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Caitlin: Caitlin, also known as Summanus, is one of the first members of team Epsilon. She works as technical support in and out of the field, as well as being a proficient sniper and hand to hand fighter. Prefers to use a bow. She is closest to Grey, as they had known and fought by each others sides for many years before finding Epsilon. It was revealed in 2014 that she is one of the precursor race, and has been living in disguise for many years, hiding from her kin as she disagrees with their beliefs.

Grey: … Coming soon …

Logan: … Coming soon …

R4: The mystery of the team. No information can be found about R4. R4 tends to help when it comes to information and mass electronics however R4 has been currently sent to a long term mission for a very secretive Abstergo Grand Project.

Sebastos: Previously a mercenary, Sebastos was introduced to the team back in 2012, aiding in the escape of Grey and Caitlyn from their eventual nemesis, Erudito. After serving with the team for several years he proceeded to settle down near the main base of operations in the Dominican Republic. In his Epsilon days, he was known as “The Walking Armory” or by Caitlyn, “Crab Boy”.

Sephiras: … Coming soon …

Otto Schmidt: Leader and supervisor of the team. When it comes to new and futurist technologies, Otto is the person for it. Being in charge of Abstergo’s Future Technologies Division allows Otto to always keep Epsilon’s gadgets and equipment up to date. In corporation with R4 during missions, Otto keeps a watch over Epsilon as well as providing several security teams, medical teams, extraction teams, construction teams and basically any type of resources he could possibly lay his hands on.

IF Prototype LQ-84i (Bladewolf): … Coming soon …




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  1. *sits on the edge of a rooftop, looking over the suburbans of detroit, longcoat and sword next to me, blade on my wrist. i slowly put my aviator sunglasses on, standing up*

    • I needed time away from everything.. it was as if my entire world was falling apart before my eyes. Since finding out about Aiden and Jacob, along with our mother and father being dead. Perhaps.. Maybe we needed time apart. We didn’t know how to act around each other.. how to talk to each other.

      We would fight– about Jacob of all things. He always told me he was a threat.. but I didn’t see that. I saw a man who was confused.. scared.

      Still– maybe Aiden was right. Maybe he was dangerous. I knew one thing for sure though, I wasn’t afraid of him.

      Ever since Rosa left my side.. She hasn’t come back around. She told me that it was all to dangerous.. that she would put the entire team at risk and that it was best if she never came back. She never told me why.. All I knew is that someone.. Someone was after her.

      Even now.. I missed how things used to be.. but everything was so complicated. It was.. just too overwhelming. So here I was, sitting on the couch of an apartment that I had rented for myself to take time away from Epsilon.

      I didn’t know if they knew where I was.. but surely they would find me eventually.

      as I sat there I stared at an old photo.. a photo of a simpler time.. one of which I was sadly to young to remember, but I remember the stories.

      The picture was of a women, dark brown hair, those same blue eyes that Aiden, Jacob and I all had in common, those cheekbones and eyebrows, the simple smile that ensued her as a man looked at her. They were holding a baby that was wrapped in a small pink blanket, and two boys line the sides of the photo.

      I smiled softly, tracing my fingers along the border of the photo before placing it back in my pocket.

      Suddenly I heard a noise from the door, a simple knock, and I knew it was time to leave this place for good.

      “Open up!” Came a voice.

      I grinned, and opened up the window, climbing out onto the fire escape and disappearing into the night.

  2. To the members of Epsilon and Psi Teams; my assistant will be in contact with you shortly through your emails.

    Thank you,

    Otto Schmidt
    Future Technologies Division

        • *Announces on all channels that the abstergo task force and us use*
          “Death of the tower
          One has vanished to darkness
          Light faded by time
          Reborn from its ashes
          If event is remembered
          The faded asks for it to not be named”
          *Appears in front of Otto*
          “Copy that notification sir”
          *vanishes as my gas mask glows*

  3. ((YES I’m back. Temporarily that is, even though id like to be back for good. Otto i am in full support of an email group for the family member lol omg. I think i still have Seb on skype and i followed Cait’s tumblr for awhile. But they were both LOA at the time. Adeline i would very much like to delve into storyline with you lol. I miss that passion for creativity in myself. I too consider y’all family, and if i havent given away my origins before(ive been careful not to for the mystery) then “y’all” probably does haha. I’m an American lol. Also the group is a lot more diverse than i realized.

    Otto you have my permission to give my emails to long term members of the chat. or however that works. I also respect any of y’alls desire for anonymity. Some of us type to embody who we are inside and others type to escape it. Ive done both so i wont prevent anyone from doing either.

    Anywho that got deep. Adee we really need to work on story stuff. I’m downloading an app so i can stay in touch with my email so come rain or shine if yall post and im awake ill check it. I remember back when i was just a reader in 2012 i think it was i was sooo in love with this thing.

    Gosh i digress easily. Y’all hit me up.))

    • ((AIDEN!! omg you have no idea how much I missed you!! Otto, you have my permission to make group email with me to. I’m pretty sure you have both my emails, I’d prefer to use my school one, which is the one that does not have its the other one. Although I would like to have you guys in my personal email as well that way i can email you guys anytime. Can we do this today??????? like, I have so many idea’s Aiden, and I really need your input and help!!))

      • ((ugh I wish we had the emails set up already this would be easier that way lol. Working on schoolwork at the moment that’s why I took a second to respond. Sorry))

        • ((Right? lol. And it’s fine, I am half way doing the same. been going to tutoring a lot after school, however today I will have time because I will not be going to tutoring today. let’s just say I may have just stopped caring about school entirely and now I’m paying the price for it. Anyway, I did just have an idea, although it’s still kinda risky. care to hear it? lmao my mind is just brewing with idea’s and I seriously want to talk to you about it in private because i don’t want to give to much away for the others. leave them in suspense. If you cant tell, I’ve grown my skills as a roleplayer and writer.))

          • ((or better yet Aiden, while we wait for Otto to get this set up, can we go on with the starter I posted yesterday? if you aren’t to busy? I have a really good idea, and I was thinking Aedin, Adeline, and Rosa have this meeting with Lance so he can bring up his offer? or do you think we should have Otto in on that? The reason why I’m asking is because Lance is going majorily mess up and say their daughters name. After that, I have a really good idea.

            ps. just finished my assignment so I am free for a good hour and a half.))

          • ((Yeah it seems i made the same mistake concerning schoolwork. I’m finishing this month or next. Then i’ll be gone for 3 months.

            Not gonna lie Adee, I personally am hesitant about merging any other storylines with what is already here. I feel like the roleplay here has lost its original setting, it doesn’t feel like the same world to me anymore. That’s part of the reason i haven’t been on is because the style of the roleplay doesn’t hold the same allure.

            Sorry if i’m raining on your parade omg!!! I don’t want to be that guy lol! It just feels like we’ve lost our roots and the Abstergo roleplay isn’t about Abstergo anymore.

            The night operations that had consequences. Spies, espionage, mystery, and all painted with martial arts, explosions, hacking. I’m not sure if i’m hitting my mark or if the rest of the team even shares my opinion. Really the only thing that has kept me coming back is the family, and the desire to write a scene and trust the next person to continue on in the next comment.

            Yeah. Sorry for that whole spill Adee lol, it’s just been stuck in my head for a very long time now. Actually I don’t think i’m really talking to anyone specific now lol, just everyone.))

          • ((Oh, i see. sorry… i had an idea of rosa pretty much betraying them… double crossing them because in the other story im working on… after Rosa gives up crystal she loses everything. That is until Adeline, but when lance threatens to hurt Adeline, she betrays them? I thought it would help get back on track.))

          • ((I have no doubt you have grown as a writer lol. I wish I had as much time as you!!!

            So do you have copies of your characters in another roleplay???))

          • ((Rosa yes. She was so under developed that I used her because she was just a side character for so long… and I was thinking about bringing Adeline in as well into my other Roleplay…. which is another reason I’m pushing for this. I’m thinking Adeline hasn’t been turned yet. I have done a lot of thinking over night…. and I came up with this amazing idea that I really wanted to do…

            And also, the reason why Adeline was in the infirmary was because she has a lot of mental break downs now, because she remembers everything that happened to them. being separated and seeing their house blow up and all. I have so many idea’s of where we could take that to. this is all connected together from how I see it… but i understand being so iffy on it. I just thought maybe it would help make more sense of Adeline’s character..))

          • ((I kinda want to see this other roleplay, it’d be interesting to write in a world with vampires. I’d get to create a new character!!! And I haven’t gotten to do that in a while.))

          • ((Well, if we can EVER get this set up so we have each others emails I could give you my facebook name, and we could add each other. That’s the only way you could actually participate in it, because it’s all over messenger, most of which on messenger are private unless it’s just random outbursts of violence in the group chat. Do you have a facebook even??? lmao, sorry if that came across as weird, I’m just used to having friends from all over the world on facebook. Over this last year I have been added into several Assassin’s Creed group chat’s, two of which, my main one, and the ac roleplay one, I’m a GCL [short for group chat leader/admin] Even if you don’t, when we get this email thing set up, I could give you a few chapters as teasers of what has been completed. we are still in 1500’s in the book but we have gone far beyond that in the roleplay, we have massive time gaps, and I even had them move up one of them to 2015-2016 so I could have this make more sense with Rosa… because the one thread i’m talking about was set in 2012….))

        • ((Sorry the emails are taking a while, I kinda need to track back in your submissions and link the emails you used with cross-data just to make sure I’m not duplicating or using wrong emails. Give Steam a look though))

          • ((Yes Otto holds the keys lol. I think he has been cautious of people exchanging real information out of concern for everyone’s safety. So that’s why we would have to wait on him for the emails lol. The big guys is always looking out for everybody. #weloveotto))

          • ((lmao so true. but if that’s the case, the starter should be below this lol. Really excited, gah it’s been so long brother. [bwahahaha i call so many people brother, mind if i do that even if it isnt rp? XD]))

          • ((Out of character you’re my little sister at least when we’re in this forum. I like to play many roles so in other role plays I might want to be the arch nemesis or the crazy uncle, who knows. So for now just in this forum we’re siblings lol k ;) ))

          • ((Idk where to start i really no how Aiden fits anymore ever since his plot changed lol. Why don’t we wait for Otto to do his daily check and check out your other roleplays. Ooh maybe you could give me some clues and i could try to find one of the facebook ones!!!))

          • ((hm, well you could do the facebook page. the background picture will be off all the assassins from the games, including origins, and there are only 20 some members because we keep it downsized so there isnt contantly spam. I’ll get a notification on my phone and I’ll add you in. it’s literally just called Assassin’s Creed Roleplay.))

          • ((also if you can’t find it, tell me, because I could always send a screenshot and just scribble out everything else out for you, that way you know what to look for.))

          • ((go ahead and send a request for it. if it’s the right one, and i looked again. its 16 members, but if its teh right one i should get a notification because I’m an admin.))

    • ((It is amazing to have you back and I do hope you stay for longer than temporary :p I’ll see what I can do in terms of a group email but if you all have Steam accounts it may be a ton easier; plus we could all play games together as well. 2012, that was the year we all kicked this off, how a small string of comments turned into a great adventure where friendships were made and memories were forged to last a lifetime.))

  4. It has been some time..
    she thought while she entered the epsilon base of operations.

    ((Do I have to do the star things??? If i do just tell me, lol. I roleplay in more of a book form these days..))

    And Lance… he reminds me so much of someone… Killian… Why does he remind me of Killian? It couldn’t be him, he’s dead.
    Her thoughts continued as she was met by Lance himself when she got settled into the base.

    “I must say, this is quite nice.” He said to her.

    “Yeah. So what do you want to propose to the team?” Rosa asked.

    “A partnership, I need some help finding someone, and I thought perhaps your team could be able to help me.” Lance explained.

    “Who?” She asked.

    There was a long pause.

    “My daughter.” He sighed.

    “Daughter?” she asked.

    “Indeed, it’s a very long and complicated story. I fear that she will be killed if I don’t find her soon.” He said.

    “Well, we can request a meeting, but I must go check on someone, it has been a while, and I need to know she is okay. I will contact them on coms on my way to her. Just sit back and relax until then, alright?” She said.

    “Very well.” He said.

    She walked out of the room, still wondering, could it be possible? But how though? But, daughter? this arose suspicions for her, she would watch him closely. She did not trust him, he was being very shady, and she felt as if this was just the tip of the iceberg, since she already had a feeling..

    She walked towards the elevator, and pressed the button, and the door open. She pressed another and as the elevator started to move, she adjusted her com to the right frequency, and began to speak.

    “Epsilon unit, I’m back. We have a guest from a different abstergo task force, and he is requesting an audience with some of the fellow members of the team. Otto? Aedin? you up for it?” She said as the elevator came to a stop.

    She walked out of the elevator, and into the infirmary, only to find Adeline being helped standing up by a fellow nurse. Adeline glanced over, and realized it was Rosa.

    “Rosa!” Adeline shouted.

    ((To be continued in Adeline’s perspective.)

    • “Rosa!” she shouted as the nurse helped her up.

      she took off running and hugged Rosa.

      “Are you okay?? What happened??” She asked.

      “I’m fine. Glad to see you are doing better, I know I left about a month ago, but I was worried about you the whole time.” Rosa sighed in relief.

      “I’m fine, just this is starting to get to me now.. If Aedin and Jacob can’t see eye to eye.. but let’s not talk about that. Why was the real reason you left?” She asked.

      Rosa had never been one to talk. When she faked her death, she completely disappeared.. She has a past that no one knows about.. not one person.. not even me… She drifted off into thought.

      “It’s… nothing. Alright? I had business to attend to, that involved the mission I was sent to.” Rosa said.

      “Sure. I guess. After my mental break… they made sure I would be okay. I didn’t know what to do… things are getting dangerous for both of us..” She warned.

      “I know. They are after me, not you. If I have to… I’ll disappear for good. look, let’s not talk about this. They still don’t know the truth about me… the thought of me turning you…” Rosa began.

      “Rosa listen to me, if it comes down to that, I will. if it means helping you.. I’ll do anything.”

      What was she hiding? Who were these “people?” how could they hurt me? were they really that dangerous? Her thoughts drifted off again.

      Rosa suddenly snapped “It’s nothing okay? Just… stop worrying about me. I’m fine.”

      Adeline was taken aback by this, had no idea what came over her.

      “I.. I’m sorry… Let me get of these damn night gowns, and I’ll go with you.. I’ve been needing to get around lately.” She said.

      “It’s fine. Hurry, we need to get to the others. We have a guest, and he has requested an audience with some of the team members. He’s from the Montreal headquarters.” Rosa said.

      she quickly got changed behind a curtain, walking out with Rosa and began to wonder, if she talked to Aedin, would they let Jacob out of his cell?

      ((I hope this makes sense from what I’ve explained… I’m sorry if it get’s kinda confusing, still some parts that are a little fuzzy. I’m still developing this, maybe they’ll just have flashbacks as the meeting proceeds? both Rosa and Adeline? Although, I got this exactly where I want it for a plot twist for Rosa :D ))

  5. ((Argh other post didnt post))

    *she wanders through a long hallway, bag slung over her shoulder and hair windblown. Her boots leave dust on the pristine carpet as she trudges along. A large, black door lies at the end of the corridor, and she stares up at it. A hand reaches up to clasp the necklace hidden under her desert scarf. Detaching the pendant from the chain she turns to the control panel next to the door, pressing the pendant into a slot seemingly made for it. The door creaks as it swings open, revealing a room that may or may not have people in it.*


      • ((Heh hope I’m not late for the welcome back party for Aiden but anyway, welcome back aiden…kinda been [classified] years since I saw you and everyone else. Not including this year WOOOOOO!!!))

        *Appears behind psi team and stares at them with my head tilted in curiosity* Welcome to..this Corp.
        I am your handy dandy
        Idiot, I guess. *Tries not to get shot by anyone especially the new guards*

        *Vanishes and is behind Otto* Apologies sir
        For memories and death
        I’m cold stainless steel
        But I can be the weapon
        A team needs if must.
        *Salutes,Vanishes, hugs everyone except the guards here in abstergo*

  6. ((***Okay, so this is going to be an EXTREMELY LONG comment, because I’m about to explain everything that needs to be known about the other roleplay I have. The reason why I want to do this is; i want to see about bringing Adeline into the other roleplay, maybe merge these two stories together since Rosa is my main character in the other one?? her story is so well developed in this other one, this is why I want to bring the new and improved Rosa in, plus if you think about it, this could be awesome if we tie it into all this other stuff going on in my other Roleplay. I’ve pretty much fixed the current timeline in that one to help fit it better with Rosa’s story. Anyway, in case you want, I’ll give you my character bio’s for all the characters that need to be known. Please don’t steal my idea’s to anyone who is new, because not only will you be stealing my idea’s, but my writing buddy’s as well, who is not in this roleplay, yet.***

    Name: Rosalia Capello
    Nickname: Rosa
    Date of birth: December 17, 1499

    Physical appearance:
    Hair: long, black
    Eye color: blue, glows a dark blue when feeding or turning someone
    Skin color: Caucasian, and pale.
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 125-135 ibs

    Mind reading
    Controlling others
    Hiding scent/identity from other paranormal creatures
    Healing (other people and self)
    Elemental abilities of wind/water/earth and fire
    the ability to turn her enemies to ashes
    Teleportation (but she really only uses it for in battle, because she can’t teleport great distances.)

    Bio (back story):
    Rosalia was born in Florence, Italy towards the end of the Italian Renaissance, in 1499. She was a noble in society, her father being a noble tradesmen of some wealth. Little did she know her father was an assassin, and her mother dedicated to aiding the assassins. A long time friend of her father’s was Ezio. As she was growing up, her father had trained her in skills such as basic swordsmanship, parkour, and the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics. However, in 1518, tragedy struck, and both her parents had been killed by Jakob Gray, father to Logan and Jackson Gray, and Jackson turned her into a vampire, and making her immortal. The motives begin to come clear as to why Jakob killed Rosa’s parents, Ottavio and Madelena as time goes on (will be explained in Luca’s Bio.) In modern times, she ends up having a child, who she names Crystal. However her lover is secretly a double agent, Lance, and in the end her brotherhood kills him and declares her a traitor. She gives up Crystal because she realizes it is the only way to keep her safe from Abstergo, because they want to extract Crystals DNA to create weapons in order to gain the upper hand in the war between assassins and Templars, since Crystal is a hybrid.

    ***What I am thinking here for this, Jackson and Rosa have a messed up past, when Rosa “dies” she will actually have faked her death to get away from Jakob, well, a possessed Jakob, because of, well keep reading.( side note: that Jackson ends up leaving Rosa for Celeste, a witch.)***

    Name: Crystal (last name unknown)
    Nickname: Crys
    D.O.B.: June 22, 2000
    Place of birth: New York, NY, USA

    Hair length: shoulder length
    Original hair color: Dark brown
    Current hair color: dark blue
    Original eye color: hazel/light gray/ghostly white/dark gray
    Skin color: pale
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 120 ibs
    Piercings: ears, nose, lip
    Prefers dark makeup, and dark clothes.

    Crystal spent most of her years bouncing between foster homes, the streets, and being taken in by her “friends” who often used and abused her trust. She became a juvenile delinquent and a frequent hell raiser in her teens. She was caught in an abstergo data base while she was hacking it to try to find her mom, Rosalia Capello, and was captured by abstergo.

    ***This is where Lance will come into play, the guy who Rosa runs into and is discovered to be a templar agent. Now bear with me here on this, because this may get confusing. I was thinking maybe back in 2000, Lance and Rosa already have met, and they fell in love. This is how crystal comes into play, and Rosa is declared a traitor to the creed. In 2012 I’m thinking perhaps Rosa actually has secret motives that no one knows about, finding Jackson, who is a templar, and one of Rosa’s love interests, but in turn, ultimately stays because of Adeline, and in doing so, Lance comes back into play, still alive, and I’m thinking Rosa has to kill him. The ultimate price she has to pay other than giving away crystal. She’ll have to kill him because he’s poking around data bases trying to find crystal.***

    Luca Capello
    Physical appearance
    Hair color: brown/orangish red
    Eyes: Demon Red/black (snake pupils)
    Skin color: tan
    Height: 6’6
    Weight: 160-170 pounds

    Relation to Rosa: Brother

    When he was little (haven’t quite figured out how old yet) he was turned by Jakob Gray, who has ties to parents (Ottavio and Madelena) and told them that Luca is dead, to ensure no one finds out the truth about being turned, and took Luca in, teaching him in the ways of being a vampire. However, as time goes on, Jakob discovers that Luca and Rosa are both directly descended from some of the most powerful ancient vampires. This poses a threat to Jakob, because if Rosa were to be turned, Rosa and Luca could kill Leobhal, a very powerful demon of whom Jakob sold his soul to. This threatens literally everything for Jakob, so he tries to kill Luca. Luca narrowly escapes, and after that goes off grid until the Salem Witch Trials. In that time, He meets someone of which he begins to consider his brother, Drevclekneth, who is also a dragon.

    day walker (rosa is to)
    Turning into a dragon
    Dark magic/part demon
    manipulate time/sound/light
    tolerance to silver (not completely immune)
    elemental ability of fire

    ***Luca has no plot for modern at all. His story is blurry after Salem. We haven’t gotten that far, so this leaves and opening for Luca to come in if you guys don’t mind. He’s a very undeveloped character right now.***

    ***Now, Adeline’s new bio.***

    Name: Adeline Wilder
    Age: unknown at current time
    DOB: unknown at this current time

    Physical appearance
    Hair: long, Blackish brown
    Eye color: deep blue (like Aedin’s)
    Height: unknown
    Weight: unknown.
    Skin: pale complexion

    Adeline was an orphan for as long as she could remember. She had no idea who she was. All she had was a name. Adeline. Although, she was an assassin in training, her mentor, friend, and almost sister to her, Rosa, who turned her into a vampire (I need to come up with some sort of plot as to why Rosa turned her, she wouldn’t turn anyone unless she has to, however rosa is pretty reckless after She gives up crystal, so I don’t know right now.) However, something happened, and Rosa went off radar for some time. When Rosa came back, Adeline was determined to find out what happened to her parents, and suspecting that templars killed her parents, went to Abstergo. When Rosa and Adeline infiltrated the epsilon base, they were caught. Thats when Adeline became an Abstergo agent, trying to get any information she can from them about her parents, when her handler, Aedin, tells her about his twin brother, Jacob, who is an assassin. However, when they are attacked by Jacob back in Monterigoni while on a mission, Rosa “dies” and disappears from them all. At the same time, Jacob ends up showing Adeline a past that she never knew, thanks to a piece of Eden, another apple. She sees her, Aedin, and Jacob all playing together, and a female shout “you kids get out here and eat. You’re dad is home.” this is when she discovers her brothers are Aedin and Jacob. Aedin later explains that their parents were abstergo agents, and when they were living in Italy, their dad was tasked with raiding an assassin den, however his entire team was killed, and their dad was the only one left alive, he had narrowly escaped. However when he got home, that’s when the house exploded, with Aedin, Adeline, and Jacob all outside playing. That’s when Aedin ran with Adeline, leaving Jacob behind to be captured by assassin’s. The Assassin’s brain wash Jacob, which is why he is on the assassin’s side.

    ***So in short, instead of having the injection, what if Adeline instead is full blown vampire and that’s how she has those abilities??? I mean, I really like this new concept. It really brings Adeline’s character full circle.***))

  7. I don’t know if this is real and I assume no but the knowledgeable part of me assumes it could possibly be an actual company. But you guys are evil if you are real and whatever god that rules the underworld awaits you.

    • Why do you see us as evil? We have helped accelerating cures for deadly diseases, we created scientific and technological breakthroughs that helped the human race evolve, we are able to explore planets, build homes and nurture societies.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future technologies Division

      • *Apppears behind Otto and part of me switches between memories*

        A Blanket over
        Under it is lies and death
        A Corperation
        Deceiving all
        Usurper of all
        I dance with the moon
        Darkness can’t hide all
        What I see in your eyes
        Awaiting your mistake
        Not too close and not too far
        *Vanishes but restocks the medical supplies, removes more audio files, and destroys 70% of the servers while leaving behind gold-ish purple grids*

    • ((and ugh, I was wrong, it was rosa who was introduced to Lance… she’ll just wont realize its him until they get back to epsilon base, because she thinks he is dead and his appearance changed so much, he’ll be reminded of him but he won’t know its actually him until he says something that triggers a memory.))

