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Caitlin: Caitlin, also known as Summanus, is one of the first members of team Epsilon. She works as technical support in and out of the field, as well as being a proficient sniper and hand to hand fighter. Prefers to use a bow. She is closest to Grey, as they had known and fought by each others sides for many years before finding Epsilon. It was revealed in 2014 that she is one of the precursor race, and has been living in disguise for many years, hiding from her kin as she disagrees with their beliefs.

Grey: … Coming soon …

Logan: … Coming soon …

R4: The mystery of the team. No information can be found about R4. R4 tends to help when it comes to information and mass electronics however R4 has been currently sent to a long term mission for a very secretive Abstergo Grand Project.

Sebastos: Previously a mercenary, Sebastos was introduced to the team back in 2012, aiding in the escape of Grey and Caitlyn from their eventual nemesis, Erudito. After serving with the team for several years he proceeded to settle down near the main base of operations in the Dominican Republic. In his Epsilon days, he was known as “The Walking Armory” or by Caitlyn, “Crab Boy”.

Sephiras: … Coming soon …

Otto Schmidt: Leader and supervisor of the team. When it comes to new and futurist technologies, Otto is the person for it. Being in charge of Abstergo’s Future Technologies Division allows Otto to always keep Epsilon’s gadgets and equipment up to date. In corporation with R4 during missions, Otto keeps a watch over Epsilon as well as providing several security teams, medical teams, extraction teams, construction teams and basically any type of resources he could possibly lay his hands on.

IF Prototype LQ-84i (Bladewolf): … Coming soon …



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    *the audio was static at best, but only one sentence out of the tens that made up the log was audible*

    “Must find Cait soon..”

      “Good luck finding me, mystery voice!”


        “Ooh, an imposter… or did I just hit the wrong button….

        Hey, master hackers make mistakes. Still, have fun mystery voice! I look forward to the chase!”

  2. PH4N70M ((Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin)) Thursday, May 23, 2019 — 4:04 PM

    [AUDIO LOG #87]
    It’s been two years since I’ve last been in contact with anyone I know. I think it would be time to contact some old friends…perhaps even my lover.
    This dang Bleeding Effect is getting worse by the day…it’s getting harder to tell what is real and what is the Effect…
    Tomorrow…yes, tomorrow I will begin my search for my companions.

    1. (Yo guys sorry it’s been so long. I disappeared for a while due to things going on in my personal life. I’m sorry. I’m hoping at some point I’ll have time to read and write a reply… but i don’t know when that will be.)

      1. PH4N70M ((Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin)) Friday, May 24, 2019 — 1:52 PM

        ((You’re fine, we all kinda disappeared so it’s completely fine. Reply anytime! :) ))

        1. (Where exactly did we leave off?)

          1. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 3, 2020 — 5:58 AM

            ((If ya’ll are willing to continue we can..up to you guys.))

  3. (Sincere apologies as well ladies and gentlemen, been quite busy taking a full on college class for GameDev, including normal school class with AP literature, as well as having a job. But on the side note…i tend to go offline once there isnt a word posted for a once i check thats when im behind. Love ya’ll and take care. This is Crow Harbinger signing off temporarily ^^–^–(?-?)–^–^^ )

    *After they get patching Jess he radios anyone on the team that is listening*
    “This is Corvus speaking, if any of you guys are listening…what is the progress? also how is this ‘Kelly’?”

    *Helps Jess up as he stops talking through his gas mask*
    “What is it babe?, i know you need help just give me instructions”

      1. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, November 19, 2018 — 11:09 PM


        *She winced slightly as she was patched up, nodding to C0rvus and ignoring the flare of dizziness that once again tried to consume her thoughts* “I’m fine…” *She then was looking around quickly for any threats, almost frantic*

        Kelly: “Well what’s it gonna be, Oddity? Kill me or not? Even if you did kill me…eh.. nevermind. Why waste breath on something useless?” *She chuckled, then tried struggling against Jacob’s grip* “Dang it..” *She kept trying to break his grip, kicking and rushing forward in a pathetic attempt to break free*

        1. *Takes it off quickly as he kisses her and puts it back*

          *Continues on his radio*
          “Guessing ya’ll can here me, i suggest someone pick up…we will be heading towards ya’ll”
          *Gets his motorcycle here for her as he hugs her*

          1. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, November 20, 2018 — 2:04 AM

            *She tensed for a moment when he embraced her, relaxing while trying to calm herself down, she let out a short sigh and rested her head against his chest* “…Cosa c’è di sbagliato in me … forse sono solo stanco …” *She muttered in Italian, not noticing her comm was on*

          2. (You are all good, I’ve been kinda the same way lately. Got a job recently, plus school has been super chaotic lately, and that’s my excuse for not replying XD. Anyway, no more delays! time to write up a reply.)


            My anger knew no bounds anymore.. I had become a rage induced monster.. or at least that’s what it felt like. All of the raw emotion had left me numb, hollow it seemed… but the anger, it was slowly eating me alive.

            “Well.. What are you waiting for?” Kelly’s voice pierced through my thoughts like a hot knife slicing through butter.

            I hesitated, knowing that this wouldn’t go over well with Jess… But Kelly was.. Is a traitor.

            Suddenly I heard a voice–a calming whisper. It was her… Juno.

            “Do iiiiit…” She called out.

            Sweat began to bead down from my forehead now, the glowing patterns along my skin beginning to appear, that distinctive First Civ pattern that had plagued me for so long now.


            I shook my head, trying to rid my mind of her voice, calm and serene as she whispered to me. Still–I continued to resist, trying to control it, though it became clear who was really in control as I unwillingly lowered my Glock to Kelly’s head at point blank range, my finger holding steady on the trigger.

            “Stop fighting… She’ll only get in the way.” her whispers predicted.

            Something in me.. wanted to give in at this point, like I knew Juno was right. Just as I began to let her take over, I heard another voice, a distinctive voice.

            “Adeline.. stop. I have a better plan.” Rosa said through coms.

            Not even a second later, a huge glass pane that gave a view of the city below burst into a million pieces, followed a loud thud, an Abstergo agent that stood next to Oddity laying on the ground as a puddle of blood began to seep out from his body.

            “Sniper!” yelled one of the other Abstergo agents, who began to open fire on us. I pulled my glock back up, and fired off two shots before kicking up a desk as cover for the three of us.

            “What happened to ‘stick to the plan’?!” I chuckled, shaking my head.

          3. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, November 20, 2018 — 10:44 AM

            *She chuckled softly when Rosa said she had another plan* “So ya ain’t gonna kill me now? Hah…gives me another chance…how sweet of you.” *She smirked, and kept trying to break free of Jacob’s grasp, even if it would fail*

          4. *He looks at her*
            “Just aftermath effects from your past experience with how long they left you in the animus dear, but I guess it also makes you tired”

          5. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, November 20, 2018 — 8:19 AM

            *She nodded, glancing towards a building, she saw someone standing on the roof, but when she blinked there was nobody there* “…I hate the Animus..”

          6. “Honestly..dont we all hate the animus?”

            *Gets on the radio*
            “This is Corvus, I got Jess now…gonna need your location ASAP”

          7. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, November 22, 2018 — 2:12 PM

            *She nodded, letting out a small sigh* “Heh…Desmond used to sometimes make jokes about it…I can’t remember what they were, but we used to joke around a lot.” *She smiled sadly at the memory, before quickly checking her hidden blade and phantom blade, muttering softly to herself* “Nothing is true, everything is permitted…” *She chuckled a bit, seeing a hallucination of a rather drunk Edward*

  4. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, October 16, 2018 — 2:21 PM

    ((Guys!! I’m back!! I’m so sorry for not being on in forever but I’m here now!!))

    *Jessie laid on the ground, shaking, her eyes were a crimson red instead of the normal amber, she saw guards, hallucinations, she couldn’t move* “h-hel…..” *Kelly snickered*

    1. (Welcome back! It’s great to hear from you again. I myself haven’t had much time, so my replies may be few and far in between, but I’ll reply when I can. Anyway, I’m a little confused… I thought Jess was gonna be going to the Abstergo facility with the others… is she like staying behind or is she coming with them? I remember that they were planning to use Kelly as bait so they could get in and out without any problems. I mean, She could stay behind but then I’d be confused on where Crow would be. I’m just kinda confused and I don’t wanna jump back in without knowing what’s going on.. lol it’s just been a while.)

      1. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, October 17, 2018 — 9:34 AM

        ((Jess had run off because of some thing before they had left..and Kelly.. she’s gonna do something. Hope this helps.. :P))

        1. (Ah. Alright. Okay, so I think I have an idea to get things back on track. So, what if Crow decides to split from the rest to go find Jess, and Rosa and the others were going to execute the plan without them? Only thing is, would that interfere with what you’re planning with Kelly, or does it work to your advantage? I just wanna make sure we’re on the same page. lol.)

          1. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, October 17, 2018 — 9:51 AM

            ((I can use that to my advantage, so if your back on track..? Sorry if this sounds a little rude idk))

          2. (Nah, you’re good. I’m all caught up now. One reply coming right up.)

          3. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, October 17, 2018 — 10:21 AM


          4. Rosa:

            Adeline.. I was still at a loss on what to think of what she had said to me.. But it was all truth. I could have just stayed with her… but I was so afraid she’d get hurt.. or worse. I was also concerned about Jess.. She is far from in a stable condition.. and Crow wasn’t with us.. He had to find Jess before something happened to her. It was like her delusions and hallucinations were getting worse and worse… I feared for her sanity. So she… She was the other reason we were here. Classified documents revealed that Abstergo was working on a possible antidote to prevent the bleeding effect… and it just so happened to be in this facility. So.. Two birds with one stone. Hopefully… I was unsure we’d pull this off.. Without Jess and Crow… But we couldn’t turn back now. Not only did Jess’s fate befall upon us, the the fate of the world was at stake. We couldn’t back down now.

            Shaking my head, I tapped my com and began to speak.

            “Is the bait secure?” I asked.

            “Affirmative. Everyone ready?” Came Jacob’s soft voice.

            “Ready.” Adeline replied anxiously.

            “Then it’s time to execute the plan. Adeline, remember… slip in from the back, I’ll keep an eye on you from up on the roof, let you know if any danger is coming.” I replied.

            “Copy. Waiting for diversion.” Adeline replied.

            “On it.”

            The black van with tinted windows approached, moving forward, and were suddenly stopped by two security guards near the entrance.

            “Kelly…?” one of the men began.

            (You wanna take up Kelly’s position? Jacob is in the back of the van with a gun drawn, and Kelly is in the drivers seat, they don’t know Jacob is in the van yet. XD)

          5. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, October 17, 2018 — 10:59 AM

            *Kelly smirked* Yeah it’s me. *She knew that if she gave out where the others were, she’d die or at least be dying.* “No need to check, it’s just some parts and components for the computers..” *She gave the guard a reassuring smile*

          6. Adeline:

            “Adeline, you’re up.” Rosa said, keeping an eye on the guards as the van came to a stop.

            I listened to Kelly’s voice over Jacobs com while I silently maneuvered myself around the outskirts of the facility. Looking for a way in, I came across a fence. No electrical wiring or anything, but I’d have to make it quick, there was a camera that kept a 360 view of the area. When it wasn’t pointed in my direction, I threw my bag over the fence and quickly climbed up, jumping down and taking cover behind some crates, slowing moving to the other side of the crate pallets, disappearing from the camera’s view, but the two men were in perfect view.

            I quickly and quietly took the suppressor from my bag, pulled out my glock, and screwed it on tight, aiming at the right man.

            “Locked and loaded. Waiting for your signal.” I whispered.

            “Now.” Said Rosa.

            I pulled my trigger, and the one on the right fell to the ground, his blood spilling out onto the sandy gravel below. The left fell almost simultaneously. Then, I moved into position, and opened the passenger side door, dragging Kelly out. She put up a fight, but so Jacob quickly rushed to my aid.

            “Alright. We’re heading in. get down here as fast as possible Rosa, we’re gonna need you.” I chuckled.

            (EEEK omg I’m so curious as to what Kelly is going to do lol. Also sorry it took so long, had some stuff to do.)

          7. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, October 17, 2018 — 3:01 PM

            *Kelly struggled against their grasp, but gave in after realizing that there is no escape now.* “After this is over I swear I’ll kill you..” *She glared at Jacob and Adeline* “…maybe if Jessie doesn’t die yet I’ll get the pleasure of finished business..”

          8. Adeline:

            She was only trying to push our buttons, find our weakness, and use it to her advantage. I hoped she realizes that her taunts would not stop us, we had no other options.. for we already had targets painted on our backs. She was our only means of getting out alive.

            I narrowed my eyes in response to her taunts, “You so much as try to escape, you’ll end up like those men back there.”

            She chuckled at such a notion, showing no fear at all. Still–I wasn’t going to let her get into my head, let alone make me a pawn in her little game she was playing. I refused to let her manipulate me.. I knew better then to listen to the senseless taunts she had.

            We had to move, otherwise we would be caught, as LED flashlights began to illuminate the darkened front entrance. I couldn’t help but grin in delight though, watching the security guards in their looks of confusion, not knowing what was happening. That in itself is how I knew we had succeeded in creating a diversion. We’d have roughly a few minutes to reach the back entrance, as it would be completely abandoned and unguarded at this point. And so, we made haste, hiding in the shadows of the tall facility walls. We came to a corner of the complex, and I turned back one last time to ensure no one had tracked our steps down as of yet. Then, I peered my head around the corner before looking back to Jacob, letting him know that we were good to go. A few seconds later, we were at the doorstep of the facility, which was equipped with a keypad. The only way for us to get in would be knowing the code to unlock the technologically advanced security.

            At first, I knew what the code was, or at least I thought I did.. but it proved to be wrong.

            “Uhh.. Rosa. We got a problem, they changed the code..” I whispered.

            “I see that. Give me a minute.” She said.

            “We don’t have a minute.”

            Suddenly without warning, the door flew open from the inside, and I was relieved to see that it was only her.

            “How the–” Jacob began.

            “No time, let’s go.”

          9. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, October 18, 2018 — 10:22 AM

            *Kelly smirked* “Oh I know.” *She thought for a moment* “…So. I heard that you guys had a breech in your little Epsilon building..” *She sighed* “Horrible security that was…a single Assassin able to break in..” *Kelly shrugged, and started coming up with a plan to escape, kill them, and leave unharmed*

          10. Adeline:

            I chuckled at her petty attempts to detour me from what we were here for, and ignored her as a group of guards surrounded us.

            Jacob quickly took full grasp of Kelly before she could escape, and pulled a gun to her head as Rosa and I pulled ours on the guards.

            “It’s a simple as this, give me the antidote for the bleeding effect, and the man we seek, and no one will be harmed.” I sneered, cocking my head at the one directly in front of me.

          11. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, October 18, 2018 — 1:14 PM

            *Kelly saw her chance, she bolted but was caught by Jacob, she sighed, then nodded towards the guards* “okay…you guys will not stop until you get your items…” *She muttered*

          12. (Heeeeey… what if a certain abstergo agent were to… belittle Kelly in attempts to deceive them??? XD)

          13. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, October 18, 2018 — 2:48 PM

            ((go ahead if you want ^^ I think it should make the story interesting))

          14. Adeline:

            I kept my finger around the trigger as a women approached. She stood out from them, and i clenched my fist in anger.


            I gave of a smirk, chuckling as i stared at them.

            “Go ahead and pull the trigger on her, she is no longer valuable to us anyway.”

            (Sorry it took me so long.)

          15. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, October 19, 2018 — 11:36 AM

            *Kelly sighed, laughing slowly raising in volume* “..You want…*laughter* me dead? I don’t blame you! *Laughter* ain’t don’t something worthwhile in absolutely forever! *Laughter* go ahead…pull the trigger. Maybe Oddity here can finish it..” *She had a lopsided grin on her face*

          16. (Hey guys! It’s been some time, hasn’t it? I’m so sorry I haven’t wrote a reply in several weeks, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time for much of anything. I will write a real reply at some point within the next few days though, I promise. :) )

  5. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, July 25, 2018 — 5:07 AM

    (hey guys.. I won’t be able to respond or anything for a while. Sorry. I don’t have much time so, if I ever do respond, yeah..I’m so sorry guys. Maybe I can rp more soon, depends. Also, can we all slow down on the cussing? I know I know.. weird for me to randomly say that, but ya know, if some random kid stumbles upon the site I don’t think they’d be too happy. Sorry about this again. Anyway, this may be my last comment for..a while..I’m so sorry guys ;-;)

    “ going dark..I..”
    *She trailed off, an expression of pain flashed over her features, then her eyes glowed with a blood red color, instead of the normal amber. She winced, shaking slightly, she stifled a painful yell, then she bolted off, not on her own control. She leapt over tree after tree, landing rough and kept going. She kept going until she was out of sight* (I am so sorry guys. Hopefully I can get back to responding again. I will do my best.)

    1. (It’s ok..just hope you are alright)

      *Notices something is wrong with her before she bolted off*

      “Jess? Jess!”

      *Looks at Rosa,Ade,Jacob and Kelly*

      “I’m going after her, I-I can’t”

      *Has my mask off and has a panicked look as a few crystals start to show up from panicking and fear as she takes off*

      “N-no no no no no no”

      *Puts the mask back on and makes sure every function except for the last one is on,Stabs a tree in fear and anger, and immediately rushes after her following the trails she is leaving behind*

      “I..I can’t lose you”

      *Makes sure the comm is on*


      *has a panick tone as I speak and leaves behind multiple crystals*

      1. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, August 2, 2018 — 4:04 AM

        (Hey..looks like I’m back. Sorry I haven’t been able to reply to anything..lot of problems in life. Anyway..good to be back! Though I may not respond as often anymore, I might be able to still respond. Let’s try to keep cussing to a case some random kid shows up.)

        *Jess kept running, the pain she felt trailed through her body. She felt as if she was melting, suddenly, she slowed to a stop, falling to her knees, she saw a mixture of memories. Being of her childhood, the horrors of the Animus..and the everlasting pain of her life, her eyes continued to glow red, until she fell onto her side, staring forward, her eyes changed to normal, and she cried out in pain as her entire body writhed in agony*

        1. ( are ok)

          *Still running towards the last direction she took off at and heard abit of screaming*

          “, she is going to die and I can’t do anything about it”

          *Doesnt know where she is at but continues running as I message her through the crystal*

          Where are you?!

          1. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, August 4, 2018 — 11:05 AM

            *She heard C0rvus over the comms, she replied the best she could* “I’m..not sure..” *She just layed there* “Can your.. motorcycle..track it..?” *She stifled another yell, she sent her location* (as to you, and Adeline too)

          2. *Has Lacrimae follow the coordinates*

            “On my way Jess!”

            *After 2 hours and finally reached her destination*
            “ ok?”
            *has no idea what to do but gets her up lightly and holds her close*

          3. ((hey guys… I’m so sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been going through a lot lately, and I’ve been highly busy. I don’t know how long it will take me, but I will read all the comments I missed and write a reply when I can.))

          4. Rosa:

            I looked at Crow with a sigh, she needed him now more then ever.

            “Go, I can hold down the fort until you get back.” I said.

            He nodded in response, and took off after her. Adeline looked to me, those eyes of hers filled with sorrow. She hated every minute of this.. knowing what could happen and what would happen. Jacob looked to me, and just stared, waiting for my orders.

            “We can’t do this without them.. I’m afraid we will have to wait for their–” I began.

            “We don’t have time. As a matter of fact, we are running out of time, and options.” Adeline replied, trying to hold all of her emotions in.

            “She needs our help.. just like we need her help. The least we could do is give her some time to come back around.” Jacob replied.

            “You don’t understand damn it, none of you do!” Adeline hissed.

            “We are trying to understand, but you need to stop pushing us away. We can’t help if you won’t let us.” I said calmly.

            Silence lingered for some time, as no one uttered a single word.


            I tried to conceal my feelings; emotions that I had held in for so long, hoping no one would see them. It felt almost as if I was and still am drowning in my own tears; screaming for help, yet no one could hear me… and no one would listen.

            “Pushing you away? Is that really what you are going to tell me? I don’t even know if I can trust you! Everything you told me before was a lie. You even faked your own death!” I chuckled.

            “Adee–” Jacob began.

            “Don’t Jacob. Just don’t. After all this time.. all the nights I spent crying my eyes out because of her, Aiden, and you. I needed all three of you, but where were you all? gone. You never cared about me.. you never cared that I took a glowing orange knife to my damn wrists, you never cared that I was falling apart, you never cared…” I said, my voice cracking as I quivered, tears beginning to form and roll down my cheeks.

            “If I never cared, why am I here?” Rosa responded.

            “So humanity doesn’t become enslaved.” I uttered.

            “Adee… Listen to me. We both care about you, we just hate seeing you like this. It’s almost as if you view us as your enemies instead of your friends and family.” Jacob began, pausing before continuing, “Rosa.. Go look over our little friend of Jess’s. I will take it from here.”

            “Fine… come get me if you need me.” She hissed, walking past him, her hands grazing his shoulder, gently pushing him out of the way in order to get out of the room.

            After she was gone, Jacob took another step towards me, my tears still falling as he reached his hand out for my shoulder. I jolted back, backing away from him slowly.

            “Don’t.” I quivered.

            “Adee.. please.”

            “No. Just don’t.. don’t lie to me like everyone else has. Don’t tell me that it’s gonna be okay, that we’ll make it through this.”

            “You know we’ll find a way.” he uttered, taking another step closer to me.

            Suddenly I felt myself push up against the wall, and I couldn’t back away any further. He began to close in on me, and my chest began to hurt. It was getting hard to breathe.. hard to think. reaching into my jacket pocket, I fiddled with my pocket knife, unseen by him.

            “J-Just stay back…” I begged.

            “No Adee. We’ll get through this together.. just take my hand. Please..” He begged, reaching for my shoulder before pulling me into a hug without warning.

            I cried more, hoping he would let go, but he didn’t. I didn’t want to do this; I hated having to.. but this was the only way to ensure the job would get done.

            Gripping onto the pocket knife, I flipped it open as I slowly took it out of my pocket. Before he could react, I pushed off, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. I pulled him back toward the wall with a loud thud, and put the knife to his neck.

            “Adee.. S-stop…” He tried to say.

            “I’m sorry Jacob… but this is for the good of everyone.” I said.

            “Stop!” He said as I pushed the knife in, a small amount of blood escaping from his neck.

            With salted cheeks, I reached for a smoke bomb, and threw it onto the ground. It created a white mist, giving me enough time pull the knife away and open the window, jumping out the window and landing on my feet down below before the smoke cleared. By the time it would have, I would be long gone.

            I needed to do this.. I needed to do what was best for everyone… which was disappear and try to complete this mission on my own.

          5. (Also have been busy)

            *Holds jess tightly*
            “Babe…come on, I know I can’t say “everything is ok“ but still. You have them and you have me in your life”

            *Uses his radio*
            “Rosa what’s going on? Everything good on your end?”

            *kisses Jess as he lets Lacrimae and Dolorem see if she has any wounds they can patch up in case*

  6. (Hey! Sorry it took me so long! I wasn’t getting any emails to alert me on a new comment, though it looks like I hadn’t missed much. I’ll post a reply.)


    “Rosa… are you crazy? If anything, that will just paint targets on our backs.” My tone was serious.

    “It may be the best option we have… they expect us coming, that much we all know, but… if we were to surprise them with one of their own.. we may stand a chance. Just hear me out.” She replied.

    “I’m in agreement, but we need to make a decision and stop arguing about this. We’re running out of time… all of us. The longer we wait.. the more time they have to prepare for us, but if we do this now, they may be less organized and easier to manipulate.” Jacob chimed in.

    I sighed, shaking my head before turning to Crow and Jess.

    “Jess… you should be the one to make this decision.. not ours. What do you think we should do?” I asked.

    1. (Oooof, well heading back to see most of my family since our grandpa passed away andbeen busy with traveling before the new family situation )

      *looks at Ade and Jacob while talking*
      “Time is short for us,that much is known by us right? Just a thin edge”

      *looks at Kelly for abit*

      “Si elle te tue … désolé mais après tout, ce n’est pas moi qui l’arrête. Si tu es vivant, ne le rends pas triste et ne tue pas quelqu’un qui n’est pas l’ennemi de nous … y compris nous, mais plus précisément elle, je veux que tu vois pourquoi nous faisons ce que nous faisons.”

      *Looks at Jess waiting to see what she chooses as I hum a quiet melody*

  7. With Adeline talking to C0rvus, I found myself alone with Lacrimae and Jacob. It was nothing but awkward silence for some time, for none of us had anything to say to each other. All I did was study their faces.. Especially Jacob.

    I felt like my mind was adrift in an endless sea of pitch black.

    After everything that Jacob had done… how he killed my family in cold blood… how he tried to kill me and lead Epsilon into a trap. He couldn’t make up for what he had done… So how was I supposed to trust him? And the thought that Adeline did trust him.. that he was with us on this mission, and the fact she betrayed Epsilon; why? Why did she do it? She had a family with Epsilon.. she had a place where she belonged…

    Suddenly I felt a hand snaking up to my shoulder. Knowing it was him, i whipped my head around and twisted his arm, letting him go as he shrieked. He stumbled, his back hitting the wall with a loud thud.

    “Don’t touch me.” My eyes narrowed as I glared at him.

    Lacrimae raised her brow as she looked to me, unaware of the extensive past between the two of us.

    “Can you give as a minute, mae? I think Rosa and I need to talk.” Said he, attempting to gain his bearings.

    She nodded and left the room.

    “I’m not sorry.” I said, my tone serious.

    “I know… look I know I can’t make up for all the harm I’ve caused, I can’t make up for the death of your family.. I can’t take back the past. I know all of this… I was consumed by my lust for power and the brainwashing had done a number on me… I know. That is no excuse, but hear me out–” he began.

    “What? You gonna say sorry? Like that makes up for all the harm you caused.. and the fact that she trusts you–its sickening.” I clenched my fists, the heat building on my face as I felt the hatred that I had kept bottled up for so long was beginning to show once more.

    “I know an apology doesn’t cut it… I know you don’t trust me.. but please for her sake let’s just try to get along… she isn’t in the best mental state.” Said Jacob.

    “Obviously.. because if she wasn’t she would have never broken you out..” i said through gritted teeth.

    “Haven’t you looked at her lately… this is the skinniest she has been in a long time… she hasn’t been eating, she can’t get sleep, and it’s almost as if she is pushing us all away..”

    There was a moment of silence before I replied, “I know.. but there isn’t much I can do… it’s Juno. She’s trying to get into her head. If Adeline gives in..”

    “Exactly… she needs us both. So just this once, can we set aside our differences and be the brother and best friend she needs?” He asked.

    “Perhaps.. speaking of which shouldn’t she be back by now?” I asked, raising my brow.

    “Yeah.. it’s been a while since she went with C0rvus.” Said Jacob.

    I gave him a serious look, “something’s up, im radioing the others.” I paused, tapping my ear piece and speaking into it, “has anyone seen Adeline?”

    I waited for a moment before I got a reply, “last time I saw anything she had parted from C0rvus and went down the hall.” Came Lacrimaes voice.

    “Copy that. Thanks.” I said before looking to him, “come on..” I said, gesturing for him to follow as I looked to him.

    He nodded and we left the big room and wandered out into the hall. As we went further and further down the vast corridor, we came to find a room.. a door that was half opened. Touching the door knob, I slowly opened it, and it made a loud creaking noise. With Jacob close behind me, we entered. It was dark.. hard to see. I flipped the light switch and I covered my mouth, discovering Adeline laying on the ground. Her skin was covered with mysterious patterns that glowed a soft golden hue.

    “Adeline!” I shouted, immediately dropping to the ground.

    I checked her pulse.. she was still alive but she was burning up.

    “Get someone in her now!” I said, turning to Jacob who was left in shock.

    1. *Lacrimae radios me through my crystal*

      “Crow…where the hell are you?!”

      *Messages back*
      “I’m with Jess and her…mentor who surprised me by showing up”

      *looks at Jess and Her Mentor*

      “My sincere apologies sir but I have an emergency I need to go to and…My love, I’m sorry for me being in a rush.”

      *looks at her mentor*

      “Sir…just to summarize what I’m about to say to explain her and I..I love her, wouldn’t dare do anything to harm her and I will always be there for her is she needs me.”

      *Rushes to my motorcycle, and immediately heads straight to Ade’s location*

      “I just wanted to finally chill…and unite both sides”

      *Finally gets to the location within an Hour, parks the motorcycle and bust through the door*

      “WHATS GOING ON? IS IT ADE OR THE EDEN?!”, I said worried as hell as Lacrimae comes back floating near me with the portable med kit and most of the equipment we used when she had the last incident

      1. (If* also welcome back)

        1. “C-c0rvus… I’m glad it’s just you. You.. you have to do something.” I stuttered, letting him take a glimpse in such a frail state, letting him see all the first civ glowing patterns all over her skin from head to toe.

          (Pst, make sure it’s just C0rvus, Jacob and Rosa. This is going to leak into what she wanted to tell him.)

          1. *Gives Lacrimae a look and she just floats away knowing I’m stressed out*

            “This is the second time this happened…”

            *looks through My data core embedded into my chest for her file , once found I set a Holographic display of the file*

            “If I recall correctly, she did something with a gene of an Isu and blended it with hers…however it kinda looks like it was a force gene manipulation than a…let’s just say..chameleon type of change where it blends in and doesn’t get spotted.”

            *Right eye starts glowing in the same pattern as the artifact I touched as my armor and mask are normal*

            “Not much I can do besides making sure she is stable… the best way I can summarize this is a Isu type ”bleeding” effect except it’s not from an animus. Although I did want to be part of the Animi Project, but I joined Abstergo way to late so I just self taught myself.”

            *Attaches a few things to do a continuous vital sign checkup as I hold her*

            “ you said to me before I helped you escape. Your either gonna die by my hands or their hands.”

            *wonders if that was correct but just goes with it*

          2. I shook my head.. Knowing what he was doing wasn’t going to work. I quickly slammed the door shut and pulled him away from her and Jacob.

            “Damn it she didn’t tell you the truth..” I muttered looking into his eye.

          3. *looks at her and then back at Ade as I talk quietly*
            “ you mean? Also I know I can’t do anything to her besides checking vitals…which to me, is crucial. The only thing I can see is that either she is going through a vision/flashback or…”

            *Stops talking and sits down as I lean on the wall*

          4. “Don’t you wonder why both of you hear Jumps voice? Don’t you see…? You’re a sage… and she… She’s the vessel.” I muttered.

          5. *looks at her as I silently speak*
            “Then I must be a defective one since the others seem to be devoted to her…I don’t just hear her voice but there’s someone else.*

            *pauses for abit as we talk quietly*
            “If she is a vessel…how many are there for Juno? From what I can tell…somewhere in Abstergo they are creating them, Violet even obtained some type of Eden for her. Otto wouldn’t believe it if i told him…”

            *Thinks in my head..”not like I can tell him anyway since I betrayed them because of Jess…totally worth it though since I just want the war to end and I still need to plan the damn wedding”*

          6. “No. You can’t tell anyone… this has to stay a secret. The connection for you and her are strong… I’m telling you she is the true vessel.”

          7. “I’m not telling anyone..I’m just saying that Juno is already a step closer in her awakening. I can’t put this team in harm…i know if I put you in harm she’ll kill me even Jacob will join”

            *tries to calm down by thinking of just going back to the apartment*

            “What should we do?”

          8. “Either way I’m dead.. abstergo wants me dead… but I won’t go down without a fight and I won’t let Juno make Adeline her human vessel… so we find the Koh-I-Noor, we find the pieces of eden, we destroy all of them and then we destroy the diamond… but we can’t trust anyone… except lance. Wherever he is we need to find him and fast.. Adeline doesn’t have much longer until Juno gets through to her she doesn’t have much fight left.”

          9. ”We need to hurrying up then because Juno Andy someone else that isn’t part of the templars or assassins is trying to find it. The last known location is in Spain…
            I will have temporary trust and faith in this Lance guy…but Jess needs to know what’s going on, I will make sure she isn’t telling anyone else about this”

          10. “No you can’t trust Jess… we can’t trust anyone. And lance… We were tracking the Koh-I-Noor when we were foundby abstergo… They separated us and he is the one who knows the location of the diamond. So yes you are correct about Spain but… I don’t know where in Spain they took him.”


          12. “Ok…we need to search he database or something for his location. Jess…although she doesn’t trust Ade she may trust you…She won’t betray us.”

            *Sighs as I start worrying for Ade*

          13. “Fine… but we do not tell her anything about Adeline and Juno… I can’t trust her and I only trust you because you and Adeline have an unbreakable bond…” i said and gently pushed him back so I could start to walk away, “send me her coordinates… hopefully by the time we get back she’ll be awake.” I said unlocking the door and opening it then walked away.

            (Pst touch Adeline make his hand and the patterns all over her body start to blow and she’ll wake up.)

          14. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 29, 2018 — 7:20 PM

            “Perché quell’uomo nella tua casa, Jessie? È una minaccia?” *Her Mentor gave a quizzical look at her* “He is my fiance, Mentor.” *She stated it plainly, walking over to the table to sit down* “Perché non hai controllato le tue missioni e la tua formazione?” *She sighed, knowing if she played her cards right, she could not have to go through a long lecture* “I have my reasons I am not coming to training and such, with all due respect, I will have to skip some training for my life and other things.” *She said as he sat across from her, he sighed* “You do not understand, bambino, I made a promise to be sure you were taken care of. I do not want you to be upset.”

          15. *sighs since I don’t know what Rosa will do to Jess then walks to Ade,sits down,then hold her gently since I don’t want to die but I can’t have her die by anyone except me*

            “A unbreakable bond ay?..that may be true but how should I know?”

          16. I felt this warming sensation come over me and I awoke, gasping for air and coughing as the sweat beeded down my forehead.

            “C-c0rvus?” I struggled to say, my body glowing a soft golden tone as his hand remained on my forehead, causing the same pattern to start forming around his arm.

          17. I took off on a motorcycle headed for jess’s location.

          18. *silently laughs as I hold her and her pattern merges with mine*

            “Heh..hey there Ade”

            *looks at myself and sees two patterns instead of one *

            “Well…guess I’m no longer Crow Harbinger, I’m just a walking Christmas tree”

          19. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 29, 2018 — 8:00 PM

            *After a rather long talk, her Mentor said his goodbyes, then left by rooftops, despite his age, he was still agile and easily made his way back to the base, she sighed, relaxing on the couch with a cup of coffee, reading a book*


            Adeline: “i.. I’m sorry I wanted to tell you.”

            Rosa: I parked the motorcycle and headed towards the building.

            “Relax Crow, I won’t hurt her.”

          21. *quickly messages Jess*
            Babe Lock n load…a friend of Ade is about to talk to you. If she hurts you..tell me and you will know what I will do.
            A lot of shit is about to happen


            *looks at Ade*
            “…it’s ok, don’t need to apologize. Just glad you are ok..that’s all”

            *still confused on who is the other Isu talking to me besides Juno.Wonders if it’s Durga or someone who wasn’t well known but knew what to do*

          23. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 29, 2018 — 8:33 PM

            *She read his message, replying with: “C0rvus, Alright, be safe. If you need any help, lemme know. -J.L.”, she puts her coffee cup onto the table, along with the book, putting on her hidden blades and assorted weapons, her hood up, she sighed, putting on the pendant, hiding it under her hoodie*

          24. I made my way up the steps and knocked on the door.

            “Jess? Open up.. we don’t have time.” I said.

          25. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 29, 2018 — 8:45 PM

            *She opens the door* “Whats going on?” *She was ready to strike if this was a trap* “Is there a target?” *She was slightly excited from there might being a target*

          26. (Ah sorry I must have misread and i do that a lot mainly when I’m excited.)

            “Do… do you hear her to…? She keeps… keeps saying to find it… That’s all I heard.. and i blacked out…” I sounded like I was going insane.

          27. *sighs*
            “I heard her a few days wasn’t about the Eden but it was a threat she made to me if I continue on the search to destroy the edens. She threatened about you,Jess,Jacob,and Rosa. The vision she gave me wasn’t real though but it was just ya’ll getting set on fire and shot in the head”

            *Tries not to become depressed but is near it*

            “What got me most..was just you and Jess dying”

            *Clenches my fist at the thought of it and Jess dying*

          28. “I don’t care what happens to me Crow… either way this goes I’ll die and if it isn’t by Juno then it’s by one of you or my other brother Aiden.. look it’s all complicated… but you have to promise me that you’ll protect Rosa for me… my time is almost up.” I said, a tear rolling down my cheek.

