiday was joyful and that you succeed in all your New Year’s endeavors. Some exciting things to look forward to this year from Abstergo include new releases from Abstergo Entertainment, new gadgets, medicine and a scientific breakthrough or two. The movie following our popular Animus game simulation will be released around December 21. However, we will be skipping our annual game release this year as we work towards improving the Animus. We will also be investing in pivotal projects such as, creating nanowire electrodes to make long lasting brain implants

We have a busy year ahead of us at Abstergo. As always, we strive to make the world a better place and hope you stay with us in the New Year. Whether through investing in our products, or collaborating with our corporation to help fuel our creativity. We wish you a happy and safe New Year.


By haylinporter

Abstergo Employee: Works in Marketing and Research

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