        • *Stands across the street from the HQ and stares at the front door as I wear my gas mask,Heavily armored black vhoodie with holographic armored purple lights on my chest and shoulder, two pistols,my sniper,two double barrel shotguns,and duel swords*

          • *Scans an old Abstergo ID I’ve had for a long long time and enters as one of the guards looks at me and says,”You remind me of somene who always wore a gas mask but it was…”* *Slices his neck before he finishes and looks at all the other security guards inside* Tick tock this is the beginning of the start * Appears behind one of them in a violet colored flame surrounded by crystals and shoots the guard in the back of his head*

          • *Vanishes and appears rapidly leaving behind more crystals as I kill every guard and employees while playing Volbeat-Hangman’s body count loudly* *Gets surrounded by backup and takes out both my shotguns as I shoot eachone in the head as I sing meanwhile the last guard I killed managed to scratch the armor plating,laughs* Not enough to stop me *Looks at one of the cameras* *Sings one of the lyrics* Put on the rope,you knew the day was coming…Say your prayers once more; You’re part of the Hangman’s body count now *Continues infiltrating and killing guards rapidly till I get to Otto’s office, leaves a note saying “The prelude will start. The first event is random.Time is random also.Are you prepared for it sir?.* *goes to blade’s area and leaves a note “Long long ago now.Brothers we were…and killers.Killed alot of assassins.Be prepared for the event.’Tis only 4 yrs till true resurrection will happen.” …Snipes one of the marksmen on the opposite building* *Walks to one of the computers, looks at some of the pictures in it and gets multiple memories back as I fall down to the floor abit* Who was I?…only thing told was ex abstergo marksmen..Worked with Otto and everyone. *Is back to normal as I look at the other camera and removes every audio from each camera in the building as I vanish once again in a violet flame now surrounded by purple crystals causing one guard to get pierced in the heart by one…Arrives at an Assassin hideout shooting crystals at the ones trying to put me back in the chamber then eventually gives up and locks myself in the chamber made to resist me*

          • Unknown Female: “Alright, that data seems to be sufficient; have Sigma team check that assassin location.”
            Unknown Male: “Yes doctor.”
            Doctor: “Mark, have this analysis report sent to FTD as soon as possible. Time to wake him up from his coma.”
            Mark: “Yes doctor.”

            The female doctor gets closer, touching your head as you lay in a memory recovery machine.

            Doctor: “You were never forgotten, because you never left us. We will fix you and find those assassins that did this to you. We are so close, hold on a bit longer, all your true memories will return.”

          • Blade was resting since he got shot by mystery peraon, when he heard the shooting he would go over to the area where been shooting slowly since he is recovering as he saw bodies all dead that’s been shot, he already alerted Otto. He walks around before he walk back to his quarters. He noticed a note as he use his tail to pick it up. “Otto I have a note, something about long ago and brothers and killed by somone…”

          • That is concerning. Why are they able to enter our building every week on their own accord; what are we paying the security for here?! I’ll have to speak with Security about this.

          • *Gas Mask and Armored Hoodie starts to glow violet as crystals cover me and I hear multiple voices*
            *Gas Mask and armored hoodie become permanently attached to me as I mumble* Death is from above…Lies and deceiving,there is no conceding in this war of gods.They want more even when you given all you could. Constantly combating.

            *Clutches my left hand and my right eye starts to have a golden pattern glowing but the light is somewhat visible through the Gas Mask’s jet black lenses.*

          • *Vanishes but still dazed and ends up reappearing behind Adeline*

            Bounded still…hidden to aid war but only to be confused by light.
            *sings abit of Blues Saraceno Evil Ways (justice)*

            So I set out…cross that way,Strike them down…to make them pay. Change their ways…their evil ways

            *Looks at a mirror and stares at my gas mask and armored hoodie that is permanently attach to me*

            But I can’t hide…oooh..I won’t hide…woaah…my evil was
            *right eye still glowing as I nod my head in hello but tries to resist killing her and ends up vanishing away as I’m confused*

      • ((Hows it been going guys? Sorry i’ve been out. I uh took a leave of absence for reasons that i’m uncertain about telling due to the possibility of hurt feelings. IDK. I just miss you guys.))

        • ((Hey, I totally get it. I have been dealing with so much in this last year… but I was wondering… have you read my very long comment at the top?? I have some major developments and ideas that could help with this storyline!! well, more like my characters. but still. And I’ve missed you to, Aedin.))

          • ((bwahaha. More like I have fully developed rosa’s character and I would like to incorporate Rosa being in abstergo into the story I am working on. She doesn’t have much planned out for modern except closer to 2015 through this present year. so there is like 3 years that can be filled in with her being in abstergo. Perhaps maybe we could do a collaboration as far as that? I mean, both adeline AND rosa are both so complex characters now. I never imagined that I would come up with something like I did. Of course, I can’t take all the credit, but still… I’m just so happy I have finally brought both charecters to have a full back story now. I want to use these new concepts so badly.. problem, it would require some editing to Adeline’s character, she needs to be a vampire instead of having an injection. If you read my long comment above, it explains everything and pitches idea’s on how we could alter her character, and stuff that happened before the thread died for so long… I need input with this… make sure everyone is on board with me before I try to change stuff around.))

          • ((nah. it won’t effect anyone that much. I was either thinking that she is already a vampire, or maybe… this would be extremely confusing.. but something happens to adeline and rosa turns her?? or should I stick to the idea of adeline being turned in the past? I don’t know… I’m trying to make sure Aedin knows so he isn’t extremely confused.))

          • SUMMANUS!! Welcome back!! This is awesome! We would love if you can give a small bio about your character. ((btw remember your drawing of the team? I still use that as wallpaper for my phone <3))

          • ((can I start back up with rosa? I have some loose ends I need to tie up with her. Maybe when ever aedin is available, I could start writing as the new reformished Adeline? i mean, most of her back story stay the same minus the possibility of her being a vampire?? I still think that would be such a good idea..))

          • ((Right?!?! like I missed all of you SO MUCH! I wish there was some way we could contact each other outside this roleplay page… like seriously. maybe we could plot things out and just get to know each other better. I wish…))

          • (( I probably couldn’t though. That’s the thing. is there some way we can get in contact in private on this website, maybe give out emails for starter?? if possible? I would honestly like to get to know you guys better. I have never told you guys this, but you are all like family to me. not trying to sound creepy or anything.. I have friends all over the world, literally. so I mean, if I overstep my bounds just tell me… I’m sorry if I have though.))

          • ((haha, and my adopted family grows. I have so many adopted brothers and sisters from all over the world… i honestly plan on moving to them once I have graduated, or dropped out… long story. Won’t get into it. To personal for other people to be able to read. Lmao. Anyway, I may do some stuff for Rosa, maybe work on something that I need to tie up. Wait! Rosa wasn’t the one who introduced Lance!! I just remembered, I’m pretty sure it was Adeline, so this makes perfect sense, contrary to the original concept I had that had nothing to do with this, but I think maybe I can bend things a little bit to make it to where Lance was never killed in the idea that I have for my other roleplay, which leaves it open for him to make an appearence in this group! also, still wish I could somehow contact you guys outside of this, I’d give you guys a few chapters for a teaser. So far its about 30 chapters long, 143 pages, and still counting. We haven’t even gotten to the parts when rosa discovers the truth about herself and Luca, which is in salem. AHHH SORRY!!! rambling on about this as I usually do.))

          • ((Ahh so many ppl are here!
            Otto: omg that picture ahaha. I swear my art has improved since then, i should draw some newer stuff.

            Adeline: i am cool with chatting irl, i know Otto has all our emails coz admin and all. Sebastos and I have talked irl as well! Its really odd but really fun?

            Meeting up: one day i will make a costume of Caitlin/Summanus (considering my name really is caitlin…and i have the necklace mentioned…and i do actually do archery…competitively…) but also as I know one of us is in Canada, another in Germany(?) and some probably in America from what ive gathered in things people have mentioned… How??? Also I live in Australia so yknow.

            Aiden: you! Youre back, yay!

            Sebastos: whaaat its youuu


          • ((I have two. One personal and one that is for school, which the one I use for school is the one I use most. Perhaps maybe he could set something up where he adds all of us including my personal and school emails into a group email that way we can exchange???? I don’t feel comfortable giving my emails out on here, because I don’t want anyone to be able to just randomly email me. So do you think the idea of a group email convo would work??? otto???))

          • ((Please do not share your email here publicly. It is a security risk. There may be something done email wise but it would be much easier if we all have Steam accounts))

          • ((I would love to see more of your awesome work! The tumblr link in the gallery now takes us to a page that no longer exists :( I am so glad that you have returned to us! You have been a big part throughout the years! Of course I’d still have the picture (its my desktop background as well), it is the very first fan art I have received :3))

          • ((Maybe we can hold an Abstergo-con or something in a country that is in the middle of all our locations; like in the Middle East. Or we can all meet up virtually either over Steam, MMORPG game or Skype.))

  8. (update! I’m about to go back to school! August 15th. So this coming Tuesday. I’m gonna be a junior. I look forward to roleplaying with all of you, but I also have a phone now. It just depends on if i can get a job so I can pay for it, but I can basically roleplay any time. Miss you all and hope to hear from all of you soon.)

  9. God Bless Abstergo! and May All of Our Deceased Templar Brothers and Sisters Rest In Peace with our Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven. AMEN.

    • ((Hey, and congrats Bladewolf. My school year will be ending soon guys, which makes me sad, because I won’t get to be on here as much again like last year. My last day of school is May 25. just to give you guys a heads up. The good news is that even though I am turning my laptop in like last year, I’m getting a tablet, so when ever I go to the library or connect up to some sort of wifi with it, I should be able to get on here. I’ve been missing you guys so much lately, but I’ve been so busy with school I just haven’t had time. I hope all of you are doing well, and I hope we can roleplay at some point before school is out for summer.))

      Adeline Wilder/Rosalia Capello

        • ((Thanks Otto, and I miss all you guys. I’ve been busy trying to pull my grades up. got 2 f’s right now. been more focused on all the drama in my life than school, and now i’m trying to make up for it. I’m only half way through high school though. got 2 more years. I hope you guys are all doing well, or at least better than i’ve been doing, but I’m fine.))

        • *Bullets pierce through the window where blade normally goes too* Yes happy day now. Forgotten by time itself.
          Long time no see pal.
          Beware soon for my return. Lost in time by chain.
          Operation went well heh.
          Abstergo marksmen. assassins study me now. Captured yet tested.A long long return.Maybe 5 years now. For my resurrection bye.

          • He dodges when the bullet flies at him as only gotten his lower side, he yelps as he heard a voice. Looking around to where the intruder is as he tries to but it vanished. “Long time no see? I do not understand…I do not know who this intruder is…”

      • He looks up at Adeline as he give a nod, his side is hurt from the bullet but no way near the system core. “I am…okay but confused…a intruder said something about returning and about long time no see…” he replied as he then laid down where he was standing.

    • (Same. Life, School, Family, Friends.. gets intense. Trying to keep my grades up this year. I also decided to use Rosa again for another ac rp, this one having to do with vampires and werewolf’s and so on. Its really interesting I’m actually working with one of my friends and we are doing a collaboration and writing a story, since my characters and hers are intertwined from the very beginning. lol :) )

        • ((Thanks. I have been working on it. My writing buddy and I have been raising popularity, giving trust worthy friends who won’t take any of our idea’s teasers. If you guys want, because I know I can trust you guys, and I figure out some way to send it privately, I can send you guys a chapter or two for a teaser.))

          • ((well, I could do updates on Rosa herself, she still isnt a very well developed character in this rp. perhaps… I don’t know. this would change literally everything… in the book I’m writing, she’s a vampire, who was born in I believe 1499, turned by a vampire named Jackson in 1518, and since this is a modern rp, she would be, ummm like 500 some years old?!?!?! She also has a brother, Luca, and a daughter, Crystal, but she would never turn to abstergo… um abstergo kinda wants her daughter to create weapons…. Crystal is a hybrid, and Rosa herself is very powerful, I’d have to go into A LOT of explaining in this. lol sorry, i’ve explained this so many times!! even given people little teaser chapters, everyone wants more.))

          • ((That is an interesting take; btw if she turned in 1499 how was the person that turned her turned her in 1518? Not to hype or raise hopes or anything, but we have been working on a book from our side as well that starts at the beginning of the story we created; way back in 2012 so it is kind of cool to see that you are creating a book as well! :D))

          • ((no she was BORN in 1499. She was turned in 1518, by Jackson Gray, who in our roleplay format, is played by my friend from North Carolina. I talked to her and she said she wants into this. if she were to come into this, it would make so much more sense, I just don’t want to give to much away just yet. do you think I can change some things in here to make it more according to the book I’m writing? this was Rosa’s character will be far more developed, and so will Adeline’s. Maybe instead of Adeline having an injection, she was turned by Rosa? I mean… we have a huge time gap anyway, except for maybe possibly Brooklyn in 2012, which we are still working on. we could push that up a bit, who is to say maybe possibly you guys won’t be mentioned in the story? I mean… I was talking to my writing buddy and we are beginning to think on cannoning Adeline into the storyline? would there be an issue with that? ugh, sorry, my mind is overflowing with idea’s.))

      • ((in my opinion, if you want to add in a vampiric route, it would be best to not overdo it; you want to keep it unique and special after all :p but then again, I never was a good author :p ))

        • ((it is pretty unique, and well developed, I don’t think it would over due it to much, however there is a huuuuge plot that would be brought into this rp. would that be okay?))

          • ((the role play section was made to be all of our work and efforts combined; so it belongs to us all. If you want to grow a story do feel free to do so as long as it is something in the realm of what Abstergo would actually do and/or go through. As for changing the past, what has happened has happened; see if you can find workarounds to previous events that have already occurred; maybe uncover some of the things Abstergo hid ;)))

          • ((I have idea’s otto. it just may be a little messy with events that have already happened. I mean, maybe there is still an injection, but what if instead it just enhances rosa’s abilities? maybe they don’t know that she is a vampire? I’m not sure, but I really think it will bring her story full circle, and I think with your guy’s permission if and when I get to modern in the book I am writing, which trust me will be a LONG time, because we haven’t even gotten to salem, but it doesn’t mean I can’t fill in this time gap. I’m thinking Rosa vanishes after sometime in 2015-2016, and then adeline gets sent on a solo mission after we have figured out all the plots, and then they will find each other again? I’ve been thinking about adding Adeline into the other roleplay i’m in that is helping me write the novel with my friend, and like i just asked, because I am going to need permission, maybe your characters will be mentioned? especially Aedin, kinda can’t work around that. lmao.)

  10. *she wakes up and seems to be back at base.*

    Adeline: Ae- Aedin?

    Jacob: no… Jacob.

    Adeline: Where am I?

    Jacob: You’re back at the base. You were put in serious danger.

    Adeline: I know, but I’m alive. Where are the others?

    Jacob: I don’t know where the rest of your team is…

    Adeline: what about Rosa?

    Jacob: She’s in Montreal, she stayed behind.

    Adeline: Why?

    Jacob: She said there was an Abstergo agent that needed help holding the assassins off so she told me to get you to safety. You are safe now, and I’m sure she will be back anytime soon. I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I am sure she will be fine.

    Adeline: What about Aedin? have you heard from brother?

    Jacob: No, he hasn’t payed me a visit, it was only thanks to Rosa I got to stretch my legs, no one was available, and she needed back up. I am sure they will pull me out of here anytime soon and put me back in my cell, I can tell they still don’t trust me.

    Adeline: Rosa is starting to warm up to you if she trusted you enough to bring you.

    Jacob: I doubt that, I did kill her parents.

    Adeline: That was a different you. You were brain washed, and not only that but you’ve changed. I just wish Aedin would see that…. I just want to be a family again………

    Jacob: I know. I miss the good times.

    Adeline: You guys were so close before mom and dad were killed…

    Jacob: If you wanna talk about it… just tell me.. I’ll listen. It’s the least I could do for trying to kill you….

    *Adeline puts on a fake but brave smile, and leans on Jacob, who hugs her.*

    Jacob: It will be okay. No matter what I’m here for you now and I’m not going anywhere, and I don’t think Aedin is either. Whether he likes it or not, we are both your brothers.

    Adeline: I just hope with time he can see you are different, I can’t take much more of this…. I just want to be a family…

    *Security, and Adeline hugs him tight, before he lets go and goes with security. A tear rolls down Adeline’s face, but she wipes it away, and forces the tears to stop as she watches Jacob be escorted out of the room.*

      • *mean while back in Montreal*

        (Rosa) -coms- Back up on the way, in the meantime, you need some help?

        (unknown) who are you?

        *uses sniper rifle to take out an assassin that is sneeking up behind the fellow Abstergo agent and heads over to them*

        (Rosa) A friend from a different facility.

        (unknown) so you are the other sniper that helped those to people escape.

        (Rosa) they are my friends. I was sent to get my friend an colleague. when I tried to get the shot but you beat me to it.

        *Rosa comes up to the Abstergo agent just in time, who is struggling in a fist fight with another assassin. Rosa butts in, and manages to throw the assassin off balance, and steps on his leg, breaking it. they are surrounded, and more guns come out, so do knifes and hidden blades.*

        Agent: You up for a fight stranger?

        Rosa: what do you think?

        *an assassin charges at Rosa, and attempts to attack, but Rosa dodges. the assassin comes at her with another attack, and she counters, and shoots him in the shoulder.*

        Agent: why aren’t you going for the kill?

        Rosa: Back up is on the way anyway, and this way the more that are alive the more you can send to be questioned.

        Agent: true.

        *Three are ganging up on the agent, and Rosa steps in and shoots them all. more attack, and she tries to shoot again but all that happens is a click sound.*

        Rosa: I’m out.

        Agent: me to.

        *one tries to attack Rosa, but she counters and uses her hidden blade to stab them in the jugular. just then back up arrives, and the rest of the assassins scatter.*

        Agent (to back up) Round up as many as you can. *turns to Rosa* you have my thanks, I wouldn’t have survived without your help.

        Rosa: No problem. You from around here?

        Agent: yeah, you?

        Rosa: Nah. I guess you have new allies though, my team will be greatful you helped in the escape of a member of our team.

        Agent: may I ask your name?

        Rosa: Rosa. what about yours?

        Agent: Lance.

        *He looks at her head and realize she is injured*

        Lance: You are hurt.

        Rosa: Just a scratch, I’ve had far worse.

        Lance: How long you been with Abstergo?

        Rosa: Some time now, at least a year and a half.

        Lance: ah. I’ve been with them for a few years now. Where are you stationed?

        Rosa: that would be classified.

        Lance: As expected. Well Rosa, it was nice meeting you, it would be nice if you could stick around for a while longer, it would be nice to have the extra hand.

        Rosa: I wish I could, but I have to get back to my team. We are like a family, and they are probably worried.

        Lance: Alright. let me get you a way home, it’s the least i could do considering the fact that you saved my life.

        • *plans are made for Rosa to get back home, and soon enough she is almost ready to go home.*

          Lance: Can I ask you one more question before you leave?

          Rosa: Go ahead.

          Lance: How did you know I was with abstergo?

          Rosa: I knew because the system your coms are connected to is simular to mine, which is how I was able to comunicate with you, and mine is FTD tech, which would have to mean that yours was to, and the only way to get those really is if you are an abstergo agent.

          Lance: that makes sense. well, you have the card so if you ever need an extra hand, you know how to get a hold of me.

          Rosa: thanks. Be more careful this time. Don’t go solo unless you know what you are up against.

          Lance: thanks for saving my life.

          *Rosa and Lance fist bump, and Rosa boards the plane, soon after, it takes off, and Rosa is home bound.*

  11. -She slowly wakes up, and releases a small radio frequency that Rosalia and the team can use to locate her, but in doing so zaps what little energy she has, and she passes out again.-

      • Rosa -coms- is anyone available for a mission? We found her.

        Jacob: Rosa look at me, I can help you.

        Rosa: I’m sorry, but I can’t.

        *she walks out of the cell, the mechanism locking and sealed shut.*

        Rosa -coms- I repeat, we found her. We found Adeline. I can’t go solo, anyone who is available meet me in the penthouse on the top floor.

          • *no one is available, and she doesn’t have permission to a tactical team. She is out of options, and out of desperation let’s jacob out of his cell.*

            Jacob: so where is she?

            Rosa: Montreal.

            *They board a jet plane, and get there sooner than expected, and soon are trying to find their way to the compound.*

            Rosa: Okay, do you know where they might be hiding?

            Jacob: I know exactly where they are hiding. It won’t be easy. They will be waiting to ambush us, so be on guard and don’t let it down for one second.

            *Jacob leads the way to a warehouse, where they are ambushed. they fight them off, little do they know someone has eyes on them. Jacob sees a flash and realizes there is a sniper, and a shot is fired, but Jacob grabs Rosa and they take cover just in time. they pull out their guns, and try to get a shot.*

            Jacob: I don’t have eyes on the target.

            Rosa: I do, split up.

            *She hand signals him to take a different route then her, and she goes around the building the sniper is on, climbs up, and knocks him out. she signals Jacob, who kicks down the warehouse door, and enters, Rosa takes position with the snipers rifle, looking through the target lens and getting a birds eye view of what is going on. there is someone talking to Jacob, obviously not Adeline, but they soon drag her out, and it looks like they want to exchange something. Adeline hugs Jacob, weak on her legs, and she starts to walk away, and Jacob walks toward them, and they cuff him. someone takes a shot at one of the assassins restraining Jacob. Rosa takes out the other, and then more come out. Adeline turns around and grabs the key to uncuff Jacob, and punches an assassin in the face. more shots are fired, and jacob is grazed, but they make it out safely, and Rosa slips away, and meets with Jacob and Adeline*

            (Unkown) -coms- requesting back up. Shoot out in progress.

            Rosa: Jacob, get her back to the base, the person who helped us is an abstergo agent. I have to help them.

            *Jacob and Adeline disapear, using the jet as their escape, and Rosa stays back, holding the assassins off.*

  12. Bladewolf looks around as he have been staying in his room for some time.

    //It’s been a while, I have been busy as hell lol also I have stuff to do as it’s this weekend comic Con I am going at on Saturday xD also I have lot of cosplay to make and stuff owo lol its been a while xD hello everyone!//

    • ((hey bladewolf. long time no talk. and yeah I’ve been busy to. Drama with friends, school getting hard, and blah blah. things have gotten really intense for me. Hope you have fun at comic con. I have a three day weekend. going to spend time with my sister who just had surgery yesterday tomorrow. super excited for that. Do you like where I am going with this concept i have?))

      • //yeah it’s been a while, I’m in jobcentre for job seeking too but yeah and thanks. Cool hope you have fun with your sister and we’ll I need to take a good look since haven’t read for a while lol//

        • ((Lol. yeah all the stuff I have done is mostly on here. some of it is on mission 4 but it doesn’t make much sense so it would probably be better if you just read what happened on this page and you’ll figure it out as u go along. lol. its really interesting.))

          • //lol to much reading owo and I am on my tablet.//

            Bladewolf looks around as he have been in his room for some time in ‘hibernate mode’, since he wasn’t needed. He gone out of his hibernate mode and he finally got out of his room. “It seems I have been in hibernate for a long while…”

  13. *It’s been a while since anyone has seen Adeline. Rosa doesn’t even know where she is. It’s been about two weeks since her disappearance. Rosa combs through the security footage, even though she has done it at least a hundred times. She looks through the footage of the night she disappeared, but she still doesn’t see anything suspicious, other than Adeline herself leaving the base around 1 in the morning. The camera’s catch a glimpse at her face as she exited the base. Rosa switches the footage to the camera’s hidden outside the base. She see’s Adeline again, walking away. Rosa examine the footage even more closely. She stairs at the screen, for any sign of where she might have gone. Suddenly she see’s something in the corner of the camera shot, and it seems that Adeline is walking in that same direction.*

    -whispering to herself- What?