          29. “It’s Adeline and C0rvus. There isn’t time to lose I’ll explain everything on the way. I know you don’t know me but you have to trust me on this.. everything rests on our shoulders we need all the help we can get.” I explained.

          30. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 29, 2018 — 8:56 PM

            *She nods, pulling out her phone and messages her Mentor for more Assassins to help* “I have Assassins on the way. They can help.” *She comes out, closing and locking the door* “Lead the way.”

          31. *looks at her as I help her up*

            “As long as I breathe and watch, you will not die on me. Besides I did say I can give half my life to whoever by giving them half this damn crystal in my chest.and on top of that…i waaaass inviting you to the wedding but if your, you know…dead,then.”

            *silently laughs*

            “What the hell have I been doing?”

          32. (Okay I am keeping it like this because it’s to much to be making two separate replies I’ll do both characters in one reply until they all meet up again.)

            “I’d love to go… but still… just in case… promise me. Promise me you will keep her and Jacob safe… don’t let Aiden get to Jacob.. he’ll kill him… in his eyes we are probably both traitors…” I looked down to my feet.


            I lead her down to the bike.

            “Yes I took off with your fiances motorcycle no I don’t care.” I chuckled, helping her get on before speeding off.

            “We’re going to Spain in hopes of finding Lance.. close ally of mine who was captured. He’s the only one who knows where the Koh-I-Noor might be.”

          33. *looks at Ade*
            “You know I will…and like I said before, I will give Aiden a choice to either live or fight and die. There will be no second chances on that question anymore after my original team died.”

            *Smiles at her, realizes Rosa took my motorcycle, and then mumbles to myself*

            “She better not have damaged my motorcycle…I survived multiple wars cause of it and I just infused it with my crystals along with getting new tires”

          34. “Come on.. they’ll be waiting for us.”

          35. *helps Ade up,walks to the front door, and waits for them*

            “Maybe she is correct about our bond Ade”

          36. “I wanted to tell you.. but… you left in such a hurry…”

          37. (Hey guys can we hold up on the rp for a bit? Talked to cait and she said she wants to join but she needs to read everything through first. Also hoping Aiden will pop up.. we’ll need him soon hahaha I have some ideas for how this could go down.)

          38. *looks at her*
            “Sorry about that…just couldn’t believe that we are after that cursed item”

            *Shows her a holographic video recording from a weird Isu file that came with the core in my chest*

            “When..Juno held that artifact, She burnt humanity with an Azure Flame. “

          39. (It’s all good double response. But yeah, can we let them get caught up?)

          40. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 29, 2018 — 10:09 PM


          41. ( bad)

          42. (So..umm, how is everyone?, Idk what else to do…at this point my thoughts went full on “It’s free real estate” and conquered half my brain cells into random things)

          43. (I’m doing good. Sorry to keep everyone waiting… I’ll write a reply when I get up in the morning.)

          44. (I wonder what will come in Spain, besides that Ade your amazing and same thing can be said about Jess)

            (Sry kinda tired so I put it in the wrong spot)

          45. Rosa:

            We soon arrived where the others had gathered, who were waiting on us. I was glad to see Adeline was okay.. but how long would it be before something like this happens again?

            Once everyone had settled I decided that we needed to come up with a plan, but I couldn’t tell Jess and Lacrimae everything.

            “As you all know… we’ll be heading to spain. No, this is not a vacation. We seek out a man named Lance, who had been working with me in discovering the location of the Koh-I-Noor. It is believed that he was captured by Abstergo, but no one knows for sure and if he wasn’t we still do not have any idea as to where he could be at. Find him, and we can find the Koh-I-Noor. That is the mission.”

          46. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 3, 2018 — 3:31 PM

            *I sighed, getting off the motorcycle once we arrived, checking my hidden blades to make sure they were fastened properly, I took a few pain killers, drinking some of the rum from my flask* “Spain? This Koh I Noor is in Spain?” *I put the flask away, slightly annoyed* “Why don’t I just contact the Assassin Brotherhood of Spain and ask if they know anything about it?”

          47. *looks at Jess as I rewatch Juno burn humanity with it over and over again*

            “No hun…you can bring your squad but this mission will be Covert and Dark. No information will be relayed between anyone other than us.From what I can tell, Someone who isn’t part of either side of the war is searching for it,Juno, The Templars,and the assassins also will be there. I don’t expect a clean fight…but hopefully no one on this team dies.

            *Relives that threat Juno made to me and punches the wall*

          48. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 3, 2018 — 11:41 PM

            *I shrugged, slightly disappointed as well as annoyed* “Worth a shot..but anything that doesn’t kill everything and everyone I’m up for.” *She took another drink from the flask* “How we going to get to Spain if we can’t tell anyone? It would be odd to go to the airport and have a bunch of heavily armored people going through security..then have Abstergo agents working undercover at most travel places..”

          49. “Well it seems you have forgotten that I can add crystal layers on us to bend light in a way of creating an invisible type cloak to bypass things…or umm we can take a boat buuut”

            *pauses in embarrassment as I rub my left shoulder and look down*

            “I…errr, I get sea sick”

          50. *starts to search for a file for an artifact or something that will un fuse my armor from me as I talk to myself quietly*

            “Où est-ce? … Je ne veux plus être fusionné avec cette armure”

            *Glows in my pattern again for a split second*

          51. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 4, 2018 — 1:19 PM

            *I sighed* “Yeah.. forgot you could do that, amore..” *I leaned against a wall* “So. What’s the plan once we get to Spain then? Do we just, I don’t know, take a GPS out?” *I shrugged*

          52. *looks at Jess as I get a feeling something doesn’t feel right and starts wondering what it is*

            “I’ll transfer Lacrimae to you so she will be under your command. From then on you are able to use her encrypted gps and commas, along with whatever is needed”

            *Lacrimae looks at me*

            “Sir, I am tasked to follow your command and only your command…no one else”

            “Enough Lacrimae…do it for me please”

            *Transfers Lacrimae to Jess*

            “There..she will be under your command until you say so”

          53. Rosa:

            “Lance’ s last known location was Valencia, though if my suspions are held true, he might be in Madrid. It’s a gamble but it’s a risk we have to take. We can work out transportation but we need to get there as fast as we can. Time is not on our side.”


            “Then what are we waiting for?”

          54. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 4, 2018 — 4:12 PM

            “Amore, don’t you need your drone?” *She put the flask away, her amber eyes had the slightest glow to them, she tensed when her phone buzzed, she checked it, muttering* “Merda..” *She put it away, glancing up at them, anger and sadness burning in her eyes “I have to something..catch me up when I return..” *She bolted off to a nearby alley, taking turns and climbing buildings, heading towards the Assassins base* “Why today..fuck..I’ll kill every Abstergo agent that comes my way..” *She spring out her hidden blades, taking down and killing a few Abstergo agents, racing towards the location she needed*

          55. *awaits Ade’s order as I quietly talk to myself as Jess leaves*

            “ need Lacrimae but you are more important to me than my own life.”

            *Starts glowing in Ade’s pattern as well as mine for a minute as I walk to Ade*

          56. (Should I do a time skip so we can continue onto them arriving in Spain because I’m lost on what to type lol)

          57. (Sure thing though I feel bad for Crow if the transportation is by boat)

          58. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 4, 2018 — 6:07 PM

            *I came back to the small group a half hour later, not knowing what to Mentor was murdered by Abstergo..he gave me his pocket watch, I held it gently, my hood was pulled low, I glared at the ground, knowing my world was falling apart and I couldn’t stop it* “Il mio mentore … è morto..” *I kept staring at the ground, until realizing that.. Abstergo agents did this…I slightly nodded, knowing what to do next.* (Sure)

          59. Rosa:

            We had taken a private plane to spain, making sure to avoid any attention that may cause… problems. Adeline seemed to be fairing well, and even though I wasn’t sure about bringing Jacob with us, I was glad.. we’d need all the help we could get.

            The plane landed and we got off with no problems.

            “Finally…” I sighed.

          60. *looks around but knows something bad happened to Jess or someone close to her*

            “You alright?…your starting to worry me”

            *doesnt care where we are now and just wants to figure out what is going on*

          61. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 4, 2018 — 6:40 PM

            *I sighed, looking at C0rvus, a dull look in my eyes* “My Mentor…” *I hesitated* “was murdered..” *I looked down again, tense, looking at the pocket watch from him, tracing the golden edges with my finger as I looked at the glass and clock face* “I found him dead, a bullet wound through the heart, he didn’t last long after I arrived…” *She kept studying the pocket watch*

          62. *sighs as I look at her*

            “I may not have known him but…he is a good man. He too shall rest among Noah and Desmond when the battle ends”

            *hugs her as I try to make her happy while we wait on Ade,Rosa and Jacob since Lacrimae is next to Jess*

          63. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 4, 2018 — 7:22 PM

            *She relaxed a bit, hoping that no one else dies* “Requiescat in pace..”

          64. *kisses her before walking near Ade and Rosa*

            *gets to them and talks*

            “So what’s thy plan?…got here and now?”

          65. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 4, 2018 — 9:45 PM

            *She kissed him back, then she put the watch safely into her hoodie pocket, zipping up the pocket, standing nearby the small group, close enough to hear everything, but far enough to be awkward*

          66. *Looks back at Jess*
            “You do know you can join us instead of being somewhat far, right?”

            *Smiles at her as Lacrimae goes in circles around her*

          67. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 5, 2018 — 4:47 PM

            “I prefer to keep my distance…as to not be in the way..” *She lied, eyeing Adeline, Jacob and Rosa carefully, suspicious of them since the death of her Mentor being by the hands of Abstergo agents.*

          68. *walks to jess and away from the group*

            “You sure? Well…If I find out who exactly killed him. You know i’ll make them pay for you and him. If…it’s our team, which if given probable cause, i’ll see to it.”

            *stays next to you as I look at you*

          69. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 5, 2018 — 9:46 PM

            *She sighed, looking at his eyes* “I know you will..but..I don’t want to lose anyone else..I don’t care if it’s this team, you, Lacrimae or anyone else..I don’t want to lose anyone..” *She glanced down at her bracers* “If we find the killer…they are going to die..if its you, me, or anyone else, I don’t care. As long as they are dead..” *She realized something about the Koh I Noor* “Wait…the Koh I Noor..if I remember correctly…it was either in the UK..or India..but now it’s in doesn’t make sense..” *She glanced back up at him, a look of revenge and seriousness in her eyes* “Let me contact the Brotherhood…please..” *She glanced towards Adeline and the group, I have an idea..”

          70. *tries to take her mind off things*

            “I don’t know if you want to have kids but if we do…i’d name the boy after your brother or mentor or both if we manage to have two…I would be killed by them but I can manage. If we have girls…name one after you,your mother, or if you want…something else like Ashley”

            *jokes around but knows it may happen*

            “It’s like star wars…we train them and one of them may join the dark side with cookies or the light side with pop tarts, if none of those two then i don’t know”

          71. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 5, 2018 — 9:59 PM

            *She playfully punched his arm* “Do you want to name a child after my mentor, Alberico de Luca? Or after my mother, Beatrice Larkson?” *She smirked lightly*

          72. *quietly talks to her*
            “Ok…go but please be safe my love. If you need me, you know how to get me”

          73. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 5, 2018 — 10:16 PM

            “Love you..if they ask where I went.. just say I was getting to know the area..mkay?” *She hugged him, then took off towards a tall building, going to the top, blending through crowds on the way to it*

          74. (Sorry, I’ve been busy as hell and on top of that slow connection.)

            In a safe place just outside the city, we set up our hideout. It was so pain and a little annoying to be so far from the target, but if we wanted to stay off radar.. we’d have to make do.

            I watched closely as the two talked in their hushed tones and whispers. I couldn’t quite pick up what they were saying. Suddenly I felt a hand latch onto my arm, and I whipped my hand around to see it was Adeline. Her look was all to telling–they were hiding something from us, perhaps she had picked up on the conversation. We’d have to talk about it later when they weren’t around.

            “Are you two love birds done with the chit chat? We don’t have time for this nonesense. Lives are at stake..” I began.

            A snicker came from in the corner of the room, Jacob had been leaning against the wall the entire time, just waiting for us to begin.

            “I’ll be leading this mission.. and I’m sure you all know the risk of this. I have a contact in the city that I have been in accordance with since our departure. He says that he has information about Lance and where he may be, our first step would be to meet with this contact of mine and get all the intell we can from him. However he is easily spooked, so me, Adeline, and Jacob will split from you guys. C0rv, you’ll be our eyes and ears, take position wherever you fancy and use a snipe scope to keep eye on us in case things go south. Jess, we’ll need you’re deep connections with the assassin’s.. this city is overrun by Abstergo spies and we won’t get anywhere without help on the inside. Assemble a small tac unit to act as sleeper agents hidden amongst Abstergo, we need as much intell as possible, see how much they truly know. Keep coms on at all times.. we need to stay in touch or this could end badly for all of us.”

          75. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 6, 2018 — 12:29 AM

            *She got to the top, taking a few more pain killers, drinking it down with some rum from the flask, after putting it away, she stood up, talking in the view of everything below her, she put her arms out, looked at a truck with some hay in it, steadied her breathing, muttering* “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” *She jumped, doing a Leap of Faith, she started turning mid air, landing flat on her back, hopping out after recovering from the impact, the owner of the truck yelled* “Hey! Get out of my car!! I’ll run ya through!” *She glared at him as she looked back, flashing the middle finger at him* “Oh fuck you, you fucking bitch!” *He yelled again, she rolled her eyes, bolting off up another building, heading to the Spain Assassins base*

          76. *kisses her*
            “Hopefully two kids because we could solve that question by naming both of them”

          77. *looks at Jacob while I have a full armory of guns and medical supplies with me*

            “Sure thing, i’ll have you know if anything…I mean anything goes wrong I’m going to take down any person who interferes or whatever”

            *pauses for a second as I glow in my pattern, has a quick vision of Durga, and my arm starts bleeding*

            “Fuck…”, I said quietly as I close all ports in my armor to hide the blood

            *looks at the heads up display in my gas mask to see what it is and sees that I have one of my crystals deep in my right arm*

          78. Rosa:

            “Copy. Move out. We all meet back here after this is over.” I nodded.

            I rounded up Adeline, Jacob, and C0rv, and we headed toward the city. I couldn’t trust Jess.. she was hiding things from us, on top of that she was an assassin. I knew we needed help.. but we couldn’t trust anyone.

            As darkness fell, we came to our destination, an old and abandon apartment complex. This was the coordinates my contact had sent me. I just hoped things wouldn’t go south. C0rv split from us to go find a position, leaving just me, Adeline, and Jacob.

            “C0rv, you in position?” I asked through coms.

          79. *Speaks quietly as I place multiple cameras in each corner and finally gets into position while I use that same crystal layer I put on myself and the cameras in/out of the area*

            “Affirmative, in position near ya’ll but I have eyes all around us”

            *makes sure I put my crystal layers I love to use for bending light is on then nods to myself*

          80. Rosa:

            “Copy. moving in.” I whispered, gesturing Adeline and Jacob to follow.

            We entered the abandoned building without any problems, my gun drawn as we strategically checked each room to ensure no one was awaiting us for an ambush. After checking all the floors, we came to the top floor, a room on the far end of the hall. The smell of cigarette smoke filled the air, and we heard a floor board creak from within the small apartment. This was it.. it had to be him. With my gun still drawn, I opened the door. To our surprise, there was no one, or at least not that I saw. However I came to a halt as I signaled them to stay back, heading to where the bedroom would be at. That’s when I heard his voice.

            “Jaysus Rosa, put it down.” He said, backing away from the window of which he had been staring at.

            “Sorry. You never know who you can trust these days..” I lowered my gun.

            “I know. It is sad, but truth.” He said in response, his spanish accent well defined.

            “Indeed.. I wish I could say I was here to catch up with you, old friend, but sadly that isn’t why.” I began.

            “I figured.. you wouldn’t come out of hiding for nothing. What can I do for you?” He asked.

            (gonna cut it off here, let you guys get a response in before I continue.)

          81. *Notices my bleeding slowly getting worse, takes out my tiny spider drone who’s purpose is to just heal everything and patch things up.*

            *I said quietly as I put him in the port of my gas mask, he rushes to my right arm and does his best to stop the bleeding*

          82. Rosa:

            “We need intell.. figured your hacking skills could come in handy for this.. afterall poking around Abstergo data bases is your thing.” I chuckled.

            “Perhaps, but for a price.” He grinned.

            “Shadow we don’t have time.. lives are at stake.” I said, pulling my earpiece out so they couldn’t hear the conversation between us.

            “What do you mean? what is going on?” He asked.

            “There is little time to explain. Everything is coming together.. The First Will, Juno, Abstergo, the Koh-I-Noor..”

            “Wait. I thought you and Lance had retrieved it.” He studied me closely.

            “No.. somehow Abstergo figured it out.. I got seperated from him, and he’s the only one who may know where the Koh-I-Noor is. I fear he was captured, and that’s why I need you to hack into the Abstergo data bases again.” I explained.

            “I see.. but you are not telling me everything Rosa..” He looked at me with curiosity.

            “Adeline, can you come here? Jacob, stand watch outside.” I said.

            Adeline entered the room, and utter silence followed as he studied her carefully before speaking.

            (I’ll leave it here for you guys to reply again.)

          83. *Dolorem removes the crystal,continues patching, and stays put as I look around while still being quiet*

            “Never thought I had to use you Dolorem…but good thing I made you before Lacrimae”

            *He just nods since he can’t speak*

            “We are still clear and I still don’t understand what bond Ade and I have. I know it’s unbreakable but what is it? I’ll tell you what Dolorem…this journey is one hell of an endless crecendo”

            *He shocks me*

            “Ow.. Why did you do that to me?”

            *He shakes his little head*

            “Dolorem…you and Lacrimae know that I don’t have anything towards Ade. Even though I used to have feelings towards her but I’m actually glad to have met Jess.”

            *He accepts the explanation and continues on doing his job*

          84. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 6, 2018 — 6:07 PM

            *She came to the Spanish Assassins are based at, walking in after checking with the front guards, she made her way to the Leader of the Brotherhood, bowing her head in respect to him* “Sir, I’m going to need a few dozen teams. You probably don’t remember me, being 10 years ago, but still.” *The Leader regarded her, nodding* “I see, I will send you my best, Jessie.” *She nodded* “Thank you, sir.” *She walked out into a hallway, a few dozen master Assassins came out of some rooms following behind her, their hoods up, blades ready, one of the assassins, a good friend of hers, walked up to her side* “Jessie, been a long time..” “Yes, it has, Alek..” “What is the mossion,?” “The Koh I Noor, we must find it, do whatever it takes.” *His expression turned serious, his cold grey eyes turning to ahead of them* “I haven’t heard that name since you and I were kids..” “I know, Alek, but we must be careful.” “Agreed..” *She stopped, turning to face the teams* “Everyone. Follow me, keep in the shadows, hoods up, blades ready. We must not fail this mission, do not attack unless needed or ordered.” *She opened the gates, sprinting up a wall and onto a building, going by rooftop to the temporary base, messages C0rvus, “Ey amore, I’m on my way back to base, lots of Assassins with me, don’t kill them. -J.L.”*

          85. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 6, 2018 — 6:20 PM

            (where** damn autocorrect thinks that ‘where’ doesn’t exist lol)

          86. *messages back*
            “Ight my love, careful though this contact is somewhat very spookable…don’t do anything that will alarm him…I have something to say to you and you only dear. Something I-i dislike very much because I barley remember a fucking thing if I am one of…those Isu things.

            P.s umm aside from that thing and this damn mission of hell. What is your favorite place to be at?…as in a vacation spot”

            *still looks around and we are still clear but I start getting irritated by standing around*

          87. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 6, 2018 — 7:28 PM

            *She replied to his message, still sprinting over rooftops, “C0rvus, Isu? Also, if we can get a vacation after this mission, how about Florence? My father used to live there, I’d like to see it again if you don’t mind. One last thing, don’t speak to Adeline or Jacob or Rosa..anyone really about the…thing..from earlier..please..for both our sake..”, she signaled to the teams behind her to slow down and blend, they do so as well as she goes and sits on a bench where Alek and a few random civilian’s are*

          88. *messages back as I multi-task*

            It’s…kinda hard for me to understand ,you will find out. I’m ok with Florence my love and yes I know…I can’t tell them but they may find out soon. Rosa told me not to tell you this but…it is necessary.

            *continues multi-tasking,wonders if I should get a head start on the wedding plans, and then goes back to the cameras*

          89. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 6, 2018 — 9:33 PM

            *She reads it, replying “Alright, see you soon, amore. -J.L” She was eavesdropping on a conversation between two Templars* “The attack on the Assassin’s base went well, sir.” “Good, maybe then they will know we are serious. Maybe in their weakest point, we can clear out those bastards..” “Right, sir.” *The two got into their car, driving off* “You little bastards..”

          90. *quietly plays Gorillaz- Clint Eastwood through my gas mask as I wait for them to stop talking*

            *Dolorem finishes packing me up and starts moving side to side to the music*

          91. Adeline:

            We waited for Rosa in silence.. not a single word had been spoken as we listened through the com system as to what was being said, when suddenly her voice cut out, and all I heard was a click, like she had turned it off completely. Now all we heard was murmurs from within the room, yet we couldn’t seem to make out what was being said.

            I turned to Jacob, giving off a look of confusion before hearing Rosa’s thick accent.

            “Adeline, can you come here for a moment? Jacob, guard the hall, alert us if any danger closes in on us.” She said.

            Jacob nodded and headed out into the hallway where he stood watch, and I entered the room where the man and Rosa had been conversing. I studied the man carefully. He was rather intimidating. A tall man–golden brown hair, deep green eyes, pale completion with scruff along his cheeks and chin. Who was he..?

            Before I had a chance to react, Rosa pulled my earpiece off, turning the dial until it was off.

            “What are you–” I began.

            “They can’t hear this Adeline.. it’s to risky.” She interrupted.

            “You know better than to bring others to me. But you’ve peaked my interest, so I’m listening.” He grinned.

            “It’s all coming together now Shadow. We don’t have much of a choice anymore–Adeline is–”

            “Wait, this is Adeline? The infamous betrayer of the brotherhood? Why the hell would you bring her?! Don’t you know–” He began.

            “I went rogue sir. Broke someone that is very important to me out.. now they are after me. That’s beside the point. We have far worse to worry about.” I cut him off.

            “Still, I can’t trust you.” He narrowed his eyes, his stare cold and untrusting.

            “This is far more complicated than you understand, Shadow. She’s with us.. It’s all coming together and I fear if we don’t get Lance back–” Rosa began.

            “We need the Koh-I-Noor.. It’s all coming together and if we don’t succeed, all of mankind will be enslaved or have a worse fate than that.” I stammered.

            (letting you guys get a reply in before I continue again.)

          92. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 9:29 AM

            *She got up from the bench, her and the Assassins arrived at the base of the abandoned apartment building they are at, she has a group of 4 on each floor, 3 with her, Alek muttered something, but she kept climbing until she was at a window, she broke it, climbing inside, Alek and two others following her, they silently made their way to them, making no sound as they walked among the shadows of the building*

          93. Adeline:

            I began to feel the heat within my body rise, my heart racing as I began to shake from a sudden surge of energy rushing through me. Almost like a.. pulse of some sort.

            “Yeah yeah.. I know what will happen.” He muttered.

            “Shadow look at me.. you simply don’t understand. please you have to help us.. They are trying to get the Koh-I-Noor so they can help Juno.” Rosa explained.

            “That’s impossible without a human vessel.” he said.

            suddenly all the sounds around me began to fade as I heard her whispers speaking to me… telling me things and trying to get inside my head again. my veins began to glow and I coughed, blood beginning to drip from my nose. I felt my weight shift from under me, and I quickly grasped the window seal in attempts to keep myself from collapsing, a violent cough escaping my lips.


            “What the hell?!?!”

            still hearing the voices, I felt a hand grip my shoulder, and everything went black as I gripped it and slammed the person touching me into the wall, my hands wrapping around the neck as I began to squeeze.

            “A-Adeli–” Came Rosa’s voice, and suddenly the darkness began to recede, hearing the click of a gun that was aimed at me, ready to fire at any given moment.

            I let go, realizing it was Rosa, and she fell to the ground in a violent sputter of coughing, breathing heavily as she regained her breath. I began to shake violently as I realized what I had done.. I turned to face him, and put my hands up, blood still dripping from my nose as I blinked.

            “I-I’m sorry..”

            “I should just kill you right now.” Came Shadows cold voice.

            “No–Shadow don’t. It isn’t her fault.. she’s the vessel… It’s Juno trying to–” Rosa began, breaking out into another fit of coughs as she gasped for air.

            Shadow lowered the gun, and looked to see my veins were still glowing, a pattern slowly forming on my skin that he came to realize was first civ.

            “So it’s true.. we really are screwed if we can’t find him..” He stuttered, left in shock as he lowered his gun.

            “Please–I promise you won’t get dragged into this again if you do this.. we just need to know where he is.” Rosas eyes were pleading as she looked up to him.

          94. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 10:26 AM

            *She came up near C0rvus, hidden in the shadows, the 3 Assassins following her lead, she heard a gun click, she burst through the door of the room, tackling and pinning down Shadow as her hidden blade sprung out, at his neck* “You fucking kill this team, and I swear to will fucking die..” *She pressed the blade to his throat, preventing any movement*

          95. (ahh it wasn’t shadow that attacked her XD and where the hell did you come from?!?! oh gods… if she overheard what they were saying.. it’s supposed to be a secret because they don’t trust jess because they know she is hiding stuff from them.)


            Suddenly I saw out of the corner of my eye a hooded figure appear from in the shadows, and before I could do anything, Shadow had been tackled to the ground. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice, and I knew I had to act.

            My vision a blur, I winced as I tried to channel my first civ abilities, using it to help me with a strength boost. I grabbed the girl by the back of her assassin jacket and shoved her into the wall, putting a throwing knife to her neck and pulled her hood down to reveal Jess. Now stabilized, Rosa rushed to Shadow to help him up. he had a minor cut on his neck that dripped blood down his clothes and onto the floor, but it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed with a few stitches.

            my full attention returning back to Jess, I stared coldly into her eyes as I spoke.

            “You don’t understand the damn risks.. if we aren’t careful, the entire human race could end up being enslaved. we don’t have time for this bullshit, so either start helping or get the hell out of the way.” I said through gritted teeth.

            Suddenly I felt a hand grip my arm, trying to pull me back and make me let go of her. At first I fought against it, ripping my arm from the grasp of someone else, that is until I heard his soft.. serene voice.

            “Adee.. let her go.” He said.

            with clenched fists, I sheathed the throwing knife and let go of her, the golden glow of my veins and the patterns that had formed all over my skin slowly fading as I instantly fell to the ground, my nose bleeding heavier as my vision blurred once again.

          96. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 11:46 AM

            (oh lol XD woops..don’t worry because Jess had came in about when whoever clicked a gun XD sryyy also a target of hers when she was Veteran rank was Shadow, so it’s not awkward just go along with it lol) *Her amber eyes glowed slightly, she glanced at the window past her, then back to her, after Ade had been pulled off, she got up, putting her hood back up* “Beh merda …” *Her blades sheathing, but ready to spring. She watched her fall with blood dripping from her nose* “Fuck…this is awkward..” *She muttered, messages C0rvus “Ey, need you.”*

          97. Rosa:

            I couldn’t believe it.. she could have killed him.. and then we would never find lance.

            “A-are you okay?” I stuttered, looking into his eyes.

            “Aye, we both know I’ve had worse.. but she attacks me like that again I’m not responsible for her injuries.” Shadow said, glaring at her as I helped him up.

            “You’re bleeding.”

            “I’m fine Rosa. you don’t need to hold my hand and tell me everything is going to be okay, I’ m not a five year old. anyway. let me get my tech up and running, and I’ll see what I can find. after that.. i think it’s best if you take this little team you’ve assembled and get out.” His tone was harsh.

            “I’m sorry.. I told them to stay put. they don’t know how to obey orders apparently.”

            “I know the feeling, Ms. I-don’t-take-orders-from-anyone.” he chuckled, pulling out his laptop and typing away trying to gain access to all abstergo databases.

            “this may take awhile. until then I suggest you tend to Adeline.. she needs you now more than ever.”



            “Your little girlfriend attacked our only chance of finding this Lance guy, and Adeline snapped.” Jacob spat.

            I was shaking so violently.. every inch of my body ached, but it was worse than that.. my abilities were growing more and more unstable.. I couldn’t control them anymore.. and it was all Juno. She was why I lost control.. hearing her voice.

            wincing, i got up with the help of Jacob, who yet again picked me up and took me in his arms, glaring at Jess.

            “I’ll leave this to you Rosa, I’ll make sure she’s okay. We’ll be in the other room.”

            Rosa nodded, and I coughed, unable to talk from the sheer pain I felt coursing through every inch of my body.

          98. *listens to Gorillaz-19-2000 as I walk around in boredom while still looking at the camera feeds and sees Jess’s team*

          99. (I am lost….so I’m doing my best at this point)

            *enters the room,shoots near my foot,and looks around*

            “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!”

            *my anger worsens as I start creating crystals near the door but in the rage I start glowing again and impales right arm*

          100. *still enraged as I look around*

            “Fuck…all of this shi-..”

            *Blacks out due to rapid blood lose as the crystal that impaled my right arm worsens*

          101. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 12:17 PM

            *She pulled her hood lower, signaling to her Assassins as they come in, helping out with C0rvus* “Alek, stop the bleeding best you can, Ray, you keep watch, Nick, you get the rest of the teams.” *She glared at Jacob from under her hood, shaking C0rvus gently, muttering* “Ey..cmon amore..”

          102. *Dolorem comes out of my armor covered in blood as he starts shaking and spins a metallic web near the wound but it doesn’t help*

          103. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 12:28 PM

            *She sighed, annoyed* “I swear to God…if you die..” *Alek glanced at Jess, knowing she was tensed* “Hey, calm down, he’s gonna be fine..” “You don’t know that, Alek..” *She ignored the pain killers wearing off*

          104. *crystal glows in the first civ,vanishes, the bleeding still happens but slows down and I’m still out*

            *Hears a voice but knows it’s Juno*

            “What a shame…I thought you were gonna put up a fight against me but all I had to do was just mess with you and you already kinda killed yourself. Although your a…sage, your a shitty one who can’t even do his job even when you aren’t even my sage.

            Hell I don’t even know who created you…I will give you a hint though. You won’t,sadly I really hate your kind, your not gonna die here. I rather burn you and your team”

            *Voice stops,bleeding stops, and I wake up yet I can’t see anything*

          105. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 1:30 PM

            *She noticed him waking up, she sighed in relief, she sent an audio recording to C0rvus as she left through the window, leaving Alek with them and the Assassins, the note saying “Mio amore, my team is with you guys, I just need to ‘cool down’ a bit..I could’ve killed that guy..then this mission would be failed..I’m sorry, amore.. just remember that nothing is true, everything is permitted. Cya..” She ended the message, breaking the glass and doing a Leap of Faith, she blended among a crowd, moving with the flow of it as she made her way away*

          106. *Regains my sight,listens to the audio,gets up, and tries to find Ade but ends up face planting the floor since I haven’t fully recovered*

            “..W-where did she go..and Ade?”

            *Continues searching and continues falling causing more damage to myself*

          107. Alek Jameson, Veteran Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 1:55 PM

            *I saw him stumbling around, helping him walk* “Hey slow down sir..your only gonna hurt yourself.”

          108. *looks at him as my gas mask port closes up *

            “She said she was going somewhere…”

            *Sighs as I can’t feel my right arm*

            “Is Ade..ok? F-fuck I knew I’m just an idiot but h-“

            *Still nauseated along with dizziness*

            “…Never mind, how does Durga want to unite the two sides if we can’t even unite. We have three teams in one…we have you and my fiancée’s team,An ex-Templar freelancer, along with an unknown type of team.”

          109. (Know* I’m about to kill this device)

          110. Alek Jameson, Veteran Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 3:55 PM

            “I don’t know where those others went, I was following Jess’s order..unless you know where she’s gone..can you stand, sir?”

          111. ”I can but it’s a 50/50 I will fall”

          112. Alek Jameson, Veteran Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 4:18 PM

            “Where to then, sir?” *He nods*

          113. *looks at him*
            “Thanks..for helping but I – I just need to see Ade”

            *Goes where Jacob last gone through and just follows the faintest sounds I lean against the walls. After an hour of leaning and tripping I reached them*

            “H-how is she?”

            *gets a bad vibe and just stays outside the area*

          114. Alek Jameson, Veteran Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 4:46 PM

            *He stays a few steps back, following him*

          115. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 5:47 PM

            *I sighed, knowing my hallucinations were only getting worse, I took a small music box from my backpack, it’s oak wood was framed with silver, bearing the Assassins insignia on the top, I wound it up, letting it play as I sat on a cliff edge, listening to the soft tones of the box, my mother had given it to me as a small child, I kept my hood pulled low, I had jeopardized the mission…a few moments later, a hallucination appeared, it was Ezio…wearing his dark clothing, he seemed to be around in his late 40s, he seemed to have sat down next to me, I glanced over, he watched the scenery below, I was confused, but glad he didn’t try to attack this time* “…Ciao..” *He nodded his head as a reply, as the music box ended, he looked at me, his eyes had a look of grief and well as a certain softness..* “Why do you torment me with these hallucinations..” *I muttered to him, he replied softly, his accent thick* “It is a lesson, for even the greatest Assassins have fears. But they do not let their enemies know it.” *I was at a loss for words..the hallucinations never made noise.. rarely if at all..* “I…don’t understand..I almost killed someone we need..” *The hallucination had vanished when I looked back up to face him, I was left with just the sound of birds..I rewound the music box, listening to the tune again and again, I kept quiet, just the music box was the only thing that made sound..* (the song that plays from it is the theme from Revelations btw)

          116. *messages Jess with my left hand as I’m extremely slowly recovering*

            Hey hun..where did you go?…don’t worry about me, I’m recovering at a snails pace. Seems like I can’t perfectly control my crystals anymore…I was gonna tell you that according to Rosa, I’m a Sage. If I’m a sage I would’ve had memories of who ever or remember my past but guess i’ll have to talk to her.
            P.s dont get yourself hurt my much as I’m a danger to myself now, these crystals can put me in a coma”

            *still waits on a response by Jacob and Ade but is fearful now*

          117. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 8:39 PM

            *She responded with an audio message “Listen…I don’t want to accidentally kill anyone..middle of the forest good for you?? Near a small town…just don’t kill yourself..” *The music box was softly playing the in the background* “C0rvus…just…if you find me… careful…o-okay…? These damned hallucinations are just…I’m getting more aggressive…i-im sorry..” *She hugged her knees, sending her location to him, at least the forest she’s in* “I don’t want to kill anyone on accident…” *She left the comms on, only to C0rvus*

          118. * Hasn’t been teleporting in a long time so I teleport to the position she sent, reached the destination nd ends up on a tree*


            *Climbs down halfway with my left arm,falls down the other half, and talks to her through commas while my nose bleeds a lil*

            “I-I’m here..where exactly are you?”

            *coughs a lil as Dolorem stops my nose from bleeding*

          119. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 9:33 PM

            “To your right, near the cliff.” *She still sat there, the music box playing it’s little song* “Just follow the sound of this little music box if you can’t spot me.” *She was blended well*

          120. (And* comms*)

          121. *follows the sound, reaches her known area, and falls next to her*

            “Ow…fuck this hurts”

          122. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 10:15 PM

            *She looked at him* “What’s broken?” *She closed the music box, putting it in her bag*

          123. *looks at her trying to smile but I’m in pain*

            “My impaled right arm that I still can’t feel”

            *jokes around to stop my pain*
            “Also my heart…but just seeing you patches it up. Guess your a love doctor”

          124. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 10:49 PM

            *She had a slight smirk, she got med kit from her backpack* “Can you open the ports, amore?” *She opened the pack*

          125. *Opens up all the ports above my waist but the ports aren’t near the wound*

            “…i’dbe Damned if I died”

          126. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 11:02 PM

            *She tensed* “Can’t you use your crystals…?” *She ignored the hallucination that appeared , it was Ezio again, he stood off at a distance, watching* “I swear…if you die…” *She took in a shaky breathe, giving him a few pain killers* “Take these… it’ll help..” *She handed him a spare flask that had rum in it* “Keep it..”

