Information about COVID-19 vaccination

Abstergo Pharmaceuticals was one of the first companies to conduct research on an active pharmaceutical substance against COVID-19. Since December 2019, we have made enormous progress. After the first tests on chimpanzees were successful in June, a test study on a small number of sick people was started in July. After this test was also successful, we were able to start a large-scale test with several thousand test subjects in September.

The vaccine is expected to be approved by the United States FDA in October for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. We recommend everyone to ask their doctor about the Abstergo vaccine.

In addition to the vaccine for people already ill, Abstergo has developed a drug that can prevent COVID-19. This tablet-like medicine is called Ferriterus® and will be available in pharmacies from November.

To prevent COVID-19 from spreading further, we recommend that anyone aged 12 years or older take Ferriterus®.

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  1. Don’t trust them! C19 was made by Juno! The vacation will only kill more!

    1. What are you talking about?

  2. Agreed I would trust Abstergo more than our current government

  3. If only… I would likely trust an Abstergo vaccine over a Trump-approved one.

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