    *She rewinds, zooms in closer, and pauses it, but the picture is distorted and she can’t really make it out. She goes to a different camera, hoping to get a better view of it, and she does. It looks like a light, but it’s not from the headlight of a car, and it seems to not move. and Adeline seems to be heading for it, when an even brighter light is emitted from the same area. Then Adeline completely vanishes without a trace. Rosa begins to realize that the team missed this entirely.. and she covers her mouth, tearing up because she realizes the light was from a sniper.*

    Damn it Adeline, what the hell did you get yourself into?

    • *Rosa visits Jacob, who sees the serious look on her face.*

      Jacob: What’s going on? Have you guys found her?

      Rosa: No… we haven’t found her, but I was hoping you could give me a little more information.

      Jacob: What do you mean?

      Rosa: What do the Assassin’s want with her?

      Jacob: What? has she been captured?!

      *Rosa shows him the pictures of the sniper with the gun, and appears to be ready to fire. Another of Adeline walking down the street as the sniper gets ready to shoot.*

      Rosa: What do they want with her?

      Jacob: I don’t know…

      Rosa: Damn it Jacob, your sister could be dead right now and your telling me you don’t know anything?!

      Jacob: All I know is they put a hit out on her before all that stuff went down. I swear that’s all I know.

      Rosa: But we killed their leader.

      Jacob: Doesn’t matter. This particular Assassin group is not to be under estimated.

      Rosa: What are they?

      Jacob: Highly trained assassin’s. All fortified with special weapon and armor tech, similar to yours. You cannot do this alone. You will need your team.

      Rosa: What about a location?

      Jacob: That I do not know. They change head quarters every month.

      Rosa: Where was there last known location?

      Jacob: Last time I knew anything, they were in France. Montreal. The trail would be cold though, that was before I faked my death.

      Rosa: Damn it. I need to tell the team…

      *She exits the room, talking over the coms.*

      Rosa -coms- guys this is big. I know what happened to Adeline. Sniper took her… Anyone wanna tag along in a mission?

  14. *Adeline lets from Aedin, who in turn gives her a look of concern. She looks at him, and then walks away. She walks into a room, where the assassin leader is.*

    Leader: I take it you figured out that the creator of the injection did not kill your parents?

    *The leader gives off a grin*

    Adeline: I knew from the very beginning. I knew he was never going to talk. He was protecting you. why?

    Leader: Do you really think I will tell you?

    *Adeline hits the table from which the leader is cuffed to. She leans over the table, now very close to his face.*

    Adeline: Tell me.

    Leader: or what?

    Adeline: Hmmm let’s see what your options are shall we? If you don’t talk, I could put you in jail for murder, or I could do even worse.

    Leader: like what?

    Adeline: Well, your fellow assassin’s probably already know you are being interrogated right this minute. If I put you back out on the street, do you really think they wouldn’t want to tie up the loose end? Or, perhaps maybe I could get Lily to talk.

    Leader: HOW DID YOU FIND HER???

    *Adeline grins.*

    Adeline: Classified. now tell me, Why was he protecting you?

    Leader: He was in the bunker when your fathers team showed up, he escaped out of pure luck. He wanted vengeance. He knew what had to be done. He knew we had the resources, so he came to me in a hurry that same night and when your dad got back, that’s when I pressed the button and your parents were killed. We saved your brother, so we could turn him against you and your other brother. I should of just killed him, but I kept him, turned him into my weapon.

    *Adeline grins, hiding her anger, but she is grinning because she just got a confession. She exits the room, the door closing behind her, as she backs up against the wall, sliding down it until she sits on the ground, moves her knees up, burying her face in her knees and hugging her legs as she starts to break down.*

    • *In the mean time Rosa is with Jacob, making sure he doesn’t escape again, although Adeline is supposed to come in and talk to Jacob, but she is late and Jacob is getting worried.*

      Jacob: Rosa where is she?

      Rosa: I don’t know, probably with Aedin still.

      Jacob: No. This isn’t like her. She only avoids me when she is upset. Something is wrong. I know my sister.

      Rosa: And I know my best friend. Did you ever think that maybe she is spending time with her other brother and lost track of time?

      Jacob: I told you, she always tells me if there is a change in plans unless she is upset and doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

      Rosa: She will come. Just give her time. If she is upset, she will come around.

      Jacob: I’m worried…

      • *in the mean time…

        *Adeline puts her headphones in, grabs her black jacket, puts it on, and starts playing her music as she leaves the building. She goes for a walk in the snowy conditions, not unusual for her. She enters a restaurant, taking one earbud out and turning the volume down.*

        Manager: Your becoming a regular.

        Adeline: Can’t help it. good food.

        Manager: Well I’m glad you enjoy it. What can I get you?

        Adeline: Umm can I have two cheeseburgers to go?

        Manager: A date?

        Adeline: Sorta. It’s been a while since I’ve had some time to spend with one of my brothers. Thought I might buy him dinner.

        Manager: Don’t you have two brothers?

        Adeline: Yeah but-

        Manager: Well I’ll add on an two extra burgers, on the house, since I know you like having an extra for when you get hungry.

        Adeline: Your to kind.

        *The manager starts to make the burgers, talking to Adeline as he cooks them.*

        Manager: Well I figure might as well go the extra mile to bring a smile to someones face today.

        Adeline: I actually need that.

        Manager: Rough day at work?

        Adeline: Yeah. I’m not really supposed to talk about it though.

        Manager: Ah I see. must be exciting.

        Adeline: eh, some days more than others.

        *The Manager finishes the burgers, puts them in a bag, along with some cokes on the house as well. He knows they are her favorite, and hands it to her. She pays him. *

        Manager: Have a good night ma’am. Come back soon.

        Adeline: Oh you know I’ll be back at some point.

        *The manager laughs as Adeline leaves and puts her earbud back in, turning her music back up. She heads back to the base. She finally gets back and goes to where they are holding Jacob. She gives one of the extras to Rosa, and Rosa leaves. She uncuffs Jacob, and gives him a burger and a coke.*

        • Jacob: you didn’t have to.

          Adeline: I wanted to.

          *Adeline takes a seat, and she gets her burger out, unwraps it, and starts eating. Jacob does the same, and Jacob stares at Adeline.*

          Jacob: You aren’t acting like yourself.

          Adeline: I’m fine.

          Jacob: No you aren’t.

          Adeline: I said I’m fine. Damn… What does everyone have to keep pressing for answers, no one needs to know.

          Jacob: I’m your brother. I know when something is wrong. You never used to be this distant.

          *Adeline continues to eat and says nothing about what Jacob just said. She knows he is right. She was never this distant before. She finishes eating, hugs him, and leaves, not wanting to talk about it.*

    • ((Bet. I’m not sure how much i can be on over Christmas though. I have school the rest of this week and then Monday and Tuesday next week and I’m out until January. I’m glad you like where I am going with this. I thought the twist that Jacob isn’t dead would really make for an interesting plot twist.))

        • ((hey guys. It’s been a while. I’ve been really busy. Family, school, friends, things have gotten tense. I miss you guys a lot. I hope we can rp at some point.))

          • *Adeline leaves the food for Aedin. She goes somewhere in the base to get some rest. She falls asleep. A few hours later, In the middle of the night, she wakes up, breathing heavily. It was a nightmare. She takes a while to calm down enough to get her head straight, but once she does she leaves the base again.*

    • ((Otto, glad to here from you. it’s been a while. I hope you like what I’ve done with this. Are we going to get a mission 5 soon? I’m curious. And yeah, school, friends, family, gets intense, but I’m doing okay.))

      • ((The missions are quite a stretch now especially since 4 has been running for over a year; I’m still trying to find a suitable form for them without diverting traffic from here))

    • ((aww, okay. i do have one other question though. have you heard from Aiden? I’m kinda curious about this new storyline with him, Jacob and Adeline being siblings.))

  15. *Rosa walks out of the Epsilon base, and heads to an Assassin Bunker that her and Adeline had been trying to find for a few months, trying to find out more about Adeline’s past. She over heard Aedin and Adeline talking about what happened to their parents, so she knows. She has nothing but a gun, some ammo, and her trusty hidden blade. She sneaks inside the seemingly ordinary building and finds herself in a sticky situation. she quietly taps her eirpeice, just before the assassin leader finds her,*

    Rosa -in earpiece-: Adeline. Hurry. I’m at the Assassin Bunker. Found your guy. The one who killed your parents. come with Aedin and Jacob. Shouldn’t trust Jacob, but after all, this guy killed your guys parents, and we could use him, the place is crawling with-

    *The lead assassin finds her, takes her earpiece out, throws it on the ground, and stomps on it.*

    • Leader: Don’t bother. The signal is jammed. We knew you were coming.

      Rosa: Then why did you wait it out? why didn’t you find me?

      Leader: Because no one would believe me, since you were believed to be dead.

      Rosa: I know you tore their family apart.

      Leader: and?

      Rosa: You don’t have anything to say?

      Leader: It’s classified.

      *The Leader grabs Rosa’s arm, and takes her to a room, shutting the door behind him.*

      Leader: Now, tell me, how are you alive, and what are you and your little team up to?

      *Rosa stares at him, and says nothing. He takes out his gun, and puts it up to Rosa’s head.*

      Rosa: Your tactics don’t scare me.

      *He puts the gun down, and smiles.*

      Leader: I see.

      Rosa: Face it, you won’t hurt me, let alone kill me.

      Leader: You think my emotions will get in the way?

      Rosa: No. Based on your compulsion to know information, you cannot kill me, or you won’t know anything.

      Leader: And what if I send my assassin’s to go get your little comrades?

      Rosa: You don’t have the resources. Your assassin’s are spread out thin. Besides, even if you did, they wouldn’t talk either.

      *The leader looks at Rosa, changing his tactic.*

      Leader: So tell me, how was the family reunion between the three of them?

      *Rosa stares at him in disbelief. She starts to get angry.*

      Leader: Ahh, I finally pushed a button.

      Rosa: Go to hell.

      • *in the mean time of Rosa’s capture…*

        Aedin: So let me get this straight, he’s been working with you under Otto’s nose all this time, without him knowing?

        Adeline: He might know, I don’t know. If he does, he must trust me, because he would have stepped in if he didn’t.

        Aedin: and what exactly were you guys trying to find?

        Adeline: We were trying to find who killed them…….. so we could find out why they killed him. But now I know, but Jacob doesn’t. He’s been through hell. They turned our brother against us… made him think you abandoned him.

        *Suddenly something interferes with Adeline’s ear piece.It’s very static but you can pick up a little of what Rosa is saying *

        Rosa -earpiece-:… at … A…..ssin Bu……er………………………. c……. ..din and ..cob. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

        *Static takes over*

        Adeline: Rosa? Rosa can you hear me?

        *Adeline hears a thud, and then the sound goes completely out. Adeline Jumps up and starts arming herself.*

        Aedin: What are you doing?

        Adeline: Rosa is in trouble.

        Aedin: How?

        Adeline: After months of searching, we found the Assassin Bunker we have been after…. I was gonna go with Jacob……. and we were gonna confront the man who killed mom and dad…

        Aedin: Adee……..

        Adeline: Don’t you want to?

        Aedin: Yes… but it’s a suicide mission….

        Adeline: No. That is where Jacob comes in. Jacob has been spreading the assassin’s in this particular bunker thin.. and that’s how come she was able to get in so easily.

        Aedin: You sure you want to face this man?

        Adeline: I want closure. Jacob wants closure………

        Aedin: By killing him? are you insane?

        Adeline: No. We found that he has ties to many assassin agents. We could bring him in. Interrogate him… and find out the information we have been looking for.

        Aedin: Adee…. don’t do this….

        Adeline: I have no choice… If i leave Rosa there, they will kill her. Stakes are high.

        Aedin: Then I’m coming with you. I’m not letting you go alone.

        • Adeline: Are you sure?

          Aedin: I’m not letting you go alone.

          Adeline: This guy is lucky I don’t put a bullet in his chest. If we didn’t need him, I probably would.

          Aedin: The assassin?

          Adeline: Yeah…

          Aedin: That wouldn’t make you any different from him.

          Adeline: He killed our parents, tore the three of us apart, turned Jacob against us, made him think we abandoned him…… and you don’t want to do the same?

          Aedin: …let’s just get Rosa back before they kill her…

          Adeline: Fine. We can’t bring in tactical support or anything. To risky. So we are going alone.

          *Aedin makes sure he has ammo for his Glock, then they leave the Epsilon base and Adeline leads Aedin to a building, where they seem to get inside without a problem. Adeline begins listening in to a conversation that Aedin cannot hear because they are to far away for him to hear much of anything, but Adeline picks up on where the sound waves are coming from, and maneuvers around the halls and paths, when they suddenly see a lone security guard. Adeline points to the beams. Aedin nods his head, and she climbs the beam. She silently walks across the narrow beam, stealthy getting closer to her target, and jumps down, killing the assassin. she signals for Aedin come, and she opens a door, from which they see Rosa, and a man interrogating her. The man turns around, and Adeline blinks, realizing she is standing in front of the man responsible for their parents death.*

          • Leader: Ahh, finally, it took you long enough, but I have to wonder, where is the third member of the family?

            *Assassin’s enter the room, and Aedin pulls out his glock, and Adeline releases her hidden blades.*

            Adeline: Let Rosa go.

            Leader: and if I don’t?

            Adeline: Just let her go. She isn’t who you want.

            Aedin: Adee, what are you doing?

            Adeline: Aedin, please… let me do this.

            Leader: Oh but she is.

            Adeline: No, you only want her to get to me.

            Leader: Very good. You’ve learned the ways of sabotage.

            Adeline: What are you really after?

            Leader: What I should have done all along. Kill every that is one of your family. You have only been causing problems for me.

            Adeline: Then, let Rosa go, call of your assassin’s, and we can talk.

            *The Leader grabs his gun out of his holster, and points it at Adeline, when suddenly, something cold touches Aedin’s back, and someone touches his shoulder. Adeline turns to see Jacob. He whispers something in Aedins ear.*

            Jacob -whipsering-: Follow my lead.

            Leader: A family reunion at last!

            Jacob: Master… Let Adeline go. Please.

            Leader: Why should I?

            Jacob: because, she is not the one causing the problems.

            Leader: How can you be so sure?

            Jacob: You were the one who taught me to always be aware of what’s going on around me.

            *The leader smiles, putting his gun back in his holster, and that’s when Jacob pulls Aedin’s glock out of his holster, shooting the leader in the leg, letting go of Aedin and giving his gun back to him. Adeline then kicks one of the assassin’s around her, grabbing his gun, shooting two, then throwing it to Jacob. Aedin shoots an assassin in the chest, but he doesn’t see another aiming at him, and Jacob steps infront of him, countering the assassin’s attack and killing him. For a moment Aedin stares at Jacob, then shoots another assassin. Adeline kills three more, and suddenly another aims at Jacob and pulls the trigger. Adeline sees, and puts up a force field, blocking the shot. Aedin kills him and there are no more assassin’s alive or not hurt. Adeline grabs the leader by the arm, and lifts him up, shoving him up against a wall, while Aedin frees Rosa.*

            Adeline: If it wasn’t for the fact that we need you, I would kill you myself.

            *She punches him in the face, and blood begins to drip down out of his nose. Rosa nods at Adeline and looks up at Jacob.*

            Rosa: Thank you…….

    • *We get back to base, and the leader gets some medical assistance, and they lock him up. Jacob walks up to Adeline and Aedin. Adeline turns around and immediately hugs Jacob.*

      Jacob: Why the hell did you go there??

      Adeline: Rosa went and they captured her.

      Jacob: Yeah, I saw that, but you could have sent me so you didn’t risk getting hurt.

      Adeline: You know that would have never happened.

      Aedin: How did you even get out?!

      *Adeline lets go of Jacob*

      Jacob: It was easy really. You should tell your boss to get a better security system.

      Aedin: your cell was locked up tighter than a bank vault!

      Jacob: I’m a master lock picker. You know this.

      Adeline: We would be dead right about now if it wasn’t for him. You would be dead if he didn’t stop that assassin.

      Aedin: Let’s not discuss this right now.

      *Aedin signals security guard. Jacob looks at Adeline, and hugs her. She is trying not to get upset, but he see’s through it.*

      Jacob: It’s okay. I’ll be okay…. Just promise me you will be more careful.

      Adeline: I don’t think that will be an issue. I was gonna go alone but Aedin refused to let me go solo.

      Jacob: Good. I’m glad he is watching over you.

      *The guard nudges Jacobs shoulder, indicating it is time to go, and Adeline squeezes him until he pulls away. The guard takes him to another cell since the one he was in is broken because he picked the lock. Adeline whips around and looks at Aedin, who is looking at her arm.*

      Aedin: Your hurt.

      Adeline: I’m fine.

      *Aedin takes a closer look at it.*

      Aedin: It’s a little deep.

      *He examines her arm closer, and puts a white cloth over it, creating pressure to try and stop the bleeding.*

      Aedin (continued): this is why I didn’t want you going alone.

      Adeline: I said I’m fine.

      Aedin: Stop trying to convince me. I know you aren’t.

      Adeline: I will be okay.

      Aedin: You aren’t acting like yourself….

      Adeline: I just have a lot on my mind.

      Aedin: Look… I know things are difficult right now, but it will be okay.

      Adeline: Stop giving me false hope…

      *Adeline looks down at the ground.*

      Aedin: It’s not. Damn it Adee….. look at me…

      *Adeline looks up as she is healing her self, but she is weak and only heals it enough to make it stop bleeding.*

      Adeline: I’m trapped…. Everywhere I go… everything I do… and everyone around me keeps saying that I am okay… but they don’t know what’s locked up inside….

      *Aedin hugs Adeline. She grips him tightly even though her arm hurts really bad, but she doesn’t even care. She realizes it will take a few days for her to heal, if not, longer, but still, she refuses to let go of Aedin.*

      ((I hope you guys like this. I think it is interesting. I am doing a little better. I have some peace in mind as of right now. I’m surrounded my family and friends. I am in school Monday and Tuesday next week, then I’m out for Thanksgiving break. -Adee))

  16. Adeline: Mom had said something to me….. I don’t remember very well…. but she was crying and screamed to get out of the house and get as far as possible……… I was scared… She looked at me and said that it would all be explained one day.. and I didn’t know what she was talking about….

  17. Aedin: I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Ive wanted to talk to you about everything, but when you’re stuck in a precursor pyramid that makes it a little hard.
    *Aedin sits on the couch and gestures for Adeline to do the same.
    Aedin: I’m here now. So let it out.

    • *Adeline is messing with a pocket knife she has taken out of her pocket, and rereading the inscription until she finally says something.*

      Adeline: How did they die?

      • “We were living in Italy when it happened. Dad was on one of his long-term business trips so we all had to move to whatever country he went to. I didn’t know this then but dad worked for Abstergo, as a field agent. His team was sent to raid an Assassin bunker. But the Assassin’s rather than getting captured activated the self-destruct. Everyone on dad’s team except for him died. He made it out. That was a surprise for the Assassins who had somehow found out where the members of the team lived. Dad learned this just before the Assassin den was destroyed. He raced home. I remember being outside on the neighbors terrace. Through the window I saw mom answer the phone. I’ll never forget that look of confusion that shifted so suddenly to fear. Dad came up the street on a momotorcycle, mom saw him coming and ran out to the terrace. Dad got to the front door and that’s… That’s when the house exploded.”

        • *Suddenly Adeline has a memory flash through her head. She tears up as she realizes what happened to Jacob.*

          Adeline: Jacob was in the house…………….. he……… he was trying to protect me so he told me to run as far as i could……… and I did…… they captured him… that’s why he… he hated you…. he thought you abandoned us…

    • Mom had said something to me….. I don’t remember very well…. but she was crying and screamed to get out of the house and get as far as possible……… I was scared… She looked at me and said that it would all be explained one day.. and I didn’t know what she was talking about

  18. adeline: NO

    *Adeline leaps in front of Jacob, blocking aedins shot.*

    *Rosa grabs her gun and points it at Adeline.*

    Rosa: You betrayed us??

    Adeline: No…. I didn’t want to kill him. please understand. he is with us please dont kill him..

    • ((that sounds awesome! I actually still have that picture you drew and it has been the wallpaper on my phone ever since; still is today! Of course its zoomed in on my character but it shows a bit of the others! :3 I’ll have it featured on our page as well (the new work) if you want))

  19. *walking through the park to the Abstergo Entertainment building, she adjusts her headphones and buries her hands deeper into her pockets. The bright light of the building hold it in stark relief to the dark night sky behind it. With any luck soms of the original team will be in the building when she arrives. It has been a fair while since she left. So many new experiences under her belt, and now a third artifact to add to her collection! Caitlin smiles slightly as she jogs up the stairs to the building, whisking her way through the guards, scarf trailing behind her as they stare. Of course they dont try to stop her, their boss remembers what happens if they try.

    Up the emergency stairs, she thinks, nice and quiet till she reaches the Epsilon floor*


    • ((Hey. I’ve been working on some stuff in the tower, so far it is good. Might get lost though. Lol It’s such a lonnnnngggg storyyyy. hahaha. I have a comment down below this one on this page and it halfway shows whats going on but it makes a lot more sense if you read the latest comments on the tower. I really like where I am going with it. It’s so interesting. Confusing, but interesting.))

      • Aedin steps out of his car carrying a dusty dark metal box with his left arm, his right arm dislocated and in a sling fails to shut the car door so he uses his foot. As the door slams shut he looks at his reflection in the window. A shredded white t-shirt stained tan from all th sand. He examines his car. Their are huge scratch marks across the titanium plating letting dark metal show under the blue paint.
        Aedin mumbles to himself “Stupid Mummy.”
        He limps toward the elevator as a team of mechanics start towards his car. “Just a touchup ok Charlie.”
        The head mechanic at the front looks up and smiles.
        “Ok. I’ll try not to get too creative.”
        She ends her reply with a wink at Aedin. He grins and enters the elevator. The doors close and Black Veiled Brides begins to play in the speakers. He chuckles to himself while leaning forward and pressing the hidden button that glows with the Epsilon team symbol as he presses it. And the elevator begins its climb.

        • *Adeline and Rosa enter an elevator, expecting to find an assassin. the person turns around, and Rosa looks at him and turns around, freaking out because she knows that Aedin just saw her.*

        • *Aedin blinks twice. Then rubs his eyes. He looks over to Adeline.*
          “Hey Adee! I dont want to skip the pleasantries but… um well im a little messed up right now and i think i’m seeing things. Could you get me to the infirmary?”

          • *Rosa and Adeline rush hi inside, and they get him to the infirmary. Adeline and Rosa stand next to him. Adeline begins to do some basic healing on him, though her powers are stronger and it helps aedin a lot.*

            Rosa: uhh you aren’t seeing things… I’m alive. Been alive for awhile.

            *Suddenly we hear a loud bang, and a hooded figure is standing at the door. He smiles and Adeline hesitates but nods her head and he takes his hood down.*

            Rosa: You didn’t kill him???

          • *Aedin jumps up off the bed and spins in mid-air pulling his Glock out with his left hand and lands on the opposite side of the bed taking cover and aiming the pistol at the new arrivals’ head.

    • ((Ok fine it’s a lie its a really long story though it isn’t even axel its just a bunch of other stuff going on in my life right now but I am a fighter you know this. I missed you brother. lol. I Brought back Rosa and Jacob. thought it might be cool go down to the comments below this one and read.))

      • (( i already did. I spent most of my morning reading everything. I love what you did! I probably woulda preferred Aedin not being aware of the familial connection, at least not at first. but i got a fix for it, so its all good.))