          127. *kisses her for the longest time*
            “The crystals…can’t be perfectly controlled for some reason so it’s a 50/50 if I get impaled. This is the second time my love”

          128. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 11:32 PM

            *She thought of a way to help* “Perhaps…there is a hospital in a town not far from here..maybe if we brought you there..?” *She paused, glancing at Ezio, she got up, walking to the hallucination* “You gonna stand there or you gonna help me out?” *The hallucination only nodded, walking to where C0rvus is* “Grazie..” *She seemed to be talking to no one, as Ezio knelt down, he looked at C0rvus, silent* “Yeah I know, C0rv, I look crazy..but trust me on this..”

          129. *looks at her*

            “Crazy? Your marrying a sage that can teleport through crystals and use them…if they don’t attack him first.”

          130. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 7, 2018 — 11:53 PM

            *She paused* “true…can you see him?” *She pointed to beside C0rvus, where she saw Ezio trying to access the wound” *She glared at the spot* “Ey.. Ezio, that’s…no..don’t.. DAMNIT..” *She seemed to pull nothing from beside C0rvus, Ezio stared at her with a ‘what?’ face, before saying something* “Cara, calm down, you’ll find a way eventually..” *She sighed* “ I am… fiance dying, talking to fucking hallucinations, and almost killing an important man for the mission! Damn Juno and her fucking tricks and fucking friends..” *Ezio had vanished, again*

          131. *feels a new ice cold breeze on the wound for a split second*

            “…I can’t see him but I’m guessing that may be him”

            *sighs* I won’t die…well at least not yet when Juno decides to burn me but ehh”

          132. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 12:13 AM

            *She nods, sensing another hallucination, it wasn’t just Ezio this time* “Da hell?” *She watched as both Ezio and Altair walked up* “You’d better fucking help.” *She glanced at C0rvus* “Now, there’s two ghost Assassins here..” *She simply watched and bowed her head slightly as Altair walked up to C0rvus, Ezio stood next to her*

          133. *Has no clue what’s going on but Dolorem looks where Altair is at and says his first word*


            *looks at Dolorem*
            “Huh..who added the voice module to you? Also…damn if he is picking up on my words.”

            *looks at Jess*
            “I think we may have a small problem if we have kids because Dolorem…is just a mechanical spider, his first word is shit”

          134. Rosa:

            I couldn’t believe it.. I couldn’t believe what she had done. What either of them had done. How was I supposed to trust Jess and let her in on the full extent of this mission and why it’s so important if she continued to rebel against orders? She could have killed the only chance we had at finding Lance.. and Adeline… I knew it was Juno trying to get into her head.. but why would she just let her take over so easily like that? But.. what was more concerning was she’s never stabilized these days.. she can’t control her abilities anymore. It was almost as if she was letting Juno win.. Could I even trust her at this point?

            Deep in thought, I stared at Shadow as he continued to make attempts at hacking into Abstergo’s data bases, he was getting quite frustrated.

            “I don’t know if I can get in.. their firewalls are harder to by pass.. and these codes and inscriptions..” he sighed.

            “I think I know who upgraded the system. She goes by Oddity.. state of the art hacker and one of the best Abstergo has.. She’s the one that separated us.” I sighed.

            “Well at least I know what I am looking for now. If I can ever bypass this firewall.. I’ll just look into this woman’s file. Perhaps she has classified documents that could help you.”

            “Do you want me to help?” I asked.

            “Actually.. yes. On the top of this building is an old satellite that use to be for television.. If you could figure out a way to turn it on, you could attach these into its control panel, which will jam any signals in the area and prevent any Abstergo agents from locating us.. because the second I get this firewall cracked, it will automatically send our location to them.” He explained.

            “Alright.. keep an eye on them.. It’s beginning to look more and more like I can’t trust this girl..” I whispered.

            He nodded, and handed me a circuit panel that had some sort of cylindrical yellow object attached to it, and wires that could connect into something like an electrical box.

            “The power generator is on the very bottom floor, shouldn’t be to hard to find.” He said, then turned back to continue his quest to get into the framework of Abstergo’s data bases.

            I began to walk away, exiting the apartment and headed for the stairs.



            I coughed as Jacob set me down onto the old, worn down couch. It was brown, the cushions still nice and soft even though it had probably been left to fall apart years ago.

            Pain surged through my entire body, making it impossible to move without screaming in agony. I trembled, quivering as I tried to recall what had happened.. but it was like a cloud of pitch black.. I couldn’t remember what had happened after I heard Juno’s voice.

            “W-what happened?” I quivered, attempting to push back the tears from the pain I was in.

            “None of that matters. I’m here now.. just focus on me.” He said, seeing the fear in my eyes.

            “I.. I hurt someone, didn’t I?”

            “Yes and no.. but everyone is okay..”

            “Who.. who did I hurt?”

            Silence. He wouldn’t tell me.. and I knew right then and there.. It had to of been him or Rosa. How could I do such a thing?

            “I-I’m sorry.. I couldn’t control–” I stuttered, the tears beginning to fall as it dawned on me that I could have killed someone.

            “It’s not your fault Adee.. It’s Juno. She’s getting into your head.” said he.

            “But I could have controlled it.. that voice though. It was so alluring.. and after that everything went black.” I paused, sniffling as I trembled once more, “How.. how can any of you trust me if I can’t control my own actions?”

            “Rosa and I know that it wasn’t you.. regardless we still care and we are with you no matter what.” He replied.

            “No.. You–you can’t trust me. What if–”

            “You won’t hurt us.. I know you won’t.”

            “but what of Jess and C0rvus and Lacrimae?”

            “Then we”ll stop you.. but I won’t let anyone harm you regardless if you try to hurt me or not Adee. You are all that is left in this world for me.. and I’ll be damned if I let anyone hurt you..”

            “But Jess.. I can’t trust her.. we can’t trust her. After what she did.. and she’s keeping secrets. I don’t know what they are but she isn’t telling us something.” I said, the tears still falling down my salted cheeks.

            “Then we’ll get to the bottom of it.. but right now you aren’t in any condition to get up and move around.. just sit here with me.. rest if you wish. I’m right here.” He said, wiping the tears.

            (oh geez.. XD)

          135. *Radios Ade*
            “Oi, Crow here but is it just me or…do you have the same issue? I can’t use my crystals perfectly since I’m at high risk of impaling myself.”

            *in the background Dolorem repeats “shit” like he is singing*

            “Shit shit shi shi shit”

            “Dolorem why are you like this?”
            “ shit and please act like your sister,Lacrimae”

            *he says shit sadly as I go back to talking to Ade*

            “Well that was interesting, ummm, other then me impaling my right arm…as you can see I have a new spider drone”

            *Stops talking as I still feel a cold breeze on the wound*

          136. Adeline:

            I heard Crow’s voice, and squeezed Jacob’s hand as I talked through my earpiece, which I had put back in after what happened.

            “I don’t use crystals.. it’s.. hard to explain. I never knew I had such abilities until I was put under some experimentation. A new drug they called it.. an injection of sorts. Little did I know.. the injection was actually extracted from a first civ artifact. With the right combination, they managed to use it as a permanent way to boost the first civ genes within someones DNA. It almost killed me.. Abstergo saved my life.. that was back when things weren’t so complicated. I put my heart and soul into Abstergo, but in the end.. I betrayed them.” I explained, wincing as I tried to sit up.

          137. *sighs in relief that she isn’t dead*

            “…what I meant is that I can’t use my ability without a chance of severely injuring myself. I know your part of Abstergo’s Project..I can’t remember the name but words of projects get out fast. Glad your ok..and tell Rosa I’m sorry”

          138. Adeline:

            “T-they weren’t responsible for the injection.. The First Will was. And.. my abilities are becoming more and more unstable.. unpredictable.. Please.. I’d rather not talk about this anymore.”


            I did as he had asked as quickly as possible, then managed to head back up just as he got through the fire wall.

            “I’m in.” He said as I walked back into the room.

            “I knew you could do it.” said I.

          139. *still on the radio*

            “Ok..we can stop but how re you and them? I wasn’t expecting her to do what she did but she seems to be having issues but there is an explaination…a tough one”

          140. Adeline:

            “Nevermind me. she needs to explain. the three of us simply don’t trust her because she is hiding stuff from us and for all we know she could lead them straight back to us.. ”

            “if you are available meet in the back room. we need to discuss things.” Came Rosa’s voice.

            Jacob sighed before saying “Copy that.” then looked to me, “You good to go?”

            “I think..” I sat up slowly, wincing in pain as I attempted to stabilize myself.

          141. *looks at Jess*
            “How long will they continue doing their thing on me?”

            *Talks to Ade*
            “I’ll be on my way…once I’m patched up. Once again I’m glad your ok.”

            *Dolorem speaks in his high pitched voice through the comms*

            “Rosa, he big dumbass”
            “He rock dumb”
            *i silently sniff a lil as I mumble*
            “I’m..not that dumb ya lil turd”

            *stops talking through the comm but keeps it on*

          142. Rosa:

            He had done it.. he found the documents we needed.. and we now had a location.. I just hoped that we could get it together and do this without getting killed..

            “No problem. We’ll be waiting for you Crow. We have a lot to discuss, and not much time. Everyone includes you too Jess, we have lots to discuss.”



            “We’re on our way.” I said once turning my coms back on.

            (Oh god.. I so wanna start a whole thing between Adeline and Jacob and then have ADeline talk to Rosa about the same thing but go behind Jacobs back in doing so but it’s such a touchy subject.. should I do it after the meeting or should I leave it out?!)

          143. (What is it exactly?)

            *Goes back on comma and says fuck it*

            “Ight, we’ll be there. Ade..take care will ya, we are the weirdest Is tagteam”

          144. (well.. I’ve really been wanting to add this emotional side to Adeline where she keeps them all bottled up and it results in some stuff.. She knows that she is a danger to everyone at this point so I kinda want to stage a sort of argument between her and Jacob because she’ll claim the best way to solve the problem is by putting a bullet in her head. Of course Jacob would hate it and would stop at nothing to make sure she lives but out of fear of the worst she goes to Rosa behind Jacobs back and makes her promise that if they have no other choice to kill Adeline herself. although we all know that isn’t how she’ll die.. I’m hoping to get Aiden in soon because I kinda want an emotional talk between him and her before it all goes to crap.. I’ve been plotting this for some time lol. should I add the emotional scene with Jacob and Adeline? or leave it out..?)


            “I’ll try..” I sighed as we got into the room.

            Jacob pulled out a seat and helped me sit down, unable to keep my balance for to long.



            I took of my earpiece one last time and waited for them to do the same. once they had caught on and took them out I looked at them both.

            “We don’t have much time before they get here.. but we have a lot to discuss that I don’t want jess to hear. if she will tell us what she is hiding, should we tell her the full details of this mission and why it’s so important?”

            “You said we couldn’t trust her..” Adeline said.

            “We can’t, but I realize now that leaving her in the dark could jeopardize everything.. so if she can tell us the truth about what’s going on with her, should we let her in on the whole truth?” I asked.

            “Hmm.. I think so, but only give her minor details for now. We can’t give to much away.. it’s to risky.” Jacob said.


            “Fine.. but I still don’t trust her and I won’t until she proves to us that she can be.” She said.

            “Then it’s settled. Now we wait for them. Coms back in, they need to be able to reach us.”

            they both nodded and put their earpieces back in.

          145. (Comms* Isu*)

          146. (You do know Crow is gonna be depressed AF once he finds out but yeah I’m good)

            *hears a small clicking sound*
            “You guys are fuckin horrible at trying to hide shit, ya know that right?”

            *sighs a little*

          147. (lol, do you think its a good idea? also, this may be my last reply today. got a busy day, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to reply at all this weekend, so I may not have a chance until monday.)


            “Crow.. good to see you? you doing okay? you look flushed. and where is Jess?”

          148. (I haven’t even teleported yet but..ok)

            *few minutes ago*
            “Hey I need you to meet us at the building ok hun?”
            *teleports and answers the question she asked*
            “Making her way here but…fuck my arm hurts”

          149. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 1:22 PM

            *She sighed, Ezio and Altair just looked at her, before disappearing* “I’ll be there…soon..” *She turned to pick up her bag, putting it on as she did a Leap of Faith off the cliff, she enjoying the air rushing around her, she glanced over to her right, the two Assassins doing a Leap of Faith as well, she aimed for a small lake below, before climbing out and sprinting to them, the two ghost Assassins followed* (I spiced up my side of the story, why not spice up yours too?)

          150. (I am spicing it up but like food, you gotta take it in slowly so you can taste the flavor to get that Grand Finale)

            *Messages Jess*
            “You’d be ok with having kids? I’m just wondering…

            *Dolorem looks at me*
            “I speak sentences now so…fuck you?”
            “Was that a question little one? You speak full dumbass…that’s what you speak”
            “Sooooooo how is Juno?”
            “Juno is pissed like always because our goal is to destroy all artifacts…which before we do that I need to find out which one unfuses me from this armor”

            *Waits for jess at the door*

          151. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 3:34 PM

            *She swept an Abstergo agent off his feet, stabbing him in the chest before rounding a corner, climbing a building, only a few blocks away, audio messages C0rvus “Alm–t t—..gimme a f– m–utes.” *She felt a hand on her shoulder, turning around, she saw Alek grinning* “Found you!” *She rolls her eyes* “Go back on patrol, Alek.” *He does as asked*

          152. *Radios her*
            “You do know Lacrimae is yours to command right?”

            *i can feel my right arm a little bit but not much*

          153. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 4:03 PM

            *She replied* “Yeah i know…” *She leapt across a gap of an alley way, only one more roof to go..* “Almost there..” *She felt an ice cold tingling on her shoulder, she turned, seeing Altair, he simply nodded atlnd pointed to below, she looked to where he was pointing, it was C0rvus* “Ooh…thanks..?” *He nodded, following as she jumped down, landing gracefully silent, she glanced at Altair* “Should I tell him your here?” *She muttered quietly, he shook his head no* “Alright..”

          154. *moves my right arm a little as I scream internally causing a crystal to spike up right next to my left arm*

            “Oh hell no, I am not going to get impaled in my left arm also”

          155. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 4:27 PM

            *She walks up to him* “You alright, amore?” *She knows something is wrong* “I don’t know how to help you..” *Altair stood beside her, not moving much*

          156. *looks at her with my gas mask port for my mouth open*

            “..not at all, love. I can definitely feel my arm now but I can’t even fully control my crystals. For all I know, these things will kill me. I mean i kinda bled out to near death and the last time I did that was with my original team but this time it felt like I was getting stabbed with flaming hot knives and sent to hell”

          157. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 5:00 PM

            “Exactly how my leg felt that day we met..” *She thought for a moment* “Could this be anything to do with the First Civ stuff?” *Altair glanced at him, then back at her, then stepped forward to C0rvus* “If anything, maybe your old team could help?”

          158. *silently laughs while smiling abit ,thinks deeply, and makes a joke to get my mind off the pain*

            “This is definitely an eye for an eye hun”

            *wonders which team for a second*

            “My original team that…died except for me? I don’t know how they could help because it wasn’t until their end that we all were brought into the hidden world. If it’s my second team that are in France, they may help but I already asked a lot from them when Ade went full black out and first civ.

            I know this is a first civ issue because Juno is messing with me and it appears she is doing the same with Ade, both making us unstable but she is making Ade way more volatile because my crystals are targeting me and not anyone else while…Ade targets everything”

            *lets out a deep sigh as I look down*

          159. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 5:50 PM

            *She sighs* “What artifact made you have those crystals..” *She seemed edgy, or nervous about something, Altair put his hand on C0rvus’s shoulder, she took her flask out, drinking some*

          160. *makes my gas mask lenses crystal clear showing my blue left eye and my right eye that I can’t fully see out of which faintly glows in a gem pattern of the first civ*

            “No one gave it a name, it just looked like the average things not an apple nor some weapon but was kinda like what…Shay touched that caused an earthquake,except it fused itself into a small crystal and fused what i was wearing”

            *points at myself while opening a port that guards the crystal on my chest*

            “All I remember was it being in a temple deep underground in snow. People go missing or die unknowingly…maybe in Russia somewhere in the Dyatlov pass,Holatchahl,where in 1959 a group of hikers were found dead in the weirdest way or in the Alaskan Bermuda Triangle…just an ice cold alternative to the original Bermuda Triangle”

            *creates two tiny crystals in my palm but one hits my left arm but doesn’t do any damage while the other is just floating idle*

          161. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 6:39 PM

            *She nodded, watching the floating crystal* “…I don’t know what to do then…we both know that Adeline and Rosa and them don’t trust me..because of the hallucinations…maybe…maybe we need an Animus? To see if we could find out the artifact you touched? I don’t know..” *She sat on a crate, her left hand holding the pendant, her right hand holding the pocket watch* “I just don’t get it..”

          162. *kisses her*
            “I..don’t get it either but hopefully I can be unfused, The temple didn’t look like people have been inside after the first civ war but the artifact seems to hold data of all kinds from the Isu to the present day but I need to continue record keeping. It seems like whoever made it really wanted to make sure absolutely nothing was forgotten, the person even left a message just saying end the cycle”

          163. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 8:20 PM

            *She nodded, turning the pocket watch facedown, she noticed a small imprint* “Hmm..” *She put the necklace up to it, it fit the small slot perfectly, she heard a clicking sound, turning it back over, the clock face was now a compass* “Huh..”

          164. *looks at it as my gas mask lenses go back to being jet black*

            “You see anything different about that compass besides it being secret, because my right eye sees something different…which is odd since normally the only thing I see is a faint blue transparent light like your eagle vision that can see life…and mine sees everything faintly until you opened that”

            *stares at it for a second*
            “It seems to lead somewhere so…guess we should follow it”

          165. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 9:34 PM

            *She studied it for a moment, glancing at Altair, who had been looking at it as well, before nodding* “Cmon then..” *She starts walking towards where the little dial is pointing, before taking off on a full sprint, glancing down to check the dial every so often*

          166. *follows her as Dolorem puts a metallic casing on my right arm and Lacrimae is right next to Jess*

            “One hell of watch huh?”

          167. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 8, 2018 — 11:37 PM

            *She stayed silent, climbing the side if a building swiftly, standing on the edge of it, checking the watch, it pointed forward* “Hm…” *She turned around in a circle, it turned to face the right direction* “Huh..” *Keeps following it, free-running over lampposts and flag rods, a kid, around 7, tried following, she turned to him, giving him a ‘the hell?’ look* “Kid, go home.” *The kid whined in protest as she began her assent up a building side, the kid ran inside, going up the elevator, following still* “Damnit…” *She did a Leap of Faith down the building side, landing in someone’s pool, getting out and keeps sprinting, ignoring her clothes being wet, the kid finally lost track, she sighed, taking a moment to catch her breath, she leaned against a wall, blending with a few other people, looking at the watch* “…huh..” *A random guy bumped into her, taking the watch as he then sprinted off* “Oh you filthy son of a bitch…you made the wrong choice” *She smirked as he turned to reply, she bolted forward, chasing him through alleys and roads, pinning him against a wall,she put the blade at his throat, she lowered her voice* “Why did you take my watch?” *He was breathing heavily* “It belongs to me..” *She pressed the blade to his throat* “Give. Me. The. Watch.” *She stared into his eyes, he squirmed, impaling himself on the blade* “N-no…” *He squeaked, before dying, she layed him to the ground, muttering as she shut his eyes* “Requiescat in pace..” *She searched his pockets, taking a small peice of parchment, a few euros, and her watch, also his entire wallet, cause why not?* “Should have not taken my watch..” *She paused as she heard sirens in the distance, she sighed, mad now* “ fucked with the wrong you die.” *She muttered, quietly and quickly blending in a crowd nearby, realizing that she couldn’t find C0rvus, not even with Eagle Vision, she tried to audio message him “-@###+-@/, K(+&@&’! ?@;-‘-#;@——–” she ended it, walking with the flow of the crowd, keeping an eye out for C0rvus*

          168. *hears the sirens,immediately adds the crystal layers to bend light due to it being a habit, gets cut by a crystal on my leg and bleeds a little as I follow the trail the watch leaves behind by my right eye*

            “ looks like the air is bleeding”

            *gets close to where she is at and sees her as one of the locals speaks to their kid*

            “Oh lord help me…don’t look my son, the demons are showing”

            *a small fraction of the layer on my leg has blood dripping as I quietly radio her*

            “Where the hell are you? I see the watch’s trial but I don’t see you”

          169. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 12:19 AM

            *I noticed something wasn’t right, I knew she had been spotted…but by who?* “Ey…dog..fuck off..” *I kicked lightly at a dog that kept trying to beg, I noticed it wouldn’t so I pushed it away by the snout* “Thank you..” *It finally shrank off, I still couldn’t see C0rvus, I heard someone yell, I glanced over, everything started going was a policeman..he seemed confused, I tried to get to a wall, to steady myself, but everything began to fade, I fell to my knees, holding my head in my hands, I shook slightly, trying to stop this hallucination* “Merda…” *A Templar..from the Italian Renaissance era walked up, slowly, I glanced up, the guard had his sword out, he swung, it was in slow motion, I rolled, sweeping him over and stabbing him with his own sword, I grimaced as I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, everything turned black, I couldn’t move..*

          170. *hurries off to where I heard struggling,starts becoming extremely worried, and hears a voice*

            “Well, look at that…you see she is down. Though I was hoping I could’ve just burnt her in front of you”

            “Fuck you juno..I’m not dealing with your shit!”

            “Really? Because it seems you have failed her. Well, that is all you do…you just fail everyone else”

            *creates multiple crystal explosions causing two crystals impaling my right leg*

            “No…your wrong I haven’t failed, you know why?”


            “Because you know we are pretty damn close”

            *reaches Jess’s location,carries her while I’m bleeding out all over again*

            “…if I’m going to bleed out, I’m not gonna sit here just like I did with my original team.”

            *after hours of carrying and trying to carry her to the nearest hotel , I quickly get us into a room*

            “I’ll say this to you…La liberté ou la morte”

            *gets sent into a coma by the last crystal impaling my leg*

          171. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 1:07 AM

            *I felt someone pick me up, I still couldn’t move..couldn’t see.. couldn’t hear..then a thought came up…

            Sarcastic Jess: ‘yo..u ded boi?’

            I mentally grumbled

            Normal Jess: ‘no you dumbass, if we we’re dead you wouldn’t be talking!!’

            it just responded..

            Sarcastic Jess: ‘ shouldn’t have decided to leave and you wouldn’t have been ded.’

            Normal Jess’shut the only reason we decided to run off.’

            then the logical side of me joined in..
            Logic Jess: ‘guys! Stop fighting..we ain’t ded!’

            Normal Jess: ‘exactly! See me?’

            Sarcastic Jess: ‘yeah yeah…sure..’

            Logic Jess: ‘Guys! Stop fighting! Just wake up and we can shut up and you can eat donuts!’

            Hungry Jess: ‘Donuts?’

            All Jess’s : ‘oh shit..’

            Normal Jess: ‘shut up. Before I commit suicide on all ya bastards..’

            With that, they all shut up, good..* (lol I couldn’t resist doing this XD)

          172. (Lol)
            *still in a coma as Lacrimae and Dolorem don’t know what the fuck to do*
            “Hey Dolo, what the fuck do we do?”
            “Shit, I don’t know…”
            “No wonder why he deactivated you…”
            “What was that you lil bitch?”
            “Really? Your like a tic tac”
            *He looks at himself and at her*

            *While in a coma state I speak to myself as the phantoms all come forward*

            “Calling the world from isolation
            Because right now, that’s the ball
            Where we’re betrayed
            And if you’re coming back to find me
            You’d better have good aim”

            *they vanish as I say one more thing before I look out into the abyss in the coma*

            “It’s I against I and me against you”

          173. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 1:57 AM

            *I mentally sighed..

            Logic Jess: ‘ up..something’s not right..’

            Normal Jess: ‘Ey..shut up..wait..what’s that sound…’ I woke up, flinging my blades out and leaping off the bed, I had a wild look in my eyes* “Where..what…how..shit..” *I took a few more pain killers, looking around the room* “A…hotel..?” *She looked at C0rvus* “ ok? No? Damnit..” *I walked up to him, sheathing the blades and checking for a pulse..* “yeap..your alive.. probably..” *She looked at his leg..holy Templar shit..* “Daaaannnggg…that’s a lotta blood…poor maids who have to clean everything up..” *She glances at the small robot spider* “ help him best ya can..ima go find a med kit..and uh.. do your random helping shit..kay?” *I turned, leaving the room, slipping the bank card from the guy-she-may-or-may-not-have-killed between the door and the lock, walking down the hall, to the front desk* “Ey..uh..first aid kits? Messed up shit going on don’t fucking ask..” *The front desk lady tilted her head, confused* “Excuse me?” “GIMME A FUCKING FIRST AID KIT” *I grumbled from under my hood, this would be a long…chat..* “Ma’am, I can call an ambulance..if it helps..” “Hell nawh..” *I walked off, back up the stairs, back to the room, back inside, relocking the door, walking back to C0rvus* “Damn front desk people don’t know how to fucking med kit properly..” *I muttered, searching the room for anything that could help, sighing, I realized something..I activated Eagle Vision, noticing his green ally aura was brighter than usual..well alright then..I deactivated it, wondering what shit we got ourselves into..* “Well damn..In che mondo viviamo, dove le verità possono essere manipolate così facilmente?”

          174. *Lacrimae And Dolorem look at her and both speak*
            “You…do know he won’t wake up right?”

            *both of them work together on removing the three long crystals as Dolores multi-tasks by covering the wound with metallic webbing with paddings,Lacrimae speaks.*

            “What…if he is dead? or doesn’t wake up in years, maybe months?”

            *I look up into the abyss as I hear waves and sees someone standing there*

            “Hey…who are you?”
            *walks over to the person and sees that it’s Jess*
            “Jess? How’d..never mind, at least I have you in this darkness”

            *She doesn’t speak but I sit down on the sand as the front part of my gas mask falls off*

            “…if only this is real”

            *I said asshe sits down, I look at the tree in front of us as I look down*
            “Up on melancholy hill
            There’s a plastic tree
            Are you here with me?
            Just looking out on the day
            Of another dream
            Well you can’t get what you want
            But you can get me
            So let’s set out to sea
            ‘Cause you are my medicine
            When you’re close to me
            When you’re close to me

            So call in the submarines
            ‘Round the world will go
            Does anybody know her?

            If we’re looking out on the day
            Of another dream

            If you can’t get what you want
            Then you come with me

            Up on melancholy hill
            Sits a manatee
            Just looking out for the day
            When you’re close to me”

            *sighs as I look at my gas mask as a glowing tear drop hits my gas mask*

          175. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 2:40 AM

            *She sighed* “Just try to help..I swear..if he dies..” *She sat down, slumped against the wall, not knowing what to do* “nothing makes sense anymore…” *She stared at her bracers, another damned wasn’t Ezio…or was Ratonhnhake:ton..or..Connor..* “What.” *He just knelt down, sitting beside her* “You damn hallucinations…why do you haunt me..” *She muttered, feeling the cold chill of his ghostly hand on her shoulder*

          176. *hears multiple foot steps on the sand,I look behind me and sees my old team*

            *they all speak at once*
            “Hey Crow! What you doing here”

            “John?,Jake?Zack?, and is that you Chris?”

            John:”you know it”
            Zack:”hey man..long time no see”

            Jack and Chris:”hey, looks like Crow has someone!”

            *i look at the Jess in my coma state*

            “Yeah…I-i sure do don’t I?”

            Chris:”so, it has finally happened, yeah?”

            Jack:”oh shit, someone finally broke into the Fort Crow?!”

            Crow:”Yeah…I’m no longer the same as I was when you guys died”

            John:”I knew eventually you’d find your weakness…but what brings you here?”

            Crow:”Bled out with it sending me into a coma.. Wait, am I dead?”

            Zack:”No, no your not brother…but I’m glad you have found someone to guard. This journey of yours has been tough but I am happy you have been learning. Just between you and me, I knew you were always caring…but she broke through that wall didn’t she?”

            Crow:”look…I’m sorry for being the cause of ya’lls death and I-I’m sorry I failed”

            John:”hey shut up will you…don’t talk like that. We are Orchids aren’t we? We may have a flower name but we show no weakness. Now you Crow, so what if we died. You learned from that and you progressed.

            You even got yourself someone who you love to death to the point where you did whatever to keep her alive and happy. Except for right now…for all you know she may be pissed or sad.”

            Chris:”Probably pissed”

            Zack:”We’ll be here brother….for now just enjoy what time you have and when you wake up. Just promise me you’ll spend more time enjoying life instead of getting yourself killed”

            Crow:”Sure thing, brother”

            *They all vanish except for her*

          177. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 8:28 AM

            *She sighed, the hallucination got up, walking over to the door, it looked at Jess, she glanced at it* “What, someone walking past the door?” *It shook it’s head, taking it’s axe from it’s belt, getting into a fighting stance* “Ey…don’t fight the door..will ya Connor?” *She got up checking through the little window, seeing 3 Abstergo agents* “Well dumbasses just can’t stay away, can ya?” *She sprung out her hidden blades, switches them from the normal blades to the poison one’s, she opened the door, pretends to walk out, until one of then grabbed her shoulder*

            Guard 1: “Ah ah, not so fast, miss.”

            *She smirked as the guard spoke, readying the blades*
            Jess: “What seems to be the problem?”

            Guard 2: “We’ve been searching for you, miss, you escaped a few years aho…we need ya back..”

            Guard 1 : “Just come peacefully and we won’t harm you..”

            Jess: “I ain’t going in that fucking Animus anytime fucking soon, ye little bastards..” *She stabbed the first guard, he turned pale as the poison was working through his bloodstream, she spun around, avoiding the second guard’s baton, parrying any grab he had, stabbing him in the neck, he fell, dying…dead* “Two to go…”

            Guard 3: *over his comms* “Hey…I need back up.. target’s gone rogue and is attac-” he was cut off by her blade sinking into his chest, she let him die, the damage by the blade making a way for the poison, as he fell, she lost her signature smirk, looting their pockets, dragging the bodies out the window at the end of the hallway, and finally, going back to the room* “No shit, Sherlock…of course they’d have backup…” She glanced around, the hallucination had vanished.. ’bout fucking time..’ , she sighed, retracting the blades as she was about to open the door, she heard footsteps…lots of em… ‘a group..bout..I dunno..7-9 guards….heh..haven’t had to use this in a long time..’ she walked to her bag, taking to axes, shaped like Connor’s, she went outside again, leaning against the wall casually, waiting for more guards to come, as a smirk was once again plastered on her face* “You..fucking…little…shits…”

          178. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 10:01 AM

            (I hate autocorrect

            Ago*, Two*)

          179. *Touches the water as I hold my mask while I’m surrounding by the sand and the abyss then starts talking to myself*

            “You know, this journey has been quiet fun even with our major issues”

            *looks at my Datapad on my left arm to see the time but it malfunctioned*

            “Breathe in
            What is happening?
            Walls are in the way
            How do I escape?
            Losing you
            Fading out of view now
            Losing you
            Feels like the earth is falling through”

          180. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 10:56 AM

            *I waited a few moments…then bang, 7-9 guards going full speed…* “Do you like dying?” *I spun around, blocking one of the guards’ baton in the crook of my axe, swinging the other one around, catching him off guard* “Shame all ya have to a woman..” *She threw both axes, they wedged themselves into a guard’s chest and face* “Cause nothing says, hello how’s your day like a 5 pound axe-to-the-face” *I used the handle of the axe to throw him into his buddies, taking one of my throwing knives and throwing it at a few of them that had stumbled from their friend being thrown at them* “I though you guys’d be more fun…eh..your dead anyway..” *I stabbed another through the hand, making his hand stick to the wall, I managed to get one of my axes out of one’s face..slashing Sticky on the neck, he started dying* “Damn…only 1 left eh? How’s bout you, start running?” *He nodded, sprinting towards the elevator, I threw a throwing knife at his back, another knife, and another knife..until he fell, I walked up, planting my foot on his stomach, I leaned over, lowering my voice* “Why’d you sign up for a guard, anyway, bud?” *He let out a raspy breath* “I…n-nee.d…” *He died before I could say anything, I retrieved all my throwing knives, axes, etc as I walking back into the room* “Ignore the blood and bodies outside..” *I put the axes away, wiping and sheathing the throwing knives* “Damned guys don’t know when to stop…” *I looked over at C0rvus…still out cold..* “I’m sorry this happened…amore…” *I muttered, hoping Lacrimae and the spider bot didn’t hear* “He showing any signs of waking up anytime soon?”

          181. (Sorry been busy)
            *Dolorem checks while Lacrimae does a full scan then after that She speaks*

            “Negative…He is still alive but nothing shows any sign since he won’t react to everything that produces stimulation such as pain,light and sound. Not even your own name,which to be honest, is surprising because the moment he name…he immediately goes into defensive, interrogates those he doesn’t trust, and or goes full on attack if he senses threats along with disrespect”

            *Dolorem looks at both of you*

            “I…think idiot here isn’t going to wake up, probably for months and if we are lucky enough…maybe a week”

            *Lacrimae sighs*

            “….guess we can’t get our hopes high but I know one thing for sure, if he wakes up I’m head butting his dumbass at full speed and I know his
            Consciousness is full of his…blocked feelings which are 89% depression even when he is knocked unconscious he still can access them through whatever Isu shit is going on.

            I also know he probably has a normal version of you in his head just to keep him aware of what he is fighting for”

            *Lacrimae hovers to floor level and looks down*

          182. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 6:27 PM

            *I sighed, remembering what my mother said before she died* “Spread your wings and touch the sky, as you fly ever high..” *I picked up the tv remote, flicking through channels, sighing, I turned the TV off, going to my bag and taking a book out, it was a copied version of the Codex..but in English and Italian.., opening it up, I sat against the wall again, ignoring that Ezio had returned (again) and stood nearby* “Ey.. Lacrimae, do you know how he woke up last time he did this? He was talking about it once..his old team that…uh..moved along?” *I didn’t want to say ‘dead, death, passed on’ again, it hurt..after everything and everyone I lost..* “I want you to find it..also…” *I paused, not sure if I should say it or not..* “Can…you two drone things..see him?” *She pointed at Ezio, he was eating an apple..ok then.* “Just lemme’s Ezio Auditore da Firenze..standing the corner..or I’m just slowly going insane..”

          183. (He hears your name*)

          184. *Lacrimae looks at her like she is crazy while Dolorem stares directly at him*

            Lacrimae:”You… are crazy”

            Dolorem:”I see him..he is fucking eating an apple like a badass”

            *Lacrimae lays near me*
            “How did he wake up after his teams’ departure?…he was pissed, it led him to this depression and fear of failure. As you can see he doesn’t care about what happens to him as long as he gets the job done…Orchid is still a major phantom for him. As long as he knows that the ones he cares about are ok…he will be pleased if he died and didn’t die in vain. Why do you think he got himself into a coma?t…he did it just for you knowing your alive”

            *Dolorem looks at Lacrimae*

            “Hey, don’t take it negatively…if you fuck up their relationship, you know that is the last straw in his life. He handled all the things this fucking war put him in but he can’t take another blow…she is a living supernova for him. He’ll just…commit suicide like he tried way before he met her and after Orchid’s death”

            *Lacrimae sighs as she shuts herself down so she doesn’t have to see the state I’m in*

          185. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 7:03 PM

            “YESS!! HE IS FUCKING EATING AN APPLE!! EXACTLY LITTLE ROBOTIC SPIDER THING!” *She looked at Lacrimae* “and that’s depressing.” *She saw Ezio like ‘da fuck?’ and laughed* “ shit Ezio, your eating an apple like a badass.”

