Hello 2018!

We are honored here at Abstergo to be fortunate enough in celebrating the entry of yet another year with all of you! May we all be fortunate and successful for all the years to come!! Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Hello 2018!

  1. If you have an office in Istanbul, please contact me. You probably have my details ;)

  2. I need some answers if i google my name Arek Robert Donitzen Abstergo pictures show up icluding some animus blueprints can i please get an explanation?

  3. Hmm so now they will ruin people new year??? Deadth welcomes you templars

    1. Preach it, Brother! We need people like you who use not only their voice but their freedom to oppose the Templar Order to join us. Ezio is proud of you, young one.

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