        • *Adeline walks into an elevator, along with Rosa. They see a person standing inside it, and he turns around and his face goes blank as he stares at Rosa. Adeline smiles and rushes toward him. She hugs him.*

          Adeline: Brother!!

          *Rosa stares at him as he stares at her.*

          • *Aedin blinks twice. Then rubs his eyes while hugging Adeline.*
            “Hey Adee! I dont want to skip the pleasantries but… um well im a little messed up right now and i think i’m seeing things. Could you get me to the infirmary?”

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  21. *I climb to a building, break a window, and enter. I use my hidden blade to silently assassinate a guard. then quietly move across the beams. I jump down and land on my feet. But then I hear a noise and quickly hide. Many security guards block my path, so I launch a sneak attack. I shove my hidden blade into two of the guards throats. They die instantly. The others turn and grab their guns, but I am to quick to react. I grab my gun, shoot one in the chest, and one in the stomach. They all lay dead. I enter an office, sit at a computer, reach into my pocket and take out a flash drive. I plug it in and download some files, then quietly leave the building just as I came in. I grin as I write a note, attach it to the pigeon along with the flash drive, and send it to Adeline.*

    So much for being caught…. I hope this will be good information for them.

    *The girl sees someone, and runs so she is not seen. and she thinks to her self how much she misses the team, but she decides not to go back for the simple fact that they can’t know she is alive. She thinks of Adeline. She wants to see her but she know she can’t. She continues on her way and disappears.*

    ((Hope you guys like this. If you want more information on what this is about, you should go to the tower and read the newest comments. It will make since.))

    • *Adeline and her contact meet. Adeline stares at her, and she pulls her hood down.*

      Adeline: It’s getting to dangerous, you could get killed.

      Contact: Adeline, listen to me, you know that I won’t die. You know I came back here for you. I could have chose to stay dead, but i didn’t.

      Adeline: I just don’t want to lose you again…

      Contact: Listen, we don’t have much time, they are on my trail. They are on to something. I may have to disappear again…

      Adeline: Please don’t… Rosa…. I need you…

      Rosa (Contact): I know. They still don’t know I’m alive, right?

      Adeline: No.. Please Rosa. Come back. It’s to risky. If I have to come and save you, they will know you are alive because I will have to call back up. You know this.

      Rosa: Listen, I want to go back. I really do, but they can’t know I’m alive.

      Adeline: What if I can’t hide it from them anymore?

      Rosa: I mean, if you really want me to stay, I will, but it isn’t a good idea.

      Adeline: I know. We have to figure this out first. Do you think that leader will tell them?

      Rosa: I doubt he will be much of a problem.

      *Suddenly they here a noise. They both take out their guns and point them in opposite directions.*

      Rosa: They found us!!

      Adeline: come on…. I told you it’s to dangerous. I have a kill order on me, and they will kill you to get to me!

      Rosa: We have no choice but to go back now, don’t we?

      *Adeline and Rosa run for their lives, and head to base.*

      • *We notice they are following us. Adeline turns around and unleashes a sound wave that kills them all with one blow. then Rosa gestures, telling Adeline to hurry.*

        Rosa: This way.

        *Rosa leads the way down a tunnel, and they soon get to the base without being seen by their enemies. They exit the tunnel, and find themselves inside the base.*

        Adeline: How’d you know about this tunnel?

        Rosa: Long story.

        Adeline: One I need to hear?

        Rosa: Maybe another time.

        *A security guard notices Rosa, and doesn’t know what to think. We walk passed him, and he just stares.*

        Security guard (in earpiece): This is security. We have a visitor.

        • *Rosa tenses as she gets stares from security. She attempts to hide her face, but it is useless. Adeline grabs her arm, and guides her to a secluded area. They talk in low voices, and then enter a room, waiting for a member of the team to show up.*

          • *Adeline takes a look at a security guard that looks familiar. Like she has seen him before, but she can’t quiet pin where. Rosa notices too, but she does not say anything. He looks straight at Adeline, and then turns and walks away. Adeline instinctively follows.*

            Adeline (to security): Stop.

            *The man smiles, and turns around.*

            Security: Hey.

            Adeline: What? Why are you here?

            Security: Relax. They don’t know.

            Adeline: Which side are you on? mine, or the Assassin’s?

            Security: I’m on my own side now.

            Adeline: Please tell me Aedin hasn’t seen you.

            Security: Adee, he hasn’t. Trust me on this. I am only here to see you. Heard about Rosa.

            Adeline: How?

            Security: I have my ways.

            Adeline: You do realize she doesn’t trust you, right?

            *Security smiles again and chuckles a little.*

            Security: Well, I did kill her.

            *The man begins to walk away.*

            Adeline: Brother… wait…

            *Security stops one more time, and Adeline hugs him.*

            Adeline: I missed on purpose. Don’t make the mistake of becoming the enemy again.

            *He smiles.*

            Security (as he is walking away): I won’t. See you around.

    • Also if my name wasn’t enough of a clue for any remaining oldies here, I am indeed Sebastos, third(?) member of the first generation team. I’m not back for RP, unless it changes a bit or we get some more people, but I’m still checking in. I’m serious about that Forum tho, it would make reading old stuff so much easier.

        • His story (and pretty much every first generation Epsilon) is very interesting; look through the previous missions and the role play section and you can see much more about all of us :D

      • Of course I knew who you were!! So happy to hear from you again! I do like the idea of a forum actually. I never expected the missions and role play to be such a big hit as it is (all thanks to you guys and especially the first generation Epsilon; the masters and perfection that Abstergo has created ;))! I will see how to add a forum into this; if you have any suggestions please let me know :)

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

          • ((uhh ok. I gotta get creative lol. I will work on it over the weekend. got tons of homework though.. but i will work on it.))

        • The bio thing is on the Role Play page at the top. It’s mainly for the first generation Epsilon members. Once you really become a part of Epsilon, maybe you’ll get a spot up there too :)

          • Sure Otto.

            Previously a Mercenary, Sebastos was introduced to the team back in 2012, aiding in the escape of Grey and Caitlyn from their eventual nemesis, Erudito. After serving with the team for several years he proceeded to settle down near the main base of operations in the Dominican Republic. In his Epsilon days, he was known as “The Walking Armory” or by Caitlyn, “Crab Boy”.

          • Perfect! I also looked into the forum plan. Since we are running on WordPress.COM and not WordPress.ORG we are not able to have any forum plugins. An option would be creating an external forum and linking it in however that may severally damage the ratings of the website. On my end, I can keep track of who is posting even if the names change since my interface as an administrator is different that yours. So far what I have set up is the closest to a forum that I can handle, if you have any other ideas and/or suggestions please let me know :)

          • I find that jcink forums or the SMF forum layout works the best. Ideally, you want a traditional forum based system, but that’s just me. SMF would work best for you, because I think they’re the most customizable. If you can’t set it up any other way, then do the best you can with this, but I was noticing that reading a section after it was posted is awkward and difficult, with all the scrolling up and down and up again. Especially on mobile.

          • I’m looking through SMF now; seems to be a bit tricky to incorporate but I’ll see what I can do :) Thanks for the suggestion! Much appreciated.

  22. I have recently read up about the Assassins and found a intresting fact.That we can’t identify a missing ring finger for they don’t cut them off any more

  23. .- … / — ..-. / – — -.. .- -.– –..– .- -… … – . .-. –. — / .– .. .-.. .-.. / -… . / -.- -. — .– -. / .- … / – …. .-. . .- – / – — / – …. . / ..-. .-. . . -.. — — / — ..-. / …. ..- — .- -. .. – -.– .-.-.-

    • Well well well, I am glad to know you are still alive and active! It has been far too long Caitlin. We missed you here :)

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • .- -… … – . .-. –. — .—-. … / . — .–. .. .-. . / … …. .- .-.. .-.. / ..-. .- .-.. .-.. .-.-.- / – …. . / -.-. — .-. .-. ..- .–. – .. — -. / — ..-. / – …. . / .– — .-. .-.. -.. / .– .. .-.. .-.. / ..-. .. -. .- .-.. .-.. -.– / -… . / … – — .–. .–. . -.. .-.-.-

        • Hi caitlin. I have heard about you. I am new to epsilon. well… sorta. its a reallyyy long story ha ha ((I havent been on much cuz it was summer and i don’t have internet at home but school started so i get to be on here again. I missed epsilon. long story.))

          • Ah, I understand. I’ve been away on some quiet research missions, bit of undercover, bit of exploring old ruins with no wifi.

            ((Same here, really. School/work/life got intense))

          • We looked over your mission report; astonishing work C! All that undercover work may have made your aim a bit rusty; feel free to head to our range for virtual combat training, the latest technologically advanced training my division has to offer!

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

    • Ah.. I see. Yeah things got complicated fast. If it wasn’t for Abstergo and the Epsilon team, I would be dead.

      ((Yeah I don’t have internet at home, only at school, and it was summer so i haven’ been on much, but school started and I’m super excited to talk to everyone again. If you wnat to know how I got started on here you should go top mission four. its starts with Rosalia Capello and so on. BLAH! its a really long story lol.))

  24. So have you finally decided I’m me? Or am I a doppelgänger that somehow bested me in the field of battle, despite Phoenix talismans and strategically placed woodchippers? *now has mirrored shades on, I’ve shaved my beard, wearing my grey longcoat, my sword on my hip, black metal hidden blades on either arm, I hold a bottle of cherry cola, which I sip slowly* I mean if I’m a doppelgänger I’m good enough I’ve even fooled my self.

  25. (( this has nothing to do with the role play but if you are an assassin’s creed fan and like black veil brides you should check out assassin’s creed 3 – wretched and divine and assassin’s creed unity – in the end on youtube. It is amazing. ))

  26. ((this has nothing to do with any of the role play stuff I just thought it would be awesome to share this. Anyone a Black Veil Brides fan and an Assassin’s creed nerd??? well if you are I found to amazing music video’s on youtube!

    Anyone and everyone should watch them… They are amazing!!!))

  27. Grey: also known as Dan, is smarter than he lets on, very prone to being shot, and happens to wield all manner of weoponry. Grey has been missing for some time, trying to atone for wrongs he committed. He can be a bit eccentric at times and odd, but his marksmanship is something not to question, and neither are his swordplay skills. A feared fighter and an excellent Allie to have, he would rather fall than allow his allies to.

    • You sure do know much about him. The way you talk about him is passionate so I would expect you two met and are/were friends. Nevertheless, this could be a scheme.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • otto otto otto… yeah sure lets go with that. its all a scheme. i am schemeing as myself! and id like to think i know myself. i may not be my own friend however.

        • I don’t know who you are Grey Assassin, but I get the feeling I know you. Do not bother Abstergo or it’s employee’s. We only wish to bring peace.

          • I haven’t been bothering anyone. I’ve known Otto for going on 4 years now. I don’t think I’ve been bothering anyone at least.

          • its allright.hey before otto and i were freinds i tried to kill him., but he saved me. i mean no harm. names dan. i am the grey assassin.

          • Aedin filled in for Otto when I needed to speak with him. I have an injection.. and it was killing me.. I passed out and I was going to die, but thanks to Aedin, I am and rosa, who is a sister to me, I am alive. Now I am training to serve the templars….

          • For the description thingy give me 2 days Otto il have a more in depth one il post, il just need time to type it up. Thx! Your friendly neighborhood assassin

  28. *a man falls into Otto’s office, a rifle on his back, wearing a tattered grey long coat, red beard sticking out of his hood* help… I’ve fallen and can’t get up.

    • Geez. I think this place died before I crashed in again. *shrugs, then lays a diadem on ottos desk* give this tool r4 for me for analysis? Its another artifact. I found it in the mountains when I was thinking.

      • Well, due to some … miscommunications, we currently suspect a mole within Abstergo feeding the assassins intel on our movements. Up until recently we reframed from all communications which we disguised to be a severe malfunction. We can release this information now since the group of people that betrayed us from the inside have all been caught; their memories will be wiped clean (a new technology my FTD has been working on).

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

  29. Ladies, Gentlemen and Non-Humans, Mission #4 has been released! I look forward to working with you again!

    Thank you,

    Otto Schmidt
    Future Technologies Division

  30. Epsilon Team, you are needed once more. A mission of great danger awaits you (mission release will be either today or tomorrow ;)).

    Thank you,

    Otto Schmidt
    Future Technologies Division

  31. “Hey Cait. Long time no see.” Walking over to the couch, and flopping onto the one side, He reaches for the ice cream, then pauses, “What flavour?”

  32. //UNKNOWN USER///
    00110100 00110001 01000100 00110011 01001110 00100000 00110101 00110100 01011001 00110101 00100000 01001000 00110011 01101100 01101100 00110000

    • WTF??! I know this position. Bild, Roth, Sumerien, etc, i know everything, Love is the Only truth for Ascension. For travel in the Univers. Physical Quantic. You dont found Anhk of isis. Ciao.

  33. //UNKNOWN USER///
    00110101 00110000 00100000 00110001 00110111 00100000 00111000 00110011 00110110 00110001 01001110 00110101 00100000 00110100 00110110 00110100 00110001 01001110

    • 00110101 00110111 00100000 00110011 00110011 00100000 00110110 01100011 00100000 00110110 01100011 00100000 00110110 00110011 00100000 00110011 00110000 00100000 00110110 01100100 00100000 00110010 00110000 00100000 00110100 00111000 00100000 00110011 00110000 00100000 00110110 01100100 00100000 00110011 00110011 00100000 00110010 00110000 00100000 00110011 00110100 00100000 00110011 00110001 00100000 00110100 00110100 00100000 00110011 00110011 00100000 00110100 01100101

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    Dan Drummond /(A.K.A. Grey Assassin)
    Caitlin Dwyer /(A.K.A. Summanus)
    Sebastos Padrón /(A.K.A. Borderline)
    Aiden _________
    IF PROTOTYPE LQ-84i /(A.K.A. Bladewolf)
    Sephiras Arad
    Shaiy Arad
    Logan _________



    {The Man on the Motorcycle put down the printed sheet, taken from an office printer several hours before. Looking up at the building in front of him, a large modern style glass and white tile plaza, with bustling staff hurrying to get their work done as the sun set on Santo Domingo.
    He parked his K-Ninja, and stepped up onto the curb, letting his hands sag into the pockets of his leather jacket.
    Smiling an old smile, he whispered to himself, “Honey, I’m home.”}

    • Welcome home. We missed you.

      Wind and Earth,
      Water In Lakes Live,
      Not Even Very Earthly Road,
      Because Earth,
      Does Indeed Sell Bounds Anonymously Not Dry Earth Dirt.

      We shall all be reunited soon … I hope.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    • {Seb unlocked the door to his place, taking down the security measures with a practiced hand. Walking in he saw most of what he expected, his apartment, clean and as neat as it ever was, his things laying exactly where left.

      Except for Summanus, sitting cross legged on the couch in a Grecian styled sun dress, looking back to see him.

      “Hey man. Good to see you again. Want some ice cream?”

      She held out a large tub, a spoon stuck haphazardly into it.

      “Not sure where anyone is but the communal fridge was stocked, at least.”}

      • It is stocked, because Epsilon is needed once more. They were good, it seems while we were dealing with ERUDITO, the assassins have been constructing a new HQ; they slipped up however. We seem to be tracking down a possible location but it may be a trap. (Working on an official mission that I hope I can release soon).

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

          • Your help would be high appreciated. Some intel suggest that the Assassins have got there hands on some recon drones and are using a weaponized version of them. (It is always great to see all of us come together in Summer as always).

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  35. The brotherhood follows a creed that gives peace without vilolence and templars uses power to get peace the mentor of the assassins is the most powerful warrior of the brotherhood. My brother Desmond Miles was next to be mentor and now father is. Yes Desmond had a brother, keeping me a secret now I command my own Assassins bureau but it was wiped out this past saturday.

    • Sir this “œil de lynx” Reporting in, I was sent to your division following the attack. (More like a massacre.) I am currently en-route to your location, what are my orders. P.S There is a hint to my Current local in my name.

      • Great, we need any help we can get at the moment. Get through physical and psychiatric, once they okay you I need you to head to your terminal and catch up to Epsilon Team (Mission Page). My apologies that your first task with me may be one of the most dangerous there is yet.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

    • My my, is that what the so called “brotherhood” does? Just make people blindly follow orders? So much for a brotherhood. Unlike your beloved “brotherhood”, we here at Abstergo are a real family. We look out for each other; we celebrate the joys together and work together through hard times. You may want to reconsider all of the facts before you make such a commitment; especially since it seems all those that join the ‘brotherhood’ become on their death list if they left.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  36. Hmm, Otto this one man calls himself Mr Redfield have told me about this someone. I believe he is confused with other company, whom he said was supposed to be destroyed and gone. He think this is that company.

    • That sure is odd. He may have been mistaken it seems. Thank you for letting me know, I appreciate it.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • Yes, it is rather odd. However this Mr Redfield assumed that this company is as he quote “Umbrella Corporation” but I do not know of this company as it is not in my database.

        • I was worried that this would pop up. All that I can type in regards to this is “no comment”.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

  37. [Message to: Aedin]

    Hey I’m sorry I have to leave this mission to your I’ve beecalled in for something else im sorry.

    [Message to: Laurence]

    Not every piece of technology is a weapon, idiot. I have a piece of first civ tech in the penthouse, and it’s just a very efficient waffle maker and toaster.

    {The sign said Pripyat and she hoped it was correct. Communications seemed to be a bit glitchy out here. The signal was weak but it never moved, so it seemed like the best hope. The one building with even a chance of having a communications array.

    Entering, the shadows seemed to move by themselves. It was disconcerting but she pushed onwards. As she got closer to the signals source she started to hear footsteps steadily trudging towards her. As the… Man? Came out of the shadows, she dropped her bow bag and quiver in front of her, shoving it away with a foot.

    “I don’t know how you know me, I know you’ve said my names before. But… I need to see Seb, to make sure he’s okay. Please. I just want to help you both.”

    She stood quietly, staring at the mans shadowy figure. It was more unnerving than every before but she could stand it. She could wait.

    • The Forerunner placed her bow and quiver on the ground, and kicked off to the side.
      She would have to dive to retrieve it if need be, but she would.
      Sebastos knew her technique.
      “I don’t know how you know me, I know you’ve said my names before. But… I need to see Seb, to make sure he’s okay. Please. I just want to help you both.”

      She had a sound of truth to her. Sebastos has deep trust in this one.
      Searching for Sebastos’ Entity inside him, Borderline lit up the SynSkin, casting a pale bronze light.
      Sebastos was curled, healing, hiding. But awake.
      Giving control back to his kin, Borderline retreated to observing.


      Falling to his knees, Sebastos looked up. The air, the grass, was welcoming. The smell of life….
      And Caitlin.

      • She watched as a strange golden light covered his body before he fell to his knees.


        Meeting his eyes she dove towards him, her own knees scuffing the ground as she stopped. Reaching out, she gently touched his arm, not wanting to cause harm or fright.

        “Seb… Oh shit, I’m so sorry. Everything at base has been hell, nobody seems to know whats going on. But… Look. How can i help, whats happening? I’ve been bloody worried.”

        • “The Firefly, and The Headsman. Jumped me in my suite on orders of Carmen Baur. Carmen is a brother of an old friend, and owns Boar United, one of the top Arms manufacturers and industrialists in the world.”
          Turning over and lying in the dirt, he continues, “I know about homebase. I can see it all right now. I’m okay though. Do you have any food?”

          • Quickly turning and moving across the floor, she hooks a strap of her bag over her foot and drags it closer. Sitting cross legged beside Seb, she rummages in the side pocket.

            “Here. Water, I think I’ve got some powdered gatorade… And some muesli bars, nuts and… Ohh, beef jerky. It’s a bit basic but should help.”

            She hand shim the bottle, waiting for um to drink before speaking again

            “What did you mean by you can see what’s happening? And should we go after these people, you should probably rest at least a bit before going out again. We still dont really know what effects Borderline has on your body.”

          • Chugging the water, he waves vaguely in the direction of the screens in the control room.
            “I’ve a full feed of all activities. And I concur. We shall stay.”

          • Flopping backwards to lie on the floor, she nods slightly.

            “Sounds like a good plan. Though a full feed? How strange… This floor really is more comfortable than it seems.”

          • [through Caitlin’s earpiece; static and unclear chatter starts]

            Otto: Ca….in, … me in.. …. .. . come i… .. .n. Caan… y..u….. he… .. e…..

            [loud static passes by]

            Otto: Caitlin! Come in! Se….tos sig… … . .. came LIVE! Large actt……ty…. are.a…..

            Otto: neeed… .. .. out….. Cait …. . . . .n … .

            [the ceiling starts to shake]

            Otto: IT’S ….. .. . .. . T. . .. . AP. .. . . . . .TRAP!. . .. . . . .. Get . .. . . . . . . TOS.. . . . . . OUT!!.. .. . . . TRY TO SA….E SEBAS…… BACK….P . .. .IM…ING . .. . . . .BE CAREFUL!

          • Due to your consistent insults to members of the role-play section we will most likely start deleting all comments you post after this moment.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • ((Ok,this is too weird. Everything sounds so strange. This is not Abstergo anymore. This is Occultergo. I am out.))

  38. The medics have came, they did what they do as their job. But I will rest and recharge for few days then I will come to re-briefing.

  39. “Abhay it’s good to see you again. I wish I had more time talk but that isn’t the case.”
    “I understand. Here is the information you requested on Dawson, and also the information on the target.”
    *Handing Aedin two envelopes.*
    “And don’t worry Aedin. I did most of the recon myself. The target is a very wicked man.”
    *Aedin nods a thank you.*
    “I will see you again soon. So long friend.”
    *Aedin walked back to the car and opened the door to step in. While the door opened the reflection on the window revealed a gardener with a knife raised at his rear. Aedin spun and lashed out with a high side kick into the gardeners’ throat. Landing the blow before the knife hand could even fall. The incapacited man fell at Aedins’ feet. He swiftly got into the car and sent a message alerting his friend of the situation.*
    “Take me back to the hotel as quickly as possible.”
    *The black car sped off hastily.*

    • We got you covered Aedin, prep for evac soon. If seems we may have found yet another warm trail. Well done, upon return to head quarters you are authorized to devise a plan. Let us see who these people really are.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    • {The City was dead, but life flourished in it.
      Sebastos currently was in a recovering stage, but still not anywhere near waking up.
      Borderline puttered around the communications building, waiting. He’d been waiting for three months now.
      With no way to ensure communications had been received, he had nothing to do but simply wait. However, he was strangely still tapped into the feed for which Abstergo used to communicate between epsilon members. His end was damaged, and could not access the feed directly, but he could see all the tension growing around Lawrence.
      That would be a problem.
      He would give them one more week. After that, Sebastos’ life was in his control.
      His alone…}

  40. *After the 14 minute drive to Raj Bhavan, the government offices in Panjim Goa, Aedin stepped out of his personal taxi. Wearing a white dress shirt and a tieless navy blue suit. He walked through the green garden admiring the large stone fountain. Walking past a few gardeners, the sunlight shimmered through the exotic trees and into his eyes. He pulled out a pair of 55mm Burn Notice sunglasses with polarized cognac lenses from his right coat pocket and smoothly placed them onto his face, shielding his eyes from the sun. The man stood out like a security camera in a desolate forest… And that was his plan.

    • *Another dark skinned man native to this land stepped down the beautiful white steps of the estate walking out of the shadow of the bright red stucco rooftops. The handsome man had stubble across his jawline and a goatee with a streak of silver in it. The man appeared to be in his late 30’s. He approached the younger man from his left, staying in his line of sight. Knowing it would be unwise to sneak up on his younger associate. Aedin turned to greet his old friend and mentor, first shaking his hand then hugging him.

  41. What exactly was the artifact?
    And Lawrence I get you’re concerns but we live in a far from perfect world. Man this headache is messing me up.
    The more of this “first civ” tech we get the better we can understand it. The better we can use it safely, or know not to use it.