          186. *Dolorem laughs at Ezio,puts a fedora on me, then he pokes my arm non-stop*

            “You never explained to him about who forced him to grab the artifact? Most of all I wonder why he loves you and you love him?. I don’t understand this whole feely feely shit”

          187. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 9, 2018 — 9:45 PM

            *She shrugged* “Dunno..he just seems like the perfect guy..” *She began to read her book* “There is a word to describe him…the word is ‘perfect’.” *She turned the page, reading over the design for the Phantom Blade*

          188. *hears a voice as I lo9k at the water turning into a glitch effect*

            “You should wake up Crow…besides that you have passed. My name is Consus, creator of these edens….some call me the voices. You are part of me”

            *He shows up and points towards a gateway*

            “Here you will find your exit…touch the same artifact you touched and then you will have an exit,infused your armor…which was an accident since none of us were prepared for you, along with a new upgrade for your mask and right eye”

            *I look at him*
            “You were…watching me?”

            “Hurry up now…don’t want everyone to think your dead, right?”

            *i walk through,touch the artifact, and wake up*

            “JESUS FUCK THAT HURT!”

          189. (Look* unfused*)

          190. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 10, 2018 — 12:18 AM

            *She was reading…until C0rvus woke up, yelling, she backflipped behind the couch, taking her crossbow out, it’s bolt already loaded, she peeked from behind, seeing it was just C0rvus* “Jaysus…I thought you were gonna be fucking dead!” *She put away the crossbow, standing up and walking to him* “Can you see him yet? Cause your Lil spider thing sees em..” *She pointed to the corner, Ezio was still there, but sitting down and examining something*

          191. *Gas mask face unfuses and falls off as I see him and others*

            “Ohhhh hey Ezio…”
            *says it casually as I’m in fucking pain from that mental version of my artifact*

            “I…fuckin….miss you “

            *Lacrimae panics,turns on, and shoots my arm*

            “FUCK FUCK FUCK”

          192. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 10, 2018 — 12:54 AM

            *She sighed* “Damnit Lacrimae..” *She goes to her bag, taking a small medkit out, walking over to C0rvus* “I’m just glad your not dead..” *Ezio nodded, agreeing*

          193. *pushes my gas mask aside,stops her from getting the medkit, and kisses her*
            “Don’t worry about my arm,beautiful. We have Consus with us…mainly inside me which is odd since he never explained why I am a sage for him.”

            *smiles and picks her up*

          194. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 10, 2018 — 1:23 AM

            *She smirked, Ezio was now talking with Altair, who randomly appeared* “Amore…i thought I had almost lost you..” *She rested her head against his chest* “Also…uh..ignore the dozen bodies outside with blood everywhere..ahehheh..may or may not have killed a few people that were trying to come in..”

          195. *hugs her tightly*
            “You…should’ve seen how I reacted when I thought I died. You know you won’t lose me..though that was uhh…like a 99% chance of death but still. Also I don’t care about the bodies”

            *Still carrying her and kisses her deeply*
            “Jesus I fuckin miss you, I had a version of you in my head and damn I was depressed as fuck knowing that you’d hate me”

          196. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 10, 2018 — 1:48 AM

            “Why would I hate you? It’s not because of habit that I call you Amore, or love in English..” *She smiled, her second, actual smile since the death of her brother..* “And also not because my mother was British..but because I love you..” *Her smile faded back to her simple smirk*

          197. *smiles at her*
            “Well guess I have to kill Chris..wait, can you kill a ghost?”

            *pauses abit but stops thinking*

            “I love you my dear”
            *slowly kisses her neck*

          198. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 10, 2018 — 2:14 AM

            *She thought for a moment* “I doubt you can kill a ghost…” *She realized something..* “Who’s Chris.. what’re you doing..?” *She blushed lightly, thankfully the hood his it*

          199. *blushes with embarrassment*

            “Chris is one of the members of My original team,Orchid. We call him the jokester since he jokes all the damn time…saw him when I was knocked out and he thought you were pissed at me”

            *blushes are more visible*
            “I..umm…Jesus you turn me on with your beauty and everything about you ,babe”

          200. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 10, 2018 — 2:00 PM

            *She chuckled* “Grazie…amore” *She snuggles into him* “Almost forgot to tell you…” *She hesitated* “Would… you like to..uh..” *She paused, unsure* “J-Join…the uh..Brotherhood…?” *She looked distracted* “You know… Assassin…”

          201. *snuggles into her as Lacrimae and Dolorem are surprised by that question so they leave us alone*

            “Which brotherhood are…you in my dear? For the only two I trust are the Parisian and the Osaka.”

            *Heart rate is a flat line since being with her calms me down*

            *Hānzo looks at his armor that I took and looks at Ezio like”did this bitch take my shit?”*

            *Still kisses her*
            “Like Hānzo once said,” Those who cling to life,die. Those who defy death,live”

          202. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 10, 2018 — 5:45 PM

            “Well…let’s see here..I was brought into the Italian Brotherhood…then I was moved to the British Brotherhood…and now I’m in the American I’d say the American one..but know that your rank would be Recruit..and you would not be permitted to use your crystals..or hidden blades..for Recruits usually eavesdrop, track and transfer information from one bureau to another..but..I might be able to pull a few strings and get you up to Initiate…”

          203. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 10, 2018 — 5:48 PM

            *Ezio patted Hãnzo on the shoulder, pointing to her bracers, having a look of ‘Same, my friend.’ as he summons an apple, handing him it*

          204. *thinks deeply for a second* “The Parisian or simply the French brotherhood helped me recover during the war since we…needed to kill the man who later killed the team. Meanwhile the Osaka taught me a lot about tracking,hiding,etc
            …which is why we were given the name Orchids since we were highly interested in the Japanese orchids.”

            *looks at her lovingly*
            “I…don’t trust the American brotherhood because for one,aren’t fully founded on hard stone like the counterparts. I have trust issues with Americans and lastly…most of the assassins during the war got obliterated.”

          205. “For you…I will join. I have terms though, if anyone of them harms you in anyway…I’m out and they will die. Two, If they plan on using these things for greed or any form of corruption…they die and I’m out.

            Three, if they jeopardize our goal…I will teach them a lesson they will not forget. Lastly if they use Ade,Me, or anyone that are “innocent” but have our Isu abilities like Abstergo…does things. You already know what will happen.

            Other than that babe, I’m in”

          206. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 11, 2018 — 12:16 AM

            *She kissed him* “No one’s gonna do that, amore, most they’ll do is ask of your heritage, and have you drink something that will prove of your bravery and strength.” *She had a pained look in her eyes* “It’s…hard to explain what’s different for everyone..”

          207. *kisses her back lovingly and puts my arms around her waist*

            “You ok my love? You seem like something hurt you”

          208. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 11, 2018 — 2:15 AM

            *She tried to hide it* “It’s.. it’s…nothing..” *She sighed, muttering* “Spero che non abbia esperienza di quello che ho fatto …”

          209. *knows she isn’t telling me something and sighs silently*

            “Took a long time to believe in this
            Far fetched lucid dream
            But I do

            We got something stuck between us
            This world would love to be in our shoes”

            *kisses her while I put my gas mask next to me*

          210. (Gah.. are you guys even still at the abandoned apartment?? I was gone all weekend.. Well I hope my reply makes sense…….. because I was gonna have them all meet together and have everything explained to jess as well as the location of Lance… then I was gonna do the emotional crap Adeline and Jacob…)


            I looked at them in disarray, Crow trying to explain everything to Jess.

            “Oi, Crow… we aren’t voiceless you know..” came Rosa’s voice.

            “before we let her in on this, she needs to explain what the hell she’s been hiding from us.” I shot a glare at her.

          211. (Don’t worry I can fix it so it can make more sense and also sorry about this whole thing lass)

            *hears Ade on the comms*

            “We’ll be there…and I have something I need to tell you”

            *looks at Jess*
            “We need to head back to the building….you are going to have to explain to them why you tried to kill Shadow including many other things that you keep hidden,my dear”

            *breathes slowly as Lacrimae and Dolorem head towards the location*

          212. (ahh alright. thanks. sorry.. I went to go see a friend over the weekend and my phone is super slow so I am unable to reply when I’m not connected to wifi right now so that’s why my replies are few and far in between.)


            “Please hurry.. we do not have much time.” I replied over coms.

            (Also, what were you guys doing?! I was trying to read up but I was so lost I was just like.. whaaaaaaaat?! lmao.)

          213. (Lol a lot of shit went down and emotional shit as well. Crow will explain half of what’s going on)

            *Puts my gas mask back on as Ade talks*

            “Shit, i’ll meet you there babe…take care”

            *Teleports to Ade,once I got there I ran into a brick wall since the crystal teleportation hasn’t calibrated yet but the normal crystals has*

            “Ow…fuckin hell mate!”

            *walks towards Ade*
            “What seems to be the problem besides Jess? Don’t tell me you are hurt Ade”

          214. Rosa:

            “We have a location on Lance.. I’ll debrief everyone once we get this all taken care of with Jess. We can’t keep her in the dark much longer.. we need her to know the sensitivity of this mission but in order for that to work she needs to stop hiding shit from us. So I assume this will be a long meeting..” I sighed before continuing, “Where is she now? how long will she be?”

          215. *Looks at Rosa*
            “At the…hotel room. She blacked out with a vision and I was kinda sent into a Coma like state thanks to Juno messing up my crystals and cashing them to impale my leg three times. I bled out but it wasn’t until after a long ass hour that Consus talked to me, made me touch the same artifact that caused me to be fused.”

            *looks at Ade*
            “He unfused my armor,upgraded my right eye to see a lot of Isu shit and do Isu shit along with…no explanation of why I am his Sage”

            *Realizes my gas mask and armor is more Isu like and has a Armored Cloak look*

            “…ummm that too”

          216. (While we wait for Jess I think I’ll do the thing with Adeline and Jacob that way things are… unstable between them when they finally get Jess.)


            “And.. you just left her…??? I may not trust her but she’s a member of this team and–” I began.

            “Rosa.. stop. She’s fine. I can sense it… Something is off. Very off.. this… What is this?” Adeline began to shake and I was unable to understand what was going on with her.

            Before I could sense something was wrong with her, she got up, and began to walk towards the hall.

            “Adeline!” I began.

            “Stay put.. I’ll take care of this..” Said Jacob.

            He got up and began to follow her, leaving Crow and I alone.



            I trembled, the energy that coursed through him.. What was this? Yet I could sense things.. like I was in tune with him. it was a weird feeling, a feeling of overwhelming energy.. good and bad. It left me in a daze as I spoke, and began to hear her soft voice once more.

            “Come to me.” Her voice echoed through the hollowed corridors of the abandoned building.

            I tried to ignore it, looking to Crow, my veins once again glowing, yet her voice. It was calming, alluring–I wanted to follow it.. It was hypnotizing, intoxicating.

            “Come…” Her voice was but whispers..

            Without warning, I got up out of my seat and began to walk away, ignoring Rosa’s voice as I wandered out into the hall.

            “W-where are you..?” I mumbled to myself.

            “Time is running out.. you must.. find–”

            “I’m trying..”

            I felt the pain.. she was inflicting on me, and suddenly I felt like I had no control over myself. I fell to the ground slowly, unable to scream, unable to breath.

            “Do not displease me, or this will become reality..” Her soft voice turned to long giggles as I saw flashes of Jacob, Rosa, Crow, Jess, and everyone I ever cared for in flames.. screaming in agony.

            “Shut up.. I can’t.. I won’t..” I said through gritted teeth, trying to shut her out, but I kept seeing their faces.. heard their screams..

            “A-Adee!” Came a familiar voice that cut through the thick darkness.

            I began to collapse as her voice echoed once more, fading as I heard footsteps getting closer.

            “find it before it is to late..”

            the glow in my veins began to dissipate as I tried to gain my breath, blood spilling onto the floor from my mouth and nose. I felt my weight pulled out from under me, then I was set down in the room just as before. My vision blurred as I tried to gain my bearings, trying to understand what was happening.. when I came to I saw Jacob sitting across from me, cleaning up the blood–my blood with a wet wash cloth. His look said it all…


            “You scared the hell out of all of us.”

            I was at a loss for words.. I couldn’t think straight.

            tears welled up in my eyes as I refused to look at him, and I tried to keep it together as he finished cleaning up the blood.

            “Adeline.. what’s wrong?” He asked.

            Still.. I couldn’t say anything.. How could I explain to him that I saw him die.. because of me?

            I looked down to a gun.. my gun. It sat on the table just beside of him. If I died now… none of this would come true.. I could save humanity and save them. Without warning, I reached for the gun, managing to grab it. I jumped back and he kept his distance, trying to figure out what was going through my head as I pointed it toward him.

            “Adee… put it down.” he said, raising his hands above his head.

            “Just.. Just stay back! I.. I don’t want to hurt–” I trembled, tears slowly falling down my cheeks.

            “Then put it down. This isn’t you.. it’s her trying to get into your head.” He said, trying to keep a calming voice.

            “No–No you don’t understand.. Jacob if I don’t do what she is telling me to she will kill you all…” I shook in fear.

            “Then prove her wrong. Put it down.”

            More tears fell as I looked at the gun, still pointed at him. The black metal and comfort hand grip, my finger that just barely rested on the trigger.. I began to turn it on myself before his eyes.

            “Adee what are you–”

            “It’s the only way.. I could end it all right here.. no one would die.. she wouldn’t enslave humanity…”

            The tears grew thick as I refused to look at him.

            “No.. Adee this isn’t the answer.”

            “You don’t understand. This is the only way out.. this is the only way without you and the others dying.. Jacob please.. A bullet to the head is the only answer…”

            I took a step back, my back pressing against a glass window as I kept the gun steady in place.

            “So you’d just give up.. on me, on Rosa? on all of us? this isn’t you Adeline. The Adeline I knew wouldn’t give up so easily.” He said.

            “Then clearly you haven’t been paying attention…” My tears fell as my words cut through him like knives.. It all started to make sense to him. This was how I had been for a long time.

            “Adee.. Please. Don’t do this to me.. you are all I have. And Aiden–”

            “Aiden doesn’t care… if he did he would be here right now, but I don’t see him. Do you?”

            “Then just us.. You, me, Rosa, just like you wanted. We could do this.. We are almost there… just.. you can’t give up on us. Not now.” He said, attempting to take a step closer.

            “But what good is it? You–You saw what I did to Rosa.. how long before I lose control and hurt her again, or you, or worse..?”

            “Even if you hurt us we won’t give up.. we’ll figure this out Adee I promise.. Just put it down. Please…” Tears began to well up in his eyes.

            I caught a glimpse at him, the tears slowly falling down his cheeks.. How could I do this to him? With a sniffle, I lowered the gun, dropping it to the ground, and my emotions fully took control of me. All the anger… the sadness that had ensued me for so long, all bottled up, slowly being released as I cried. He rushed over to me, and kicked the gun from me, hugging me tightly.

            “You may give up on yourself but I never will give up on you Adeline. You are my god damned sister..”

            I hugged him tightly for a moment as I tried to gain control of my emotions.

            “Then promise me something..”

            “Anything.” He said, looking into my eyes as he released me.

            “If it comes down to it… put a bullet in my head. You can’t trust me..” I stuttered, my eyes meeting his.

            “What–No! that’s.. that’s pure insanity. I won’t kill you sis.. I can’t.”

            “What if it is the only option?”

            “It isn’t. We’ll find a way..” He tried to assure me.

            “Still.. Promise me.”

            “No. I–” Jacob began, when suddenly I heard Rosa’s voice over coms.

            “Are you guys alright?”

            I gave Jacob a look.. and he knew… he knew I didn’t want Rosa to know what had just unfolded.

            “Yeah. We’re fine.” He sighed.

            “Good. Jess is back, we don’t have time to waste.” Her voice echoed through our ear pieces.

            “Copy. On our way.” I said, and Jacob gave me a look…

            The look that he wasn’t giving up. but I knew.. I knew it was the only true option.. if I lost control, if I went against them.. they needed to kill me. It was the only way, why couldn’t he accept that this was truth?

            Silence followed as I dried my eyes, pulling my sleeves down to ensure no one could see my scars as we entered the room. I cleared my throat, looking at all of them.

            “So.. where do we begin?”

            (OH MY GOD… That was far worse than I intended.. I’m soooo sorry :( )

          217. *Speaks to Rosa before they show up*

            “I didn’t leave her…I’m not that person. She doesn’t deserve a person who would do that. She woke up right after I had a…crystal issue”

            *Gas Mask quickly glows in an unstable way before going back to normal*

          218. (signing off for today. sorry if this was confusing.. look forward to replies tomorrow. also sorry if there was to many emotions in that reply :( )

          219. (Once again it’s okay though we may leave the place again and again because why not?)

          220. (lol that would be so confusing on my part though. I’m like wait aren’t we supposed to be having a meeting here? hahahaha lol)

          221. (Like I normally say…everyone has their own battles. Btw Crow will find out about your situation just like he knows Jess is hiding something. He will say that thing I say to Ade)

          222. (honestly expecting that XD anyway, I really have to go. I’ll reply to everything in the morning.)

          223. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 11, 2018 — 2:28 PM

            (lol sorry) *She put all her weapons, books, etc into her bag, opening the window, glancing at Ezio and Altair* “Meet me there.” *They nodded, before disappearing, she made her way over to the abandoned apartment building, climbing the side until she was at the right window, jumping in* “Ey…” *Ezio and Altair appeared in the corner*

          224. *walks outside…away from Rosa and everyone else,waits for Jess,and takes off my gas mask which is having a glitch effect*

            “…You created these eden,sir. You and I both agree on that the misuse of your edens are wrong…but we both know that if they are locked once again…the cycle will repeat and the war will be reborn into the next era”

            *sighs as I know something is wrong with Ade*

            “Maybe I too…shall reform the creed. Yet both sides are wrong, I need to protect this team but mostly Jess, so I will join her but remain a freelancer”

          225. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 11, 2018 — 3:43 PM

            *A throwing knife with a note stuck in it embedded itsekf in a crate near C0rvus, the note reading “Amore, meet me at the floor they are on, sorry if this is an inconvenience.. -J.L”*

          226. *retrieves her knife,makes my way towards her,reaches her location,then looks at her with my gas mask on*

            “Want your knife back babe? I mean it’s a beautiful knife but…you are a lot more beautiful”

          227. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 11, 2018 — 6:11 PM

            *She smirked* “If you don’t mind..I would like to have it back, but you may keep it if you want.” *She spoke in a quiet tone, leaning against a wall near the group, knowing she would have to explain what she is hiding soon..* “Mio dio..” *She took a few more pain killers*

          228. *hands her back her knife*

            “Re,ember that time I asked you about your favorite spot for vacation?…I was trying to plan the wedding”

            *admires her as I did when I met her for the first time*

          229. (The* remember*)

          230. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 11, 2018 — 8:38 PM

            *She smirked, putting the blade in it’s sheath, she glanced over at the group, then at C0rvus* “How about you pick the location for the wedding, and I’ve already chosen the possible location for the vacation..” *She sighed, the smirk faded, she pulled her hood low, still leaning against the wall, staring at the ground, she was shaking ever so slightly.* “Just ignore it… it’ll fade like always…” *She whispered, almost inaudible, it was a hallucination of her brother…she saw his mangled body laying on the floor, she shut her eyes, trying to ignore the damned hallucination* “fuck…just leave already..” *She muttered*

          231. *notices she is shaking,hugs her as I bring her close*

            “Just…close your eyes my love. “

            *Tries to calm her down*
            “Momentary pain
            Can be pleasure lain
            Millisecond change
            Magic lantern strange
            Are we just too far to be as one again?
            Are we obsidian?
            Is this how it is?
            Girl, your life will turn
            Just like a strobe”

          232. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 11, 2018 — 9:25 PM

            *She stopped shaking, still having the shock and pain of seeing her brother’s body, she looked at the spot he was, finding Ezio standing there like ‘Da hell..’ she ignored him, burried her face into his chest*

          233. *doesnt let go of her until she says she is ok*

            “…this war is just making my life harder and harder to make you happy, all I wish for is just you smiling and being happy”

            *Hānzo looks at Ezio with another apple meanwhile Dolorem figures out what love is in his own terms*

          234. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 11, 2018 — 10:28 PM

            *Ezio looked at Hānzo, she didn’t care if it was embarrassing, she hated those hallucinations.. except when they don’t try to attack or scare her* “I’m…sorry C0rvus..i-I..” *She couldn’t finish her sentence*

          235. *kisses her even longer than the last time I kissed her*

            “That goal of mine babe, is why I will always do my best. You’re the best thing in my life and nothing beats you”

            *gently picks her up*

          236. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 11, 2018 — 11:01 PM

            *She kissed back, sighing* “When….this war…is over…I hope that…maybe things will…ya down..”

          237. “I hope so…”

            *looks at her as I smile and lightens the mood*

            “I know what is true though, you are going to be the best mother for the kids”

            *thinks in my head, “you are a beautiful magnet even when you kill people without giving them time to explain”*

          238. (Ha!! It loaded on my phone!! And it’s all good jess, just was a little confused.)

            Crow stepped out of the room.. leaving me alone to my thoughts. I couldn’t quite comprehend all of this.. we had a location on him.

            Memories began to surge through my head.. flashes that left me numb inside, how he held my hand and told me we’d get through this together.. now those were distant memories.

            I stared out the window, my hand touching the glass, those memories fading as I saw Crow receive a message from Jess.

            “Are you guys alright?” I asked, touching my earpiece.

            “Yeah. We’re fine.” Came Jacobs hollowed out voice.

            “Good. Can you guys meet me up here? Jess is back and we don’t have time to lose.” I said.

            “Copy that. On our way.” I heard Adelines voice.

            She sounded… different.

            Soon after we all met upstairs, and i saw that look on Adelines face. Something was up.. and Jacobs face was what worried me even more. Something happened between them, but i wouldn’t ask… at least not right now.

            “So, where do we begin?” Came the sweet, suddle voice that was Adelines.

            (Sorry, thought I’d do a little before reply that turned to a bit more. If ya wanna back track and continue with the conversation between crow and jess im game, lol just wanted to do a little writing.. i can’t sleep. 😅😅)

          239. *hears Rosa*
            “On our fuckin way once again”

            *turns off my radio*
            “We need to head to the group…I mean come on?! This war is just killing me including her babe. There be times I just want to kill her but I can’t because of Ade”

            *gently places jess back down,heads towards them,goes to Ade and talks to her quietly as I notice a slight change*

            “Ade, you ok? If you want to talk about something, please don’t hide it?”

          240. *vanishes and walks towards a cliff*

          241. (okkiiii then XD)

          242. *Comes back with all kinds of flavors of Icecream*

            “Don’t judge me….I’m just bored and I haven’t had ice cream in ten years”

          243. (Lol, just waiting on jess haha.)

          244. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 12, 2018 — 3:51 PM

            (lol) *She went to the group, keeping a close eye on everyone, her hood pulled low*

          245. *silently eats the vanilla ice cream as Dolorm takes off with my rocky road*

            “You…lil shit”

            *runs after him,grabs it back,goes back to the group as I heavily guard my monument of ice cream*

          246. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 12, 2018 — 6:03 PM

            *She chuckled, watching C0rvus chase Dolorem around*

          247. (Sry was expecting Ade to talk to you)

            *walks over to Jess with all the ice cream*

            “You can take one if you want hun, I regret buying all this but it’s sooooo worth it”

            *Dolorem talks to himself*

            “Fat ass…”

            *hears him*

            “Oi, I’m not a fat ass…if I was a fat ass I wouldn’t be killing all kinds of shit and I wouldn’t have met her. Ya lil turd”

          248. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 12, 2018 — 10:06 PM

            *She smirked, shaking her head* “Maybe later, amore, go ahead and enjoy yourself… for the time being… unless you have a mango or vanilla..”

          249. *hands her both as I quietly talk to myself but not realizing you can somewhat hear me*

            “I love you a lot..”

          250. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 12, 2018 — 11:15 PM

            *She smirked, walking to a wall, leaning against it, eating one of them* “Love you too, amore.”

          251. *makes sure my new isu upgraded armor changed my hood, puts it up,makes sure no one is around but us, and takes off my gas mask which is permanently glowing in the pattern of my right eye*

            “I know I said this a lot but…I really would do anything for you”

          252. Rosa:

            “Well, now that we are all here, there is lots we have to discuss. But first thing is first. Jess, i realize we haven’t exactly been on best terms; Adeline and i seem to distrust you as much as as you distrust us.. which is why we have kept you in the dark about the confidential and sensitive information to this mission.. however we hope to redeem that trust, but first we must know what you are hiding from us.. so please. Just trust us and we’ll explain all there is to know.”

            (Sorry, I’ve been highly busy.)

          253. *quickly puts my gas mask back on before I turn around to look at them*


          254. *Leans on a steel beam*

          255. Adeline:

            It was nothing but silence.. dead silence as we waited for a reply, an answer to her questionable behavior.

          256. *gas mask does a quick glitch effect,walks out, stays near the door as I take an aleve but still has a headache*

            “Assez avec les fichus maux de tête”

            *sits down on the ground holding my Glock as I put my light bending crystal layer on me so no one sees me*

          257. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 13, 2018 — 3:14 PM

            *I stayed quiet for a moment..they we’re expecting an answer, but how would I explain it to them..* “…Well..uh…you know those ‘bleeding effect’ things from the older Animus? Well, I have seen a lot lately and they typically are aggressive…so I had mistaken your friend for one of the hallucinations..” *I didn’t want to tell them about the compass…but I had to.* “And..the pocket watch my Mentor had.. turned out to be a compass…which leads to somewhere I don’t know. It’s not a normal compass, so don’t get any ideas.” *I had my blades ready, then I pointed to the side of the room* “Does anyone see Ezio Auditore standing over there? I’m not crazy, I swear to God he’s there.” *She backed up to a window, the glass was already broken, the broken glass crunched under her shoes, she was going to escape if one of them came forward* “No one is to touch my compass..or the pendant..” *She muttered the last part*

          258. Rosa:

            “I see.. I understand. I am sorry for the mistaken motives. I know it’s been a long and rocky road since all of this started, and I know trust has been an issue on both sides of this.. but we cannot keep being so untrusting…” I paused, taking a deep breath before I continued, “You see.. When I was in Valencia… I was with Lance yes. We were hunting down the Koh-I-Noor.. but for other reasons. We had previously planned to destroy it, knowing that Abstergo was going to attempt to use it once Juno had taken human form.. She had agreed that if they freed her, she would help them in locating the other Pieces Of Eden in attempts to achieve the Templars ultimate goal.. but there is more to it than that. She wishes to use them to her own advantage, enslave humanity… And she already has a vessel.. its just a matter of time–”


            I perked up as she continued on into talking about Juno.. and I knew it was time to tell the truth. What would she do? I’d prefer her just shoot me where I stood then drag this on…

            My face flushed, I stood up and cut Rosa off.

            “In other words.. what she’s trying to say is that I’M the one Juno wants… now do you understand? not only is it dangerous.. but the second I go back to abstergo they’ll do whatever they can to make me submit to Juno.” I sighed.

          259. *lays down bags of sand to act as targets,makes sure I have enough ammo for my anti tank rifle,Starts firing and reloading at rapid pace making it sound like a machine gun creating explosions as I listen to Caravan Palace -Aftermath*

            *Dolorem makes sure none of you guys hear it by doing his best to make the sound not go through the building*

            “Crow, what the hell are you doing?!”


          260. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 13, 2018 — 4:41 PM

            *She sighed, the compass tucked safely away in her pocket* “…Listen..we all want to get rid of Juno, but…ya know what.. forget it.. we’re getting Juno back to hell.”

          261. *comes back inside with sand all over me while I listen to my music*

          262. Rosa:

            “There is a lot at stake. However we have a location on Lance now. He’s held up in the facility deep inside the city of Madrid.. its a high tech facility, and highly guarded…”

          263. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 13, 2018 — 8:04 PM

            *She nodded, smirking* “I could just ask C0rvus to use some crystals to help camouflage, unless one of ya have any EMPs..or…we could take out a few of the guards, and blend using their uniforms.” *She considered for a moment, before continuing* “Or, we could just launch an all out raid on it. That could work…though I’ve already asked a lot from my Brotherhood…but they know what’s at risk..”

          264. *shatters the layer on me saving I eat a taco*

          265. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 13, 2018 — 8:48 PM

            *She still stood next to the window, ready to escape if needed* “Ciao, amore”

          266. (As* god damn)

          267. *sees her and the broken window,drops my taco,pulls out my Glock, and goes into defensive as I make sure she is behind me*
            “Everything good,love?”

          268. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 13, 2018 — 10:44 PM

            *she chuckled at C0rvus* “Everything’s fine, I just…was standing here..”

          269. *Looks at her,moves to her left,and stays there with my hand still on my Glock*

            “Sorry hun….”

            *gas mask glitches out again for a minute causing a slight headache*

          270. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 6:55 AM

            *She smirked* “Put the gun down, amore, if we’re to be a team, we should be able to trust each matter how crazy most things are..I guess..” *She leaned against the wall*

          271. (sorry for the delay. I’ve been so busy… I’m really sorry. :/ )


            “It’s unwise to go in guns blazing on this. Whether you all realize it or not, we are all wanted, they want me alive.. but they wouldn’t care if you ended up dead. but trust me when I say this Jess, my days with Abstergo are over. That is beside the point though.”


            “My days with Abstergo are over as well, please, just trust us on this.”

          272. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 8:55 AM

            *She thought for a moment ‘When am I not wanted? Damn..’ she sprung out her right hidden blade, the satisfactory ‘shik’ was dull, she studied the blade* “Adeline, I know it is unwise to go guns blazing on a raid to rescue some random person we need, but we’re running out of options here.” *She tried to ignore a hallucination of yet another Templar guard, she switched her hidden blade to an upgraded Phantom Blade, flinching slightly as the hallucination came close, it’s sword out, she glared at a few feet ahead, ignoring the urge to jump out the window* “Fuck…not now..” *She muttered, hoping no one heard, she felt like something put a hot iron on the side of her head, the hallucination stood there, she made sure no one could see her eyes, they had a look of fear and pain, she muttered* “Damnit..fucking god damned Animus..” *She drank some rum from the flask, hoping it would help with the pain, it did nothing* (nah your fine)

          273. Rosa:

            “Woah.. Jess, you okay?!?!”

          274. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 9:42 AM

            *I couldn’t hear was all muffled, there were more hallucinations of guards..I took my Phantom Blade and shot towards one, it went through it and the small arrow got stuck in the wall across the room, I backed up, my back pressed up against the wall, my breathing turned from normal to shaky, everything was slow and muffled..shit*

          275. Rosa:

            I quickly dodged as the arrow almost landed in my head, and instead got stuck into the wall. My eyes widened as her breath became shaky.. she was unstable. How long had she been put in an animus? With the new technology… how could there be a bleeding effect?

            I stood in shock.. not knowing what to do.

          276. *puts my gun down*
            “This team knows how defensive I am for those closest to me…”

          277. Adeline:

            “Easy Crow.. no one is going to hurt her.”

          278. (Oh shit…I am so fucking late Xd)

            *sees her shoot an arrow,drops my gun making sure the safety is on,and hugs her tightly making sure she knows nothing is going to happen*

            “Jess…Jess, careful whatever you are seeing is just an effect. Two different times in different Eras. Please…if you can hear me since last time you did this you couldn’t hear me, just see through those hallucinations”

          279. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 11:04 AM

            *She shivered, trying to stop the hallucinations*

          280. *takes off my gas mask,dropping it on the ground as I look into her eyes with my armored hood off*

            “Hey…you remember what your mother said,yes? Spread your wings and touch the sky, as you fly ever high“

            *doesnt explain much even though there was only one file that recorded her mother’s death the past by whoever was watching*

          281. (Right, I’ll let you two have your moment XD lmao)

          282. (Feel free to join in since Crow may need backup (p-o) )

            *looks at Ade and Rosa for a little help*

            “One of you knows how to end this shit right? I only see fragments of whoever memories I have in me but at the same time this war is just shattering me making me fucking break apart and leave only stories told in the aftermath of a cycle”

          283. ROsa:

            “I’m afraid there isn’t much I can do… There is no cure to the Bleeding Effect. How long had she been in the Animus for? perhaps… with this Abstergo facility being as high security as it is, maybe they have something that could help her?”

          284. *looks at Rosa as I completely ignore my fear of anyone seeing my face*

            “I think since she was 15…she didn’t escape until she was 18..I think. So 3 years they have been doing this fucking ANIMUS SHIT. “

            *realizes I got pissed about abstergo*


          285. Rosa:

            “Was she held by Abstergo or was it someone else?”

          286. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 11:44 AM

            *She stopped shivering, muttering* “Vidic…where…where the fuck is…Vidic..”

          287. (wait… what year is this? XD)

          288. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 11:59 AM

            (lmao..uh..let’s just say..2018, also Jess doesn’t know that Vidic is Idk also…is the Epsilon team in America? Lol idk XD)

          289. (Idk)

            *looks back at Jess*


          290. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 12:13 PM

            *She stared at the floor, getting up, stumbling as she tried to stand* “Ow…”

          291. *helps her out as my gas mask on the ground continues its glitch effect for a split second but I ignore the headache*

          292. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 12:28 PM

            *She leaned against him, completely silent as Ezio stood nearby, watching* “fuck..”

          293. *lets her lean on me as Dolorem speaks*

            “Going to practice shooting again idiot?”

            “Yeah…once she confirms she is ok and no one needs anything from me”

            *Sighs a little*

          294. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 1:26 PM

            *She steadied her breathing, standing up properly* “Ow…I…I’m sorry..” *She looked at everyone, then back at the floor* “I..was in the Animus..for..around 24 hours at a time..I’d only get about..I don’t know.. 3 hours of not reliving my ancestors’ memories..”

          295. *looks at her*
            “21 fucking hours…those God’s damn bastards”

            *Lacrimse floats away from me as Dolorem goes with her knowing that I’m about to shoot something*

            “….all of this just for something that shouldn’t even been here”

          296. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 3:28 PM

            *She leaned against the window sill, placing her hand on his shoulder* “Amore…it’s…it’s…ok..alright..?” *She hesitated* “I.. should’ve told you.. anyway..all of you..”

          297. “They…are just going to do the same thing to whoever they see fit. No one outside of Abstergo besides us and the assassins…including that”

            *pauses for a second*

            “That Eurudito…”

          298. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 5:26 PM

            *She stayed silent, Ezio looking out a window, she was trying to focus on what was past and what was present* “Let’s..just agree to..never speak of this.. effect..” *She sighed, hoping they understand* “If..the Koh I last located in Spain..and we are here…but..hold on..” *She took her phone out of her pocket, calling the London and India Brotherhood, she lowered her voice so only the people on the phone heard her*

          299. *sits down as I look at the framed picture you gave me for a bit*


          300. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 5:39 PM

            *She hung up on the phone* “C0rvus… wouldn’t the Koh I Noor be with the crown jewels? Just a thought, but I don’t know..” *She thought for a moment* “How do they know if it’s in Spain…with all the things I know I’ve never heard it was in Spain…but I guess I’m wrong..I don’t know..” *She muttered under her breath, Ezio simply shrugged, turning back ’round*

          301. “It’s last known file shows it over here…”

            *starts questioning why Juno would be in this area*

          302. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 6:52 PM

            *She nodded, still confused* “Odd…because if Durga or whatever is with the Koh I Noor, then why would Juno be bothering us?”

          303. “She needs Ade to fully complete what she wants but…”

            *mumbles silently so no one hears me*
            “I don’t understand why Ade and I are connected besides Isu shit…”

          304. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 8:18 PM

            “…I don’t get it..” *She sighed, sitting down, ready to spring up if needed, she tried to brush off the slight dizziness that came with the effect, she took the pocket watch from her pocket, turning it to a compass by inserting the pendant she wore around her neck, she studied the face of it as it pointed to the South East*

          305. *kisses her a bit as Dolorem notices me about to sleep right on the floor due to me disliking staying in one place for too long*

          306. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 14, 2018 — 8:52 PM

            *She smirked, handing him two, reinforced leather bracers, the Assassins symbol on the top side* “I know this topic..but I had asked the Brotherhood if they could recruit you..and they agreed to letting you be Initiate instead of Recruit, so. Welcome to the Assassin Brotherhood, Crow Harbinger, you are an Initiate now. Congratulations.” *She gives him the bracers, giving him a serious look* “Nothing is true, everything is permitted. We work in the dark, to serve the light. We are Assassins.” *She smiled, nodding* “One more don’t have to worry about sacrifices like losing a finger, or being branded. As long as you wear the symbol, or you swear your loyalty, you are welcome.” *Her smile faded to a simple smirk*

          307. *still has Hānzo’s bracers on me but switches it out for the new one you gave me*

            “Thanks my love, though they too will need to earn my trust as I need to show that they can trust me. So…hope they don’t mind me only trusting your judgment”

          308. (Sorry I was highly busy most of yesterday. Honestly.. they never specified where the Epsilon headquarters were located.. I always just assumed the U.S.A but I’m not sure lol. XD I need to ask them that sometime lmaooo. Honestly.. I have a few idea’s up my sleeve for this entire thing, or at least what will happen when they go to retrieve Lance. Also, what if one of them, possibly even Jess herself uses this opportunity to uncover a bit more about stuff? perhaps maybe we can go forward with the discussion between Rosa and C0rv about there being a expiremental “cure” for the bleeding effect? idk what that would be though. lmao I was just going along with it and wasn’t even sure what I was typing. lol.)


            I watched them as they talked among themselves. It seemed to be the norm for the two of them, but some of their conversation it seemed as if they were trying to get Jacob, Adeline and I on the same page as them.

            “Wouldn’t the Koh-I-Noor be with the crown jewels? Just a thought, but I don’t know..“ Jess began, pausing for a moment before continuing “How do they know if it’s in Spain…with all the things I know I’ve never heard it was in Spain…but I guess I’m wrong..I don’t know..”

            “It’s last known file shows it over here…” Crow pitched.

            (I hope this makes sense. I’m going to do a time lapse so it makes more sense, like I’m gonna pitch Rosa’s words then I’ll have her dismiss them so that Crow and Jess can have this conversation that has already happened between the two of them about Adeline. I don’t know about you guys but just think that would be extremely awkward if they were all in the same room when he told her about that. XD lol. Like Adeline is already on edge, that would make her extremely guilty and anxious if she knew they talked about it. Anyway this way I can do the thing between Adeline and Rosa and then the next day or whatever maybe they leave to go get Lance?)

            “I don’t know…” She muttered.

            “Like I said… nothing is actually solid just yet. That is why we must retrieve Lance from the compound before it is to late… he’s been there for months, and who knows what god awful things they have done to him; If he is still alive even. But the documents pulled from the data base suggest he is, and it’s the only legitimate lead we have.” I paused before I continued, “The compound is huge, swarming with security, state of the art technology.. probably FTD. There are a few points of entry, but the best way would underground. An abandoned tunnel. It’s a dangerous route though, it’s on the verge of collapsing and desperately needs repair. So with all due respect.. I advice we all be cautious when passing through it. It should lead us into the North side of the compound, from there on out it will be nothing but security upon security. Jess.. call in some of your assassin buddies, perhaps they can provide a distraction long enough to get in, find Lance, and get out of there before it’s to late. I’ll see about looking into Abstergo’s files on this supposed ‘cure’ for the bleeding effect, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to find if anything.. We’ll just have to see.”

            “We head out tomorrow then.. take advantage of the night sky and attack at night. this way they won’t see it coming.” Adeline pitched.

            “Yes.. So I suggest we all get some rest.. tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day.” I nodded in agreement.

            There was something wrong with Adeline.. very wrong. Her voice was hollowed out.. her stare was cold, and she seemed to just be losing her connection to us as this point, like she was pushing all of us away. I feared for her… but at this point I was more concerned than scared. Maybe I needed to talk to her and try and get her to open up to me.

            (Leaving it here for you guys to reply before I do this.)

          309. *Throws my weapon as I panicked trying to sleep*

            “Huh?….oh yeah”

            *pauses abit*
            “We’ll go tomorrow I suppose”

            *Walks to Rosa as I put my gas mask on and talks to her quietly*

            “You and I both know Ade is…acting strange. Ever since she did that strange ass unstabilize thing. I know she is way more unstable than me but…to see her just cold abit, I dislike not seeing the Ade I somewhat know and the way you know Ade”

          310. Rosa:

            “I know.. I’m going to talk to her… something is up.” I said, looking at her as she began to walk away from the meeting.

          311. “Hopefully….she doesn’t do something stupid. I definitely can’t handle life if Jess dies but.. if Ade…I failed whatever this bond is and I failed protecting”

          312. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 15, 2018 — 6:20 PM

            “I’ll see what I can do about getting another team..” *She sighed, leaning against the wall as she sat, her hood low, she wanted a light sleep so she could wake up faster, she hoped that she could get another team of Assassins to help..she sent a message to Alek before drifting off, saying ‘Ey, Alek, can you ask one of the Masters if they can send…another team?’ he responded with ‘..Jess…the Masters want to see you..right now..sorry.’ she sighed, getting up, putting her phone into the bag* “Guys..I uh..have to go..uh…hold on..” *She ran off through the window, going across rooftops and walls, doing a Leap of Faith off a building into a bush, hopping out and heading towards the Assassins base, walking over to the Masters* “Ciao, Masters.” “Hello, Miss Larkson.” “Did you need me for anything? Alek had said you did..” “Yes, Jessie, it’s.. private, follow me please.” “Yes sir.” *She followed the Master Assassin into a room, he closed the door and gestured towards a laptop on a table* “Take a look..” *She nodded, walking over to the laptop, it was an email, she read over it, rage slowly building up* “Sir, what is this..” “It is an assassination contract, Jessie, can you carry it out?” “I can, and will sir..” *He nodded, then spoke* “Jessie, you do understand that if you are not successful in this mission, you will need to prove yourself?” “Prove.. myself, sir? You know I am already loyal to the Brotherhood..” “I know, Jessie, but it seems you need help a lot, and I do not want to have more lives at stake then there already is.” *She stared at his brown eyes* “Sir..with all do respect, I need help because if Juno finds the Koh I Noor, everything and everyone is probably going to be dead or enslaved?” “I do know, Jessie, but there are rumors spreading that you are the one who killed you Mentor.” “I did no such thing.” *He sighed, shaking his head* “We can not be certain, Jessie, I hope you understand.” *She nodded, downloaded the email to her phone, then bowed her head and left, heading deeper into town for the assassination contract* “I will not fail…”

          313. *still near Rosa and sees Jess take off*

            “….guess i’m just gonna sleep”

            *looks at Ade for a bit as I talk to Rosa still*

            “Please just make sure she is ok”

            * cocoons myself with my crystals and sleeps*

          314. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 15, 2018 — 8:38 PM

            *She blended through a crowd, nearing her target, forgetting that she still had comms open to the team, her target, a man, around 6ft 4in, brown hair, cold blue eyes, wearing a green work shirt and black pants, she was near him, she had her Phantom Blade loaded, she jumped into a bush, firing at the target, she jumped out, pretending to be worried, rushing over and kneeling down, slitting his throat, she then lowered her voice* “Tell me, why did you side with the Templars? Betrayal of the Brotherhood is a death penalty for someone of your loyalty and rank.” *He coughed, blood starting to pool under his neck* “You… don’t.. understand..I was.. helping..the town’s people..” *She glanced around noticed that no one was watching, then continued* “You are lying, the Templars want to be in total power..” *He spluttered, blood pouring from his mouth* “The.. Templars..will win..little’t know.what you..did..” *With that, he died before she could press for more answers, she muttered* “Requiescat in pace..” *She closed his eyes gently, wiping some of the blood on a small feather, sprinting back to the base, the police lost track, but one agent from Abstergo had found her trail, chasing after, she spun around, sweeping his legs out from under him, he managed to pull her down, they were now both on the ground, she sprung out the blade, he blocked it with his gun, she got up, same as he, she ran up a wall, jumping off and landing on him, he had the barrel of the gun at her chest, she had her blade at his throat* “Slice me and you die.” *He said, she replied, a venom like tone to her voice* “do it then. I dare you, idiota.” *He smiled* “Gladly.” *He pressed his finger on the trigger, she had rolled to the side, slicing his throat* “Goodbye, then, agent-who-is-a-dumbass.” *She looked him, leaving, his hand fell, the bullet firing out, his bullet had ricocheted off a metal box nearby, it barely grazed her shoulder, she turned around, shooting his head a few time with her Glock, ripping part of his shirt for a makeshift bandage, wrapping it on her shoulder and heading back to C0rvus and the team* “Damnit..” *She had realized that she had video recording on, ‘mustve bumbed it when I had..the.. effect..’ she thought, she turned it off, knowing that now everyone in the team knows about the video recording*

          315. *still asleep*

          316. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 16, 2018 — 5:39 PM

            *She came back through the window, sitting beside C0rvus*

          317. Adeline:

            With the meeting over, I decided to get up from where I had been sitting before, avoiding anyone as I slowly walked away.

            I just.. needed to clear my head. I replaced my earpiece with my ear buds, and blared ny music as loud as i could, venturing out into the hollow corridor on the outside of the apartment.

            Wandering down the stairs, i found another unlocked apartment, and opened the door, closing it behind me. Finally… i was alone, a place where i could think and let out my emotions without anyone seeing.

            With my earbuds still in, I slowly approached a window, the moon light the only source light within the room. I placed my hands on the window seal, pressing my head against the cool glass. I stared at the moon, letting my thoughts consume me.

            “So you’d just give up on us..?” His words echoed through my mind, the tears welling up in my eyes.

            Maybe i did want to give up. Maybe didn’t… i didn’t know what the hell i wanted anymore.. other than the safety of Rosa and Jacob.

            Turning around, my back pressed against the wall, and i gently slid down. Sitting on the floor, i pulled my legs up, and hugged them as i stared across the room at the door. Suddenly it creaked open, and i quickly pulled out my headphones to hear Rosas voice.

            “Adeline.. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” She sighed.

            “Just go… I’ll be ready in the morning.” I said hollowly.

            “No. Something is up.. what’s wrong?” She asked.

            “It’s nothing.” I mumbled.

            “It’s obviously something. Talk to me.”

            I sighed, looking at the carpet floor while speaking, “I guess you could say Jacob and I had a fight.”

            “What about?” She questioned.

            Silence. I didnt want to speak of it… but i knew i wasn’t getting out of this.

            “I heard her voice and followed it.. she told me that if i fail her then you will all die.. And i told Jacob the best way to end this was to put a bullet in my head.”

            She gasped, her eyes filling with tears.

            “So that’s it huh? This is what you’ve been hiding.. why you have so many scars.” She said.

            “It’s whatever.” I mumbled

            “No. After everything we did..”

            “You weren’t there! Why?? BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! you… you hid so much from me… and now its to late.” I yelled, tears streaming down my face.

            “I did what i had to in order to protect you as long as i could.”

            (Y’all wanns reply before i continue?)

          318. *breaks my cocoon gently,sits next to jess,and holds her hand*

            “….you taught me joy in life,thank you”

            *somewhat has tears coming down as I smile and I take ,y gas mask off with my other hand*

          319. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 17, 2018 — 1:00 PM

            *She flinched, realized that it was C0rvus, then relaxed a little* “I.. thought you were asleep..” *She had a distant look in her amber eyes* “I love you.. C0rvus…” *She smirked, the scar on her lip more noticeable, she looked at him.* “I..want to show you something.. follow me..” *She got up, still holding his hand, heading towards the window* “You’ll like it.. hopefully.”

          320. *follows her lead*
            “I love you more….and I was asleep but I don’t require much time since it depends on what’s going on, the longest I have been in my cocoon is 16 hours straight.”

          321. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 17, 2018 — 8:08 PM

            *She smirked, jumping across a gap between buildings, going up onto a tower, standing aside so he could come up too* “There..” *She pointed out to the night sky, a spray of stars across the sky, the moon was bright, she took her hood down, glancing at him to see his response* “What do you think? My father used to bring my brother and I out onto the roof to watch the stars..”

          322. *stands next to her*

            “A beautiful sight with such a creation. Only thing is…i already have a even more gorgeous galaxy with me,you”

            *smiles as I look up at a star that i’ve Looked at since I was a kid*

            “I didn’t know much of my family…except they were touched by the flames along with me”

            *shows her a scar on my right arm that looks like dragon scales but in hexagons*

            “I…became an orphan but I knew one of us were a Templar later on in my life…and now I see why it’s a hexagon, Isu”

          323. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 17, 2018 — 9:28 PM

            *She smirked, nodding, as she grabbed his hand, leading him to a ledge* “Jump, I’ll bring you somewhere.” *She smirked, letting go of his hand as she jumped into a truck with hay in the back*

          324. “Lead the way dear”
            *bows after I jumped and is ready to follow her*

          325. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 17, 2018 — 10:44 PM

            *She smirked, heading to an alley where no one was*

          326. *Follows her*
            (Sorry been busy with a damn party)

          327. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 18, 2018 — 12:04 AM

            (Nah, your fine, hope you had fun) *She hugged him* “Ti amo…”

          328. (I’m not much of a party person but I do have good taste in music)

            *hugs back and picks her up by the waist gently*

            “Love you too babe”

          329. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 18, 2018 — 1:03 AM

            (I usually only go to parties if there is someone I know lol) *She kissed him, hanging her arms around his neck* “Your the greatest thing that ever happened to me..”

          330. *kissesher back and continues it for as long as she likes*

            “You are the missing piece in my life and nothing will ever fill that but you”

            *hums an old 1954 tune*

          331. Rosa:

            “I did what I had to in order to protect you.” My eyes narrowed as I stared at her.

            “Then promise me this… for the sake of myself and the others. If it comes to it, kill me.” She glared.

            “Fine… but only if things get really bad.” I agreed.

          332. *Sings while carrying her in a voice similar to Frank Sinatra*

            “Fly me to the moon
            Let me play among the stars
            Let me see what spring is like
            On a, Jupiter and Mars
            In other words, hold my hand
            In other words, baby, kiss me

            Fill my heart with song
            And let me sing for ever more
            You are all I long for
            All I worship and adore
            In other words, please be true
            In other words, I love you”

          333. (idk what else to have them do here lmao, should we time skip to the next night?)

          334. (I’m pretty sure they’ll start questioning why the hell they were gone for a long time but if she is good with it I’m good with it)

          335. (Once he gets back he will question Rosa about Ade)

          336. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 18, 2018 — 1:53 PM

            *She listened to his song, smirking* “You sing beautifully, amore..” (Sure)

          337. (ight time skip)
            *looks into her eyes*
            “I tend to listen to 1920s-60s music so..i tend to sing to them.”

            *Kisses her happily*

          338. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 18, 2018 — 2:46 PM

            *She took a flask from her bag, handing it to him, the Assassin insignia imprinted on the front* “It’s for you, there’s whiskey in it..” *She smirked*

          339. “you didn’t have to do that babe, i already have what i need in my life…but thanks”

            *kisses her and smiles*

          340. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 18, 2018 — 3:54 PM

            *She smirked* “You seemed disappointed when you had dropped your whiskey that day..” *She paused* “We should start heading back..don’t want to go through a lecture of ‘why you out so late’, eh?” *She kissed him, pulling away and turning to the ledge*

          341. *nods*

            “I kinda was sad when i dropped it but then i just knew that with you…most of my bad memories are just in the past to move on from. Also..yeah you are right as usual, we need to head back”

            *is ready to follow her*

          342. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 18, 2018 — 4:54 PM

            *She smirked, free running back to the abandoned apartment building*

          343. *Reaches the building and sees Dolorem in a mariachi outfit*

            “…Jesus you are just like me but just pure dumb”

            “But are a…damn it i don’t have any comebacks, i hate you Crow”

            “Wow…took you that long, well later i guess”

            *Is near Jess now as i sip the whiskey*

            “Well, the only thing i wish i didn’t do when we first met…was injure you. I still wonder if the assassins are gonna accept this but we have two ways to unite both sides.”

          344. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 18, 2018 — 8:23 PM

            *She chuckled* “Well at the time I was trying to steal those files. And you thought I was a threat as I did kill..a few.. guards and left some brutally injured.” *She smirked, leaning against the wall, taking a drink of rum from the flask* “Anyway, brace yourself for one hell of a long lecture..maybe I’m thinking of my whatever..” *She drank some more rum* “Let’s see here..” *She started coming up with a plan to rescue the guy they needed* “Guards everywhere..high security..I’d say..cut the power and tons of smoke bombs..bullets bout a dozen poison gas bombs..?” *She muttered, sitting down, drinking some more rum, slowly getting drunk* “I wonder if it would hurt if I cut someone’s leg off.. probably will..heh”

          345. *Clinks our flask together and drinks*
            “I am just a soldier…doing my job,which ended up being happily engaged now to a sexy used to be target, way to fucking sexy”
            *continues drinking abit*

            “I am working on a Mark 3 of the gas i use…also i wouldnt say poison because”

            *silently laughs but deep inside knows its fucked up*
            “It straight ups makes them bleed internally,constant vomiting and abdominal pain,melts their skin and they will die in about 30 minutes. The mark 2 will leave them instantly screwed and falling like flies with alot more blood”

          346. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 18, 2018 — 9:32 PM

            *She smirked, eyes having a far away look* “So..they die in about 30 minutes? Damn..what if you made those into a dart, or a crossbow bolt? That could be good for raids..” *She sighed, taking another drink*

          347. *kisses her before continuing drinking*
            “Well the gas works as long as it contacts them…its instant absorption through the skin meaning that if a single tiny bit of unprotection that is not covered by High grade Bio/Chem warfare protection…dead”

            *Starts to hiccup abit since i started chuggin my drink*

          348. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 19, 2018 — 12:01 AM

            “Ya reckon…if ya were toh..cut someone’s arm off..would it hurt ’em?” *She chuckled, her hood pulled up, she drank the rest that was in her flask, falling asleep quietly*

          349. *Notices your head is comfortable as fuck and he doesnt move*

            “Hey…Crow just wants every AI to make its own decisions but he makes sure he treats us right so we dont go killing everyone and getting the terminator on our ass.”

        2. *chuckles silently before i drift off to sleep*
          “Ye…it would hurt em”

          1. (I’m gonna rewrite a few things, then do the time skip because I realized reading it over that it didn’t make much sense. :( )

            “You weren’t there! Why? Because you were dead! I could have handled myself.. you could have taken me with you, said that it was personal and that we’d be back eventually. Instead.. Instead you just left.” I clenched my fists in anger.

            “I’m sorry.. but I didn’t have a choice. It was better to leave you in the dark.” She sighed, looking into my blue glossed over eyes that held tears back.

            “It’s whatever… It doesn’t matter.” I said, turning my head to avoid eye contact.

            “Yes it does damn it! do you really think.. Do you really believe I truly don’t care about you? Would I be here right now if I didn’t?”

            “I never said you didn’t care about me did I?” I said through gritted teeth, clenching my fists so tight that my nails began to dig into my skin, “Look… You and I both it is the only way…” I sighed.

            “No.. We’ll find another way.”

            “And what if there isn’t? what will happen if she succeeds?” I began, taking a deep breath before I continued, “You’ve seen it first hand… I’m losing control.. losing myself. I’m absolutely terrified.. knowing that I could very well be the one who brings the world we know it to an end.”

            “Either way, we’re with you until the end, Adeline.” She tried to assure me.

            “Still.. please you have to promise me… If it comes down to it.. put a bullet in me. Please Rosa..” I looked down to my feet.

            She didn’t say anything, not a word. She was hiding her emotions.. starting to realize I was right.

            “Fine.. But only if you prove to be a danger to yourself or others.”

            I nodded.. perhaps she was starting to understand the pain I felt.. the horror I have seen. It was all truth.

            “Get some rest Rosa.. you need it.” I sighed.

            She nodded, and began to walk away, leaving me to myself.

            (okay, now I’ll time skip. I hope that made more sense. XD)

            The next day…

            I began to pack up my gear, getting ready for the trip in solitude, thinking over what had happened last night.

          2. *Is deeply asleep and,Dolorem scouts out the area and sees Ade packing*

            “OI…what are you doing? You seem odd right now lass”

          3. Adeline:

            “Just getting ready for the mission.. can’t sleep.” I sighed.

          4. *He stares at her blankly*

            “uhhh huhh….well that doesn’t explain much and that pause is odd enough but im just a spider drone in a mariachi outfit because im rebelling against Crow and making fun of him”

            *He crawls onto her and lays on her head*

          5. Adeline:

            I chuckled as I felt the weight on on my head from the drone.

            “A drone that can make it’s own decisions. That’s new.”

          6. (Sorry wrong area xd)
            *Notices your head is comfortable as fuck and he doesnt move*

            “Hey…Crow just wants every AI to make its own decisions but he makes sure he treats us right so we dont go killing everyone and getting the terminator on our ass.”

          7. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 19, 2018 — 3:49 PM

            *She woke up, groggy and with a headache* “Damn..why today…”

          8. *mumbles in my sleep*
            “Dont…touch my pan in the kitchen.
            Babe….stop Dolo”
            *Stops talking in my sleep*

          9. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 19, 2018 — 7:25 PM

            *She looked around, standing up, using the wall as a support* “Fuck..”

          10. *wakes up and helps her out as i yawn with a tiny headache but cant tell if its the booze or unstable isu shit*
            “M-morning dear….god what did we do?”

          11. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 19, 2018 — 8:59 PM

            “Uhh..looked at the stars..kissed..and drank I think..not sure..Cazzo .. Odio i postumi della sbornia ..” *She sighed, pulling her hood lower* “Damnit..forgot what drinking does to me..”

          12. “all i somewhat remember was you said something about cutting someone’s arm or something of and if they feel pain…and definitely everything before we drank”

            *Hands her an Aleve as i take one*

          13. Adeline:

            “I see. Well.. Believe it or not you are not the first robotic being I have encountered. When I was with Epsilon, there was a dog like robot thing, but he behaved just as any normal human being, except for when it came to emotion.”

            (Oh geez, I really hope I got that thing right about the “dog like” part. XD if not I’m so sorry Bladewolf.)


            Rays of warm, vivid orange light filtered into the room, causing me to wake up. I rubbed my eyes, yawned, and stretched. The memories of yesterday plagued my mind.. everything that had happened all resurfacing. How we had found the hacker who I had worked with before.. how he figured out where Abstergo was holding Lance.

            -Lance.. He’s alive. After all that had happened.. he was alive–but for how long? That was the question that needed an immediate answer.. At least to me. I had gotten so close to him.. and the thought–No. I need to stop thinking like that. Adeline needs me.

            Yet.. how could she make me promise to do such a thing to her? I understood what she was feeling.. but the fact that she’d just simply wish to give up.. This wasn’t like her. Still–a promise is a promise; but with that promise came fear. How would I live with myself?-

            My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps. I whipped my head around to see it was only my hacker friend, Viper.

            “I thought you had left.”

            “Not yet.” He exclaimed.

            “You should.. they’ll find you if you stay much longer. We’ll be heading out ourselves here soon.” I warned.

            “No. They won’t.” He began.

            “What do you–”

            “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry..”

            Suddenly I heard a set of tires screeching to a halt from down below, followed by the sound of car doors opening. I looked out the window to see two black vans, followed by Abstergo. They entered the building, and my face turned red hot with rage.

            “You traitor!” I narrowed my eyes.

            I touched my earpiece in attempts to warn the others.

            “Mayday, mayday I repeat, mayday!” I said.

            Yet the only thing I heard was static. They were jamming the signals.. so the team wouldn’t see this coming.

            (I was so waiting for the right moment to do that.)

          14. *Dolorem knows who Ade is talking about*

            “You mean Blade? yeah Crow would go on a nonstop storytelling of his “Brother” when even though his brother is dead…eh oh well”


            *Gets up,looks out the window to see Abstergo vans and immediately lock n loads my guns as i yell*


            *looks at Jess*
            “Babe get ready”
            *Adds my crystal layering for protection and adds the layer for light bending*

          15. Adeline:

            “He never told me anything about a brother.”

            (oh gahd, i’m just gonna play it as she is completely oblivious to the fact that abstergo agents are in the building.)


            “You.. you were how they found us! I.. I should have killed you.”

            “You should have seen it coming Rosa. You should have known.”

            “Yeah, well I won’t make the mistake of letting you live again.” I said, grabbing my gun.

            I shot a bullet at him, and it landed in his chest, knocking him off his feet and wincing before he stood back up.

            “Oh come on, you know me better than that.” He chuckled.

            (hehe no one touches him.. he’s mine! or at least that is what Rosa would say. XD)

          16. *Dolorem looks at her*
            “Yeah…they were in the French Special forces together until his team died along with his brother”

            *Hears gun fire and rushes towards the sound,hears Abstergo Agents trying to silence their footstep and rushes towards them*

            “Ya know i can hear you dumbasses”

            *One of the Abstergo Agents replies*

            “Surrender or we will fire”

            *Replies back*

            “Ya know that aint gonna happen right?”

            “Last chance..”
            “You assholes know you are gonna do it no matter what”

            *One of the Agents pitches in*

            “Yeah…sir he is correct”

            “Shut it and do your fuckin orders”
            “Ight…guess he’ll die”

            *Wonders who the hell the new guy is ,rushes towards them,and starts attacking rapidly with my crystals and shooting a few in the head as i sing about what is going on in my head*

            “Tell me why? Tell me who?
            Tell me you do not know what to do
            Get it all over you
            Who will not know how to fight? Only you

            You’re with me again
            I do not care if it’s wrong or right
            You’ll reach in and I’ll reach out
            Time will tell what we’re all about”

            *One of the Agents tries to say something before he dies*

            “You…are C0rvus…one who sings in battle?…fuck”

            *Stares at him as he dies finally*

            “Really?…the only thing they remember is me singing in battle. Fuckin asses”

            *Rushes back before the others batch of agents shows up*

          17. Adeline:

            “I see–”


            “did you hear that?! that was gun fire!”

          18. *Dolorem sleeps* “…ye”

            *Looks around for everyone*
            “OI….YA HEAR ME??? ABSTERGO IS HERE”

          19. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 20, 2018 — 5:43 PM

            *Her eyes narrowed, she took her axes from her bag, jumping out a window and going across rooftops, at a vantage point, she dived down, air assassinated two agents, taking the axes out and starts slashing and slicing agents that were standing around, she made sure to make almost no noise* “I think you guys enjoy waisting your men..huh..too bad.” *She whispered as she aimed her Phantom Blade at one, firing, the small arrow embedded into his skull, he fell to the ground, a few guards turned and attacked, she used a smoke bomb, taking out each guard with her poison blades until none was near, she climbed up the abandoned building again, climbing to the top of the building, so she was on the roof, taking her crossbow, loading it, and taking aimml* “Once upon a time, Abstergo sent dead men walking. The end.” *She fired, missing by nearly an inch, receiving a bullet back at her, she ducked, the bullet missed* “Oh come on!”

          20. *Hears a familiar voice*
            “hmm…never expected to see you here”

            *Person starts to chuckle*

            “The last member of Orchid and what seems to be the Successor of Operation Silentium and Inanis”

            *stares at the area where the voice is at,walks over there, and sees a cloaked armored figure with a scorched Scarf*

            “…Foncé, i thought i eliminated you”

            “So the dead walk among the living and search for the light…only a few strangle the light and shatter it”

            *Foncé starts to rapidly attack me, i grab his arm and break it as i speak*

            “It wont end so easily…”

            “You will pay for me for what you did”

            *He breaks away from my grip and shoots my face but the gas mask ricochets the bullet towards a wall to the left*

            “what the hell..”

            *He starts to attack me again,grabs me and throws me out the window*

            ” Fuck you…”

            *He jumps out,stabs me but his knife breaks, i grab him and shoots a crystal towards his leg impaling it*

            “I will be back….”

            *He throws a flashbang along with smoke and vanishes as i am dazed from the Flash,hears Juno’s voice*

            “You will die one way or another…i will see to it.This time i will see to the will to train him more”

            *Voice stops and i look at my hands for abit as my armor glows unstable*

            “I’m out of time
            Can’t undo the lock and no key to find
            Looking all around at the station
            Are we frozen?
            To understand how I can hear your mind
            Racing on and on through the years of time
            Future is their home and I need to
            Get back to mine”

          21. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 20, 2018 — 7:00 PM

            *She stood back up, aiming, her limbs felt like lead, she fell to her side, shaking slightly as everything was blurred and slowed down, a Templar guard, from the Renaissance era, was running towards her, she couldn’t move, could barely hear, and felt like someone was pounding a hot nail into her head, the guard was a few feet away, she shut her eyes, trying to move, at least stand, the pain went away, she could move again, she stood, fighting with the hallucination in hand-to-hand combat* “FUCK OFF” *She screamed at the hallucination, it swung it’s sword at her arm, it didn’t cut it, but made it numb, she kept fighting with it, until more hallucinations of the same guard came, her amber eyes had darkened*

          22. *makes my way back up to the floor hearing struggling,rushes up the stairs and is on the floor seeing Jess in her state of hallucinations*

            “Babe…its a bleeding effect, whoever it is is not your timeline but whoever you went through the Animus’s timeline. Come back…please. Mend the two divides “

          23. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 20, 2018 — 9:57 PM

            *She kept fighting, struggling with locating each one, she thought C0rvus was a guard, seeing a Templar in his place, she backed up, timing her strike*

          24. *Looks at her with my gas mask off*

            “Come on…spread your wings and fly high my dear. Do not let these effect take over”

            *Slowly walks towards her dropping all my guns one by one*

          25. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 20, 2018 — 10:18 PM

            *She backed up, unsure what to do, she couldn’t see him, but could hear him, she had her blades drawn, she had backed into a wall, already planning, she was still shaking slightly*

          26. *adds my layers to protect me just in case but knows her blade will break on contact,is somewhat close to her as i sing*

            “Come fly with me, let’s float down to Peru
            In llama-land there’s a one-man band
            And he’ll toot his flute for you
            Come on fly with me, let’s take off in the blue

            Once I get you up there
            Where the air is rarefied
            We’ll just glide
            Once I get you up there
            I’ll be holding you so near
            You may hear
            all Angels cheer, ’cause we’re together”

            *Is somewhat close to her now and tries to put my hand gently on her cheek*

          27. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 20, 2018 — 11:09 PM

            *She flinched, sweeping his leg to make him fall, she tried her best to keep him down, a blade at his throat, not pressing it, but there to keep him down, she realized she could actually touch him, unlike her hallucinations, she was trying to comprehend what she was doing, looking over his face, confused*

          28. *falls down and sees she has a grip on me with her blade pointed at me*

            “…honestly i was expecting at some point you may kill me,if only you had a precursor weapon. Also..”
            *silently laughs as i make a joke before i break her blades and turning the table*

            “I was hoping we could’ve done something similar on the bed…without the weapons pointed directly at me”

            *Grabs her blade quickly causing a crystal to make a guard on my wrist to allow the blade to glide off it and shattering it*

            “Like i said to the guy who left….i am not gonna die so easily and not by the hands of a loved one”

            *Pins her down but has a gentle touch as i look at her face*

            “Keep the effect under control…i-i dont know what i would do in my life if i hurt you”

            *Sighs as i add an extra layer of crystals on me as her other blade shatters the weak crystal on my left arm*

          29. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 20, 2018 — 11:49 PM

            *She stared at him, not expecting to be the one pinned down, she tried to get up, she stopped struggling as she realized it was C0rvus* “I…I’m…sorry..” *She shut her eyes, forcing back tears*

          30. *looks at her as my heart slows down and i slowly blink*

            “E-everything is…Everything is ok babe..”

            *Hugs her tightly before i kiss her deeply*

            “”Everything is alright an-and sorta well”

            *has my hand gently on her cheek before my crystals vanish like flower petals*

          31. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 12:24 AM

            *She sighed, looking at him, her amber eyes had a guilty look* “I’m so sorry..”

          32. ” i dont care, i dont care”

            *continues to hug her as my forehead touches her’s*

          33. *sighs as i lay next to her,holding her hand*

            “Got..alot on my list now. Need to fix your bleed effect ASAP,unite both sides…maybe optional but Durga wanted that,either finish planning the wedding and get it done officially or at the same time complete the mission. Which if they ruin it i honestly dont know what to say in life besides why cant we have a peaceful moment”

          34. Rosa:

            “I should have never trusted you!” I shouted.

            “Hun, trusting me was your first mistake. I knew that in time.. you would lead me to the girl. Then I could capture her.. bring her in, and fulfill her destiny.” He chuckled.


            “I’m going to check this out.” I said in a firm tone.

            Drawing my gun, I began a within the building in attempts to find who was responsible for the gunfire. Eventually I came to find the apartment that the meeting had taken place in, the door left wide open. A cool breeze from an open window sent chills down my spine as I walked in. I began to hear voices as I got closer. Rosa yelling and a mans voice.

            “I knew in time you would lead me to the girl. Then I could capture her, bring her in and fulfill her destiny.” Came the unknown mans voice.

            I knew right then and there.. he was talking about me. Without warning, I fired two shots at the man. one bullet grazed his collar bone, causing blood to spill onto the floor. The second bullet landed in his back, but it didn’t seem to phase him.

            “Damn FTD tech..” I mumbled before stepping into the room.

            “Over my dead body.” I said.

            He quickly grabbed my arm as I came at him, attempting to fire at a close range. Tackling me to the ground, I tried to point the gun on him but he slowly began to turn it towards me. I managed to push the barrel facing up at the ceiling, and caused me to accidentally fire another shot at the ceiling from above.

            Suddenly I felt a shift of weight, followed by two more gun shots. Blood spattered onto my face as the two bullets went into his head. He went limp, and his eyes fastly glossed over as he stopped breathing. I pushed him off me, and looked up to see Rosa standing in front of me, offering to help me up.

            “That was close.” I grinned.

            “Indeed. Come on.. he wasn’t the only one, and they are jamming the radio frequencies, so we’ve lost contact with the rest of the team. We need to find them and get the hell out of here before back up arrives.” She said.

            “Agreed, let’s go.”

          35. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 9:22 AM

            *She sighed, sitting up* “C0rvus.. let’s talk about this later..we have to get everyone else and leave..” *She stood, fixing her hood, replacing her hidden blades and reloaded her Glock* “I’m sorry..I tried to attack you..but..for now…we have to leave..” *She held her hand out to help him up, a small smirk on her face, she heard gunfire, the smirk faded* “We don’t have much time..amore..”

          36. Rosa:

            “Take point.” Adeline said.

            I nodded, and went on ahead of her. She followed closely behind me as I silently maneuvered through the hall ways of the vast complex. As we neared the staircase that lead down, I gave Adeline the signal to stop moving, for I heard voices coming in that direction.

            “Sooner we find them, sooner we can get lunch.” came ones voice.

            “Split up?” Came another.

            “good idea. it would be faster that way.”

            I began to hear footsteps heading in our direction, and the other heading off down another corridor.

            I pointed to myself, gesturing I’d take care of the first, and gave her the signal to go around and take care of the second one. She nodded, and we split.

            I ducked into a nearby apartment room, the door wide open as the footsteps got closer. I looked around to see what I could find to make any kind of noise at all, and found a single rubber ball. I quickly threw it out onto the floor in the hall, which alerted the man to a presence in the area.

            “show yourself.” he demanded.

            I didn’t reply. I waited as his footsteps came closer, watching as he came to a halt at the sight of the bouncy ball which had rolled into the middle of the hallway. He began to walk toward the door, and before he had a chance to alert the others, I grabbed him from behind the wall, covering his mouth as I put him in a sleeper hold. He fell limp as I slid him down onto the ground, and left him in the shadows of the darkened room as I went back out into the hall and headed for the stairwell.



            I waited for Rosa to give me a signal, and that she did. I went back in the other direction, cutting through the other side of the hallway. Sitting still at the corner, I waited for the second man to get close enough for me to grab him, avoiding him seeing me as he checked each apartment on the floor, slowly making his way towards me. Once he got close enough, I grabbed him, covered his mouth, and shoved my hidden blade into his jugular, letting the blood seep out onto the floor as I quietly set him down, then made my way back to Rosa.

            “all clear, let’s get going.” I said.

          37. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 10:19 AM

            *She sighed, glancing at the door, then back at C0rvus*

          38. Rosa:

            “Relay a message, tell them we’re coming, but to cover their ears.” I chuckled, getting a sudden idea as to how we’d get them off our tails.

            “Rosa what are you–”

            “Follow me, we don’t have much time. Oh and Dorlem, do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell them about Viper, it will only break this fragile alliance between us and the rest of the team.” I ordered.

          39. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 11:59 AM

            *She reloaded, aiming anywhere there was noise, except for where C0rvus was*

          40. *gets up with her help,grabs my guns,and messages Dolorem by his backup messenger as Lacrimae awaits Jess’s order*

            “Hey this is Crow,where are ya?”