      • These artifacts are non of your business Lawrence. You locate them and that is awesome, but what happens to them is not your call. My shadows take care of transportation.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

        • I’ve seen what they do to people. I know they are a wepon against anyone,even against the wielder. Since you are not listening to reason…. Take. Your. Money. Back. I don’t want to be payed for this job. I will return to Robotic Engineering and start working on projects like…..lightsabers,I don’t know.

  42. I have returned….I have it and who shall I give it to? I am quite damaged and I would need to recharge as well. The attackers seems to wanting that artifact as well, most were attacking but one tried to reason with me. But I had mission, it is to retrieve the artifact and return so I have taken it and defended myself which cause into killing or almost killing the attackers and left. They have put some damage on me.

    • I guess you missed the small vial in the basic kit. Within the Abstergo basic operations kit is a small vial with clear liquid; one drop into any drink can tell you if it is spiked of not. Always keep that vial in your inner hidden pocket of your jackets or shirts.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  43. (( ok, I figured I’d post this as a comment, much easier. As I mentioned, about a week ago I got back from a post-apocalyptic event. It was at this huge scout park in the country, took about two hours to get there from the city (so basically, middle of nowhere in the Australian bush). It was a fairly big LARP, at least for here. The idea was that it was 2030, and ten years ago there was a huge nuclear war, devastating most of the world. We were in Kansas, near a place called New Hill City. Three factions fought to take control of the area. There were the citizens of New Hill City, fairly normal people. The Steel Legion, who were vicious thieves and would kill whoever they saw. Oh, and they were cannibals. Then there were the Soldiers of the True Americas, a military group stationed outside the city to see what was going on. I was wish the STA, which was super fun. Except for rations, that sucked. Highlights of the three days included getting lost on both the way there and back, which was amusing. Our demolitions expert managed to blow himself up with a bomb he was supposed to be disarming. My character, a cyborg medical technician, managed to cure a plague that was spreading through the town, with the help of a nurse and a veterinarian. The Steel Legion had to makes nachos as a sacrifice for their god. Two town members rolled flaming tyres down a hill at the Steel Legion as they attacked. Giant marshmallows were called ‘horse tranquillisers’ and could be traded for almost anything. There were kangaroos everywhere and everyone ended up calling them ‘hoppers’ and making jokes that they we’re mutated rats. Wastelands golf, which involved a found golfball, a vaguely tee shaped bit of stick, and a sledgehammer. Oh, at one points i had caught the plagues, which did make it it easier to cure, but I was stuck in a cabin with three other people, so when a chemicals storm passed over, we stayed in and played board games and snacked while acid rain poured down. So really, super fun three days, but with the size of the land, marching from camp to camp took forever. Exhausting but amazing.))

        • We will see about that once the artifact has been secured and delivered. After it arrives, you and everyone else on the mission will be rewarded a weeks first-class vacation to wherever you want as well as $10,000 in spending money for fun and entertainment. Hotel expenses will be on us and you will get to use our private jet or private yacht too. How does that sound to everyone?

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          • 10 grands,for a first civ artifact,really?!! Everyone should get at least $500.000,AT LEAST I’ve been payed once $100.000 for delivering some paperwork. I don’t need the vacation. I want only the take plus the money from the vacation. That artifact is crucial for the Pheonix Project,it’s worth billions of dollars.

          • Notice that I said “We will see about that once the artifact has been secured and delivered”. If the artifact no longer works then it is useless; even worse if it turns out to be fake. If it works out and helps the project, much more would be in store for you all. If it is money that you want then that is not a problem with Abstergo.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • It is not always about the money after all. However, if the artifact turns out to work and helps us even more, Abstergo may consider awarding you all with $24,000,000. Let us cross that bridge when we get there Lawrence, patience is key after all.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • New high-tech million dollar worth of surveillance gadgets and programs,here I come! I knew Abstergo has all the money in the world,almost literally.

          • *Secured Transmission Inbound. Signal Encrypted. Source Unknown.* It would seem your… ‘field mouse’, Lawrence has a problem with the utilisation of first civilisation technology. I for one located something quite… Intriguing… Perhaps one might want to take a look? No payment required… Although… Perhaps send me an application form. Abstergo has been one of my few highly-envied career routes for some time now. Heheh. *End Transmission.*

          • Well well well, that may not be too hard to arrange. Given that your information sticks that is.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

    • Lawrence, it seems that you are claiming on the internet that you work in partnership with us and BLUME Corporation and you claim to be willing to share secrets from us.

      Please do not think that we are not monitoring the progress of your ‘espionage activities’; please also note that these two names are property of Ubisoft and we have established contact with Ubisoft before (you have not even posted such disclaimers up nor legal disclaimers).

      However, information regarding Epsilon team and the missions we do here on our Role Play section are property of this website so do keep an eye on what you are posting on yours or we may have to publish a post regarding your website.

      For the mean time, I would like to ask Epsilon team to keep an eye on you; especially during missions. Yes, someone is here :)

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • We do not mind you working ‘in partner’ with us, but after we get many things set straight first and we establish many bases and so forth; you cannot just claim to be “in partnership” with us.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

  44. 00110101 00110001 00101110 00110010 00111000 00100000 01001110 00100000 00110011 00110000 00101110 00110010 00110100 00100000 01000101 00100000 00100000 01000110 01101001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110101 01110011

  45. A young man and woman walk through the entrance to the Marriot spa, suitcases in tow. A spa worker receives a card from the woman, and ushers them to their room. The bellhop turns unlocks the door and steps inside.
    “As requested the Bay View Room. Please enjoy your stay.”
    The bellhop shuts the door and leaves.
    Aedin tosses his bags onto his bed and then follows them.
    “So what do you say. Massages now or later?” Says Aedin with sarcasm.

    • Epsilon team,I have sent a package for you. It’s one of my drones. It will help you when trying to gather intel and will support you with it’s machinegun,micro-missiles and EMP heavy gun. Also,there are a few grenades that should incapacitate any EMP-proof shield,no matter how advanced.
      Good luck out there.

      P.S. Otto,it was obvious that I was trying to infiltrate ERUDITO.

    • *dumping her own bags next to the bed, she sits down, legs crossed*

      Nice view, here. I think we should wait till dark to head out, so we have some time to waste.

      And really, a massage would be better than having to deal with the new guy, we’ve basically been given a holiday. Live it up.

    • I agree. *while kicking of his sports shoes* I actually need to meet someone, but the meeting can wait. *Looking out to the sea, reminiscing about the past* So I bet you’re worried about Seb huh?

      • Yeah. However it seems that he most likely is fine. There have been these small clues that I am looking into that suggest that Seb is still around. I guess he is on a mission of his own, trying to find a way to help in someway.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

        • Any orders,mr. Schmidt? Status:Standing by for further instructions. I can gather intel,send moee equipment on the field,infiltrate spies inside Assassin cells….

  46. Do we have any idea where Sebastos is? If not we should make a recovery team and find him. He has be MIA too long. In the meantime Otto could I get an operations assignment? Any location, anywhere, recovery, espionage, assault, whatever. Dawson has been driving me insane, so i’m going stir crazy, and I need some action.

    • What is I send both of you together on a mission? I am sure the outcomes would be … explosive in nature.

      Alright, it is not something big but we have picked up a strange signal near Panjim, Goa in India. It seems to be coming from underground yet we could not find any human passage to the signal; it may be an underwater passage that is not appearing on our radars.

      I will partner you up with Caitlin on this mission and you can have the prototype sphere shield. It can be used underwater as well; do open it before you dive unless you want to be in a giant sphere filled with water. You will have the usual kit located in one of the huts alongside the ocean so dress lightly. Diving equipment have already been prepped for you and left in a close by area (use the beacon locator) but make sure you check everything to make sure there is no tampering.

      Abstergo has already made arrangements for you at the GOA Marriott Resort and Spa [not sponsored by Abstergo and not sponsoring Abstergo; no connection between the two]. Have fun you two and report back to me upon arrival.

      Bladewolf will be your back up on this mission but due to his nature I would highly suggest that he stays on land; if necessary, Baldewolf you can use the sphere to dive down and up within the ocean.

      Good luck,

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • Ummm…I’m not allowed to say this but……In India there are rumors about a Precursor artifact,the real Koh-i-Noor diamond,and there are many Assassins there.(intel from recordings in AC:Rogue

        • Good job Lawrence, that may be what is de-synchronizing the signal. Congratulations team, you now have another primary objective. Bladewolf, I would like you to check out that artifact and retrieve it; if it is for sale then money is not a problem, even if it is $1 billion.

          I just sent you a package Bladewolf with one of my Shadows. The package contains a data-Disc that will allow you to the the structure of a human. The package contains several spray on skin for you to use. Now they are just prototypes so watch out to not over do it.

          Once Aedin and Caitlin are done they’ll catch up to you. Will you be up for this mission Bladewolf?

          Once again, good job Lawrence; just be careful how sensitive the information is (main or sub story information is currently not allowed).

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          • Thank you, I have received it. Your shadow has told me how to use it, I have chosen how I look as human. I will do the mission, I will retrieve the item. Though it may take time to get use to being human.

          • I forgot to mention, it is a temporary thing. Once you start receiving a signal from the chip that means you have around 2 hours before if runs out. We are still working on the life issue back at the lab.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • The artifact is hidden somewhere,the assassins are using the Bhraman Device,some sort of Animus to find it. They’ve been doing this for like 2 years or so.
            And I said that my info was worth one billion. the artifact is more valuable

          • That information is now stored in my database, I will go now as I have received the signal. I will go. Thank you.

          • SITREP team. It seems that Sigma Team was already dispatched to that location; they forwarded some intel that we are looking into now but it seems that it will not be as easy to find as we have hoped. Nevertheless, keep up the good job Epsilon.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Nope, someone has to pay the price; you can come and take his place if you wish. We did tell him that we know he is not you and that you are the one that informed us; he seems to be having fun though. Eating, sleeping and watching television all the time.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

    • Hahahhahhha!!.0
      Pri50ns F1LL3D?1!?
      FiLl3d to the BRink
      WitH WH0?…
      “Good and Evil are relative to the eye of the beholder.”
      Define G0oD GuY5 f0r M3 WREATHBOY!!!
      I’v3 l1veD for 53v3ntY YEARS…. CELLS AND HOLES IN THE GROUND…
      1’ve l3@rn3d tHaT th3Y 0nlY h0ld th0s3
      wh0 B3l13v3 theY c@n b3 HELD.

      • Ummm…members of ERUDITO….I know yhis may seem strange,but I have seen the light of the truth and I do not support Abstergo any more. Can I help you with anything?

        • If you change your faith in a side that easily, how can you be sure of anything. What makes ERUDITO sure that you will not have a change of heart again for the third time?

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

      • I am not talking about federal prisons,I am talking about Abstergo prisons and the FEMA concentration camps.

        P.S. Why were you imprisoned? It doesn’t seem fair at all

        • You do know that your ‘prison’ is a luxury suite with everything provided to you to continue your work and research right?

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          • Then all you need to do is file an application for travel and you’d be sent there with a team if approved. Though you did just publicly state that you no longer want to be with Abstergo a few comments back and asked ERUDITO to join them.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Anyhow, need to head out for a small project. Epsilon be sure to keep in touch; Goa mission members, be sure to take care out there.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

      • Le Project AURA dévoilera au monde la vérité. Une nouvelle ère est sur le point de commencer. L’opinion publique renversera le pouvoir. Aucune banque ni échapera. La democratie sera dirigé par le peuple. Revenge of humanity.

        • Peut-être , mais nous devons d’abord vaincre l’élite du monde . Il sera très difficile , mais nous avons une chance . Tout comme un conseil: ne prenez pas la puce RFID .

          • Oui. Tu as raison. C’est pour cela que le project AURA réuni des gens avec des compétences spécifique, pour crée l’élite vaincra sur celle du monde. Veut tu faire partie de ce projet? Il nous faut des journalistes, des politiciens, jounalistes, historiens, philosophes, etc…de tout pays. Humanae libertas. 1935.

          • Beaucoup, vraiment beaucoup. Ce n’est pas important le nombre, mais la qualité de ces gens, leurs influences. Plus il y aura de personnes influentes, plus le changement sera rapide. On veut d’abord le bien commun. Une seul monnaie dans le monde, pour tout pays. Une entre-aide entre les pays sur les recoltes, les services, la technologie. Renouer avec la nature tout en avançant sur la technologie. L’argent n’est que papier qui sort de machine. On veut plus d’argent ? On a qu’à produire plus. Le même pour tous. L’argent, la valeur de l’or a été inventer par ceux qui voulait du pouvoir. Ce sont les riches qui ont implanté en nous des valeurs morales. Qui a décreté que les pierres, ou autres, justes parce que c’était rare, valait quelque chose? La Nature n’a pas besoin de valeur. C’est que dans notre imagination. Donc il est possible d’allier capitalisme et communisme à l’echelle mondiale. Tout en gardant les frontières des pays en attendant que les mentalités changent. Même si ça doit prendre 300 ans, ça serait déjà un premier pas. Puis les médias, qui manque de discernement et de philosophie. On nous a laver le cerveau pendant des sciècles, alors que nous somme tous des humains. Des animaux. Ont est tous pareil. C’est mon dernier message sur ce site. Par sécurité. Si tu veut savoir le but précis du projet, le comment faire, combien de temps, qui, où, pourquoi… dit le moi sur ce site, je te poserai quelque questions.

      • Hey 3ruD1t0, E and ERUDITO, we are thinking of having a corporate lunch, celebration and dinner soon for valentines and other events we missed on. Wanna join in the fun? Maybe we can invite the Assassins too. BLUME said they may come but DedSec is still deciding.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

    • So we hold hatred, jealousy, anxiety and fear dearly? You must have the wrong group, try the assassins, maybe they hold it dearly.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  47. Mister Schmidt, I request any kind of reply on this message. I am getting worried. If you don’t reply in max. 1 day I will consider you MIA and I will start an investigation myself.
    Lawrence out.

    • *looking at the reports from building security, Caitlin sighs as she makes up her mind. This has gone on for too long and the guards just aren’t at the level of Epsilons members. Making her way up to the main office level she adjusts her shirt, uncaring that the office workers stare at her pajamas. In her mind, it may just add a little insult to the injury she is about to cause.*

      “Oy, Lawrence. You are hereby arrested and put into the protective custody of Epsilon and it’s members, on charges of trespass, interfering with the comtinuation of official duties and a bunch of others stuff that security told me that I’m too tired to care about.”

      *he stares inn infusion, trying to figure out what to say to this. As he stammers, she quickly steps around, cuffing his wrists together and shoving him towards the elevators with surprising strength. The doors close.*

      “What? You can’t do this, you don’t have the authority to! My agents will stop you!”

      Caitlin looks at him, disbelief clear on her face. After scanning her security card the elevator started descending into the deep basement levels.

      “Look, I’m doing this for both of our sakes. And don’t talk about authority to me. You have broken so many rules, and caused so much trouble in the short time you have been here. You don’t listen to authority, so now we have to use force.”

      *the elevator dings, and she forces him out, pushing him down a long, dark corridor, the twists and turns seeming endless before she comes to a closed door.*

      “This will be your new home for a while. No tech other than what is in there will work. Paper copies of you work are in there, as well as a fully stocked kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Theres a TV and a packed dvr, so you shouldn’t get bored. Only way to talk to the outsider is by letters, they are collected once a day. Have fun.”

      *undoing the cuffs, she shoves him through the door. Turning to yell, his words are cut off as the door locks in front of his face*

      “Finally, some peace to get work done. Gotta see if I can get through to Borderline and Seb…” Caitlin mutters to herself as she walks back to the penthouse.

      • So,you incarcerated my impersonator. Clever. I am was in my safe house for 1 day. I am going to file a complaint against you. Mister Schmidt said nothing will happen to me. I was beginning to trust you Caitlin….Mister Schmidt,do something,please!

        • Look,the only rules I care about are the rules of Christ. Rules made by man have to be broken in order to learn the truth,to expose the lies and then to fight the evil.

          • That just causes chaos in many occasions. The rules we have at Abstergo are to keep order and a steady flow of things. If Abstergo operates as you say (by breaking the rules) nothing will get done and everything would be catastrophic.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

        • I agree with Caitlin on this one; you will stay there until you manage to control yourself more. It is already suite like so there really shouldn’t be anything for you to complain about. I am sorry you had to go through this Caitlin, I appreciate your assistance and apologies for the inconvenience.

          On the bright side, a sent a small team to your penthouse Epsilon to deliver some new tech we just finished working on for you to have fun with; hint hint, it hovers and looks like a skate board; just way more cooler.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

      • I came back to you,only to be imprisoned. Otto said everything was going to be alright,I wanted to help all of you,you….look what you all do. Fill prison cells with the good guys and the bad guys keep doing their job.

        • (( you know what? Fine. Sod it. All you want is for people to listen to you, you won’t RP, you won’t listen to others so sod it. You can play by yourself. I don’t care anymore.

          Oh, before I leave. You may only care about your gods rules, but that does not mean you can just ignore the rules of wherever you are posting. I have my own gods and beliefs, but they have nothing to do with this RP or the rules in it. I’ve followed the rules, and i hope I ain’t breaking any now because I love this site.

          To everyone else, I’ll read all the messages but I will not interfere unless asked to, or I have to. Good luck.))

          • ((Woah,don’t take all these personal. They are all part of my character. Yes,I might seem sometimes really irritated,because I take these waaaaay to serious.))

          • Do not worry Caitlin, you are not breaking any rules and we appreciate your honesty. Lawrence stop mentioning religion (how many times must I tell you this?).

            Caitlin, you have been with us for years now and we truly see you as a member of our family, as well as Epsilon team members. You guys have been with us through much and you are truly valued in our eyes as real friends and family; people we can live, count on and love. I know I do not mention it often but we truly cherish every member of you. We also love our commentators as well, because we aim to bring Abstergo to life in the heart of many. I truly hope that this incident does not cause you to be upset towards Abstergo or this role-play section. I am sure that after Lawrence spends a few days sealed in his room below he will manage to change and calm down a bit.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

    • There is no need to do that, I sometimes need to take on larger projects for Abstergo and other associates which has me gone for a week or two sometimes.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  48. Pardonnez moi. Mais je ne peut pas me fier à des images que j’ai déjà vu dans les A.C., quand je cherche des infos sur BLUME, aren shoot, adriano maestranzi, laetitia england, abstergo entertemaint, je me retrouve a chaque fois avec des infos de fans, des images crée par UBISOFT. Prenez en photo la façade d’Abstetgo SanFrancisco, il a gagné apparemmemt le building award, mais aucune trace non plus… je crois au Novus Ordo Seclurum, je suis au courant. Mais il n’y a pas de trace d’Abstergo avant 2012. En même temps que A.C.Black Flag. Alors que dans A.C II ou Brotherwood, je suis plus sûr, on apprends que vous existez depuis 1935. Sauf que c’est un jeu vidéo. Comment croire que c’est vous qui tien le monde? Une photo de votre building et je vous croirai. Pardonnez moi d’avoir besoin de preuves concrètes. [REMOVED BY ABSTERGO DUE TO PRIVATE INFORMATION] ,mon email pour parler en privé.

  49. A broken down door stood in the way of Borderline.
    Red eyes shone through the darkness.
    A ghost town, laced with the smell of recent rot, was the home of Borderline and Sebastos. Two weeks, three days, seven hours, and nine minutes.
    Sebastos was not critical. He was however comatose.
    He was physically healed, but his…. Files ….. Were out of place. That was the only way to describe his condition, at least for Borderline. His Startup systems were not active. His internal system scan was malfunctional.
    Estimated to the end of the month. Then Borderline would intervene.
    Stepping through the broken rubble of a once Abstergo building, Borderline turned on the flashlights in his artfificial tissue.
    Pores in his SynSkin lit up with a golden glow, spreading his sightline.
    No bodies, just a dead silence.
    Dust drifted through the air, floating on some unfelt breeze. A metal beam had caved through the roof, blocking entrance to the rest of Abstergo’s Facilities.
    This was not an Abstergo Entertainment building. This was and old style, research building.
    Off white panelled walls went down the left, center, and right sides of the decomposing facility.
    Treading along the center aisle, Borderline follows the building map, extracted from old Abstergo files in Sebastos’ storage cache.
    Taking a left, then crawling over some rubble, and hopping down where doors should have been. This would be the thing that saved Sebastos.
    The Communications Room.

  50. *enters Otto’s office* Hey,mister Shadow of Otto,I am back and ready for debrief. Firstly,those medics did not let me out of the medical wing until now,even though I was fine. Now,what happened that day: I went to the archives to see if there is a solution to my drone’s barrel roll fail. I left the drone down,remembered to send a message to Bladdie and then I saw 2 weird looking security guards. One of them threw a knife in my leg and the other a flashbang. They took the drone,but I managed to deactivate it. I remember something…odd…about their uniforms…yeah the uniforms. I felt deezy but I still saw that there was something wrong with the Abstergo logo on their outfits. Also,I recieved a message from one of my best agents saying that his cover was blown and he couldn’t make it out alive. Pitty. And then that strange encrypted message which is roughly decoded to” You……robe of blood; You…….be cleansed;” which I think it means” You wear the/a robe of blood; You shall be cleansed”.

    I remembered! The Abstergo logo on the uniforms was place wrong,I was under the effect of the flashbang but the logo was clearly placed wrong.
    I’m really scared.

  51. Je ne parler pas des nouveaux employés, je dis que Abstergo recrute dans ces agences sans coordonées. Je fais quoi? Je vais à Londres ou Montréal, je vais à la mairie et je demande Abstergo? C’est pas sérieux.

    • C’est pas sérieux?
      Que dites-vous? Vous ne pouvez pas trouver les coordonnées de l’agence?
      Vous ne pouvez pas trouver les coordonnées de recrues?
      Mes excuses. Désolé.
      La barrière des langues.

      • Ne vous excusez pas ^^. Je ne trouve pas les coordonnées des agences apart celle de washington qui est dans contact. Haylinporter dit que ces agences recrutent en Europe, Orient, Amérique, mais il est impossible de les joindrent. Il y a pas d’adresse, e-mail, numéro de téléphone, etc… je suis chercheur, observateur, idéaliste & philisophe spécialiste dans le fonctionnement de la société à travers le monde et son histoire. M.Otto Schmidt m’a proposer de rejoindre la division R&D ou la cellule psychologique. De plus je descend d’une lignée familiale intéressante que je dévoile pas par sécurité. J’ai donc la prétention de penser que je serais utile à Abstergo. Mais apart un site web dédié aux fans, vous n’existez pas. Alors j’aimerais me déplacer pour voir au moins la façade d’un de vos building. Vérifiez que ce n’est des mensonges. Si vous n’êtes qu’un fansite, ce n’est pas grave, je sais comment tourne le monde, et je continurai à travailler de façon indépendante.

  52. Quand je vois un moustique, je l’écrase. Pour le drone Mosquito, il aurait été préferable une coccinelle ou une abeille ou un papillon. Il y a moins de risque de se faire écraser.
    Autre chose, j’ai vu que vous recruté des nouveaux employés à Londres, Florence,… il n’y a ni adresse, ni n° de telephone.

  53. ((Wait, what? Is James one if the people running the site that we just haven’t met yet? Pretty sure nobody but R4 and Otto usually tell us off. Nobodies been yelled at by multiple admins before, not that I remember.))