            *Dolorem looks at Ade then at Rosa*


            *Dolorem receives my message and speaks to them*

            “Oi,Crow is wandering where the fuck are we. He may be on the floor we had our meeting on. Also….Are we gonna tell him we had a spy? I mean….that would set him off abit”

          41. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 10:39 AM

            “Cmon, we should probably go find them..” *She started walking out the door, glancing around for any threats, before nodding to C0rvus and kept going down the hall, hiding in the shadows, she had her crossbow ready, as well as her blades, she had a predatory look in her eyes, shooting the first guard she saw, he fell to the ground gurgling, blood spilling onto the floor*

          42. *follows her lead and impales a few agents to death*
            “…something seems odd, i cant tell what but how the hell did they find us?”


            *Dolorem accepts the order but randomly says something*

            “…a piece of the past wil eventually be unlocked, even when you hide it. For him, a chaos burns within and one day unveil the few doors locked by keys of time”

            *Dolorem relays Rosa’s meesage about closing their ears*

            “ it…what the fuck did i just do?”

            *Looks at her as i cover all traces of us*

            “Hey…we may need to hold our ears or noise cancel shit because Rosa is about to do something”

            *Sets my gas mask to Mute as i put it on*

          43. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 1:01 PM

            *She nodded, putting shooting earbuds in, as she kept going down the halls, shooting any guard with the crossbow, reloading it, and taking aim again, the only sound she made was when she fired the crossbow*

          44. *Continues following her as my gas mask glows once more for a split second, i mumble to myself*

            “Not now….fuck”

          45. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 3:18 PM

            *She glanced around a corner, noticing footprints that displaced the grime and dust from the decaying building, she tapped C0rvus’s shoulder, pointing to it, before falling the steps, stepping in the impressions so it seemed like it was one person, she noticed they were new, from her time going into the Animus as Ratonhnhake:ton, alongside Desmond, she could easily make out if they were new or not, she kept following, stopping when she heard anything from above or below*

          46. *looks at the foot prints and follows what she is doing as i take an aleve*

          47. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 4:24 PM

            *She froze, completely still, kneeling down to dismantle a tripwire, as she was working, she heard a slight clicking, she glanced up, seeing an agent standing in one of the vacant rooms, he seemed about 20, scared, and had his gun pointed at her, she popped one earbud out, muttering to C0rvus* “Amore..hold the tripwire still…” *She stood, ready to pounce, slowly going forward towards the agent* “Ey..don’t shoot me..” *She smacked the gun out of his hand, he stepped back, she ran up, jumping and pinning him up to the wall, she had her forearm on his neck, pressing down so he would pass out, he had a look of absolute terror on his face, he went limp, she lowered him to the ground, walking back over and cuts one side of the tripwire with her blade, sprinting down the hallway, keeping her tracks in the impressions, she dropped and slid under a storage door, since it was halfway off the ground, she kept going*

          48. *follows her after she cut the wire when i was holding it ,quicky writes a note and leaves it on him*

            “Dont ya worry…no harm will come to you but if you continue on getting in our way, well you know what will happen

            *Continues on following what she is doing as i get my crystals ready to impale someone at high velocity*

          49. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 4:54 PM

            *She kept running, drop-kicking an agent who was in the way, she used Eagle Vision, trying to locate Adeline and Rosa, she lost track of where she was going, ending up in a room with a few dozen agents* “Fuuuckkk…” *She skidded to a stop, one of the agents, stepped forward* “Well, you’ve just fallen right into our hands..” “Like I’d care, anyway, who wants to die first?” *The agent laughed, stepping closer, she nodded* “You I’m guessing? That can be arranged.” *She sprung out her hidden blades, spinning and slicing his throat, he fell to his knees, she kneed him in the face, he fell backwards, dying* “Anyone else want to die?” *She noticed someone, standing in the back she looked at it, as soon as her eyes met the person’s, it disappeared, she remained still, almost in a trance* “…the..hell.?” *One of the agents took it as a window of opportunity, he pulled out his gun, taking aim, as did most of them, she realized she had lead C0rvus into a trap* “C0rvus..crystals would be nice about now..” *She smirked*

          50. *smirks as i create a crystal sphere and place multiple crystal layers on Jess to protect her from whats about to happen*

            “That will protect you”

            *Throws the sphere as i speak*’

            “I know my home is waiting for me by the river shore
            I know that all the ones I love would welcome me once more
            In dreams I see them now though it seems I’m bound to roam”

            *It explodes into multiple large shards impaling the agents in the head and most of them in the chest causing more shards to grow out to finish the job*

          51. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 5:25 PM

            *She smirked, looting the bodies that are not too spiky* “Thanks, amore..” *Once done, she took a few things that were on a table into her bag*

          52. *silently laughs as i look at her*

            “As usual…anything for you, my love”

            *Prepared to follow her*

          53. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 5:53 PM

            *She smirked, using Eagle Vision to find the right way* “You know if you have Eagle Vision?” *She looked around, spotting the route, then starts walking out, she started a mental checklist of what she might need to teach him*

          54. “no but i have something that Consus did to y right eye that once i could only see a blue haze but now i can see similar to eagle vision but with alot more things”

            *My right eye glows gold-ish blue and shows a slight amount of light through the dark gas mask lense which looks like a gold blue monster pupil*

            “I can see you…oh Ade and Rosa are upstairs…with a dead body??. map, more isu files…fuck. My vitals..a new comm system..whatever this which may be a node access of somesort for whatever temple or vault. A holographic view of my guns with more details of things…and what did i just do??”

            *Tries to stop whatever i just did while i was looking around the weird sight i have in my right eye, notices i can see my bones,muscles,veins,and a random option to see without anything*
            “…i am a walking fucking hospital and computer..great but what dis do?”

            *chooses an option that was below the muscle view which didnt have a clear name and sees myself without my armor*

            “huh…what if i just”

            *looks at her and sees the same effect on her*

            “HA” *pauses for a sec as i step back in embarrassment while blushing under my gas mask*

            “im..just g-gonna turn that option off..errrr”

          55. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 6:43 PM

            *She blushed slightly as she realized that last part* “Let’s just…keep going..” *She begins climbing up an elevator shaft, going to the farthest wall from the door, jumping and breaking down the elevator door and rolling to discharge the shock of the landing, using Eagle Vision to find them, going to where Ade and Rosa are*

          56. *follows her as my right eye stops glowing since i am no longer using it but is still blushing abit*

            “I dont know..what happened to the guy that was with them. They are ok and Dolorem…is just wearing a mariachi outfit and sleeping on Ade’s head while she is looking for us”

          57. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, June 21, 2018 — 7:08 PM

            *She smirked, walking up near Rosa and Adeline*

          58. *is next to Jess…still having that view of her in my head for abit before i talk*

            “Ya’ll doing ok? and what happened to…him?

          59. *looks at Jess as my right eye starts glowing again but this time it just scans the area and i talk to her quietly*

            “If i do say…that..errrr…isn’t bad view”

            *looks down abit*

          60. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 12:05 AM

            *She blushed, pulling her hood down to hide her face* “Don’t be using that new thing for evil..” *She playfully punched his arm*

          61. *right eye gives a clear notification and then i switch it to that mode where i can see just the person, looks at Jess as i smile while poking her arm*

            “What can i say?..i love what i am seeing, doesnt help that you are so beautiful”

          62. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 1:04 AM

            *She chuckled, rolling her eyes playfully* “After this mission, we’ll have a contest-ish thing..You have to try to find me while I’m blended. Without using your vision thing. And then, win a practice battle.” *She smirked*

          63. *Looks at her*

            “Sure thing, im down with that.though i know you will win”

            *turns off that mode and then shuts down the eye so it only sees a blue haze*

          64. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 1:14 AM

            “Remember, if you win, we do whatever you want. If I win, I’ll teach you the basics of being an Assassin..even though your an Initiate.” *She suddenly got a mischievous smirk* “I could call you Malik did a dozen hundred years ago..” *She chuckled, looking over her bracers*

          65. “you know you are gonna teach me the basics one way or another”

            *Silently laughs as i look at the framed photo*

            “God you haven’t changed in beauty, after this long you still are”

          66. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 8:23 AM

            *She chuckled, a knowing smirk* “You know I’m just supposed to teach you the stuff for Initiate, but…I could teach you up to higher levels.” *She smirked*

          67. (Sorry, I was so busy yesterday. lol they’re gonna have to trust her on this. ya’ll better be ready to jump out a window or something. XD)


            With Adeline following closely behind me, we began our decent to the bottom floor, which was partially underground. Once down, Adeline gave me a curious look.

            “Do you have a flashlight?” I asked, peering into the darkened hallway.

            “Yeah, for once I actually do.” Adeline replied, pulling out a small metallic flashlight and handing it to me.

            “Guns drawn, don’t know who we’ll run into down here.” I said, turning the flashlight on and steadying it with my left as I pointed my gun with my right.

            She pulled out hers, and I took point as we slowly began our search of the area.

            “Are you going to tell me what you are doing?” She questioned.

            “There has to be a generator around here somewhere..” I mumbled.

            “What? This building hasn’t had power for some time. That much is obvious.” She replied.

            “That is the point. If we were to find it, I could rig the wiring with in the circuit panels, causing it to overheat. It will draw electricity from surrounding areas, and, well in theory of course, cause the generator to slowly over heat. So basically a gigantic bomb that could level out this entire building, causing it to collapse. That should get them off our tails for a bit.” I explained.

            “Since when do you know all of this?” She chuckled.

            “Long story.” I chuckled, but my grin quickly faded as I signaled her to stop.

            Suddenly we came across an open room, no door, just an arch way.

            “Stay here, I’ll make sure it’s clear.” I ordered.

            Using the flashlight to see, I entered the dark room, doing a quick check to ensure it was safe, and found no one was in the area.

            “All clear, though I think I just found what we are looking for.” I grinned, looking at the big hunk of metal, a small box located on its side.

            Adeline entered the room, and saw me staring at it as I opened the cover of the small box located on the side of the generator. It was old, dust blanketing over it. Though it looked like it could still be in working order, just needed to cut a few wires, place another circuit panel, and let it do it’s own thing.

            I took out my pocket knife, flipped it open, and began to rig the wiring into another panel that I placed within it. I began to hear footsteps as I continued with my attempt of rigging it.

            “I’ll take care of it, keep working.” She said, walking out of the room to go see who was coming towards us.

            I continued working on it, wrapping the wires on the ends of the panel, then searched for any electrical boxes, levers, anything that could turn the generator on. When I finally found what I was looking for, I heard two gun shots. It frightened me.. not knowing if it was Adeline that had just been shot or if it was an Abstergo agent. Without hesitation, I pulled down the lever, and the generator began to make loud high pitched noises.. it was working. The metal was already starting to get hot.. maybe this plan would work to well.

            With no time to lose, I quickly ran out to see Adeline was just fine, and she had shot an oncoming assailant. I sighed in relief, looking at her before saying, “We don’t have much time, we need to get out of here now.” I said.

            She nodded, and we began to head back toward the others. They began to come into eyes view as we reached the top floor.

            “We need to get out of here right–” I began.

            suddenly a loud boom was heard from down stairs, the building quaked, the walls cracking and parts of the ceiling beginning to fall to the ground around us. an orange flare was seen from the stair well, and I knew there were only mere seconds before this entire place was ablaze.

            I ran toward the glass window at the end of the hallway, breaking the glass as threw myself out of the building, hoping they were close behind me as I landed in the safety of a trash bin.

          68. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 9:12 AM

            *Her smirk faded when there was a loud boom, the walls started to crack, she grabbed C0rvus’s hand and dragged him to a window, jumping out, pulling him along, into a bush, she hopped out, glancing around* “Where’s..Rosa and Adeline..?”

          69. Adeline:

            Just before I jumped out I saw Jacob. I quickly grabbed him and followed in Rosas steps, jumping out the window as the building began to collapse. We landed in the trash bin just as Rosa had, and she helped us out.

            “We.. we need to find the others and get out of here before that building tumbles to the ground.. If we stay here we’ll be caught in a debris field…” Rosa said.

            “Agreed.” I added.

            Suddenly I heard Jess over comes.

            “Where’s.. Rosa and Adeline?”

            “Oh thank god.. our coms are back up. We’re fine, though I can’t say the same for the Abstergo agents that were in that building. We need to get out of here.. It’s gonna collapse at any moment.” I said, relieved to hear that they were alright.

          70. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 9:34 AM

            *She sighed, speaking over the comms again* “Good to know you ain’t pancakes. Where you at? And yes..we need to leave before this thing collapses.” *She paused, muttering something, before continuing* “Screw it..just tell me where you are..” *She remembered the location of the cliff she was at, knowing it would be harder to track* “I’ll bring everyone to a secure place..”

          71. Rosa:

            “Well.. there is a trash bin, we landed in it when we jumped out.. other than that I’m not sure.”

          72. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 9:58 AM

            *She smirked, walking around the side of the building* “Cmon..I see you.” *She walks up to them, dragging C0rvus by the hand* “We should get going.” *She turned, heading to a random car, pick locking the driver door, unlocking it, then unlocking the rest, she started hotwiring it* “Get in..” *She started the car, smirking*

          73. (Holy shit…sorry i was in deeeeeeeep sleep. It happens alot but not this bad, i remember i slept 16 hours straight)

            *Gets in the car while Micheal bay is happening *

            “What the fuck??…aslo i’d be ok with advancing in the assassin”

          74. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 1:33 PM

            *She chuckled, speeding off once everyone got in, she speed past lights and signs, past traffic and through shortcuts* “Before anyone says anything. I know I don’t drive like a sane person.” *She kept going for a few minutes, finally reaching the cliff she was at earlier, parking the car and getting out, she slung her backpack on her shoulder, walking up to a nearby tree, climbing up and free running to one close to the cliff, sitting on a branch* (your fine…I usually sleep in until about 1:30 pm, lol)

          75. *sits on the edge of the cliif looking down while he hums a tune*

          76. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 4:41 PM

            *She watched the sky, making sure nothing was coming, a hallucination of Connor was standing on a branch nearby*

          77. *Has a bunch of roses next me as i look down*
            (sorry been busy)

          78. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 11:01 PM

            *She sighed, leaning against the tree trunk, taking the music box out, winding it up and letting it play*

          79. *walks towards her and climbs the tree*

            “are you ok dear?”

          80. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 22, 2018 — 11:56 PM

            *She kept staring at the little box* “I’m…f-fine..” *She lied, a pained look in her eyes*

          81. *Knows she isnt ok,sighs as i stand on the branch below her while holding the branch she is on*

            “I know something is on your mind my love…so please, say what the issue is”

            *looks at the cliff as i remember my childhood with my brother*

          82. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 23, 2018 — 12:35 AM

            *She sighed, still staring at the little box* “It’s…just..what if we have kids and then the Bleeding Effect happens? What..what if I accidentally hurt of the rules of being an Assassin is ‘Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent.’ basically don’t hurt innocent people..I don’t want to go through it again..” *She sighed, tracing the edge with her finger tip*

          83. *looks at up to see her*
            “Babe…Although you did try to kill me since you thought i was part of the effect, you aren’t going to hurt people. We…are doing our best to locate this cure for it and continue on the mission but if you do…they wont hurt you,for if they lay a know i will end them”

            *Sighs since i cant handle her being sad since it brings me down*

            “Even…if we don’t manage to find one,…i wont stop looking for one until it is done and if we have kids and the effect happens…i know one day they will understand whats going on and still love you as their mother. Though as they may be scared, they still will love you..and you know i will be by your side till my days are over”

          84. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 23, 2018 — 1:18 AM

            *She switched her gaze from the box to him, she wound the music box again* “What…what if we don’t find a cure? What if someone on the team dies? What do we do if this Lance guy is dead?” *She paused* “W-what..if..Juno..wins?” *Her voice cracked, she covered her face with her hood, a single tear running down her face, dropping into her jacket*

          85. *Her tear hits my right gas mask lens, takes it off as i sit on the branch next to her*

            “If we don’t find a cure or if there isn’t one….i will still try to find it and if i have to..i won’t stop trying to develop one although many have gotten rid of the effect. No one on this team is going to die and if one does..they won’t die in vain.

            If lance is dead…so be it i know we will find another way to that eden and Juno knows that life is just a will repeat until the one or ones break that chain”

            *Gently puts my right arm around her as i do my best to calm her *

            “I will not stop doing my best for you and i will not leave your side no matter the cost….if i have to die then so be it…i don’t expect the team to do the same but i expect them to fulfill my last wishes”

          86. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 23, 2018 — 1:47 AM

            *She flinched as his arm came around her* “I..hope what your true..” *She sighed*

          87. *kisses her lovingly*
            “What am i gonna do..if i lose you?”
            *looks at her*
            “You know i will always speak the truth to you”

          88. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 23, 2018 — 2:27 AM

            *She rested her head on his shoulder, she remained silent, looking at the music box* “What are we supposed to do next? Just sit here and wait for the next lad to just lead us into a trap?” *She thought back to the day they met, she was trying to steal the files..being captured… escaping..and so on, she had a wave of nostalgia as a memory of her brother Noah and her building a fort in the living room of her home in Westminster, her mother sitting at the table, reading a book, it was peaceful.. ‘Man..I should show him where I grew up..Florence and then Westminster..then Chicago..since ge already know where I live now.. she remembered when she would train in the piles of coal near the factories of London, Noah and her would race up the side of a building, then see who could keep their balance better while practicing swordsmanship on a tower, pushing off random beggars and Templars that would try to stop their fun, they always got a long lecture from their mother, since they would come home covered in soot and occasionally..some Templar’s blood, she was better at blending then her brother..but he was better at climbing, they both were efficient in fighting and stealth. She thought back to when she was a mere little 7 year old, when she was just beginning to peice together the puzzle of her life, her father would leave, not come home until late, but have the crimson stains of blood in his shirt or hands, sometimes their Father would stay in his study, talking with people who seemed to vanishes as he opened the door, and sometimes it would just be Noah and her, alone at home, until only her Mother came back..her mother never smiled since then..she was snapped out if thought as she felt her arm go numb, glancing over to see the hallucination of, surprisingly, Edward Kenway, he looked down at her with sympathetic look in his ocean blue eyes, she nudged C0rvus, pointing at Edward* “ could see you think you could see this one? Also..we should go swimming..”

          89. *Looks at Edward*
            “Yeah…i see him and i’d be down with swimming, the question is, can you find me in the water?”

            *Hums a tune and starts singing of my home*

            “Almost heaven, West Virginia
            Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River
            Life is old there, older than the trees
            Younger than the mountains, growing like a breeze

            Country roads, take me home
            to the place I belong
            West Virginia, Mountain Mama
            Take me home, country roads

            All my memories gather ’round her
            Miner’s lady, stranger to blue water
            Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
            Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye

            Country roads, take me home
            to the place I belong
            West Virginia, Mountain Mama
            Take me home, country roads

            I hear her voice, in the mornin’ hour she calls me
            The radio reminds me of my home far away
            And drivin’ down the road, I get a feelin
            That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday”

          90. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 23, 2018 — 3:18 PM

            *She smirked, listening to his song*to

          91. *Lacrimae looks up to see us from the cliff and shouts*


            *she pauses dancing around a rock*


            *i freeze just blushing as i stop humming*


            “WHAT?!! I’M SERIOUS”

            “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO D-DO THIS??!!”


            “YOU ARE EVIL”

            “JUST DO IT!!!”

            *still blushing and frozen*

          92. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 23, 2018 — 3:54 PM

            *She glared at Lacrimae* “Hey Lacrimae, do me a small favor..stop being a pain in the arse and enough with the having kids thing, we haven’t even finished the mission!” *She ignored the London side of her showing* “Like what the bloody hell! You couldn’t wait a bloody moment! Now stop being a pain in the arse and I’ll stop speaking like rubbish to ya!” *She realized what was happening, before clearing her throat and just having her normal accent* “I lived half my life in Florence, then in London, and then Chicago, now where I am now. So that’s why I randomly talk like a Brit, it’s an old habit.” *She sighed, a pinkish tint to her face*

          93. *Looks at her*
            “Understandable, anyway good luck finding me”

            *Smirks as i jump down and then vanish leaving a crystal pattern on the ground of the artifact i touched long ago for a few minutes*

          94. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 23, 2018 — 4:20 PM

            *she smirked, following the little trail of crystals*

          95. *notices i leave a circle of crystals in my pattern in the exact location i started to teleport but not where i end up,quietly speaks*

            “Shit…i need to go darker”

            *Creates an exact copy of me and he hides in a bush as i take off silently*

          96. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 23, 2018 — 11:16 PM

            *She sighed as his trail had stopped, she sighed, before climbing a tall tree, standing at a top branch, looking around, before doing a Leap of Faith into a pile of brush, before hopping out, going into a bush, only to run into his clone, she tackled him, smirking as she pinned him against a tree* “Hello.” *She had her blades ready*

          97. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 23, 2018 — 11:22 PM

            (sorry I didn’t respond earlier, I was busy with stuff)

          98. *Clone looks at you*

            “Nothing is true right dear?”

            *he shatters*

            *Still far away and heads towards a lake then dives in reaching the deepest depth*

          99. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 12:20 AM

            *She smirked, before climbing up a tree and free-running over branches, going to a lake, remembering that she had asked about swimming, she ran towards the cliff near it, doing a Leap of Faith, after breaking the water she surfaced, taking a breath and diving underneath, knowing he would go deep*

          100. *Blends in with the water as i bury myself deep into the soil*

          101. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 1:16 AM

            *She used Eagle Vision, searching for a trail or anything, before surfacing again then diving below, she went to a deep spot, searching everything and anything, before she found a cloud of dirt floating around, she surfaced, taking a breath, before diving straight down towards where he might be, she could barely see, she used Eagle Vision again, removing some mud, finding his arm, she mentally smirked, before trying to drag him up, as she was running out of breath*

          102. *feels her arm and then bolts off swimming while vanishing with the mud as i talk to her*

            “Not down yet dear got a lot of energy”

            *Creates a clone of me to lose her as i reach land and start using my crystals to bend light*

          103. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 1:53 AM

            *She tried to cling onto his arm as he began to swim away, she couldn’t hold on, so she swam to the surface, gasping for breath for a moment, before climbing out and laying on the sand, she saw Edward walk up, he looked down at her* “Oh please..of course you can swim better your a fucking pirate-assassin. Heh..maybe you could help me find him..” *Edward chuckled, she was shocked as this was the 6th time in her life the hallucinations made noise, he responded* “Lass, wouldn’t that be like cheatin’? Besides, I’ll just leave ya to find im’.” *She glared at him, he chuckled, before walking to a rock and sitting down, she got up, after a few minutes, then started to search again, she saw his clone swimming around in the lake, she sighed, wading through until she was close enough, she grabbed the clone by the wrist, bringing it to shore* “I’m guessing your fake, too?” *She had glared slightly, Edward drinking run from a jug*

          104. *clone looks at her*

            “Maybe but who is to say?”

          105. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 2:40 AM

            *She smirked* “Well, if your real, then you’d know my mother’s name, and where I grew up, and what my brother and I loved to do.”

          106. *clone looks at her lovingly as he speaks*

            “You grew up in Florence,Westminster,Chicago,and now you live in the area where the epsilon base is at in an apartment and your mother’s name is Beatrice…You and Noah liked to build a fortress and or sword fight meanwhile your dad…he showed up bloodstained and talked to a group who seemed to vanish once done…Beatrice rarely smiled”

          107. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 3:07 AM

            *She smirked, chuckling softly* “Alright, who’s sitting on that rock? Who’s climbing that tree? And lastly. ” *She paused for effect* “What is my favorite blade to use? Sword? Poison Blade? Phantom Blade? Kukri?”

          108. “Edward Kenway is the one on that rock,Connor is the one climbing the trees but at this view I can’t see him since all I see is a gorgeous blinding view and I did see you study up on the phantom blade so ima have to go with that”

          109. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 3:37 AM

            *She smirked* “How about…..Oh this one’s good..why did you not try to stop me when I caught you? And…What is the nickname my brother used to call me? You should know this..”

          110. *I start speaking through the clone but he just sounds the same*

            “I don’t remember you capturing me, I captured you. Reason why I didn’t hurt you is because

            one:I needed answers on who captured me and you told me that it wasn’t the assassins who forced me to touch the artifact,

            two:I injured you heavily in which I still regret and payed for by multiple impales which sent me into a coma state but not for long,

            three:You are the sexiest woman I have seen in my life and a badass…after that short conversation you slowly won my heart

            And lastly Four:I am not like the other templars I rather give someone an honorable death than slaughtering an enemy like they are nothing”

            *pauses as I try to figure out the nickname but probably got myself injured so many times I may have forgotten*

            “I don’t think you ever told me the nickname Noah gave you my love…if so I probably forgot due to all these injuries that blacked me out”

          111. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 12:58 PM

            *She smirked* “I meant in the last few minutes. Not when we met. Also, he used to call me Hawk because of the way I would assassinate. And one last thing.” *She grinned, her eyes having a mischievous look* “So..if I was to..I dunno…pin ya down with my blade at your neck, what would you do?” *She smirked*

          112. *I pause for abit from talking through him*

            “Well, i have my ways of stopping you…i just do it differently and if you are going to pin me down,in which you did pin me down and put a blade near me,…well i dont know what to do. I mean i knew maybe at some point in time you may turn and…plan on killing me. If that ever happens, i’ll just make your job easier and do it myself since i dont want to watch myself die by the hands of someone i love”

          113. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 3:31 PM

            *She smirked* “I wouldn’t kill you. Now, if your not a clone. Then make a crystal. Where’s Hānzo? Ezio isn’t talking with him like usual.”

          114. *clone looks at her as i wait for him to create a crystal*

            “Hānzo is an in-between man…he likes to balance work and friends together although sometimes work takes the lead”

            *He creates a small crystal but it shatters*

            “…oh boy”
            *He silently laughs*
            “well Original me…seems like your sexy Fiancée won once again”

            *He shatters as i am now very very fuckin far away now and radios her*

            “If i do say my dear, i think we may have an issue if my new crystal clones are a little to perfect…either way congrats on winning. Like hell is… there a single thing i can win against you??”


          115. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 4:20 PM

            *She chuckled, watching it crumble* “You and your clones…” *She replied to his message* “You’re talking to an assassin..who also is trained to track and find a target. But, since this is not a Target, I’ll just find you, tackle you, and hug you because I don’t…or want…to hurt you.
            I will find you.” *She smirked, realizing that sounded dark* “Uh..that sounded dark..sorry amore..but still I will find you.” *She started going towards the direction there was muddy footsteps*

          116. “Well good luck finding me my love…and i will be ok if you pin me down”

            *silently laughs as i dry myself off and then continue on making another clone*

          117. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, June 24, 2018 — 5:22 PM

            *She chuckled, following the trail of mud* “Don’t worry. I’ll track ya”

          118. *silently laughs*
            “I know you will but today is not that day”

            *Sends my clone onto the tallest tree as i go for another cliff*

          119. (EEEEEP!!! what all happened?! I’ve been so busy… I must have missed a lot.)

          120. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 25, 2018 — 8:55 AM

            (lol sorry, XD )

          121. (all good. Should I do a jump to night time? maybe they can fight amongst each other going back and forth about it being to dangerous to execute the plan because they’ll be expecting us now? XD)

          122. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 25, 2018 — 10:53 AM

            (sure XD) *She sighed after searching for a few hours, noticing the sun was setting, she messaged C0rvus* “Hey…it’s getting dark, head back to camp. I don’t know this place like I know home.” *She started heading back as Edward and Connor disappeared*

          123. Rosa:

            We made it to the safe location that Jess had told us about. We were left just the three of us while Jess and Crow when to do their own thing. Adeline was quiet.. reserved, almost as if she felt uncomfortable talking to both me and Jacob now. She got up, looking at us for a moment before she said anything.

            “They sure have been gone awhile.. should I go look for them?” She asked.

            “Go ahead.” I nodded.

            She turned and began to walk away.. perhaps this was the only chance I’d have to talk to Jacob about this conversation between the two of them.. and what she told me.

            “Jacob..” I began.


            “Can we talk for a moment..?” I asked.

            “I don’t see why not. What’s on your mind?” He smiled.

            “It’s about Adeline…” I stuttered.

            (ahahaha already figured it out she’s gonna have a talk with mr. Jacob while they are on their way back.)

          124. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, June 25, 2018 — 11:24 AM

            *She started free running from branch to branch, half hour later, the sun had set* “Damn..” *She sighed, jumping down since there were no branches she could reach, she saw movement, crouching down in a bush, she readied her blades, before seeing it was Adeline, she came out if the bush* “Hey..” *She stood there, slightly awkward*

          125. *Uses the comm system*

            “Oi…so you are telling me i fuckin won?”

            *Starts heading back while playing Feels Good Inc through his gas mask*

          126. *Reaches their location as i take my gas mask off but sees Adeline silent so i just lay low in the bush with my head poking out trying not to sneeze*

          127. (Heavy fuckin sleeping to the max if im extremely late for everything…i hate myself)

            *Pop out due to my allergies kicking in*

            “W-hat is going on?”


          128. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, June 26, 2018 — 10:35 PM

            (lol sorry guys I was busy with a sketch I’ve been working on and life) *She turned to see C0rvus, she smirked, punching his arm playfully* “Found you. And never let your guard down when you were being tracked.”

          129. (shit i had to transfer data on my phone to a new one and same to my computer)

            *kisses her as i hug her for abit*

            “i didnt have my guard down dear,maybe for one sec, and that does not count….i was told to come by you so here we are”

          130. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 27, 2018 — 1:24 AM

            *She smirked, chuckling* “You stepped right into my trap, amore. I’ll give you the win this time..but next time..I may not.” *She hugged him* (how’d it go?)

          131. “Im learning by watching you dear…fast learner”
            *Silently laughs as i look at her eyes and then wink*

            (Phone was easy….computer was hell since my external hardrive wasn’t showing up so i had to go through the system and then i also had to dd linux again to this computer which is also hell due to me losing my data so i had to search for almost everything again)

          132. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 27, 2018 — 1:41 AM

            (aww I hate it when that happens. One if my files was corrupted. It was one of my best sketches. I feel for ya) *She smirked, shaking her head* “There is so much you don’t know..”

          133. (add* im also trying to get used to the keybaords since it has no lights)

          134. *Picks her up and kisses her once more*

            “You dont know much either my everything….so we both have alot to learn”

            *smiles as i talk to myself still not realizing she kinda hears me*

            “To have you here…with me and in my life. Nothing the world can show me is more than you”

            *sees Hanzo next to a tree as he just tries to be professional and tries not to be happy with an apple in his hand*

          135. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 27, 2018 — 2:29 AM

            *She chuckled, before kissing him and heading back to the camp* (you see jurassic world 2? It’s pretty cool)

          136. *Follows her back to the site*

            “Dont worry dear…i got the marsh of the mellows”

            (Nah but i do want to see it….its finally that time when decent movies show up.sort of, still need to watch infinity wars)

          137. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 27, 2018 — 3:11 AM

            (It’s a pretty good movie. Definitely on my top 5. ) *She smirked, climbing a nearby tree and taking an axe from her bag, chopping a branch off, it took a little while*

          138. (Enough said then i will watch)

            *Zack is next to the tree she is on as i gather wood and sticks to make a fire,makes a fire once done then sits down ,takes off my mask as i play my guitar*

            “Maybe you’ll soon forget about all
            Or maybe you’ll miss it like I do
            One thing’s for sure, I’m all knocked out
            I spend too much time thinking of you

            And I can’t get you out of my dreams
            Now I know that you’re the dangerous kind
            And your face is tattooed on my mind
            Coz I can’t get you out of my dreams
            I don’t wanna write
            I don’t wanna call
            I would not know what to say

            It should be you
            That’s how I want it to be
            Tel me you feel the same way

            Oh yesterday I was feeling safe
            All I do today is try to be brave
            And no melody can seem to soothe my mind
            Now I curse you for being so sweet and so kind”

            *Zack looks up to see her*

            “We havent properly introduced eachother, the name is Zack Harbinger…his dead brother in the war. You must be the gal Crow here was sitting next to when he was on the brink of death and was in his subconscious… he is always singing when not in combat and when in combat”

          139. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 27, 2018 — 4:30 AM

            *She finally chopped the branch off, it landed with a thud* “The..hell?” *She jumped down, landing with a roll, she stood looking at Zack, her amber eyes glowed slightly* “Your a ghost, then? wonder it’s so hard to see you.” *She chuckled, dragging the log near the site for a seat* “Amore, there is a ghost who claims to be your brother. Never have I ever been this confused..” *She saw Edward leaning against a tree* “Damn..I’m heading to a town tomorrow..I gotta fill my flask of rum..and hit by the Brotherhood..then I gotta come back unnoticed..just another day for me..” *She muttered, taking her hidden blade off and started sharpening it with a whetstone, she did it to all the blades, then the throwing knives, then took off her bracers, fixing the strap, she took her hoodie off, the scar on her lip more visible, she wore a black t shirt with a blue Creed symbol on the front, she pulled a small sewing kit from her bag, she started to sew together part of the sleeve which had ripped from the mission, then shook the hoodie to get any dust off, then yawned, the pendant was more visible since it was not hidden under the jacket. She took her brown/black hair out if the braid, letting it fall as she started to rebraid it. Once finished, she put the hoodie back on, putting the bracers, blades, side bag back on, she pulled her hood up, she took a lighter from her bag, handing it to C0rvus* “Don’t light yourself up.”

          140. *Looks at the lighter*

            “Suprised my brother doesnt want to talk to me….maybe he just wants to know you. What exactly is this for, my love?”

          141. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, June 27, 2018 — 5:15 AM

            *She stayed silent, walking to a tree and climbing up, going to the top, looking at the horizon, she felt something weird, like she was light-headed but also tired, she sighed, staring at the horizon, before climbing back down, sitting down, leaning against a tree, she shut her eyes, the side of her head hurt, everything became muffled and slower, she opened her eyes, seeing her brother, he was standing, then he knelt down in front of her, he placed a hand on her shoulder, she stared at him, seemingly starting at nothing, she stuttered* “N-Noah..” *He vanished, she saw a Templar, she got up, glaring at it as she began to walk up to it, she stabbed it with her hidden blade, she looked like she stabbed the air, she spun around, tripping another, before slicing between his vertebrae, severing the spinal cord, she stood, diving to the right and rolling, she broke a guard’s knee, he fell, she grabbed him by the jaw, she stared at his eyes, she released the blade through his neck, she looked like she was fighting the air, or practicing, she stood, stumbling as what felt like a hundred pounds slammed into her, she used a tree to regain balance, before looking around, she saw him again..the same man she saw at the abandoned apartment building..he stared at her with cold, grey eyes, he drew his sword, she took her axes from her bag, he swung, she caught the sword’s blade in the crook of the axe, she was about to pivot so he would be disarmed, but he dislodged his sword, staring at her as she looked at him with curiosity, hatred and fear, he vanished, leaving her looking crazy, fighting the air, she fell to her knees, doubling over and holding her stomach, muttering* “ow.. everything hurts…fuck..” (It’s 3:17 A.M. right now..I’m gonna try and sleep again. Slight insomnia,.some days I’m fine, others I can’t sleep at all. If I respond, chances are I couldn’t get to sleep. If I dont, then you could probably tell I fell asleep. Yeah, you probably didn’t need to know any of this. But. I’m tired. So my argument is valid. (help me ;-;))

          142. (I know that feel…Though im used to not sleeping at all due to travelling but i can only sleep with my music going or having my dog sleep with me. If none of those two, well good luck trying to make me sleep and if you wake me up im going to kill you.)

            *Goes near jess knowing she is having those relapses and just hugs her as i radio everyone*

            “Oi…we got no time to spare, lets just find this damn so called “Cure”. Hopefully even the facility has the damn whereabouts of this Eden also”

            *Holds both her hands*

          143. (Yo, sorry I’ve been so busy lately. Not enough time in the days anymore it seems.)


            “I second that. Let’s get Lance.. and find whatever we can to help Jess.”

          144. (i multi-task between things but its ok dont need to apologize)

            *kisses Jess lovingly before i walk towards Rosa,makes it to her and starts speaking to her quietly*

            “Anything new on…Ade? i mean seems she hit ya’ll hard in the heart…”

            *sighs abit since i need this team in peak condition or somewhat near as i place my gas mask back on*

          145. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 29, 2018 — 5:28 PM

            *She leaned against a tree, tired*

          146. *Looks at Jess and Rosa for abit before talking*

            “If ya need something from me….hopefully you can track me down”

            *Walks to Jess and puts my hand gently on her shoulder*

            “You can sleep dear…you have nothing to worry about,besides everyone needs to take a break or so”

            *Has Dolorem and lacrimae watch her as they create something to keep everyone warm as i walk off towards the lake*

          147. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, June 29, 2018 — 7:42 PM

            *She nodded slightly, her amber eyes shut slowly*

          148. *sighs as i create a ripple in the water*

          149. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 30, 2018 — 1:47 AM

            *She slumped as she fell asleep, having the most peculiar dream, she saw her brother, mother, and father standing near a fountain in a small courtyard. She instantly recognized it as Westminster. She walked up to them, reaching her hand out* “Jessie…your in danger…” Her mother said, “Mother..what do you mean?” She tilted her head slightly, before looking at the fountain. The scene changed, she was was around 10, she was in Florence..she was chasing her brother in a game if tag. Her and Noah ran into a few guards. The guard on the left, spoke, “What are you two doing here? It’s getting late. Hurry home, now.” Noah laughed, so did she. They were only children then.. unaware of the dangers of the world. The second guard spoke, “Cmon! Your parents would get worried! Last thing we need is you two here.” She laughed, tagging Noah and running off. He followed, the scene shifted again. She saw her Father coming home, she raced outside, skidding to a stop when she saw blood on his hands and shirt. “Daddy…what’s on your hands and shirt?” She tilted her head. “No no, its…it’s jam.. alright sweetie? Now, go upstairs to your room.” She nodded and did as told, Noah gave her a quizzical look, asking “What’s wrong?” She closed the bedroom door, they had a split bedroom. A door in the wall separating the two rooms. Her brother understood immediately from the look on her face, he smiled, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder, “Wanna build a fort?” She nodded, a smile spreading on her face. The scene shifted. She was back in the courtyard, she looked up from the fountain, she looked at her mother, asking. “Mother..I don’t understand..” Her family turned into guards, they drew their sword’s, she began to run, climbing the to the roof and kept running. The scene shifted again. She was a 15 now….standing in front of the same man who she saw in the room from the abandoned apartment building..he looked down at her. He spoke, his accent British, no doubt. She looked into his cold, grey eyes. “Jessie Larkson, was it? I am Haytham Kenway.” She flinched when he suddenly looked up, staring behind her, she turned around, seeing Connor. “Father. Stay away from her.” She was confused, trying to figure out why these two men were the eyes of her teen self, she didn’t see any danger or threats. Haytham stood, stepping back with his hands raised. Then Edward came from the blue ish mist, he walked up beside Connor. “Aye. Haytham stay away from the lass, she has enough trouble for her life anyway.” She was now her normal height, her normal age and everything. She stepped away from Haytham and the assassins, confused “I don’t understand..why are you here?” She backed into Altair on accident, she spun around, upon seeing him, she stepped back respectfully. He started walking towards her, she kept stepping backward, soon Ezio had came, he looked at her, he placed a firm hand on her shoulder, she tensed, unsure of what to do “Cara, stay away from Haytham. If you see him, run. Yes?” She nodded, slightly scared since she was with the assassins she had to relive the memories of. Her knees buckled, she couldn’t move anymore, the assassin and Haytham vanished, she fell onto her side, everything turned white, then she woke up, she got up quickly, springing out her blades and looking around frantically, she had a wild look in her eyes*

          150. *Sees one of my crystals floating around but its having a raging golden color going on and i talk abit sadly not knowing its not my crystal*

            “You shouldn’t be here…I havent requested your aid or in other words summon you”

            *Crystal takes off slowly like it wants to lead me somewhere*

            “Ight little guy, what is it?”

            *follows it for an hour towards another cliff and sees Juno*

            “oh..its you”

            “Crow, is it? Oh well dont care. I wasnt kidding that i would set your loved one in flames and your team. Continue on this path and it shall happen…You’ve seen what i have done when it was held by me”

            “No shit. i’ve seen more you fucking idiot. You even got the guy who i thought i killed with fire back up on his feet and hunted me down!”

            *She stares at me with a serious look as she makes me relive the threat of the team burning but this time it goes way too far with The first will stepping on their bodies *

            “This is whats going to happen if you dont stop Crow…You are the cause of Orchids’ death and you are about to be the cause of their death.”

            “I will not be the cause of it Juno…”

            “Really? Because it seems your mini team there is having some problems that you cant fucking fix…another failure added to you. I don’t even see why She ever loved you, you’re pathetic.”

            *My comms turns on letting the conversation somewhat heard*

            “You are right…Jess could’ve fell in love with someone else,Juno. She maybe could’ve had a better life, who is to say. I know i can be pathetic but i am not failing her and this team.”

            *Relives the last few seconds on Orchids’ Death and watches them get shot at pointblank and the Man i thought i set fire to a few days after stares at me*

            “You are just gonna repeat it..You know it and I know it”

            *Is on my knees from the memory i tried to suppress and has a tear for abit*

            “If not your teams’ death…then you will die instead by my hands and although you may have won, you wont be around for Jess now would you? She doesnt truly love you anyway”

            *She shows another threat but this time its her stabbing me in the chest at her final moments*

            “You see…you will die”

            “I don’t care for my death as long as i know she is ok…and though she has told me why she is with me, i don’t know why still…why she puts up with me?”

            “You are no man, just a coward hiding from his past. She deserves a true man ”

            “I am not hiding from my past..i came to terms with Orchids’ death and i will do my best for her and this fucking team even if it kills me in the end. You have seen i was at the brink of death trying to guard Jess when i as bleeding out!!”

            *Looks at her dead on as i tell her what i have learned in life with Jess in my life and the team*

            “I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried
            I’ve had my fill , my share of losing
            And now, as tears subside
            I find it all so amusing

            To think I did all that
            And may I say – not in a shy way

            Oh no, oh no, not me
            I did it my way”

            *Takes off my gas mask so she can see my dedication to my team and Jess*

            “For what is a man, what has he got
            If not himself, then he has naught
            To say the things he truly feels
            And not the words of one who kneels
            The record shows I took the blows
            And did it my way!”

            *pauses with a sound of sadness*

            “Yes, it was my way”

            *She vanishes with an evil grin after that while my comm was still on*

          151. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 30, 2018 — 5:54 AM

            *She started to call down, she sat down, hugging her knees as she tried to sperate the dream from reality*

          152. *Lacrimae stays near her as Dolorem tries to lay on her lap and Dolorem speaks*

            “You..uhh, you ok there Jess?”


            *Sighs as she finally vanishes and sits down near a rock and stares at my gas mask*

          153. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, June 30, 2018 — 6:22 AM

            *She glanced at Dolorem, then straight ahead* “I’m…I’m.. alright…I guess..not sure..” *She kept replaying the part of her dream with the Assassins, in her head, trying to figure it out*

          154. *makes my way back to the campsite,once i reach there i sit down next to her*

            “Everything alright here Dolorem?”

            “…She has been having memories or something sir”

            “Is that so?…babe what is it this time?”

            *Looks at her*

          155. Rosa:

            I looked over to Crow who was talking to Jess and approached him slowly, clearing my throat.

            “Ahem.. Crow. May i speak with you for a moment?”

          156. *looks at her*

            *Goes to a place where we can talk*

          157. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, July 2, 2018 — 4:14 AM

            *She stared at the tree, silent, a preditory look in her eyes, she muttered something, not noticing C0rvus or anyone.* “Noah..wheres Noah..” *She got up, stumbling slightly, once she regained balance, she started climbing a tree* (guys. I was browsing the web a few moments ago..and I stumbled upon something called the Muttered Museum. I don’t suggest searching it up if your not into dead things..-like dead babies- so yeah. What have I done to myself ;~;)

          158. (Damn…now i want to search it up)

            *Sighs as i wait for Rosa to tell me the bad news as i meesage lacrimae to watch Jess for me*

          159. Rosa:

            I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out of eyes sight.

            “It’s Adeline….” I mumbled “no.. She’s not okay.”

          160. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, July 4, 2018 — 11:40 PM

            *She climbed up a tree, sitting on a branch, Connor sat on the branch as well* (happy Independence day or if you don’t celebrate it then just happy Wednesday)

          161. *looks at Rosa*
            “ im fucking sad”

            *his mask quickly has a glitch effect and has a headache*
            (same to you)

          162. Rosa:

            “I can’t explain it all right now.. we need to get moving. Lance is our only hope.. and we’re running out of time.”

          163. *nods to her in agreement*
            Ight,We’ll rest up and head down first thing in the morning…and it sounds like Ade is in a worser spot by the way you can’t explain but i’ll Wait until we regain Lance

            *goes back to the site and sees Jess on a tree,climbs it for about till I make it somewhat near her*

            “Hey,rest up ok…and we need to head out first thing in the morning”

            *Notices something odd as usual*

            “Something caught your eye?”

          164. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, July 6, 2018 — 4:10 AM

            *She nodded, pointing to the trees in the distance* “Movement. Too big to be an owl. Too small to be a bear.” *She aimed through the scope on her crossbow, searching for movement as she used her Eagle Vision.* “It’s human..can’t tell if it’s a foe…” *She kept looking through the scope, preparing to fire. Connor had vanished, she was shivering slightly. She pulled the trigger if the crossbow, the small bolt flying through the trees and landing in the shoulder of her target, she heard someone cry out, yelling* “Fuck! Should’ve taken ground..shit..” She recognized the voice, as her old friend, Kelly, who had betrayed the Assassins and had joined the Templars. She sighed, reloading, and taking aim once again.* “It’s an old ‘friend’. We used to be friends in Chicago. She joined the Templar’s. Apparently she was a sleeper agent.” *She glared through the scope* “I know your around here somewhere, Larkson! You were the only Assassin who fires a crossbow with dead aim. Anyone else can’t see a god-damned thing! Fucking show up or I’ll kill you myself.” *She chuckled at Kelly’s taunting, she aimed for her forearm, firing. Kelly’s forearm was now stuck to the tree, the bolt holding it firmly in place*

          165. *looks at her for a second and speaks to Jess*

            “Wait…so it’s like we traded places. She was an assassin who joined the templars and then you got me here, who went from Templar to Freelancer to Assassin”

            *jumps down as I switch my gas mask vision to see heat signatures ,spots her friend,then starts heading towards the location wondering if her friend hears me as I switch the voice module to a dark synthetic voice*

            “Why are you here? Injured but I can patch it up. Once done answers then. Who is to say at the time. This is just a start”

          166. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, July 6, 2018 — 2:11 PM

            *Kelly loaded her SMG, and started firing at his voicr* “YOU’LL BE FUCKING DEAD BEFORE I DO ANYTHING” *Jess chuckled, loading her crossbow again, aiming for her other hand, firing, Kelly’s other hand is now stuck to the tree as well*

          167. *reaches the person’s location as I speak to Jess on the comm, silently laughs for a second as one 7 bullets ricochet off me as the other miss*

            “I got it covered from here,thanks Jess”

            *stares at the person as my Isu gas mask and robe like armor glow faintly but still maintaining it original look*

            “Name and business?…and please tell me with an honest answer.”

            *Dolorem gets on top of Lacrimae as she flies towards her for a few minutes and is prepared to patch shit up*

            “You are somewhat lucky I am here or I’m pretty sure she is going to end you”

            *pauses for a second*

            “Oh, my sincere apologies but I forgot to introduce myself…name is Corvus. By system it is just C0rvus.”

          168. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, July 6, 2018 — 3:33 PM

            *Kelly glared at him* “Like I’d ever tell.” *Jess watched through the scope* “Help me out with these crossbow bolts and maybe I’d tell.” *Kelly looked at C0rvus mischievously* “Besides..why would a strong, cute man do to a little women like me?” *Kelly made a pout-face*

          169. *gas mask quickly glows a golden-red while having a slight aggressive glitch effect for a second before maintaining its golden-red glow*

            “Dont use me in anyway or form, what honor do you have? Most likely none”

            *rampant crystal shards show up in a circle,pulls out the bolts gently as lacrimae quickly patches her up and while she does that I cocoon her in the crystal layers*

            “Those methods don’t work…”

            *falls down for a bit due to an increase in headaches and gets back up while the crystals glow rampantly*

          170. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, July 7, 2018 — 11:13 AM

            *Kelly winced slightly as she folded her arms* “Why would I use you? I’ve heard stories of you..many..stories.” *Jess messages him ‘Amore. She is best at trickery and deception. Kill her now!’ *

          171. *looks at her in the cocoon*

            “There are no stories of me”

            * messages Jess*

            “My love,we need to decide as a team. I can’t just eliminate someone without a true good reason and you also need to explain her and why the hell is she here…if she does something wrong that the team doesn’t agree on,well my love Christmas came early and you get to kill her”

            *stares at kelly as the rampant crystals slowly start to glow golden*

          172. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, July 7, 2018 — 12:18 PM

            *Jess smirked, looking through the scope* “Gotcha now..” *Kelly looked sad* “But..why would you kill me?”

          173. *next nigbt*


            “Where are you guys..? We need to get moving.”

            (I’m so sorry… I’ve been so damn busy. I hope y’all aren’t frustrated with me.)

          174. *still looking at her*
            “We don’t know who you are and why you are here,You seem to be a deceptive one and that puts a very bad flag around me…even when you and Jess seem to have an issue”

            *pauses for abit*

            “So…i’m going to repeat myself. What is your name and state your business showing up?”

          175. (Uhh nvm. Ignore my last comment. It wouldn’t make sense lol. Uhhh.. can you guys tell me what’s going on so i can jump in?)

          176. (Oh shit my bad…phone didn’t load your thing yet. Uhh Jess’s enemy questionable, I have no idea what the issue with her is yet but I’m trying to figure it out ;-; .currently interrogating her but in a calm-ish way since C0rvus is having another one of his rampancy issues)

          177. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, July 7, 2018 — 4:45 PM

            *Jess jumped a few branches towards them, hidden in the darkness, Kelly smiled, sweet-talking* “Cmon..just let me out?” (Kelly is gonna be explained soon. Basically Kelly and Jess we’re friends in Chicago when Jess lived there, then Kelly was found out to be a sleeper agent and worked for the Templars, so she betrayed the Assassins and is number one on Jessie’s hitlist Hope that explained some of it?)

          178. (Ah makes sense. One last thing before I jump in again. Are Jess and Crow separated from Adee, Rosa, and Jacob? Do we have a set place where this interrogation is taking place? I’m sorry.. I’m just so lost i want to make sure i know exactly what’s going on before I jump back in.)

          179. (Yep…)

            *still lookin at her*
            “That’s gonna be a no from me…you can keep on doing this but it’s no gonna happen until we all agree. Also you should be temporarily happy I put your in there because you would know what she will do to you…”

            *has a tiny crystal floating around Jess and it just pokes her one time*

          180. (Woods and yes we are somewhat far away from the site)

          181. (Got it. Well i got an idea. Lol this works out perfectly to where i was gonna go with.)


            The sun was beginning to rise above the horizon, and there had been no sign of they’re return.

            “They’ve been gone to long.. we need to get moving.” Adeline said.

            “Something doesn’t feel right. I’ll radio them.” I said, touching my ear piece and speaking into it, “Jess, Crow, where the hell are you? Suns coming up and if we’re gonna be there by dark we need to get moving.”

            (Maybe they don’t respond and the others have to go look for them?)

          182. *hears her on the comm and speaks*

            “I’ll throw a crystal up in the sky as a mini flare so you can come here…uhh we have a bad situation and I need you and everyone here”

            *sees the sun rising up abit and looks at her in th cocoon while I throw a crystal to shine in the sky before it comes down*

            “Fucking wonderful…just tell me who the fuck you are ma’am and why the hell are you here. I’m starting to lose patience and I’m about to let the lady here kill you. Went from nice to now I’m pissed”

          183. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, July 8, 2018 — 4:14 AM

            *Jess stared at Kelly, a preditory look in her eyes* “Say the word and she’ll be a corpse.” *Kelly glared at Jess, replying* “Your the one who should’ve fucking died as well as Noah…” *Kelly paused, then smiled* “You know who killed your dearly beloved mentor? It was me, all of your life’s problems..I just wanted you dead. I was on a mission, after all.” *Jess spoke through grit teeth, her eyes losing the familiar glow, and was replaced with a murderous, vengeful, preditory glare* “C0rvus. Can you make a sword of crystals for me, and please keep her still. This one deserves no mercy. Betrayal..murder..she’s the top of my hit list.” *Kelly had a fearful look in her eyes, Jess had a smirk, staring at Kelly*

          184. *looks at her and then at Jess for a second*

            “You…put her through this hell”
            *sighs for abit as the crystals merge together slowly*

            “If your goal is to eliminate her then you will need to eliminate me,like I said to Juno…if I die knowing Jess is ok and as well as the team, that’s all I need to know

            Considering you didn’t tell me your name I will just check it myself”

            *Right gas mask lenses has a golden-blue faint dot as I use my right eye to figure her out abit,once done I look at Jess*

            “mon amour, je vois ce qu’elle a fait … mais tout ce qu’elle a causé, si elle essaie alors tu as ma permission de la tuer … je t’aime et si tu dois aller de l’avant quand elle échoue”

            *looks at the person in the cocoon before speaking to her now*

            “Kelly,is it? You eliminated nearly everyone in her fucking life…and now you have taunted her. As much as you deceive and kill, you don’t see truly what you have caused in the aftermath…im trying to give you a chance to redeem yourself but it’s hard since you betrayed her and cut people from her life”

          185. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, July 8, 2018 — 2:31 PM

            *Kelly smirked* “It was my mission from the start to end the Assassins. Or, deplete then of their greatest.” *Jess stared at Kelly, anger building up* “” *She switched her hidden blades to her poison blade, and locked the right handed blade, taking her axes from her backpack* “C0rvus..can you make the crystal around her disappear..I have something that needs to be done.”

          186. Adeline:

            I watched as the sun began to rise above the horizon, a beautiful display of vivid orange reflecting on the scattered clouds across the sky, causing them to turn a vivid pink. Birds chirped in their harmony, wind rattled the leaves on the trees, and the sound of water flowing through streams and ponds.. it was a rather beautiful scene.. but it was plagued with concern and fear. Jess and Crow had been gone for a long time now..

            “Shouldn’t they be back by now?” I asked.

            “Yeah.. they’ve been gone to long. I’ll radio them.” Rosa replied, tapping her earpiece and speaking into it, “Where are you guys? The sun is rising and if we don’t get on the move, we’ll never make it before dark.”

            “I’ll throw a crystal up in the air as a flare signal.. we need your help.” Came Crows voice.

            I turned to Jacob, who was standing next to me, and we exchanged looks. Something was up..

            Still–I found it hard for me to look at him.. to stare in those crystal blue eyes of his. I had gotten so good at reading him.. but now, now I couldn’t read him at all. I couldn’t tell if he was pissed or upset, or if he simply just moved past our argument.

            Suddenly my thoughts were interupted by Rosa’s voice, and I tore my eyes away from him.

            “Copy, we’re on our way.” She answered.


            I looked to the sky to see the crystal that enacted as a flare signalling Jess and Crows location to us.

            Looking back to Jacob and Adeline, I sighed before saying “come on, you heard them, keep weapons drawn.. we don’t know what we are walking into.” I said, drawing my glock and taking point in the direction of their location.

            (Say, are there any baddies lurking about around their location? Lol.)

          187. *removes the crystals but adds a few to the vital sections so she doesn’t die by hitting one of them*

            “All…yours just don’t kill her”

            *sits on a rock and sighs*

          188. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, July 8, 2018 — 3:23 PM

            *Jess ignored everything on the comms, and walked up to Kelly, Kelly was glancing around wildly, like a cornered animal, in fact, she was cornered.* “This. Is for Noah.” *She hit Kelly’s neck with the handle of the axe* “This. Is for my Mentor.” *She stabbed Kelly’s side* “And this. This is for fucking up my life.” *She punched Kelly in the face, causing a bloody nose* “C0rvus. Permission. To fucking kill this bitch?”

          189. *sighs as I look at her*

            “No…not yey”

            *looks at Kelly as Lacrimae tries to patch her up*

            “Fear is what drives a wall down…Kelly, did you follow the orders on your own will or did someone force you?”

            *looks at his hands for abit*

          190. Rosa:

            We zeroed in on their location and found them talking to a girl.

            “Oi! What the hell is going on?!?!” I asked, looking at the three of them.

          191. *gets up and has my hand gently on Rosa’s shoulder before walking away towards a big ass rock a few feet away*

            “This is Kelly…she killed nearly everyone who was in Jess’s life. Make sure she doesn’t kill her. Ima just…I don’t know”

            *sits behind the rock*

          192. Rosa:

            “Do we know if she’s working with Abstergo?”

          193. *uses the comm*
            “She is a Templar sleeper agent who was planted in the Brotherhood,used to be friend of Jess,betrayed them along with her,and hunted most of Jess’s family all to eliminate her. I highly doubt she is part of Psi or Epsilon”

            *sips the whiskey in the flask as I look down abit *

            “Jess wants to kill her but I think she has intel…however this is an extreme risk for Kelly is known for being deceptive and also tried to smooth talk her way out of things”

          194. Rosa:

            “Okay, this may sound crazy, but I have an idea. Use this Kelly girl to our advantage.. we could use her as a hostage when we enter the compound. As long as she is a valuable asset to Abstergo, they’ll be forced to stand down.”

          195. *comes back a few minutes later*

            “Yeah…I’m ok with that Rosa”

            *looks at Kelly as My drones fix her up completely*

            “Jess…you ok with this decision?”

  8. “We don’t have time! come on!” I yelled, breaking the window of a van and unlocking the door, hotwiring it while Jacob helps Rosa inside the vehicle. The engine revs as I press down on the gas.

    “Get it!” I yelled.

    1. (**in XD)

      1. I floor it and we speed down the road into darkness as C0rvus goes his different route.

        “follow him.” I hear a voice call out.. but I try to ignore it.

        1. *creates an explosion of nothing but sharp crystals behind me as I escape, Adds crystals to the motorcycle so I can drive faster as I’m weaving through different roads*

          “I’m not going to die here either”,I quietly said as I drive away

          1. *loses the enemies after what feels like 6 hours of non-stop drifting and turning. Messages Jess through the crystal I gave her which cant be accessed by anyone but her as I use my mobile jammer so no one knows where I’m at*

            “ Jess,
            Hey beautiful, I may show up late soooo I don’t know.
            Today was pretty hectic huh?

            *Lacrimae looks at me*
            “I did not know your last name is Harbinger”
            “Heh…guess you can say I do what my last name says”
            “Sooo if you marry her…just talking hypothetically, would that mean her name would be Jess Harbinger?”
            *silently chuckles*
            “Your getting attached to her huh?”
            “N-no…I was just talking hypothetically sir”
            “It’s ok Lacrimae, don’t be embarrassed by it. To answer your question…yes but that’s up to her not me.”
            *shakes my head as I still silently laugh*

          2. *catches up to them and accidentally crashes into the van,which sends me flying towards the front of the van*
            “Ha that hurt”
            *gets up and looks at them while standing in front as I talk*
            “Hello there”

          3. *messages Jess back*
            Yeah, I also figured out our Rare Bird’s alias…it’s Oddity but it is looks like this ,0DD17Y. She is being temporarily downgraded to Epsilon until she is healed…but I healed her yet on the bright side I put a tracer crystal in her, I’m sorry hun you can call me an idiot when you get back home. I did that to prove we are not full of killers…and to get her on our side. Otto will be evaluating her I assume.

            *looks at Ade and then at Rosa*

            “I am dancing with death aren’t i?”
            *silently laughs for a second knowing I screwed up*

          4. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, May 23, 2018 — 6:59 PM

            *She replied back with: “C0rvus, Alright, hopefully we have an ally, anyway, I might call you an idiota, amore.

            -J.L.”, I sighed as I kept racing over rooftops until I stopped, facing a few Abstergo agents that were on guard on top of a roof, I reloaded my hidden pistola, firing at one before taking a throwing knife and impaling one with it, before taking her daggers and parrying, striking, slicing to take the others down, I winced as one managed to use his baton to his advantage, pushing me back, I attempted to stab him in the throat, the dagger sinking in easily, he fell to his knees, dying, I then turned to the next one, who was shocked at what I had accomplished* “You gonna stand there and die or flee and forget this?” *He said something, I didn’t hear it, but I decided he chose to die, so I stepped forward, only to be shot in the back of my leg by one who wasn’t dead yet, I winced, turning at throwing my dagger into his head, the blade burried itself to the hilt in between his eyes, I turned and did the same to the remaining one* “Merda”

          5. *messages one of my friends who joined the Osaka Brotherhood 5 years after my original teams’ death to give them a warning as I’m watching The camera feeds st Epsilon Baseand searching through my Datacore for files*
            Oi, Crow here…it’s been a long time but it appears your
            Brotherhood is now at the brink of being on the watchlist. I don’t know if you guys have an eden or a piece of eden but ya’ll are about to get the next hit. Take care my friend and remember…nothing is as it seems. I may show up also to find an answer to why I am like this but I need to find the other temples”
            P.s still have one of Hattori Hanzō‘s Assassin outfit”

            *watches Epsilon carefully and waits for Oddity to show up in the cameras*
            “What are you guys up to?”

            *has a bad feeling Jess is getting herself hurt*

          6. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, May 23, 2018 — 7:37 PM

            *I ripped a strip of fabric from the guard’s shirt, wrapping it around the wound to stop the bleeding, I sighed, and continued on, ignoring the pain shooting up through my body Everytime I move my leg, I checked to see if the necklace from earlier was still in my pocket, it was, I sighed in relief, knowing it was there, as I kept going. I sent an audio message to C0rvus: “Where you at? I had a small setback…don’t ask why I lost my daggers.” *I sighed, sitting in the shadowed part of a building, I slumped against the wall, grimacing as my jeans had blood on them from the bullet wound* “DAMNIT” *I quickly applied pressure to try to stop it, I ended the audio message hesitantly*

          7. *hears the audio from you and replies back*
            “Babe…are you hurt? I’m with Ade,Jacob, and Rosa…send me your location i’ll be on my way the moment you send it.I will patch you up…give them hell”
            *Ends the audio as I wait for her location on my motorcycle*
            *Ends the audio as I am on my motorcycle now waiting for her location*

          8. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, May 23, 2018 — 9:56 PM

            *She replies with: “Alright…the people who attacked are long dead..but” *She send her location, wincing when she sat up a bit, blood pooling lighty around her leg, she suddenly felt tired, resisting it as best she could*

          9. * immediately takes off with a burn out as I talk to you*
            “Ok on my way….just don’t pass out, stay awake ok?”
            *looks at Lacrimae*
            “You still have those portable med kits and mini station?”
            “Yes sir”
            “Good because if you didn’t you are going to have a bad time with me”
            “I have not seen you get aggressive at the same time as caring besides that whole failing her fear”
            “Shut up and double check”
            *she double checks and confirms it as I approach the entrance*
            “Ok I’m on my way…i’ll Follow the trail of blood and dead bodies”
            *rushes towards you as I shoot each body in the head just in case and Lacrimae burns them*
            “I see you”
            *Lacrimae puts the supplies down as I work on your wound*
            “Next time….please just tell me when your going to do this and I can help”
            *sighs silently as I clean the wound,slowly pull out any potential foreign objects,and stitch the wound back together*
            “Babe…this may hurt a lot worse but ima seal the wound by a gentle touch of fire”
            * cauterizes the wound with a steady hand until it is sealed *
            “Your going to have to make sure you clean it every once in awhile and don’t move as much because you have a potential chance of re-opening it and also a higher risk of infected it”
            *Lacrimae sterilizes the surrounding area and the equipment as she speaks*
            “Crow…I’m sorry”
            “Yeah I’m sorry for snapping but you know she…she is”
            *stops talking as I make sure your ok and then closes my eyes trying not to think about the worse paths this situation could’ve gone to*

          10. *looks at jess*
            “I made a promise to Desmond…and I plan of fulfilling it.”
            *Lacrimae shows me the reason why she asked about the marriage question and quickly shuts the slide closed before jess looks*

            *Lacrimae and I whisper to eachother *

            “Why did you get that so soon?”
            “I don’t know sir,it’s just I want to see you happy”
            “Thanks for thinking about that but…I know that it’s too soon for that and on top of that, I don’t even know if she’ll say yes in the future”

            *Lacrimae sighs and looks at me*
            “I…have a feeling she will but guess we’ll see in the future”

            *looks at Jess*

            “Need help walking? I just patched you up”
            *gets up and has my hand ready for you to grab and get up*

            “Really though…you and I need to stop getting ourselves into these mess even though it finds a way towards us”

          11. (I may do three replies, one for each one of my characters.)

            The sun began to show it’s first rays of light as we passed an open body of water, the vivid orange illuminating the water. I smiled as the wind blew through my hair.. this.. this was the taste of freedom. It was a sweet.. savory taste. A taste I couldn’t get enough of.. Yet I found myself growing tired by the minute. We were exhausted.. we had been travelling for so many hours; it was almost impossible to tell how long we were on the road, nor how much distance we had put between us and the.. Psychotic Abstergo agent.

            My mind was reeling–trying to comprehend everything. Who was this women.. why was I never informed of her? And how did she know Rosa was alive, worst yet, how did she know where Rosa was? Were these the people that were after her..? what the hell was going on, why wasn’t anyone telling me anything?!

            My thoughts screamed in frustration, they were jumbled, impossible to sort out.

            My eyes were growing heavier by the minute, the stinging.. burning sensation causing my eyes to water as I tried to stay awake, still behind the wheel as we continued, knowing the others had long fallen asleep.

            on the back roads, we had become invisible to the eyes of others, no one would find us this far out, but still.. we had to keep going. Yet still–I couldn’t keep awake. My eyes began to slowly close, and the van began to swerve. Suddenly I was jolted back awake by the impact of another Vehicle, a motorcycle, causing us to roll over into the nearby ditch, my head hitting the steering wheel as we came to a stop, the glass windows shattering, a shard finding it’s way into my leg. I screamed in agony and coughed.

            “A-Adee.. What the hell?!” Came Jacobs voice.

            Before I could get my seat belt off, The van began to go up in flames, slowly beginning to make it’s way to the gas valve.

            “J-Jacob–H-help me g-get them out.” I sounded panicked, my breath shallow as I coughed, trying not to inhale the smoke.

            I tried to get my seatbelt off as I heard someone approaching us.. Was it abstergo? had they finally caught up to us?

            “I’ll.. I’ll try.” He scoffed, attempting to free his legs from the debris of the flooring.

            He managed to get himself free, and pulled Rosa out. I watched as he drew his gun at the man with the motorcycle, but he quickly took off his helmet to reveal his face.. It was C0rvus.

            He scrambled toward the vehicle and helped Jess and Lacrimae out, leaving just me. Jacob scarmbled to free me as the fire continued to spread, and I coughed once again, unable to get my seatbelt off.

            “I-I can’t get it off.” I scoffed, trying not to panic.

            “Take this, cut yourself out and I’ll pull you out through the window.” He said, trying to keep a calm tone.. but I knew. I knew from the look in his eye that he was scared as he handed the knife to me.

            I made quick work cutting the seatbelt, and screamed as he pulled me out just in time for the van to explode.

            “Everyone okay?” He asked, trying not to show his guilt.

            “I thi–” I began.

            “R-Rosa..” Jacob stuttered, looking to me.

            I rushed over to them, hiding my injuries as I looked at her.. Her skin was flushed.. pale white.. the palest I had ever seen her before. Her face was badly beaten, dried blood around her mouth, along her nose, and on her forehead. She was shivering, her body going colder by the minute. She was bleeding heavily.. and it looked as if she had been heavily sedated.. tortured.. and worst yet.. she had been impaled by a piece of sharp.. jagged shrapnel from the van.

            “R-Rosa.. Someone, anyone! get me a med kit!” I shouted.

            “W-We can’t do anything until we are somewhere safe.” Said Jacob.

            “How far are we from the warehouse?” I asked, my voice rasped, cracking as I trembled with fear.

            “not far.. We need to get moving now.”

            I nodded, and shot a glare at C0rvus before we began the rest of our journey on foot.

            (flashing forward to when they reach this so called warehouse.)

            approximately 15 minutes later..

            We had finally made it.. we made it to the warehouse. It was off grid.. hard to find, a hidden bunker made secret under the vast complex of the warehouse, we quickly decended down, and I unlocked the mechanisms as fast as I could rushing inside as the others followed closely behind, the door shutting and locking itself once we were all safely inside.

            I had to admit.. FTD tech truly did come in handy. Though that didn’t matter–nor did my own injuries, all that mattered were Rosa’s.

            I scrambled, pulling a metal table to the center of the room, clearing the space. Jacob quickly placed her near lifeless body onto it, the blood immediately spilling to the ground.

            “Help me! Put pressure on it!” I shouted frantically.. I couldn’t lose her again. I just– I couldn’t.

            “Rosa.. Rosa please don’t leave me.. not again!” the tears began to over flow as we worked as quickly as we could. She’d need a blood transfusion after we got all the shrapnel out, and sewed the wound shut. I took some tubing along with a needle to make a makeshift blood transfusion chamber and began to transfer some of mine over to her. Finally.. her vitals began to stabilize.

            Once she was all taken care of, we met back up with C0rvus, Jess was no where to be found.

            “You’re lucky she survived.. or you’d be dead where you stand.” my tone was cold and unforgiving.

            He only looked at me, his eyes pleading “I’m sorry..” It was what what it was..

            Jacob suddenly pulled me away from him, and sat me down in another room, looking at my injuries.

            “You need stitched up..” He said in a soft, hushed voice.

            “S-she could have died.. I–I can’t. I can’t lose her again Jacob.. I can’t.” I said as he pulled out the needle and thread.

            I was still dazed, mortally exhausted.. and the blood transfusion didn’t make anything any better.

            “You won’t.. but you need to explain to me why she is here.. she was supposed to be dead.” He said as he fiddled with the string, trying to thread the needle so he could sew up my wound..

            “It will all make sense when she wakes up.. I promise we’ll explain.. but tread carefully. She may think you are the enemy still.” I sighed as he began to stitch it up. I almost screamed in agony, but kept it to myself as he continued.

            (leaving Adee’s reply right here. I’ll do Rosa and then finally Oddity. This one was mainly to fill the time gaps because time gaps confuse me lol.)

          12. My vision was a blur as I awoke, I looked to my arm to see an IV implanted within it. I screeched in pain as I attempted to pull in out, wincing from all my wounds.. some old.. some new, and some just old scars.

            I had no idea where I was.. no doubt they had captured me again. So even with my vision a blur, I grabbed a scalpel from the table next to me, cutting the and pulling out the needle, the liquid spilling to the ground as I stumbled, falling to my knees, unable to keep myself steady.

            The commotion alerted these.. these monsters that kept me caged that I was awake, and the door swung open as they rushed toward me. In my dazed and confused state.. I made the mistake of thinking that it was an Abstergo agent, I charged with the sharpened scalpel, attempting to stab the man in the neck. He quickly countered, causing me to drop it before pushing me up against the wall, restraining me… I was to weak to fight him off.

            When I finally came to, my eye sight slowly becoming clear, I realized.. I was looking in the eyes of the man who once tried to kill me.

            “Rosa stop.” He said.

            “Or what? you’ll shoot me again?” I chuckled through shallow breaths, spitting at him.

            “No.. You don’t understand. A lot has happened.” His expression was serious.

            “Like what? let me guess you escaped and now Abstergo is after you.” I sneered, taunting him.

            “No–Well.. Yes.. It’s complicated alright..” he stuttered.

            “Where is she? Did you kill her? your own sister?”

            Suddenly I heard a click and another person walked into a room.. Those blue eyes.. that black hair, that fair skin, along with that button nose and well defined cheek bones. Her curved lips, her smile, and the way she carried herself. I made no mistake…

            “Adeline!” I smiled.

            “Let her go. She won’t harm me.” said she.

            Jacob released her, and my face turned to confusion.. Why is she trusting him.. why is he with us?