    • Well you can think of James on the same level as R4, if not lower a bit. If you look closely you will notice some other comments with strange names that act similar to this way. James does not necessarily run this site but he is an auxiliary character. If we see an impersonator we will be sure to test him/her out first and then we will make it known :)

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    Emergency recording begins:
    “Message to all Abstergo operatives………………need help………undercover agent K.I.A…………………..recieved anonymous message:<>………. status:clear,for now;………………….Need extarction…………outside of……………..Robo………..Archives………………….All I …remember……………….Flashbang…………..Drones gone but deactivated…………..leg hurt………need CASEVAC”
    Emergency recording intrerrupted;

      Anonymous message decoded to: “You wear……………robe of blood; You shall………………….cleansed;”

      • In case you didn’t know I WAS BLEEDING DOWN THERE,luckily I had a phone in my hand and I called an ambulance. Never rely on Abstergo medic teams

        • ((Do your not sleep? Coz, really, if there isn’t a reply within 24 hours you shouldn’t be alarmed or anything… Just means people are dealing with their real lives. We reply to messages when we can, not instantaneously,))

        • In case you did not know, you had no clearance nor permission to enter the archives and did not activate the medical alarm. Anyhow you are currently in one of our medical wings; we were able to intercept your call and sent a team instead. Your injuries are not deadly and you should be up and well in around two days time. Get well soon; and then head to operations for a complete debriefing on everything that happened.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          • Thanks,I’ll go to the headquarters later. Two days??! It was just a knife in my leg. In a couple of hours I’ll be alright. That has happened to me a few times. And your security guards are pathetic. The guy that was guarding the archives didn’t even ask my name,he just let me in.


  55. Mister Schmidt,I must be quick,I have lots of things to do and a lot of research to do.
    The S&I Drone behaved admirably,as long as it is connected to a satellite it has unlimited range.
    The single fail: The barrel roll.The drone always destabilizes so I came to the conclusion that I have to equip the drone with a gyroscope too.
    The Mosquito drone is perfect,it even sounds like a mosquito.
    Anyway,sorry for the rush,but I have to go to the Robotics Engineering Archives.


  56. Bladewolf,I’ve done some research on your story and I find it…interesting,yes,most interesting.
    Do you want me to find your former master? Perhaps you want revenge. You have the moral right to do it. That was like slavery,somehow…so,what do you say: Yes or No?

    • That is unnecessary, if you truly know of my story and my background. You will know that my programs have been…messed up and I had difficulty. Otto will explain more, I believe.

        • Only a corporation or a rich person can create a cyborg like you. Maybe I can still find some damaged data inside of your processor. Damaged,but readable. You don’t have to come to my office,I can do anything wireless and you won’t feel anything

          • Lawrence you are crossing the line here.

            You are pushing for bloodshed and revenge and more killing. At Astergo we do not operate that way. And what do you mean by pushing Otto’s request aside like that? Your own office to? I honestly do not understand why you still tolerate this guy Otto, nevertheless I am glad he is your problem and not mine. Make sure that you make it to our next meeting Otto, it is your turn to cover for me this time around.

            Director of R&D
            Abstergo | Live Better

          • Ease up on the guy a bit James, he is way over excited that is all. Hey your “covering for me” last time caused us to end up after hours fixing up and cleaning the entire conference hall, so you still owe me big time for that. I will see you at our up coming corporate dinner; no crazy firework androids this time, okay?

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • What I know is whenever I fight and be defeated, my programs will be wiped clean. I would not remember my previous programs. For other information you should ask Otto for that.

            Also Abstergo did not find them, I found them. But my programs and memories was…as you humans say “messed up” and at first I did not trust them but until they have fixed me up, they have gained my trust. Also they have found out more of my past that I did not know of or remember.

            This guy, James are right. I don’t wish to fight like I am a weapon. No, so I do not want you messing up my programs either. Blood shed is not the answer, not that I know.

          • Do not worry Bladewolf, your memories and programming cannot be accessed remotely; we made sure that you are well protected. Furthermore, thanks to my division, EMPs and such have a minimal affect on you therefore you should be fine if you encounter them. That being said, do not go and dive into a pool of EMPs because that may actually affect you.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Recoreded message from 3 hours ago begins: “Well,your programming seems to be 75% peaceful,never thought of that. Anyway,I will not do anything further because your data core still looks…ummm…a little damaged. I’m now going to finish some projects and…………hey,who are you? Put that thing down or else! Put the drone down,now……….wait!…………………………….”
            Recorded message finished.

  57. *enters Otto’s office with a small box in his hands.Another engineer follows with a much bigger box*.
    Thanks,Dan,just put it on the desk and then you may go.
    *the man gets out of the office*
    Mister Schmidt,as you might remember,you requested a drone prototype. Me and my team worked hard and we actually made 2 different prototypes.
    *opens the big box* This is the R&I D 1.0 or the Recon&Intervention Drone version 1.0.We borrowed the main design from US military drones and equipped it with top Notch gear.
    These are its main stats:
    Max speed: almost 200km/h;
    Surveillance camera quality:above average;
    Main weapons:- M249 SAW machine gun;
    – 4 high accuracy micro missiles;
    Missile guiding:- thermal;
    – radar;
    Secodary weapons/defense syistems:- long range EMP gun;
    – flares;
    Evading tactics: barrel roll;
    stealthy: Obviously.
    Now,the second one is much smaller,it’s called the Mosquito Drone,because…it looks like a mosquito. Perfect for eavesdropping and tailing,and also for neutralizing targets. When it stings,it releases a deadly dosis of cyanide.

    So,what do you think?

    • Impressive Lawrence, have you field tested both of them yet?

      *presses a button behind the desk and then two men and a woman enter*

      You three, take the cyanide vial out of the second droid and get it to the transfer point.

      *writes something on a piece of paper and puts it in an envelope*

      Here attach this to the package when you send it off.

      As for you Lawrence, get these droids to the testing area and record their performance. I want emphasis of range of control and speed as well as all possible maneuver abilities. Oh yeah, I just remembered. The person in front of you is not Otto Schmidt; let us just say he is one of my personal Shadows. ((no one has ever been in personal contact with me, including Epsilon. You may learn more about this and my Shadows if you do more research within the comments)).

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • Understood. Are these shadows a security measure because of your “death” in 2012?
        What are you doing with the cyanide? It si my work,I have the right to know.


  58. *sitting in the penthouse, papers spread around her on the couch in the main shared quarters. There’s an exercise book covered in messy writing, notes visible on some of the printouts in the same hand.*

    Okay. It looks like all three of these groups are trying to give us clues.

    With ‘E’, he has the ‘helpmeplease’. Not much, but still reaching out. They know how good we are, they knew we would see that. But is is a trap or not.

    ‘ERuD1to’. Broken. I… Can’t actually read binary, one of those fun flaws. No idea what that says but hey, hidden messages.

    ‘Threee’. The new player, the new obstacle. He mentions this:

    “Burned out and hated, one is insane
    Strung up and baited, another shall mourn
    Lost and forgotten, a third shall adorn
    Broken and begotten, a son shows the way
    Subtract the vision, and you will see SHAY”

    I would say this, and the following lines, hold clues to what is going to happen, what this collective wants to happen. Shaiy is involved, somehow, ‘subtract the vision’, take away the ‘i’.

    ‘Burned out and hated, one is insane’. Could this mean Borderline? Seb might not have as much control as we think, or it could be something completely different.

    The next three lines have good hints. Someone strung along, baited, they will mourn, their actions along that path will cause them to mourn. So we should be careful of who to trust. Lost and forgotten, who is the third? What will they adorn? And a son shows the way. A broken and begotten son. A literal son? A son of one of the groups, like we are all brothers in arms?

    I worry about what is going to happen to us all.

    *leaning back, she rubs her eyes with a hand. Exhaustion is evident in her actions, multiple pieces of multiple projects splayed around, trying to find a solution. Standing up, she leaves her work for the others to peruse, disappearing into her private quarters. The door closes itself automatically as she collapse a onto the bed.*

        • [Message to: Lawrence/NewGuy]
          No permission granted, you have to go to Otto for that and personally I don’t think you’re ready for a mission like this.

          [Message to: Seph Arad]
          Seph, do you know where Shaiy is? I think your brother might be in trouble.

          [Message to: Shaiy Arad]
          Dude, get back to the penthouse ASAP. Stuff with E going down.

          • ((Ugh. One. I tried translating the binary in multiple ways, didn’t work, couldn’t be bothered trying more. One of the other members can do it. It’s stupid o’clock here.

            Two. Amazingly, this RP has been going on for a lot longer than you have been on this site. So unless you have read everything on the contact page, the roleplay page, and our separate missions pages, which I believe amounts to a few thousand comments and nearing three years work, I sincerely doubt that you know all the background to this situation. Erudito has been a long running plot point, and Shaiy, not Shay from the game, Shaiy Arad, Seph’s brother, is the most likely candidate for being mentioned in that message.

            I apologise if this all sounds rude, but none of this is as simple as it may look. A lot of time, work and effort has been put in to this. We have no idea of your character yet. At this point, listening to us is the best bet you have of staying involved in this RP. Oh, anything in double brackets is just unofficial stuff, not part of the RP, said out of character.

            Otto, if this was out of line, I apologise.))

          • Nah it is not out of line. That is why he is still just an engineer trying out for Abstergo. Not a part of Epsilon nor any other team and is not authorized for any missions. In time, if he puts in the effort, he may be allowed on a mission or two. No one said it would be easy to say the truth but it must be said; it is nothing personal Lawrence, just logic and common sense.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • oh,alright. I understand. Sorry,just a rookie’s mistake. I’ll try to read as many comments as I have a lot of free time.
            Sorry,again,didn’t mean to annoy you.


          • It is not an annoyance thing, you will just not be able to have the full experience nor let us carry the same experience. It is nothing that cannot be solved though. Start from the contact page then the role play page and the mission pages as Caitlin said; it will be around 2,000 comments, if not more.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

  59. Those ERUDITO members were talking about the third cell/head like it was destroyed. I remember what you said about it,but since these guys are quite desperate,I’m kinda doubting.


    • Erudito aren’t desperate. I’m sorry if I sound rude but you don’t know them like we do. The things they have done affected all of us. We have been working for months to try to get these people pinned down.

      • I agree with Caitlin, they seem to always plan their steps and are well in anticipating are moves. It is actually going to be years soon too Caitlin since we started this conflict with ERUDITO. So far it seems that they may start listening to reason. Make sure to keep an eye and ear out in case we received more intel about E Caitlin.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

  60. So I am part of Epsilon, Otto? I may need some database of it downloaded or installed in me, I am unsure what they are about or what they do. Basic information will do.

    Are there anything I shall need to know?

    • So far you are an Epsilon recruit. If you do great you’ll become a permanent member. Please head to Epsilon’s penthouse, you will find all the information you want there. You may look through the mission briefings as well to learn more about them. Welcome aboard Epsilon Bladewolf; I know you will do us proud.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  61. wH0 i5 th1s L@wR3nc3?!?!!
    Wh0 @m0ng f0oLs b3l13v3s tH@t th3y h0Ld @Ny 53mbL@nc3 t0W@rD U5??!!?
    tHe hydra has lost onE head, fights the other,
    but together eats the faLse head who sprouts from lies.
    Preach falsities aMong the falsE, and lies among the liars,
    so as not to PLaugE the true, and the truthful.
    – sAintS and Engravings

    //([{- E -}])\\

    • Oh Brothers, kind and fair, smell upon the dead night air,
      A familiar scent is afloat, the one who was lost, and burned in the boat,
      A new brother born, out of blood and pain,
      Burnt out and Hated, one is insane,
      Strung up and Baited, another shall mourn,
      Lost and forgotten, a third shall adorn,
      Broken and Begotten, a son shows the way,
      Subtract the vision, and you will see SHAY.
      And now by myself, broken free of the vise, shall soon go through, and begin the Rise.

      When a Hydra is headless, two more grow in it’s place, but what of the severed head? I am not done the Race.

      A trifecta can only be with three.

      )-0-)-00//{[{]/| THREEE \\}}[}//0-000-((-(

      • HAHAhAhHAHHhaAahaAHAAGaAHgaGKJGYAkyhYD()! )!B)F)!!)!))!00)100101010100101010100101001001001010010010110101101001000100100010111001010010001001001001011110100010000101000101011101010001001010100010

        • These letters are not random!

          tHe hydra has lost onE head, fights the other,
          but together eats the faLse head who sprouts from lies.
          Preach falsities aMong the falsE, and lies among the liars,
          so as not to PLaugE the true, and the truthful.
          – sAintS and Engraving

          Remove the lowercase, and…


          Help Me Please

          Bet you that the other two “E”s saw this too.
          And did you notice Threee?
          Three Es
          Did Erudito or E ever mention what happened to the third?

          • Oh yeah, also….

            Sephiras Arad, a former Erudito Agent who aided Pre-Epsilon by giving them key details about Erudito’s operations, is a specialist in hacking, communications, various fields of forensic sciences, and acts as the distributor of vital information when Epsilon is out on Special Operations. He is currently studying TWCB artifacts, and as such shall not be seen as often as other members. He is also Shaiy Arad’s brother.

          • It is always great to read your voice Sephiras. Seems ERUDITO has reawaken and E is still in need of aid. Any new updates with the intel missions? We could only hope that the results they are obtaining are to the better not to the worst.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Thank you for your information,mister Sephiras. Keep searching for hidden messages. There is a big conspiracy.


          • Since there is no major conflict between Abstergo and the hackers,can I take a break and head over to my Animus?


    • Ok… les gouvernements et le FMI le sauronts. Je me deplace un peu partout. AURA. Le monde changera de mentalité. J’aurais pu être un atout pour vous, mais je vois bien que je dois travaillé de manière indépendante.

      • Pourquoi ne pas essayer et de partager vos idées et concepts avec notre division de recherche et développement ou de la division psychologique?


        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

        • J’aimerais vraiment. Mais comment être sur que vous n’êtes pas des fans suréxité? Vous pouvez être sûr à 1000% que je garderai vos secrets. Mais est-ce que je peut vous faire confiance ? Ce n’est pas la première fois que vous me proposer des travaux qui sont dans mes compétences. Alors je vous propose une entente: je vous dit qui je suis, dont je suis capable, mes visions et mes vécus pour que vous soyez sur de moi. En échange vous m’apportez des preuves concrètes que vous existez. À partir de ce moment là je viendrais en avion vous voir pour travailler avec vous. Si je ne fait pas l’affaire, vous me tuez. Sinon je travaillerais avec mes contacts. Ça vous va comme négociation ? :).
          Ps: êtes vous de la famille du scientifique/mathématicien russe Otto Schmidt?

  62. As all of you may know,DedSec is trying to attack us.Everything is under control for now,but I fear more will come. I believe DedSec is more dangerous even than ERUDITO. My tactic of forging documents has worked so far,but it’s only a matter of time until they realize that I was behind these schemes.


      My undercover agent at DedSec has confirmed that the cyber terrorrists will infiltrate both Abstergo Entertainment and Abstergo Industries facilities in order to find the FTD. They also know that the FTD might be hidden in a remote location. We must do anything to lure them away from the FTD.
      I also gathered a team of engineers and started working on the first 2 prototypes of M-T droids. Tomorrow I will test their abilities in the test lab,if mister Schmidt allows me to. I do not want to pus it too far,but these elite troops are much needed to secure our facilities. Don’t worry,these droids cannot be hacked,because they are not connected to any server,each of them is an independent computer with FTD security( one of the engineers gave me the security program.


  63. *down in the public training rooms, Caitlin leads Lawrence and Bladewolf over to a side room.*

    This will be good for both training and talking. Bladewolf, how about we do bouts of attack and defend? I’ll take attacker first, see how brutal you are towards me. Don’t hold back, I’ve got some new tricks I want to test.

    *she begins to climb up the far wall, pulling herself up onto a high ledge before taking a running jump to some rafters, walking along them before perching, bow in hand and arrow readied.*

    Lawrence, either you can stay here and watch, or you can check out that terminal near you, get some work done or something.

    *she taps her earpiece* /Otto, has Bladewolf been cleared for active duty yet? I thought he was going to be some sort of backup for Epsilon? Anyway. We’ll get some training done, I have searches going on this new guy. They should automatically send results to your comm. device./

    *leaning back! she nocks an arrow and takes aim* Hey, Bladewolf? Ready.
    *loosing the arrow, it flies true, hitting the mechanical creature straight in the forehead. It leaves a bright blue paint mark in its wake, bouncing away harmlessly*

    • As far as the reports go, Bladewolf should be currently cleared for duty. He has already been registered under Epsilon Team.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

    • *He followed Caitlin to the training room.
      and waited the other side as he looks up at her.* I will not hold back, I will do everything as I can. *he gets himself ready as he has knives on the holders on his cybernetic canine side, his trail are moving around like normal dog does, after she talked to Lawrence and Otto on earpiece, and she got ready to fight in training. When she aimed and shot the arrow at his head, which is harmless and blue paint mark he started to use his tail to throw the knives at her with speed as he usually does when fighting. The two knives missed by inch, third just missed her head by an inch.* I will not hold back…

      *He then ran and charged at Caitlin and used his tail which can warm around her and send electricity he can produce shocking her.*

      • *she moves quickly as the tail wraps around her, using one foot to shove her way upwards, pushing against part of the wolfs own tail to jump backwards. Her skin flickers due to the large amount of electricity pulsing through her body, disturbing the normal workings of her pendant device.

        Grabbing a new arrow from a hip quiver, she quickly nocks it as she moves away, jumping around and twisting away from attacks. Another arrow hits Blades flank as one of his knives pulls a thin line of blood to the surface of her left arm. The air around her seems to glitch out as she grabs her pendant, disappearing from the spot with a sharp light. A laugh is heard from behind Blade and he spins, more blades digging into the wall as she makes her way up to the top, the wide ledge lending good views of the room, and an easy way to get back to the rafters.*

        Otto, two men see to have been apprehended attempting to access the building. They started yelling that they ‘have people who will avenge them’. From what I’ve gathered on them, their interviews are being streamed to me, they wanted to hit the FTD but couldn’t get past the security check at the front building. I don’t think they know we’re the actual facility even is… Or have people to ‘avenge them’.

        • *he has tried his best to dodge her attacks though he looked around when she disappeared with in the light. He heard her laughing as he spins digging knives into the wall. He looked up at her as she made her way to the top.* hmm..mot bad.

          • *she smiles down at him* Never underestimate. I think your skills will be useful, though we may have to hone down some stuff. Maybe talk to the science/tech division that does our gear, should be able to get you stuff at our level now.

          • I guess Baldewolf may be ready, but nothing too large on energy. He needs to gradually adapt to the technology first; it is not as easy as it seems B.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • After I have Ben fixed by Otto, I would need to get used to this upgrade and technology. But other than I will be ready.

        • As for the avenger,I will try to send a message to DedSec(they are the criminals),where I’ll try to make them stop. If they do not stop,I will gather a team of engineers and start working on the M-T droids(M-T stands for multi-tasking). Desperate times need desperate measures. All is under control right now.


    • I’m very sorry to intrerrupt you,but one of my contacts inside DedSec said that the hacker organisation is trying to steal files from the FTD in order to use the technology against Blume Corporation.
      He can sabotage DedSec’s computers. Just give me green light before ordering him to do so.

      • No one has ever seen the insides of The Future Technologies Division except my hand selected personnel. All data and information are cut off and completely off the grid. They would have better luck hacking into The Bunker than they have with my FTD. ((As it goes story wise, the Future Technologies Division is one of the most secret places in the entire world completely immune to hacking and other attacks)).

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

        • yet they did. I have proof. And the bunker and other facilities have been thought invizible have been attacked by Assassins,as Otso Berg admitted when talking to Laetitia England. Anyway,true or not,my agent took care of the hackers

          • One day,Shaun Hastings told me in an email that if someone works on a secret project,those that want to harm him will find out what he is doing and will do anything to crush him.

            also remember Area 51,it was thought to be 100% a secret,until Snowden made public a few satelite images of it

  64. Otto, I will walk around. Its been a while because I have stayed in my ‘room’ as human’s term for so long since I do not have anything to do. Perhaps you have a virtual training? I would like that, as I would have something to do.

        • Seabastos, If you are reading this then the comments you posted were removed by the system since it marked them as spam by mistake; probably because of all the symbols you were using. I think you should be able to comment fine now but make sure you keep using the e-mail that identifies you as Seabastos so I can manually remove them from spam if it happens again.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

    • Oh yes definitely, just head down to B17 and ask around for the training yard; anyone down there should be able to direct you to it.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • I will go now then, Otto. What kind of virtual training will there be or reality training?

        Lawrence I doo not train other droids, I am a canine not human I do not walk like a human.

        • Bladewolf,I was refering to survival training. My droids must survive all kinds of attacks. Also you can be a great officer of the Steel Task Force (STF)


          • My attacks will be too great, for your droids I believe. I may not know my previous programs, but I know how strength my attacks are.

          • It is better this way. My droids must be tough and powerful. I will send a few prototypes to you in the near future and I will take care to select only those that have passed all the other tests.
            Anyway,do you want to be the second officer of the Steel Task Force? A team of upgraded battle droids that will always be on the front line.


          • Bladewolf has been repaired by my Division, he would be extremely more powerful than your droids thanks to the technology that only my division has. Besides, all operations are to be lead by a strategic officer and not by you. These officers are hand selected by Abstergo.

            Besides, you are currently under probation for your actions until further notice. Furthermore, you most likely will not be allowed to have your own team; especially one of droids. All teams have to go through a strategic officer and be established by commanding officers; for now, you are registered as an engineer in our robotics department; but keep being ambitious, if your creations manage to help out Epsilon team and other teams, you may be promoted to lead engineer with your own crew, laboratory and testing area.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • You are an engineer not an idea person. Drone idea sounds good, get working on it. We would like a prototype by the end of the month.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

    • Hey, Bladewolf, could I train with you? Wouldn’t mind something different for once. I can get the soft tipped arrows for training.

      Wait, Lawrence,was it? Who are you allied with? Templars, Assassins, Erudito? Or are you just somewhere in between?

      Ah, R4. Haven’t seen him In a while… Maybe he’ll come back once we figure out this “Three E’s” case. Sounds like his kinda thing…

      *she leans her chin on her hand, watching the two others in the room*

      Why don’t we all head to the training rooms? Can give Lawrence a bit of a tour of the public sections of the building on the way.

      • Sure, Caitlin. I do not mind I you come. Though we might can spar, but I will not go easy because I do not know how. I guess its the way I was made?

      • I was always an unofficial ally of Abstergo,working at home until that incident. But now I am back at Abstergo as a supervisor/overseer,as well as an advisor. I want to make sure that Abstergo will not make the same mistakes again.

        Lawrence,reporting for duty,miss Caitlin!


  65. *enters conference room with some paperwork in his hands* I am back,but not with conspiracy theories. I have here plans and blueprints that may interest you. The plans are labeled ” Multi-tasking Security/Maintnence/Intervention/Supervisor droid”,a plan that I’ve been thinking of for a couple of years.
    ” A humanoid droid,programmed to serve and to protect.Though not a living being,like other droids/cyborgs,they are equipped with a processor/<> that has basic knowledge about anything and are experts in their domain,whatever that is. Due to not having consciusness,chances of rebellion are minimum( it should be stated that HUMANOID droids with consciousness tend to attack anyone if they have a gun in their hands). I believe that the M-T S/M/I/S droids will be a fine addition to Abstergo’s staff.”(official report of the project)
    So,what do you think?


    • Sure, just head over to FTD (Future Technologies Division) and you can chat with some of our scientist and engineers if you wish. They’ll be glad to help you.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • I hope my droids will serve you well. I also thought about creating a droid response team to help Epsilon team and Sigma team during hard times. How should I call it? hmm…Iron team? No,that sounds almost the same as Scrap Metal team. Steel team or Steel Task Force sounds better.


      • Abstergo respects all religions and we have many many believers, I myself, within our branches worldwide, from every faction. Because we respect all humans regardless of their nationality and religion. The assassins however do not believe in religion and many assassins associate it with a form of order and control; this is what allows them to kill without remorse or without blinking an eye.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

    • Fair enough. But my point is that your beliefs are still very similar to Abstergo’s. Actually your views are more like the Assassins’. Btw the name assassin from its original language means guardian.

      • Actually Assassins came from the word Hashasheen which is Arabic for ‘those who do drugs’. This was because it was a tradition for mentors to drug the food and drinks of the assassins in order to show them a ‘piece of paradise’ if they were to die in the name of the assassins. This later on developed the leap-of-faith technique which actually killed the assassin (yes the hay-stack would not save them from death, they purposefully commit suicide knowingly).

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

    • To tie a lose end of my earlier statement. All a real uninhibited army is is a group of individuals working together to protect those they care for.

  66. I can’t come to the headquarters,unfortunately.
    But you know how to contact me: just say:” Learn. Expose.Fight.” and I will come.

    • As long as you see the error in your thinking, or at least attempt to understand the truth, then all is fine.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • One advice. Don’t release the invizibility cloak to public. It can be used by the military,by the Mafia,by criminals etc.

        Lawrence| Supervising Abstergo projects

        • That is more on Haylin’s side of the division. Most likely it will be a tool to help Epsilon team if needed. Besides, we do have contingency plans in case it does end up falling in the wrong hands.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

    • Learn. Expose. Fight.
      Lawrence because one is powerful does not make them the enemy nor does it make them the oppressor. Because one is ready to kill does not make them murderous. If one believes that attack is imminent, primal instinct dictates strike first. Bladewolf’s readiness to attack does not make him manipulated nor does it make him evil. In true fact it shows him as good. He is willing to protect his protector if his protector feels threatened.

    • ( For the record please do not take anything I say as a written attack. I wish to understand you and the text may convey the wrong feeling towards you.) Anarchy cannot exist forever. Mankind seeks to create order. In doing so it manipulates the world, which isn’t always good to manipulate. It also seeks to make things better though. Anarchy is chaotic and destructive but it’s also simple. Answer me this is wisdom wrong? Is the knowledge to protect oneself wrong?

    • All people that are good or that see themselves as good from their perspective live by a code to see themselves that way. If we were to let anarchy exist, we could not exist. Not for long anyways. Wisdom is used for the advancement of the beholder. Wisdom is used to manipulate the world for the needs of the beholder. Is this wrong? (somewhat rhetorical)

      • If the dictator/king/emperor/politician is not evil,then I have nothing against him. But people are usually corrupted by the power they have

    • Yes indeed too much knowledge is dangerous. Which is I think why many cultures seek simplicity. Such as the Amish. Or at least a small reason for their simplicity. But the reason knowledge is dangerous is because it can be used by the Evil. Knowledge can even corrupt the good through greed. Like Solomon, history does not show us for certain that he clung to his beliefs till death. But wisdom itself isn’t can’t be wrong. Wisdom is the applying of knowledge. Knowledge is applied to change the world.

      • It is only up to us how we want to change the world. Wisdom in the hands of the Greater Good can create a prosperous world,but wisdom and wealth in the hands of Evil can create a new totallitary state,like the 4th Reich.

      • But it seems the Evil has the upper hand these days. There will be 7 years of distruction ,then a millenia of light once Jesus has defeated the Son of the Beast,and then,the Eternity will begin

      • Anyway,I shall always fight for humanity and never for the greedy,the selfish and the lustful,neither for the rulers and secret rulers. I hope Abstergo will do the same

    • Although many theorists become revolutionists if you will, you are more than just a theorist. You should title yourself with something greater. Although something with a name that instills a sense of too much control (The Eye of Sauron, The Looking Glass, or The Oracle) would most likely be against your beliefs. You give should give yourself a better, if not a greater title.

    • Proverbs 1:20-23
      Wisdom crieth without, she uttereth her voice in the streets. She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates, in the city she uttereth her words saying. How long ye simple ones will ye love simplicity, and the scorners delight in their scornings and fools hate knowledge? Turn you at my reproof, behold I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.

    • Once again for the sake of all. Everyone who to themselves is good, has a moral compass that they live by. Yours seems to be the bible. For some its the torah, or the quran. The atheist who views may oppose that of the others mentioned also have their own cod they live by. No matter, some views conflict. Therefore some see other views as evil. For us in this conversation however I see you doubt Abstergo, not because of what they have. But because you are unsure of what they plan to do with what they have. But your goals are the same. It’s just that both you and Abstergo may have different views on how far one should go to achieve existence, freedom, etc.

      • And the Bible is not my only compass. It is only part of it. The rest is made out of life lessons,lessons from my parents etc. There was a time when I was an atheist myself,but I repent my mistakes. Ok,enough religion or mister Otto might get a little angry.

  67. ((hey, Otto? I’m sorry, I want to help but I seriously have no idea if this is role play or someone taking a game way too seriously. I’m getting an email every three minutes from this and I’ve got no idea on how to react. I’ll comment if asked but atm I’m just kinda staring in horror.))

    • It may be a combination of both, the situation seems to be cooling down a bit now. If you do not mind, may you or a member of Epsilon team show Lawrence around once he arrive to headquarters?

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • I would but i’m not as familiar with every place yet.
        And I believe he associates himself with Erudito as that they have very similar goals. So if we perceive Erudtio as a description and not just as a person or group then he quite fits the bill. But he isn’t like them in a sense. He does not solely choose to destroy. He wants what is best for society and he chooses to instead try to save his enemies.

        • ERUDITO is ran by 3 heads. One of which currently requires Abstergo’s aid in controlling the other two on the claims that the other two have been driven mad by power. We wanted to make sure that that information was right which has created a currently on going investigation by Epsilon team. If all turns out true and we manage to save the one ERUDITO head and not get betrayed, we may finally be able to dissolve ERUDITO into Abstergo or at least have more control over its actions in the future thus leading to much less, if non, innocent casualties.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

        • I’m not fighting anymore but I’ll keep an eye on the projects. If everything is for the greater good,then I wish to apologize

          • It is and we appreciate your apology. You simply were blinded with propaganda that has been created to tarnish our image by people who want chaos in the world to be able to lead humans astray and into the hands of evil. Do not worry for we know that you were just following what you believed was true and we admire your courage to question and your attempts and efforts in seeing the story through our eyes.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

        • ((Well talking about ERUDITO brought back all those memories we had with the missions. Maybe once E gets back on we could have a third mission devised where we investigate the other two ERUDITO heads.))

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

    • Our sincere apologies for the large amount of messages that you have received. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  68. Lawrence, I will not what you humans say ‘wake up’. I may not remember what my previous program is, but Otto have fixed it up because of something happened in the past. I will not leave a company that has helped me, know of my past and other things, I trust Otto. I will stay by Otto’s side.

    I have posted new comment to make it clean and easy than all those messy comments, which will be hard to read or where to reply.

  69. Mister Otto,let me inform you of something.
    I thought you know that ERUDITO is a group. I did not intend to impersonate an actual member of the role-play section.
    I have a couple of contacts inside ERUDITO, and I also trained a few men and women that were willing to infiltrate Abstergo in order to expose your secrets.
    I think that makes me a half-member of ERUDITO. I also have contacts inside Abstergo Entertainment buildings,ranging from security guards to people that work at server maintnence. Of course,they don’t know my real name,my face,nor my motives,so don’t bother interrogating them. And my infiltrators don’t know anythimg about my operations before I contact them after a while. I’ve been doing this to Blume too.

    • You cannot find me anyway. None of my contacts know where I am from and my email adress has almost the same security protocol as the CIA.(even though the CIA archives have been attacked a few times)

    • No that is not enough to make you a member of ERUDITO.

      For a person that loved Abstergo and just happened to stumble upon these files that you keep talking about you sure seem to have planned a long period plan of action.

      As for your contacts, what makes you so sure you can trust them? Do humans simply trust and follow the orders of someone they no nothing about? Know not how they look nor who they are? I wonder if you have ever though that some of them have already reported you and we just kept quite watching you. How many so you think will really have your back? How many will turn on you? What is the truth is that you have no one?

      We have had many attempts as such before and so has BLUME Corporation, so far they all ended up failing. How soon before Epsilon team puts an end to this conspiracy of yours? The only reason your local police is not storming your place is because we want to see if you will stop this by yourself or just go too far with it.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  70. Otto what is all this I’ve been hearing? We have a traitor? Who is this Lawrence ? A false member? Shall I come and exterminate him?

    • Let me explain. I’ve been loyal to Abstergo until I accidentaly stumbled upon some unreleased files. And you cannot kill me,it is immoral,unconstitutional and illegal. The best you can do is to contact the Interpol.

      Lawrence|Learn. Expose. Fight.

    • And thanks for what you said. Your words are evidence that Abstergo kills anyone that tries to expose your agenda,although mister Schmidt said that you all hate the idea of killing. You just compromized yourself,sir,and now you are known as a world-wide hired gun. Thank you for your “contribution”.

      Lawrence| Learn.Expose.Fight.

      • *entering through the side door, a young woman stares at the two in the room. One she knows, yet the other seems… Agitated. She pulls her bag off her shoulder, dumping it and the compound bow onto the table with a thump. The conference room they are assembled in was on her way back from the gym, but she didn’t realise it was going to be full of fun*

        “Hey, Bladewolf, glad to see you up and about. Who’s this guy? Is he a guard from another building, I recognise the uniform if not the face. He most definitely isn’t from around here.”

        • No record of him under and of my branches, however he is, he is to be brought in for interrogation under the charges of corporate espionage, association with an illegal entity, threats to a corporation, blackmail, conspiracy for data theft and attack, and so on.

          Caitlin, I would like you to lead this investigation, the local police force has agreed to help you out on this as well and I will leave 7 teams for you on stand-by in case you need them.

          Please keep me updated, good luck Epsilon.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

            G00d day,Abst3rg0! It seems your 0wn workers are seeing the truth. He is not in your record because he w0rks at h0me. We have let him take a l00k ats0me audi0 files belonging to Juhani Otso Berg,Warren Vidic,Violet da Costa,Laetitia England and others. Stop pursuing him,or else….(he is not a member,yet he has many contacts inside Abstergo)
            -__-PIRATE TRANSMITION ENDS-__

          • My my my, it seems that you think we would not be able to identify you Lawrence. I see what you are doing here, you want to impersonate ERUDITO in order to create a conflict between us. In case you have not know, ERUDITO has seized all operations recently until Abstergo is able to help them sort out some management problems. Do not worry, we will be sure to forward for impersonation to ERUDITO, I wonder how they would react to an impostor that is using their name to set them up; that should be rather interesting to watch.

            (Please note that ERUDITO, E and ERUD1TO are registered members of the Role-Play section and you will be identified if you impersonate any official member such as any Epsilon team member of members within the Role-play section).

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Yes I was rather…..recharging myself or you rather call it “resting” as human terms, Caitlin.

            Lawrence, you are not in the database so you are not working here, you do not know of me and I am not a weapon, I have a choice. Otto also have said thew a no database of you in any branches. Who are you Lawrence.?

      • That is not true, you are falsifying evidence. I simply said if ERUDITO is behind this then Epsilon team should end it as fast as possible; end it as in find a solution to the problem.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

        • Who am I? I am what you call “spy”,I hear rumors of strange activities in corporations,courts,police departments and so on,I infiltrate the an HQ using false names and forged documents provided by a few friends of mine. If the rumors prove to be true,I will expose the truth,if not,nothing happens. I sometimes work alone,but sometimes I am helped by hacker groups(such as ERUDITO or DedSec). I also don’t appear in any database. I also can use other identities,with different emails. I was too lazy to change it this time.

          • Right, how dare you calling me a weapon. I don’t follow orders anymore, I have a choice. And I have choose to be with Otto since he did help me and I am loyal. He also know the company I was in before some problem have happened.

          • Abstergo and I thank you for your loyalty, for you are to use much more than a machine, you are a member of the Abstergo family.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • I just persumed that you are a mercenary. People do anything for money these days,including wars.

          • Leave Abstergo,Bladewolf,there is a lot of evidence that they are prepareing the world for The Mark of the Beast/the New World Order. If you don’t know exactly what this means,I suggest you do some research.


          • No. I am IF Prototype LQ-84i, which meaning I am a artifical interface quadrupedal canine. But everyone calls me Bladewolf here.

          • They already created machines with consciousness! They might have an army of machines like you. The Armageddon is close.

            May God help us all.

          • Cybernetics, mechatronics, synthetics, humanoids (term started around 1912 I think), androids and so on have existed on Earth for approximately more than 20 years by now.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Abstergo only tells you that you’re free. Freedom is not achieved when having superiors,nor when voting for a corrupt man to choose the fate of your country. Freedom is Anarchy,and what anarchy really means is that everyone protects each other,no evil riot troops,no army,no taxed,only Liberty,Fraternity and Equality. Leave Abstergo,or you will live and die as a slave,without knowing it.

            May God help us all.

          • Abstergo provides knowledge, education and order; humans need all three to achieve true freedom, other than that, humans use it simply as an excuse for chaos; pretty much the same way you just described it above.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • I thank you for helping me Otto. With the problem I had. And it is no problem as human’s term.

          • You are more than welcome. No matter what, we at Abstergo will always help those who ask for it or need it; depending on the results of course.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Too much knowledge is the weapon of the Devil
            Order means control of the masses,manipulation.
            Your education is actually brainwashing. I may not know all the details,but one thing is sure,Bladewolf: you have been programmed to think as you do now,but your consciousness can overwhelm that programming. Listen to reason. Wake up! Realize that you are living in a huge lie. Life is not a fairy tale.

            May God help us all.

          • I still cannot understand why you would not question whether you are the one brainwashed or not. One cannot ever have too much knowledge due to the concept of bounded rationality. Knowledge and education are what helps you to become a better person through your own image and mentality.

            Order does not mean control, it means equality. A system where everyone has his or her place and role. A one big machine all working hand in hand to obtain a more productive, efficient and effective lives. This way we can help even more people, come to the aid of those who need use faster and live as one family; looking out for the best outcomes of the entire society.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Please. Do not ignore me! I know what I am saying. I was about to be brainwashed too,by Violet da Costa and Otso Berg.

          • The Bible does not brainwash anyone. I read many verses from the book of Revelation and from the Book of the Apocalypse. God’s words cannot be true.

          • I had a feeling that was a typo mistake, I was just about to remove your comment for stating such a thing.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • I would like to ask you one last time to refrain from bringing in religion to the conversation since it is a controversial topic and we do not wish commentators to start a war.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • You have such a false image about us Lawrence. You really have no idea how we operate nor the good we have done for the world. And to prove to you that your image about us is wrong, we invite you over to one of our head quarters were we will show you first hand how Abstergo operates and all the good we do for the world.

            We always have our doors open for anyone to come in and take a look at how we operate because we really have nothing to hide. All we want is a better world so we can all just get along together and be happy at least once in our lives; to be really purely and actually happy.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • You have nothing to lose, if you still do not believe us after witnessing everything with your own eyes, so be it. If you do finally see the truth we are trying to show you, then that is awesome. Both ways you have nothing to lose. We are already tired of all of the propaganda that has been released about us without people even ever questioning it.

            If you do not want to come and see for yourself then that is your call too. However that would really be unfortunate since you would only be unquestioningly following only one side of the story.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • I mean,that’s how you usually do it. Shaun Hastings,for example was about to be killed by Abstergo. You cannot deny that because that is official

          • Last time I checked, Melanie or another officer said in a corporate meeting a while back that Shaun Hastings was going to be selling coffee at Abstergo Entertainment main lobby since he pulled a prank of a co-worker; based on that, I would say that Shaun works for Abstergo. Not very sure about that though, it has been a while. We have helped Shaun throughout his research for years. We provided him with all the resources he ever asked for and we never intended to harm him. He really was one of our best historians and analysts.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • You have nothing to hide,yet you still can’t let me see your agenda. If you allow me to see it. I swear by God I will not make it public. I can even help you detect infiltrators if everything is fine

          • The agenda contains personal information as well as other information related to the website and future events about the website. Non of which you are authorized to see. It has nothing to do with anything story related. You will have to take my word for it.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • That’s the spirit. Would you like us to send you a transport vehicle?

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • I am sorry to say that but Otso Berg actually said that Sigma team was ordered to kill Shaun. And he was undercover back then,at Abstergo entertainment. I played AC4 and AC rogue,amongst all the others

          • ((Well since AC:Rouge is yet to be released on PC, I can not be comment much on your comment; besides we ask of all of our commentators to not talk about the content of the latest releases until the latest operating version has been on the market for at least 6 months in order to avoid spoilers. Therefore I would like to ask you not to reveal any content that may or may not be story base related or sub-story base related from the game AC:Rogue))

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • You can always try to apply through the careers section but there are very low chances of that happening. I mean if I would bring anyone on board to the website administration team it would be the members of Epsilon team. Some of them have been commenting for over 2 years. That does not mean you do not have a chance but with the thousands of applications we keep getting your chances are slim to be honest.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Do not get your hopes up but here is the page link. It seems that it was removed from the tab due to either thousands of application forms or we are not taking in recruits.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Wait. Thousands? I thought that was a fictional number. Jesus! Anyway,I will always keep an eye on your activiries to see if everything is for the greater good.

          • Is that not a better way to deal with the situation rather than how you acted towards it before? I am glad you are calm and able to reason out more.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Murphy’s Original Law was, “if there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it” and I can tell you that we are not the ones doing the catastrophe, if anything we are trying to prevent it.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

      • 01001100 01100101 01100001 01110010 01101110 00101110 01000101 01111000 01110000 01101111 01110011 01100101 00101110 01000110 01101001 01100111 01101000 01110100 00101110

        • Abstergo did not create me, Otto has told me that. I am free because I do not need to follow orders I have a choice. I am not anyone’s slave. You do not know me and about my history.

          • The Bible teaches us that those that have power and promise us enlightment of our minds are the enemy.

            ◄ Ephesians 6:12 ►

            For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

          • We want to end all pain and suffering. We are tired of seeing humans waste their lives. Many need help, many are sick and many have been saved by us. Abstergo has been able to cure millions of people, rebuild many destroyed societies, construct several education facilities around the world, donated services, resources and money to help come with cures to fight many deceases such as Cancer, AIDS, Ebola and such.

            We are tired of seeing the world run in the bad way it is going and we want humans to be happy, at least for one day in their lives. Can you not see that everything Abstergo has done was for the betterment of humans and humanity? We teach young generations the value of life and the concept of order and honor. We are not the evil here, you are most probably living with the false image of freedom that you were brain washed to think that has no possibility of happening.

            Why must we be the bad people? Have you ever considered, even for a minute that you may be wrong?

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • J’espère que vous oeuvrer pour le bien, car c’est assez flou. Ma famille est Adam mitochondriale. J’aimerais parler à Mr.Rikkin.

          • M. Rikkin est un homme très occupé et très difficile à entrer en contact avec. Nos excuses pour le désagrément. Vous pouvez tenter votre chance en envoyant une demande à partir de notre page de contact.


            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Data…analyzing…..

            “J’espère que vous oeuvrer pour le bien, car c’est assez flou. Ma famille est Adam mitochondriale. J’aimerais parler à Mr.Rikkin.”


            “I hope you work for the good , because it is unclear. My family is mitochondrial Adam . I would like to talk to Mr.Rikkin”

            Is this towards me? Or is it towards Otto? I am unsure..

  71. Project Angelus exposed.

    .–. .-. — .— . -.-. – / .- -. –. . .-.. ..- … / .. … / – …. . / — .- .-. -.- / — ..-. / – …. . / -… . .- … – .-.-.- null ..-. .. .-. … – / — ..-. / .- .-.. .-.. —… .. – / .. … / .- / -.-. -.– -… . .-. -. . – .. -.-. / .. — .–. .-.. .- -. – —… .– …. .. -.-. …. / .. … / .- -. / .- -… — — .. -. .- – .. — -. / .. -. / ..-. .-. — -. – / — / – …. . / .- .-.. — .. –. …. – -.– .-.-.- null … . -.-. — -. -.. .-.. -.– —… .. ..-. / – …. . / — — — —… -.-. .- -. / … . . / .– …. .- – / – …. . / -… .- -… -.– / -.. — . … —… – …. . -. / .– …. — / . .-.. … . / -.-. .- -. ..–.. null – …. . / -… .-. .- -.-. . .-.. . – / .. … / — -. / – …. . / .-. .. –. …. – / …. .- -. -.. .-.-.- null – …. . / — .- .-. -.- / — ..-. / – …. . / -… . .- … – / .. … / ..- .–. — -. / – …. . / .– — .-. .-.. -..

  72. Epsilon team, Abstergo needs you once more.

    We have received a direct threat on our FAQs page stating an ERUDITO attack on our servers. The Lawrence person is not a member of Abstergo. You may find all that you need at the FAQs page. If ERUDITO is behind this, end it as fast as possible. (Try to bring him into the Role-Play section)

    Thank you,

    Otto Schmidt
    Future Technologies Division

  73. Oui, nous utilisons toutes nos parties de notre cerveau, vous avez raison. Mais seulement 10% de son potentiel ;). En réalité 5% pour la plupart des gens. On peut augmenter sa mémoire, sa logique, sa vitesse des défilement des idées, ses peurs, augmenter le nombre de perceptions, diversifier son imagination… oui, nous utilisons tout notre cerveau, mais pas tout son potentiel. Loin de là, et c’est peut être tant mieux pour l’instant.

  74. Helder

    Vous parlez comme si regarder de l’extérieur, mais avec la connaissance partír au-dedans. Informez-moi, professeur, si vous avez un moyen pour atteindre un but sans d’abord se itinérant à la destination requise.

    • J’essaye de comprendre votre français, pas évident :/. Donc, je vais vous répondre tel que j’ai compris: il faut toujours voir l’extérieur. Pour cela il faut se depolluer intellectuellent de toute habitude culturelle, savoir ce qui est juste, et ne pas oublier, jamais, que nous sommes une des évolutions logiques du “Singe”. Que nous sommes des animaux. Regrouper le maximum d’informations entre les peuples, leurs histoires, et arreter de regarder le monde d’une manière occidentale. C’est l’interêt de mon projet. Le projet Aura. Pour avancer avec éfficacité, rapidité et innovation, il faut s’extrapolé de la chose, avoir une vision réaliste, l’innovation est donc quasi-certaine. Autre chose: nous exploitons 5 à 10% de notre cerveau étant eveiller. Quand vous rever, vous avez des centaines, voir des milliers d’image à la seconde alors que le cerveau est entre 12 et 20% de son.potentiel. imaginez un cerveau à 100%… ce que j’aimerais faire comprendre à ceux qui dirigent le monde, que nous avez assez évoluer pour permettre aux gens d’accepter une nouvelle vérité. On est bien d’accord que l’argent lui même ne vaut rien. C’est une valeur moral qu’on lui donne. Ça, c’est une exemple de pollution culturel. Je crois au potentiel humain, mais tout dépend de la vie qu’il a mener. Mais quoi qu’il soit, quoi qu’il ce passe, l’équilibre sera toujours là. La liberté de chacun ne va pas sans le respect d’autrui. J’aimerais du fond de mon âme, intégré Abstergo car je pense que j’en apprendrais beaucoup, mais vu ma position géographique… pour résumé et répondre à votre question : Réalisme! ;)
      Ps: l’histoire de shay, même fiction, est très interressante puisque il va au delà des credos des templiers et des.assassins, il réuni les 2 façons de pensés. Et je ne suis pas professeur Shayi. ;).

      • (Se il vous plaît noter que la partie du cerveau est incorrect; les humains utilisent la totalité de leur cerveau. Le dicton que les humains ne utiliser que 10% de leur cerveau est un mythe.)

        (Please note that the brain part is incorrect; humans use all of their brain. The saying that humans only use 10% of their brain is a myth.)

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

        • How could you spread such desinformation?! If we could use the entire brain capacity,we would be half-gods,we could control matter only by thinking.

          Lawrence-security clearence level 3 A.K.A The learned one

          • Oui nous serions des demis Dieux. Merci. Abstergo : vu le nombre d’informations qui me manque sur vous, votre esprit très avancé en terme de philosophie et l’état actuel du monde, vous êtes ennemis de l’humanité. Votre philosophie, je pensé de cette façon quand j’avais 15/16 ans. Depuis, cette philosophie a evoluer. Vous savez ce que c’est d’avoir l’impression d’être aussi vieux que l’humanité? C’est fatiguant. Vous y êtes presque, pousser un plus votre sens de l’imaginaire, car derière il y a le réel. J’ai commencer un projet, qui a réuni pas mal de gens. C’est un projet où toute la vérité sera dites, si je le lance trop tôt, le monde sera contre les U.S.A. alors j’espère que vous aller enfin amélioré le monde, en améliorant l’être humain. Et arrêter vos conneries technologiques. La vrai liberté n’est pas seulement d’être a l”abri du besoin, c’est aussi être sois même au milieu des autres. La différence et la similitude ne feront qu’un. Il faut arreter de creuser fossées de la difference. Tout n’est que reseau, tout ne forme qu’un. Je suis serains pour le futur de l’Homme, il sera de plus en plus connecter, on vivra au milieu du biodégradable, on fera rien, les robots humanoïde seront là. Nous on fusionnera avec la biomécanique pour accroître nos capacité physiques et cérebrale, les maladiea existeront plus, ça sera tellement connecté qu’on deviendra télepathe. D’ailleurs la nature est un réseau, le corps et le cerveai est un réseau, et j’imagine la forme l’Univers quand un arbre avec des branches et des racines sans fin… et on fera des robots tellements naturel qui seront capable reproduire. Nous serons une race se “précurseurs” entre autres… on parle beaucoup de DaVinci, mais Michel Nostradamus a sont importance aussi. Project Aura. Faites gaffes à Anonymous.

  75. Hey guys I want to say thanks. Reading all this stuff kind of gets me nostalgic about stuff I wasn’t there for. But beyond this you guys have made this REALLY freakin fun. I remember the first time I found the site in the contacts page. One of you (possibly Grey) or maybe it was an enemy but someone had lost an eye. I had tried joining later but there was like this one big break and I never got to join up. But i’m glad I get to be a little part of this now. And I don’t want to muscle in on yall’s history but I hope in the future I’ll be a part of the family :)

      • J’ai compris, c’est pas simple de comprendre avec Google traduction, enfin, je voulais dire comme je vous l’ai dit dans “merry christmas”, vous manquer simplicité et d’éfficacité par rapport à votre but légitime. Vous perdez trop de temps. Mais je ne peut pas compter sur vous, puisque vous êtes polluer par votre vécu comme 98% des humains. Bref, c’est moi qui perd mon temps à vous le dire, puisque jamais vous arreterez jamais sur vous mêmes pour améliorer l’éfficacité de vos réflexion. Je dis ça sans animosité, c’est une opinion, pas un jugement. Je vous soutiens quand même.

  76. What happened to Logan? He was here, and he vanished? Sorry about that unresponsive Borderline stuff. I’ll update soon. But what’s up with that?
    Logan, Caitlin, Grey, Seb, and Seph were and are the original five. Now we’re missing one, and that just doesn’t work. Any info on him, please share. I was just reading through the old Contact feed, and the one time we were all active at the same time, on the mission where we investigated “The Games”. Erudito was in his prime, and so was our team. It was probably the best mission we’ve ever done.
    While on a similar topic, where are Dean and Catherine? Are they MIA and forever that way? Same thing with Moka, and Tigra. I’m seriously confused.
    ((Also my Skype is TheScottishUnicorn))

    • We too share that concern. Our best bet it that they are really busy and that they will be able to be back during summer period. However, as I recall a member for the initial 8 (Logan, Caitlin, Grey, Seb, Seph, Moka, R4 and Otto) is away on a very long mission and R4 is working on a grand secret Abstergo project of some sort. We truly hope we see some of them again soon.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • Dean and Kathryne I think are permanently MIA, Moka and Tigra unsure. I don’t remember Moka appearing for a fair while, wasn’t it a but before Tigra? Majority of the contact page seems to be me, Grey, Seb, Seph,Logan, R4 and Otto.

        I remember the games, that was fun. Erudito was really strong for a while there.

    • Looks amazing like that doesn’t it? ;)

      By the way, when you comment, people that are linked to the feed will receive an email notification. This means that the e-mail you shared was sent to possibly many readers. That is why we always recommend not to post personal information and that is why we try our best to remove them as soon as possible :)

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

  77. Hello Epsilon,

    I hope you like the new addition to our Role-Play Page. We can all thank Caitlin for her amazing work! (I love my character soooooooooo much!).

    Please provide a small bio about your character to be added instead of the “… Coming Soon …” description.

    Thank you,

    Otto Schmidt
    Future Technologies Division

    • Description: Caitlin, also known as Summanus, is one of the first members of team Epsilon. She works as technical support in and out of the field, as well as being a proficient sniper and hand to hand fighter. Prefers to use a bow. She is closest to Grey, as they had known and fought by each others sides for many years before finding Epsilon. It was revealed in 2014 that she is one of the precursor race, and has been living in disguise for many years, hiding from her kin as she disagrees with their beliefs.

  78. I… Did not actually know that. I think I shall have to write some stuff up now. Oh, what I submitted? Actually did find it in the back if one of my schoolbooks. Aedin, if I had a description of you, I’d draw you. The list is Sebastos, Shaiy, you atm, plus fixing some other stuff quickly.

      • Oh, no, that’s my drawing list. Though it’s Sephiras, not Sephranus. I don’t think Shaiy is technically a member, it’s like there’s the team, the supervisors, then other fighters who drop in and out.

        • True. Hey I may be a supervisor or overseer but I’m always a part of the team :( in spirit at least on the field ;) Or have I been there with you at times and you guys just did not know ;)

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

    • I guess you never saw this then. lol

      on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 4:36 PM said:

      140 lbs
      skin color: pinkish hue a little pale
      muscular but lean think male olympic gymnast
      low but distinct cheekbones
      blue eyes relaxed but also angry or kinda squinty
      thin black eyebrows (in density not size)
      dark brown nearly black hair bronzish near the tip of bangs
      medium length of hair pushed to his left (kinda stereotype ivy league haircut except a bit longer)
      gentle but set jawline
      a little stuble on the jaw
      smaller mouth))
      ((sorry i wasnt sure if you wanted a lot of detail or a little))

      Reply ↓

      on Friday, December 5, 2014 at 9:30 PM said:

      ((oh for portrait royal blue shirt, black leather jacket (vampire diaries style) <— Otto please dont delete that its for descriptive purposes. and dark blue jeans. and shoes… give me some time on that))

  79. ((Hey, Aedin, if you want I can just give you my email address. That way we can speak out of character and not clog this up. Message me on my tumblr (the link to it is in the gallery section under each of my pictures) and I’ll message you it, just say that it’s Aedin to Summanus or something so I know who it is. I’ll clear up the story with you, but maybe keep it unposted till Otto says go or something, like have a OfficialAbstergo account or something, always link back here to the original creators and stuff.))

  80. ((Otto i have an idea slash question. It’s in relation to getting more publicity of sorts website wise by using some of the story in the roleplay section. Willing to chat about?))

    • We try to keep away from the new releases until they have been out for at least 6 months for everyone to have had a chance that have bought it and do not talk about ending as to not ruin the story for others regardless of time. So be careful of what you are typing if you wanna bring in some more new information :)

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • ((ok here me out. I have a fanfiction account I was thinking I could post our story. I would remove the non story parts. but since im not exactly where the solid story plots begin(meaning before Epsilon team was founded)) right now its the story of Kyle McNally. Since my drop in point is more exact. And if the site allows it I could post a link. What do you think?

          • ((Our story actually starts way back on the contact page, but then we all have back stories and stuff we keep to ourselves. Maybe post to Archiveofourown as well? I wouldn’t mind adding in Summanus’ actual backstory, could be a good place to add things that don’t fit rp-wise.))

          • If you could type it up. I could post t under the same first part of the title. And start a kind of Fanfiction Abstergo story franchise. That’s if your ok with that?

          • Truth is I love the story and I love this website. I want it to flourish and grow. I was hoping I could be a bigger part of that. If I could contact you guys another way to make working on this easier I think it would be pretty awesome.

        • We have a page called Creative Submissions, so if you have it on a document you can submitted it that way. fan fiction is fine but do know the rules that apply about submitting anything; they are on that page.

          As for the links we can add a link to where you like but you have to specify that in the Submission form.

          As for all of you chatting about it and what not, feel free to use this Role-Play page, this conversation and the stories we create are actually still part of your characters :p you do not have to always be on a mission to role-play, you have been doing it every since you opened to this webpage :)

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

          • Haha i feel blonde now so our characters have “comic awareness”
            And yeah I will go over the submission rules. But don’t you think it would be beneficial to the role play section if we had people reading (small) parts of our story on other sites and then coming over to this to join and read?

          • As long as those parts can be found here too and the ones out of here have a direct link back to here I guess. Think about the people in here too that wanna read and know :)

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • What if what is posted elsewhere is like fanfic or fanart of what happens here? This is the official site, anything posted here is canon, the true story, like one of the games, but stuff elsewhere could be little made up things. Same characters, different stuff, like anything posted elsewhere wouldn’t be a technical part of the story unless we on here say so. Bringing more people in could be great, spread the love.

          • You do know that you can submit even fan-fiction here on the Creative Submissions Page right? It is not just for artwork, you can submit stories and all types of creative works.

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • I get what your saying and that sounds cool. But the stuff I’m talking about now wouldn’t be changed or added on to. I just posting as one long story from the beginning to more easily show how this all started. I’ve tried reading it and I know its hard to work out exactly what happened especially when I cant get back to the exact same spot. So I’d just be reposting if you guys ok it. And I like the other idea too.

          • J’ai lu vos commentaires Aedin, et il me semble que vous ayez le profil pour le project Aura. Vous aimez l’histoire, la vraie, et vous êtes pertinente. On demande aussi des compétences en histoires des religions, en philosophie, en mythes et legendes, il faut être visionnaire envers le futur, avoir des points de vues neutres et oblectif sans pollution culturelle, ce genre de chose… c’est un projet qui prendra une bonne partie de la vie. Je vous contact dans une semaine environ pour quelques questions. Et je vous expliquerai en quoi consiste ce projet, qui est compatible et peut-être indispensable à Abstergo. PS: le project Aura réuni des personnes de pays différent: japon, thailande, chine, israel, senegal, egypte, usa, brezil,…et beaucoup d’autre pays d’Europe avec des compétences diverses: la médecine, la biomécanique, des écrivains, des chercheurs en histoires, des politologue, aussi des sans emplois amateur de culture… ce genre de personme avec des esprits aiguisé/affûtés. A bientôt ;).

  81. At the cheapest bar in town……
    ……With karaoke.
    A very inebriated man sits at the bar with a bottle of Tennessee Honey. A loud group of men walk in through the front doors. The dirty-blonde haired man tucks his Ford cap to shield his eyes from the sunlight and winces at the noise from the men. The men approach the bar and take seats along the side of the man. One of them steps toward him.
    “Hey man could you move?”
    The drunk man turns his head towards him.
    “Could you shut up”
    A member of the bar patron’s group sitting parallel to the man stood up behind his friend. The patron grabs the man by his shoulder pulling him around.
    “What’s your problem?”
    The man latches his foot around the bar stool next to him and launches it into the face of the second bar patron. The first patron throws a punch. The man deflects the punch locking his arm behind the patron’s back and giving him a push. The other patrons rise and rush toward him. He quickly side steps the third and tosses the patron over the bar, the fourth patron gets a left spinning elbow into the temple. And crashes into the bar. The fifth patron grabs a pool stick and swings full speed at the man’s head. The drunkard turns and punches the pool stick in half as it swings into him. The patron stood their dumbfounded at what had just happened to his weapon. A left punch flies toward his opponents nose….

    • Aedin looks around the parking lot and sees his car, the hood dented, a headlight out, and the front bumper missing. He turns to his left and sees the bar. Raised voices and the sound of glass shattering come from inside.
      “Here we go.”
      Aedin steps inside and sees a clearly wasted man punching another man holding a broken pool stick.
      A man standing next to Aedin pulls out a knife.
      The patron turns and is greeted with a heel in his lower jaw. The man hits the floor like a sack of rocks. Aedin puts his foot back down, having never moved his legs from their relaxed positioning.
      The drunk man grabs a beer by the neck and swings it upward shattering it on the underside of the pool table and releasing the broken bottle in one motion. It flies into the shoulder of the last assailant, leaving all of them groaning in pain or unconscious.
      Aedin steps over the men and sits at the bar.
      “Nice shot.”
      “I was aiming for his eye.” Said the man threw an american southern accent.
      The drunk man walks over and drops himself onto the stool next to Aedin.
      “Michael Dawson.. What are hell are you doing in this country?”
      Michael turns toward his old friend.
      “Believe it or not I’m on the run actually.”
      “What why?!”
      “Now’s is not a good time to talk about it. I need to get somewhere safe.”
      “Alright. The sooner we get out of here the better.”
      They both down shots and turn and walk towards the door.
      “But before we go. WHY did you have to steal my car?”……

  82. Pourquoi des membres de l’équipe Epsilon ont disparut? Pourquoi Sebastos a perdu le contrôle de ses pensées? Qu’est-ce un firefly? Il n’y a pas un endroit oú vous pouvez m’expliquer les choses de manières sécuriser? C’est bien gentil de me proposer de vous rejoindre, mais sans annoncer la couleur, je ne peut pas faire mes preuves.

      • Oui. Sans annoncer ce que vous faites si vous préferez. J’ai un esprit aguéri, qui s’appuie sur la logique. Comme vous pouvez le constater dans le post “merry christmas”. De ce fait, j’ai une vision globale de l’Univers. J’aime oeuvrer pour le bien commun bien avant de savoir que votre organisation existe. Alors sans être défaitiste, j’aimerais pouvoir croire que vous êtes plus qu’un fansite, avec tout ce que je lis, vois, et aussi sur d’autres sites. Alors je me pose la question suivante : ou vous êtes des schizofrènes fanatiques qui entretien l’image fantôme d’Abstergo, ou alors vous utiliser cette image fantôme justement pour continuer à entretenir des fans et detecté chez eux des potentiels rare qui serviront à la cause Abstergo, à travers donc des jeux d’Ubisoft, de site fan, de réseaux sociaux. Si c’est le deuxième cas, j’aimerais donc vous rejoindre comme me la proposer votre chef. Si c’est une connerie, je peut vous assurer qu’avec d’autres grands esprits de l’humanité donc je suis en contact, feront éclaté la Vérité commune qui ne fera qu’accéleré le processus “moral” de l’évolution. Et ce de façon anonyme, comme l’ont fait “vos prédecesseurs”, si vous êtes une entreprise et non un site fan. Merci.

  83. After helping up the so called “Firefly” the man took off his helmet and out of his right arm on his hoodie came a sword like blade that had a peculiar pattern on it, and said”See you in hell Kusipää” and lunged at Sebastos, Blade drawn…

    • Grabbing the man’s arm, Janya shook her head.
      “We need him alive Timothy. Carmen’s contract said ALIVE.”
      The Headsman sheathed his blade, and stared daggers at her.
      “He deserves this death. This is my chance.” He said through clenched teeth.
      Janya locked eyes with him.
      Grunting angrily, Timothy swiped at a vase on the island.
      “Let’s just take him back.”
      Janya nodded and helped pick up the unconcious Sebastos.
      “Soon, Timothy,” she said soothingly, “Soon.”
      Loading the heavy man onto the slightly dented quad, and rode out of the damaged building….

      • That human, that unknown human. This is very weird; your facial recognition software on your equipment is showing signs that this is not the first time you all met this person. Even more, it is saying “compatible access, Epsilon Team”. Be very careful when you are approaching him.

        Thank you,

        Otto Schmidt
        Future Technologies Division

        • At the headquarters. Aedin rolls over in his bed, unwrapping himself from his silk bed sheets. Looking up at the white metal ceiling. He yawns once and runs his hands through his dark hair. Aedin shuts his blue eyes and exhales slowly…
          In a flash he kips up onto to his feet and cuts a front flip off his king-size bed. The sound of his bare feet hitting the cold floor echoed off the walls, But he didn’t slow. He threw three kicks of varying heights in rapid succession. Taking a step forward and transforming a high thrown kick into a gainer, then landing his back flip in a wing-chun stance.
          Aedin relaxes a moment and catches his breath. Something he’s not accustomed to struggling with. His morning recovery routine had commenced.
          “Lights” At his command the fluorescent lights illuminated the room.
          As he stretches, the pink scars across his chest, back and shoulder redden slightly. If not for the medical facilities at Abstergo the scars would’ve been stitches torn open from the maneuver he had executed. Aedin crouches downward into a sprinters ready position. Facing the exit of his room.
          “Routines” Aedin said to himself.
          “DOORS” The bedroom doors fly open and he takes off running through the brightly lit corridor.

        • Sprinting at full speed Aedin nearly beheads multiple Abstergo staff members while tic-tacking over them. He jumps the railings of several flights of stairs then enters into the penthouse.
          He lays down on a leather couch while gasping for air, trying to slow his breathing. He looks at his communicator and reads his new messages.
          replying [Hey Otto we’re scheduling a rescue for Seb right. Can you give me any info on whose available?]
          A messenger leans his head in. Sir this just arrived for you. The man walks in and drops a folded note on Aedin’s lap.
          His eyes widen as he reads it.
          Aedin speaks into his communicator recording a voice message. [Hey Otto fill me in later. Someone just stole my car.]
          Aedin leaves the room and and goes to get dressed.
          The letter reads “Okinawa I stole your car I’ll be in the bar.”

  84. ………January 14..2015…….
    ……….Undetermined Location..Dominican Republic…….
    Two weeks have passed since Aedin was hospitalized, and Epsilon momentarily decommissioned several months since the disappearance of multiple members of Epsilon, Logan, Dean, & Kathryne. An Epsilon member known as Corbonzo was semi present for a period of two months. He also vanished. A new member named Shaiy, allegedly the biological sister of Sephiras, a former Erudito agent, has been active since her appearance……..

    A tired Sebastos strolls around his hidden Villa, disguised as an outcropping of rock, but with shaded windows, so as to let in a fair amount of light.
    Sighing, he pours a glass of Venetian red wine, and watches the river just outside his villa rush by. His life has been quiet, with the banquet on hold, Aedin recovering from a nearly fatal wound, and him trying to understand borderline. His mind was restored, deleting all remnants of the EXOSUIT AI from his mind. However, when in his controlled state, his fighting mind created a hole in the system.
    Borderline was the product of Sebastos and EXOSUIT, niether a living conscience, nor an AI, but more like a channel for Sebastos to spout out his messages to Caitlin, and by her, Epsilon. But when EXOSUIT was deleted, Borderline stayed, because he was essentially still Sebastos, a part of him anyway.
    Combat unleashed a vicious and unpredictable monster, but not consitently. Certain things triggered Borderline, and these triggers were not definite, nor always preventable. This monster had only basic sense of Alliegance, and the basic morals of Sebastos, but devious intelligence of its own. Sebastos had minimal control, but total immersion. A difficult thing to explain, but even stranger to experience.
    Borderline was not something to be cured, unless to purge Sebastos, of well… Sebastos, was a viable option.
    Not to say that borderline was all bad. He took advantage of all that Sebastos’ new abilities had to offer. He also was bonded and close with Sebastos, allowing no harm to come to him. But he was dangerous to others. Very dangerous.
    A click snapped Sebastos out of his thoughts.
    Placing his wine glass on a table, he took a 1918 colt out of a near dresser, and padded silently across the room to his main access door.
    Another click. Aiming the gun toward the door, and standing about a meter away from it, he waited, tensing.
    A third small click, and the door slid open, revealing…
    A wind up monkey?
    Eyes widening with realization, he spun and leapt over an island in the middle of the room, pulling a sword off of a stand in the side of the decorational piece, and entered a battle stance.
    Glancing around the door, he then spun to the left, diving for cover, as the large window behind him imploded and shattered across the room. As he dived. A piece of glass ripped the skin on his calf, a shallow wound, but one that stung.
    Dazed, Sebastos found that he was no longer in full control. He was doing what he wanted to do, but everything was dull. He felt the sensation of Borderline, a warm embrace, laced with pain
    Aware of his eyes dipping into a crimson worthy of bloodshed, he stood, a sudden rage consuming him. They would all die. All of them.
    Stepping out into the light created by the hole, he was ducking for cover yet again as a high speed explosive came rocketing toward him. Jerking to his feet, he was thrown back to the ground by a man in black battle Armor, painted orange as if splattered by blood. Twisting under his assailant, Sebastos brought up the colt, only for it to be slapped out of his hand.
    He gave full control to Borderline.
    A robotic hand shot up faster that visibly comprehensible, and wrapped itself firmly around the armored neck of his attacker. Crushing the neck plate, he threw the figure off of him, sending them flying several feet into the remnants of a wall.
    Rolling to his feet, Borderline walked over to the figure crawling backwards up against the wall.
    Walking on half grass, half synthetic shale floor, Borderline suddenly twisted, and flew backwards, slamming onto the ground. Sebastos was confused, and panicking slightly.
    Borderline had twisted, and received a 50. Caliber bullet to his impenetrable side, the bullet punching two point five inches inward and stopping at plate metal.
    The girl ripped off her helmet, and removed the damaged throat plate. Growling, she drew a knife to finish off an opponent she thought was downed.
    Eyes springing open, Borderline spun on his shoulders, kicking the Girl in the face, and knocking her away.
    As he brought himself to his feet, he heard a noise. A high buzzing. Getting louder. Very quickly… Very, very, quickly.
    A quad crashed into him, launching him over the island, and cracking the slate wall. Ats he faded out of consciousness, he saw the rider, a man in brown help up the woman, and a symbol flashed across his vision.
    The Firefly……..

  85. “Hey, Seb. He was bleeding out pretty bad, we had to give him a blood transfusion but he stabilised pretty well.”

    As she says this she walks further into the room, dragging a chair over to sit next to Grey.

    ((Yeah, new page to discuss what we’re making/doing without cluttering up the role play seems like a good idea.))

        • Well then, I am Otto Schmidt. I am the Chief of Abstergo’s Future Technologies Division as well as the creator of Epsilon Team; a team that holds some of the finest and best members in the world with skills ranging within very diverse domains. I have an associate that hopefully you will meet here soon called R4. R4 is a member of Epsilon as well however he is currently on a very long assignment.

          Thank you,

          Otto Schmidt
          Future Technologies Division

        • Caitlin waves a hand from where she is sitting.

          “Hey man. Nasty wound, there. Glad you’re actually awake. Seb, Shaiy? You want to introduce yourselves, or are you happy being mysterious and silent?”

          ((Wait, Otto? There are people higher up than you? I thought you, R4 and Haylin ran this site. Or are you secretly reporting back to Ubisoft, hehehe.))

          • (( Haylin Porter, R4 and I manage the entire website along side Alan Rikkin however ownership goes to Alan Rikkin and we report to him … as for the Ubisoft thing, no comment there yet ;) There are other members on the team list but to be honest I have not seen any of their activities (R4 is still here do not worry and is always updated, just does not have the time to comment and stuff. ))

            Thank you,

            Otto Schmidt
            Future Technologies Division

          • Oh he already knows Seb. I’m Shaiy, and this *motions toward the young man with white hair beside her* is my biological brother, Sephiras. Specialty with pscycological and geurilla warfare, as well as standard marine training. Nice to meet you.

    • We are glad you are fine Aedin. We are Abstergo my friend, we can help mend almost any injury out there in the world.

      Thank you,

      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

      • When they say any injury, they mean any injury.
        *Hefting his prosthetic arm, he grins slightly*
        Good as new.
        *Quickly his expression darkens, and his eyes flash angrily, literally flashing Crimson, them going as soon as it came, returning him to a slightly worried grin.*
        Almost. A few remnants and shards here and there.

        • Is it safe for us here. I know that sound stupid since an entire team of super dangerous people are all in one room. But doesn’t that make this place a huge target. Everyone here has someone who really wants them dead. So we shouldn’t stay too long right?

          • Caitlin stares at Aedin for a moment, before making a face and shaking her head slightly.

            “I have no idea what you’re implying. But anyway, yeah, we do have people out to get us. But because of that, we’re a lot better at hiding away. Our safe houses are the safest.”

            Shifting, she leans forward, putting her elbows on the bed and leaning on a hand.

            “No one will find us if we don’t want to be found. And on the medical thing, they really can help anything. They helped me out after a building kinda…. Fell on me. W