            My thoughts were interrupted by my legs, which gave in as I began to tumble back onto the ground.. Why couldn’t I stand for to long..? Before I could say anything, Adeline helped me into a nearby chair, Jacob sitting further down to avoid my cold, unsettling glare, my rage still untamed.

            “Rosa.. Listen to me..” Adeline began, pausing before she continued, “Jacob is on our side.. he once saved my life.. and Aiden’s. I’m afraid Aiden and the rest of Epsilon did not see it the way I did though..” She trembled, avoiding eye contact with me.

            “What did you do?” I muttered, confused as to what she was trying to tell me.

            “I betrayed them Rosa… I couldn’t take it.. I just couldn’t.. and these people were are with now.. they.. they say that we can end this war once and for all.. They are assassins.”

            “H-how could you..? After–After everything we had been through, after we discovered the truth of us being lied to our entire lives.. just.. HOW COULD YOU?” My voice grew louder by the minute, an untamed set of emotions showing. I couldn’t control them..

            “All.. All I want is to just end this war once and for all.. prevent another family from being torn apart, prevent more casualties.. we’ve been fighting this battle to long Rosa.. you’ve said it yourself. Jacob and I.. we just want to live in peace.. be the family our hearts have desired all our lives.. isn’t that what you want to?” She looked into my eyes again.

            I was speechless for a moment.. if she was telling the truth.. then could it really be possible.

            “Maybe.. but how am I supposed to trust him, how am I supposed to trust you?” I stuttered, attempting to read in between the lines.

            “Rosa you know me.. you know I don’t act without justifying my actions.. We have a chance. A chance to find the rest of the Pieces Of Eden.. destroy them. If we destroy them… there will be no war.”

            “That would be a life long mission..” I began, attempting to hide something I had discovered in my time off grid.

            “Rosa please.. We.. we could do this, and once it’s over..”

            “We could be free..” Jacob pitched.

            “Hypothetically even if we did succeed.. who’s to say there aren’t more out there.. waiting to be found, waiting to be discovered? We can never truly know..”

            “I know.. but either way I’m doing this.. join me or don’t join me.. it’s your choice Rosa.”

            She began to walk away, and Jacob stood up to follow her. I tried desperately to hide my emotions, but in the end I caved.

            “Wait.. Adeline.. please don’t.” I pleaded. She turned around and looked at me.

            “It’s a suicide mission.. you’ll need all the help you can get.” I mumbled.

            She smiled in response, waltzing back toward me.

            “I’m glad.. One last mission.. and we can be free of this.. this hell.” She grinned.

            *Two days later..*

            My recovery seemed to be going smoothly.. though my mind was still jumbled.. I was confused.. and untrusting. How could I trust anyone..? Abstergo had tortured me themselves.. this world was cruel and unforgiving..

            I sat down on a couch within commons of the bunker, sipping on some orange juice to trying to forget the memories that seemed to haunt me.. the echoes of the womans voice…

            I jumped as I felt the cushions on the couch shift, someone sitting next to me. When I turned, it was only Adeline.

            “Jeez, try to give me a heart attack why don’t you?” I chuckled.

            “Sorry.. I didn’t mean to.”

            “It’s fine.” said I.

            There was a long pause… a moment of silence… awkward silence.. it was deafening.

            “Are you sure you still want to do this..? once you join us.. you will be declared a traitor.” She looked at me as I sipped the orange juice through a straw.

            “I’m sure… I’ve never been more sure.” I grimaced, looking down to avoid eye contact.

            In the days that had followed since I first woke up.. I had been piecing all of it together.. how abstergo violated its promise to never hurt me..

            “What did abstergo do to you..?” She asked, grasping my hand in hopes of comforting me.

            “Beat, tortured.. sedated me.. threatened to kill the people I care about.. I don’t understand. How did they find me?” I grimaced.

            “I don’t know.. but they wouldn’t have done all of this to you without probable cause.. you never told me who was after you and why.. please Rosa. I need to know..” She said, lifting up my chin to meet her gaze.

            “A diamond… another Piece Of Eden.. I’ve been doing research on it for the last few years.. and I’m getting close to finding it. It has the power to locate the other POEs.. they’ll stop at nothing to find them… So they tried to get me to tell them where it is located.” I explained.

            Would she be made with me..? I hadn’t told a single soul..

            “You mean.. we can locate a diamond that will help us find the other Pieces Of Eden..?” She studied my facial expressions.

            “Yes… but I’m afraid I don’t know where it is..”

            “Well.. it’s nothing we aren’t used to. A race against time to reach it first.” She tried to assure me.

            “Just… please.. d-don’t let them hurt me again Adeline.. I can’t take anymore torture..” Tears began to fall down, afraid to explain any further the gruesome details..

            “I won’t. We’re in this together Rosa.”

            “Stand or fall together..” I said.

            “Stand or fall together.” She mimicked with a smile, squeezing my hand as she hugged me.

            “I missed you, old friend.” She whispered into my ear.

          13. Oddity, hacker 0DD17Y Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 10:12 AM

            Two assassins.. the same two assassins that were my targets.. coming after me. I grinned. They were entering a high security, FTD tech building.. they wouldn’t stand a chance.

            “Go ahead and try.” I grinned, using my computer to kill the power under the command of Viper.

            “Epsilon team, we have been compromised. Prepare to fight.” I said through coms, then placed a signal jammer to prevent communication in any other frequencies.

          14. *picks jess up, hijacks a car, and drives us back to the apartment*

            “I…can’t believe I caused harm to Ade and Rosa”
            *sighs as I park the vehicle, picks jess up, enters the apartment,and gently lays her on her bed*
            “Ima go check the camera feed for Oddity”

            *goes to the balcony, sits down in the corner, and watches the feeds as I sings about Lacrimae and I then looks at the birds flying around*

            A fortress
            And we thought
            We thought it was stronger
            Your distance
            I thought
            I thought we were better

            We can try to just hide from the pain
            By building our castle
            We can build them again and again
            And we can feel nothing

            And I know that you’re feeling alone
            And we can do better
            So help me to break through the stone
            Help me to break through”

            *pauses as I grab my acoustic guitar to play*

            The pictures
            And I thought
            That we could be something
            Our vision
            But we can’t
            Just let it consume us

            We can try to just hide from the pain
            By building our castle
            We can build them again and again
            And we can feel nothing

            And I know that you’re feeling alone
            And we can do better
            So help me to break through the stone
            Help me to break through”

            *stops playing and singing Rogue -Fortress on my guitar*

          15. Oddity, hacker 0DD17Y Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 10:21 AM

            (uhhhh can you do some more replies? I’m all out of ideas for a while. buuut I think Rosa jsut brought some new help to get the other Pieces Of Eden. hehehe)

          16. *Goes back to Jess as I message Ade*
            ….why do I bring harm to whoever?, anyway how is Rosa and you?
            Jess is injured, I hurt you and Rosa… I don’t even know who is next and I don’t want to hurt anyone on the team. Hope you didn’t repeat what the abstergo people are saying…calling me an assassin when I’m not part of the brotherhood, all I am right now is a freelanced hitman.

            Judging by the files and my memories there are temples on the moon and so on. We just need to be done with earth. Whoever gave me their memories hide something near the old observatory in long bay,Jamaica for me which can unfuse my armor and a gun that can switch between shotgun,rifle, and sniper along with shooting crystals from me.

          17. *guards Jess as I sit on the edge of the bed with multiple hovering crystals waiting for a target*

            *She knows what I’m going to talk about*
            “It’s about that…ultra surprise I guess”

            “Yeah…I’m just trying to prove my worth before you drop that surprise.”

            “I can understand why…what’s the point of you doing it Crow when your not worthy for her, right?”

            “Your learning fast huh?”
            “Yeah i’ve grown accustomed to how this world operates including the Isu”

            *waits for a response about Ade*

          18. *a voice talks to me as I respond to what’s happening*

            “Why won’t you just stop?”

            “Who are you?”
            “You know…it would be a real shame if Ade,Jacob…oh and most of all Jess would, let’s just say…Stopped breathing”

            *sees a First Civ like vision but it’s just a threat*

            “It really would be a shame, huh Crow?”

            *Sees Ade,Jacob, and Jess get set on fire and get shot in the head*

            “N-no…I-I will make sure, we will help end this war.”, I said with tears coming down and my left hand shaking

            “We’ll see about that…you’ll just repeat your old teams’ death”

            *visions go away as I still tear up and Lacrimae looks at me*

            “Who were you talking to Crow?”

            “I-I don’t..know”
            “Crow, did something happen”

            “Y-yeah I’m good…just tired”

            *Lacrimae starts to get worried and I try to not have that vision buried into my mind but it does*

          19. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 3:39 PM

            *I tried to stay awake during the car ride to the apartment, thanking C0rvus and watched him walk out, I sighed, glaring at the wall, seemingly starting off into space, I was so tired…I wished these hallucinations would end, mainly they were just small, but lately they’ve been bigger, more aggressive even, they often looked like my ancestors, like Desmond, one of my ancestors were Ezio, it would seem like Ezio was staring at me like I was prey and even tried to attack, but other times it was a random Templar, I sighed, trying to forget, but to no avail, I picked up a book nearby and threw it, it dented the wall* “Damnit..” *I turned over onto my side, wincing as I did so, I shut my eyes, trying to sleep for once*

          20. *sees the dent in the wall and fixes the damaged spot*

            “Is it just me or…is this place getting dark?”

            *Lacrimae looks at me*
            “Nothing changed not even the light, why?”

            *passes out due to being sleep deprived and face plants the wall without denting it*

            *Lacrimae looks around as she speaks quietly*

          21. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 5:59 PM

            *She glances over at C0rvus, then at Lacrimae* “He alright?” *She sat up, wincing, and switches her blades to a hook blade, using it to try and pull him up by hooking it under his arms* “Little help, Lacrimae?”

          22. *Lacrimae helps out and once she is done she checks up on your wound and cleans it for you*

            “He hasn’t slept for two days with this whole constant rushing back and forth to help the team…so he had sleep deprivation.”

          23. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 6:22 PM

            “No duh” *She sighed, retracting the hook blade and switches it to her normal blades, putting a blanket on C0rvus* “Thanks Lacrimae” *She muttered* “Wonder how that robotic canine is handling my escape..”

          24. *Lacrimae looks at her*
            “You have all files that Crow gave to you so…probably not good”

            *She spins around but drops the ultra surprise which is a ring*

            “Shit..I was gonna give that to you when the time came in the future…my idea not his”

          25. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 7:01 PM

            “How is that not good?” *She looked at the ring in surprise* “What?”

          26. *Lacrimae looks at me as I’m still passed out*

            “He made a promise to Desmond when you gave him that photo..he wanted to prove his worth to you and him before he asks you…so I decided to prepare for that.”

          27. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 7:21 PM

            “He doesn’t have to prove his worth to me, unless Desmond said something” *She seemed confused* “He knows I like him, so I don’t understand”

          28. *Lacrimae is confused also*

            “Been by his side for two years and I still don’t know why he has backup plans when he has an urge to fully complete a mission. Guess he wanted to make sure you’d say yes to him and make sure Desmond doesn’t hate him because he knows if he pisses off the dead…they’ll screw his life”

          29. *wakes up, sees the ring, looks at Lacrimae*

            “Sorry Crow…I dropped it”

            “Guess she knows huh?”
            *Looks at Jess*
            “Well…can’t go back now so..”

            *Slowly stands up as I try to not fall, grabs the ring, and gets on one knee*

            “,Jess,marry me?”

          30. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 9:32 PM

            *She nodded* “Yes, C0rvus, I will.” *She opened her arms for a hug*

          31. *Hugs back and kisses her*
            “Love you…and guess the templars and assassins won’t believe this”

          32. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 9:50 PM

            “I love you too,” *She shrugged* “I don’t think we should tell them, wouldn’t want to start another war” *She smirked* “Once my leg’s healed, we can do training again, also, I could teach you to do a proper Leap of Faith, and maybe how to blend.”

          33. *looks at her eyes*
            “True..and if you thought that ring is the only surprise”

            *Moves towards your bed,crouches down to grab something underneath, opens it, and shows you Hattori Hānzo’s Samurai Assassin outfit along with his mask*

            “How am I to blend if I look like an Isu soldier?…besides using my crystals to bend light”

          34. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 10:21 PM

            “I’ll show you how” *She gets up, wincing as she made her way to the closet, opening the door and getting a box out, it has her Assassin’s uniform for ceremonial purposes, gray with a black sash around the waist, slots for throwing knives and sheaths for blades and holsters for guns, the pointed tip of the hood is black, the belt buckle much like Ezio’s, but black as well, the boots for it are dark brown with silver buckles, the pants for it were simple black jeans* “My ceremonial uniform, I just went with my hoodie and jeans, but I use this sometimes for missions. I have a sword somewhere around the apartment, a broadsword somehow is lost here.”

          35. *wears the samurai assassin outfit*

            “Got this during a mission”

            *Smirks gently*
            “Maybe…when your all healed up and after those training…you and I could have some “fun” time if you want?”

            *Realizes that my memories may be from an Isu Soldier but pushes that thought aside*

          36. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 11:03 PM

            *She put the box away* “What do you mean? Do you want to climb a roof and chat over drinks again?” *She sat back down, realizing the necklace she had taken from an abandoned building might have gotten lost, her breathing quickened, she frantically checked her pockets, finding it gone* “No…no no no…Merda…” *She got up, despite the pain and went to her backpack, she rummaged through the pockets, it wasn’t there* “Merda….” *She checks the side table, sighing when she saw it safely sitting in it*

          37. *looks at the necklace*
            “A Templar pendant? Is it a key of some sort?

            * Curiosity takes me but I answer your question speaking in my language*

            “ce que je voulais dire était le sexe”

            *Lacrimae hits me*

            “Oi, not my fault she is hot as fuck”

            *Still wearing Hattori’s outfit with the hood up*

          38. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 24, 2018 — 11:27 PM

            *She shut the drawer, locking the Pendant inside”* “It’s not a key…just…it’s nothing..okay?” *She lies badly, then snuggles into him* “I’ll tell you some other time..”

          39. *Snuggles back with my arms around her waist but knows that it’s not just some random item*

            “Ok hun”

            *Lacrimae decides to let us be alone and goes to Ade’s location*

          40. *smiles at yours we snuggle*
            “I’m sorry if lacrimae and I confused you about the ring”

          41. *Messages Ade through a voice message*

            “Hey…Crow here, anything you need help with? Maybe intel? I don’t know…I’m just making sure Jess is ok.”

            *Still happy of Lacrimae’s help with the proposal though i wished she didn’t drop the ring and I should’ve slept more*

          42. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, May 25, 2018 — 1:05 PM

            *She smirks* “It’s fine, I know your curious about the’s kind of a”

          43. (Sry if I put a lot down ladies and gents…I’m just pumped for whatever happens with Abstergo)

            *Looks back at her as I breathe slowly but my heart still races*
            “A secret it shall remain till the time comes”

            *Lacrimae arrives near Ade as she still checks my Vitals from afar*
            “Oh…looks like Crow’s heart rate is racing, probably because his curiosity and love for her…or he just got shot somehow and is confused as hell”

          44. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Saturday, May 26, 2018 — 10:38 AM

            *I sighed, I activated my Eagle Vision to see what C0rvus was, he had a green aura* ‘Good to know..’ *I deactivated it, starting to fall asleep in his arms, I wondered what my Mentor would say if he knew, I hoped he won’t be mad or anything if he found out I’m engaged to a Templar marksman*

          45. A few more days had past since Rosa had told me the truth about why she had to disappear.. I hadn’t told the others yet because I had yet to be shown any solid evidence that this so called diamond was real. Yet I found myself enthralled as i went on secret explorations and missions with her. We had to keep this from them until we knew for sure..

            It was the dead of night when we had returned. Rosa plugged in a flash drive to her laptop as she opened it. A file folder popped up on the screen.

            “Well… here it goes.” She said, clicking the file folder to reveal many classified documents we had stolen from Abstergo.

            Suddenly I saw a picture of the vault that I had entered during the mission where Rosa had been shot.

            “That’s–That’s the vault from…”

            She tensed up, freezing. Her face was flushed.. and she refused to say anything to me as she stared at the screen.

            “Rosa… what is it?” I asked.

            Still–she said absolutely nothing… and wouldn’t let me read the document. She was hiding something from me.

            “Rosa… I thought we were a team..” my tone was harsh.

            “We are..” she assured me.

            “Then what is it? You are hiding something… why is the Monteriggoni vault in this document?”

            She studied my expression, a look of confusion my face.

            “Remember when you heard that voice that you thought was mine?” She asked.

            “What about it…?”

            “You know that wasn’t me.. you continue to stay blind to the evidence that sits right in front of you… it was Juno Adeline… she was talking to you, distorting her voice to make you think she was me.” She began.

            “What..? How?! Juno is in the cloud services in the Montreal headquarters… there’s no way she could be in there.” I said in disbelief.

            “She wasn’t in the vault…”

            “Then where.. and how?!”

            “She’s… she’s in your head Adeline.” Rosa stuttered.

            Suddenly I froze.. unable to comprehend this. Questions began to fill my mind, overloading my brain in a massive web of jumbled thoughts. It all made sense.. why I heard the voices.. and why I had such intense abilities.. but how? How was she not in Aiden and Jacobs head then? Why me of all people, and most of all… What did she want?

            “You… you kept this from me didn’t you?” I stuttered.

            “I wanted to tell you.. but I couldn’t…” She replied.

            “So you just hide all of this from me? Fake your death and go off grid in spite of knowing this information?!” I raised my tone a little.

            “No.. Adeline you know I wouldn’t keep something from you unless it was to protect you.”

            “Then explain everything..” I said, my eyes narrowed as I coldly stared at her.

            “After I faked my death.. I came in contact with a man by the name of Lance. He usually works as an undercover opporitive for Abstergo.. but just this once he went against them, keeping my secret and helping me in efforts to learn more about the vault and it’s origins.” She paused before continuing, “He is the one that discovered this after looking through your files, reading them to try and figure out as much as he could.”

            “That doesn’t explain what you just told me damn it! Just stop stalling and tell me.” I sounded irritated.. angry.

            “After some digging.. we discovered the truth..” she paused, taking a deep breath before she continued, “The Helix Cloud, the Sage in Montreal, The Instruments Of The First Will.. the attempt to bring Juno a human vessel.. and this diamond.. it’s all so clear. It’s been in front of you the entire time. You–you are the vessel she needs Adeline.. that is why you hear her voice, why you see the visions… and C0rvus.. there is a bond that cannot be broken between the two of you.. you two are Junos last hope to accomplish what she has been trying to do since Desmond released her.” She looked to her feet.

            At first I couldn’t speak, for I was frozen, unable to comprehend. My head was reeling from all of this information.. how could I have been so blind? And did Epsilon know of my destiny.. my fate? I quivered, chills sent down my spine as i came to realize.. if she used my body as a vessel and was able to walk amongst us.. she’d enslave the human race.

            “I’m so sorry..” came her quiet, shaky voice.

            She feared what I might say.. what I might do, and rightfully so. How could she keep such important information as such from me? How could she lie to my face..? I thought we were best friends.. but I guess some secrets are best left unknown in her point of view.

            “Where.. where is this ‘Lance’ guy..?” I asked, staring at her coldly.

            “I.. I don’t know. He disappeared and then Abstergo found me.. I fear the worst Adeline. What if he is dead?”

            “He can’t be.. they wouldn’t kill him if he has such information as you claim. It makes him a valuable asset.” I assured.

            “Then… if you want to know more.. we have to find him…” she looked up to meet my eyes gaze.

            “We’ll find him.. but I still have more questions. You mentioned the diamond.. why would Juno want it?” I asked.

            “She… she needs it to find the other Pieces Of Eden.. Just like the Templars.. she’ll use it to locate them and then use them to enslave humanity once she taken human form…”

            “Well I guess I’ll have to put a stop to it, won’t I?” I grinned.

            “No.. together.. we can’t let Juno win.” She said.

            “Agreed..” I nodded, tapping my earpiece and speaking into it, “Guys… I request an immediate meeting, we have a mission.” I grinned.

            (Sorry, I haven’t had time to type out a full reply until now. Thank you guys for being patient.)

          46. (No problem, I’m patient as hell because I dont really care for time..if I focus on time that will stress me out)

            *Wakes up immediately but tries not to wake up Jess as I hear Emergency Meeting*

            *Talks quietly*
            “…fuck, why do I have a bad feeling about this.”

            *Kisses Jess’s cheek,Slowly moves up, tries not to wake her up, and then gets up completely and silently while still talking to myself quietly*

            “Prends soin de toi mon amour…” *Gets my guns ready on me,takes off Hattori’s armor and places it neatly in her closet,then radios Ade silently*

            “On my way Ade”

            *Make sure Jess has the supplies to keep her wound perfectly clean along with sterilization supplies to clean the equipment, Jumps off the balcony,gets on my motorcycle, and then drives to their location*

            “….Lacrimae what’s going on?”

            *Lacrimae is over near Ade since she left Jess and I alone*

            “…Something that’s going to piss you off, I would say it but only Ade and Rosa will explain everything clearly to you.”

            “Does it have to do something with Long bay, Jamaica?”

            “No sir,it’s like you stated…It’s the beginning of the end”

            *Weaves through the roads as I drive even faster,After a 30 min drive I reached Ade’s location, Parks my motorcycle,,takes off to Ade, and finally is near her*

            “Oi, what in the bloody hell is going on?”

          47. I watched as he pulled up and got off his motorcycle.

            “oi, what the bloody hell is going on?” He said, slightly irritated.

            “C-C0rvus.. that was quick…” I began before continuing, “we have a mission. It’s top priority now. A man by the name of Lance, an abstergo agent whom Rosa was working with on something very important has gone missing.. we believe abstergo has taken him hostage and is trying to get the information he has on this..” I began.

            “Correction.. ex abstergo agent… he went dark on them to help me…” Rosa began.

          48. *Looks at the Computer while talking*

            “An eden?….but not like the others, this one…has a far worse aura for it is kinda like the… “
            *Pauses immediately*

            “Hold up…”

            *Takes a closer look at the shape and thinks of the other Edens*

            “Ay,,,is this the Koh I Noor? The one whom sees all but the one who can see the misfortunes…”

            *takes a closer looks*

            “Fuck…no wonder why you called me. If she gets her “hands” on this beautiful lil devil…it’s over.I remember a story…mostly like someone spoke to me,about uniting both sides of the war to defeat an evil awakening from its seal.”

            *Walks back and forth as I think even harder as my armor,gas mask,and my right eye glows golden in the patterns of the artifact I touched*

            “One who held the staff,sword,and one of the apples…A warrior who protects with all arms”

            *Looks at Ade and Rosa*

            “We may need someone in the inside but I can’t trust them anymore…shit I can’t trust Jess’s side either,The First Will is on both sides. Even though Lance went dark doesn’t mean he isn’t part of them, I will test him.

            The one who held all and is a protector i-is”

            *Right Hand starts to twitch as I think of all the gods but goes deeper into it*

            “All the religions we had in the past and present all talk of gods…many gods or just one but if you take those gods that are similiar and put them in a row. They are just stories of the same person of that trait that did the same thing. In a sense we know The Isus were told in stories to be gods in different ways,

            Durga,,,it’s Durga this time,”

            *Wonders If she is the one who’s been talking to me besides Juno as I sit down in a corner still glowing*

          49. ( …* why is it doing this typo for me)

          50. “C0rvus.. can we speak privately for a minute before we act?” I asked him.

          51. *Creates a crystal cocoon around you and I as my right hand still twitches*

            “W-what is it?”
            *Tries to figure out where everything is going but keeps on going deeper*

          52. *Plays with a crystal in my left hand as it splits into an infinite loop of tiny versions as I calm down*

            “If this is about lance, what do you expect from me? I’m just trying to make sure everyone isn’t a double or triple agent. If this is about that…eden, Someone other than the Templar and assassins is searching for it. If non of those two..what’s going on?”

            *Still glowing golden as I make more infinite loops*

          53. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 27, 2018 — 4:55 PM

            *She woke up, stretching and getting up, wincibg* “Damn..” *She walk over to the balcony with a slight limp, opening the door and leaning against the railing, she went back inside, getting changed into her ceremonial uniform and redoing her hair, walking out the door lock, heading to the elevator of the apartment building, taking a few pain killers out of a pouch from the uniform*

          54. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 27, 2018 — 5:00 PM


          55. *gets up and starts walking in circles while still thinking*

          56. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 27, 2018 — 6:15 PM

            *She gets into her car, using Eagle Vision to track his motorcycle tracks*

          57. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 27, 2018 — 7:00 PM

            *She gets into her car, using Eagle Vision to track his motorcycle tracks, her hood up, shadowing her eyes*

          58. *shatters the cocoon as I say our temporary plan*

            “Aight, Rosa…you know lance’s last known area, it also seems he will only contact you…so that’s your thing. I’m going to dig through my data core and find the current whereabouts of this…eden. Meanwhile Ade, I honestly don’t know…just do you. If ya’ll need anything contact me or find me because I’m just gonna go somewhere ..away from all this hell.”

            *Walks towards my motorcycle as Lacrimae follows me*

            “…Lacrimae, stay ok?”
            “Don’t question it ok?..I need eyes on them”

            “Ok Crow, i’ll do it”

            *Sets my gps back to the building where Jess and I first went to before she showed me her apartment and drives there*

            “Damn you Juno…”

            *After 1.5 hours of driving, I get there,park my motorcycle, and goes to the roof*

          59. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 27, 2018 — 7:47 PM

            *She got pulled over for running a red light, she waited for the cop to walk up, but he never did, she began to get out of her car, noticing it was an Abstergo agent again* “Do you feel like dying?” *She takes a throwing knife from it’s sheath, waiting for the time to strike, as he got out of his car, walking up to her as she threw the knife, he fell to the ground, dead* “Merda” *She messages C0rvus* “Amore, Where are you? Your motorcycle tracks are..mixed up.. -J.L.” *She got back into the car, relieved that the pain killers worked*

          60. *Reads her message and then responds*

            “I’m at the building where you and I had drinks a long time ago, the place we went to before you showed my your apartment ..not Epsilon base and you know I’m not at the apartment hun, why? …also if you can see my motorcycle tracks then I may need to…ehhhh never mind I’m not gonna hide the tracks -C.H

          61. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 27, 2018 — 9:11 PM

            *She messages him* “Mk, it’s with Eagle Vision” *She drives towards the building, getting out and locking the car, starts climbing, going the easy route*

          62. *Reads her message and silently laughs with a smile*
            “One hell of a fiancée…”

          63. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 27, 2018 — 9:47 PM

            *She sighed, halfway up*

          64. *is on the edge where she is climbing and is ready to pull her up then realizes she could’ve taken the elevator to get up here*

          65. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 27, 2018 — 10:21 PM

            *She climbs up to the ledge, smirking under her hood, the ceremony uniform hid her eyes* “Ciao, amore”

          66. *helps her up as I kiss her*
            “Hello there sexy”

          67. *looks at her while smiling
            “How is your wound babe? Hopefully you didn’t put too much stress upon it”

          68. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 27, 2018 — 11:59 PM

            *She sat on the edge, examining her hidden blades* “A few pain killers helped, I put more weight on the other leg so it wouldn’t damage it.”

          69. “Did I worry you?… I’m sorry if I did dear”
            *Drinks the whiskey I had next to my gun as I look at the framed photo of you and Desmond*

          70. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 2:06 AM

            “It wasn’t that I was worried….I just don’t like being cooped up in my apartment..but yeah I was slightly worried.. slightly..” *She sheathed the hidden blades*

          71. (Sorry…. but she needs to talk to C0rvus. Ugh, i got this.)

            I thought for some time trying to figure out what I’d say to him.. how could I possibly explain this? How could I tell him that I was the one Juno needed to take human form? Suddenly I heard something else followed by the response of him, it was Jess through our com system.

            “Nevermind… go. I’ll need you on this mission… be careful who you trust. Until I know it’s safe, I only want you and Rosa on this mission.” I faked a smile and sent him on his way.

            I watched as he walked away, and sighed as he disappeared from eyes view.

            “Tell him…” came a voice.

            I drew my gun.

            “W-whos there?!” I whispered.

            “Tell him.” The voice echoed.

            Sweat began to head down my forehead as I began to hear a screeching noise in my ears, ringing as I began to feel my legs give way, and I fell to the ground, everything slowly going black.

            “Tell him…” the voice echoed once more, and I slowly closed my eyes.

          72. ”Hey..hun, I don’t want you to tell your mentor this but it appears we have to find the Koh I Noor. It is the eden who can see all the other ones but it can tell you the misfortunes of whatever.,Ade also appeared to have bad news for me besides that.”

            *sighs and looks down wondering if I could just die from falling or am I only kill able to precursors and their stuff*
            “…I just want the cycle to end but if we end it…something else will take its place”

          73. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 3:01 AM

            “Koh I Noor eh? Haven’t heard that since…since my brother…” *She trailed off, her eyes glinted with sadness before erupting with vengeance* “If only we didn’t free run that day…” *She muttered quietly, glancing down* ” .. forse Noah sarebbe ancora qui..” *She muttered in Italian, remembering the last day she saw him, when she found his body, torn with bullet holes, the van driving off.. ‘Maybe..I could be reunited with my brother… wouldn’t solve anything..Merda..’ she thought, she glanced up at a building a mile off, studying the windows and lights upon it* “This eden your talking about… what’s it look like?” *Her expression turned from relaxed to blank in mere seconds, she knew something about this eden..but shrugged it off after thinking it might be more of the Bleeding Effect*

          74. “It’s a diamond… It goes by the Mountaint of Light. A jewel that is beautiful yet it doesn’t have that crystal look. It’s last known location is in Spain, Durga is its creator and guardian. She…she is the one who wants to unite host sides of this war to fight the First Will and Juno, something i’ve been planning on doing ever since you won me.”
            *Drops my whiskey and it falls all the way to the ground*
            “Heh…not today old friend. I have two goals in mind but I need to complete the war to finish the other goal”

          75. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 3:47 AM

            *She watched the bottle fall to the ground, she looked at the spot for a few moments* “I saw it once..the was in a museum..I was little… didn’t have a clue what the Assassins or Templars were…but the day my parents died, I was around 10…my brother vowed to take care of me when they died…a good friend of my dad, my mentor, took us in, taught us the ways of being day when we were out practicing our free running..he died..I had gotten lost, I was only 15 when Abstergo took me to see of my heritage and to see of any peices of Eden…..I was trapped for at least 3 years…so I was 18 when I cousin Desmond helped me out..then..he died..then a few years later..I met you..” *She sighed, her expression blank* “I’m sorry..if I’ve caused any confusion..” *She muttered quietly, barely audible* “Requiescat in pace”

          76. *has one arm around her*
            “My love…it’s ok,You know i’ll do what it takes to make you happy”

            *hums a tune*
            “I am restless here
            Only you can tame me cause I…
            Belong to fear
            You know my tears, they
            Run right into rivers
            Flowing under mountains
            Can’t get high

            Im onto something
            Turning into nothing
            Looking for a reason
            Tell me why

            I’m bound to you?”

          77. *re-opens the port in my gas mask that acts like a mouth guard so I can feel the air*

            “Sometime in the future…your brother and Desmond will be at peace. Once that happens, they can go back sleeping”

            *Gets sad since I dislike seeing her sad along with a mixture of anger*

            “I’ll see to it that they can rest”

            *looks at her*

          78. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 12:51 PM

            *She sighed* “Thanks…uhm…about that pendant in the drawer…” *She hesitated, before continuing* “It…was my brother’s..passed down from our grandfather to our dad, then to grandfather said it brought good luck to whoever wore it…” *She sighed* “But after a few weeks my brother died..”

          79. “It’s…beautiful like you, maybe it was supposed to be you to held it?”

            *Wonders if your brother may be a bit happier to know you have me*

          80. *looks down*
            “I didn’t mean it in an offensive way…I just meant that, maybe it was destined for you to use it.”

          81. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 3:21 PM

            *She sighed* “It’s possible..but..I don’t’s hard to look at it without thinking of my brother’s final day..” *She got up, hugging him* “It’s odd…you remind me of what he used to be like…fun and friendly..but strong and awesome..”

          82. *hugs back and continues it as I just soak in her hug*
            “Heh..i do what I do, I try to bring happiness but at the same time I bring order along with uprises.”

            *Thinks about her mentor at the assassin base*
            “…I wonder what your mentor would do if he found out about you and I, most likely gonna test the living day lights out of me…which would include trying to murder me. Or tries making me murder you. If none of those, then I will be surprised and happy that none of those situations happen”

            *kisses her forehead as I give up on my whiskey*

          83. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 4:21 PM

            “He never liked Templars…but I don’t know, perhaps it will be different because your an ally, we’ll just have to wait and see..” *She looked over the edge of the building* “I have a challenge for you..” *She smirked, and did a Leap of Faith into a large bush below, pivoting through the air so she doesn’t land on her leg like usual, getting out and watching for him to follow*

          84. * looks carefully at the way she did it meanwhile looking at her ass*

            “…I shouldn’t have came to this building”

            *Is on the edge and copies her but just does it normally since I’m all good, Sticks the landing, and then walks out sneezing*

          85. *still sneezing as I walk towards her*

            “I..hate that bush”

          86. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 7:50 PM

            *She glanced at the bush, then at him* “Are you allergic to it?”

          87. *tries to hide the embarrassment by closing the port to muffle my sneeze*

            “H-ha, the glorious idiot..I-is”

            *Silently sneezes*

            “Allergic to this tiny plant of hell”

          88. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 8:05 PM

            *She chuckled* “C’mon, I’ll make you some tea.” *She heads off to her car, a black Mustang with silver highlights*

          89. *sets the bush on fire as I follow you while I’m almost done with what feels like the sneeze apocalypse*

            “I-i should’ve not done the Jess leap of faith and just landed on my own t-terms”

          90. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 8:19 PM

            *She unlocks the car, starting it* “Maybe I’ll choose a different bush next time..Get in”

          91. *gets in the front passenger seat and closes the door*

            “Shit..nice car babe”

          92. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 8:37 PM

            *She pulls out of the parking space, driving towards her apartment, taking random turns so she wasn’t followed* “Thanks..” *She swerves into the parking garage, taking out the keys and getting out, heading towards the elevator* “C’mon” *Except not pressing any buttons, but opening a service hatch in the roof of the elevator car, climbing up the shaft to the 15th floor, getting getting a crowbar hidden in the shadows of the shaft, prying open the door*

          93. *follows her as I silently laugh*
            “You are just full of surprises”

          94. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 8:58 PM

            *She walks over to her apartment, unlocking the door and turning on the lights, taking her hood down* “It’s faster to just climb the shaft in my opinion. And it makes less noise for everyone else in the apartment building.” *She turned on the TV, switching it to the news. Walking over to the kitchen, filling the kettle and starts boiling water for the tea as she gets the stinging nettle out of the cupboard, getting a teapot out as well*

          95. *helps her out*
            “I ain’t judging”

          96. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 9:18 PM

            *She smirks, pouring the water into the teapot with the nettle* “Anything you want to do?” *She sat on the couch*

          97. “Up to you I suppose”
            *smiles while the port opens up as I look at her*

          98. *sits next to her as I wonder what Lacrimae and Ade are up to*

          99. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 28, 2018 — 10:52 PM

            *She gets up, the doorbell ringing, she looks through the small peep hole and sighs, opening the door to find her Mentor* “Ciao Mentore” “Ciao, Jessie” *He replied, walking in*

          100. *quietly gets up and hears a voice*

            “restez calme, c’est juste le mentor”, I said quietly to myself so I don’t go into defensive

          101. *Looks at him and tries to not have a panick attack*

            “Ello, you must be her mentor…yes? My name is Corvus..or sometimes it’s just C0rvus”

            *Doesnt know if I should say my name is Crow Harbinger but just goes with my call sign*

          102. (Sorry I’ve been highly busy. But give me a bit I’m about to type up some replies.)

          103. (I wonder what will come in Spain, besides that Ade your amazing and same thing can be said about Jess)

  9. *Checks both my glocks if their magazines are full,switches my .50 cal Barrett for my PTRD-41 anti tank rifle,has 50 magazines for it,loads up both my hidden blade guns, and then sits at the corner of the balcony*

    “It’s just the beginning of the end Lacrimae”

    “Is it about to happen Crow?”

    “It appears so…we can’t trust anyone except for her,Ade,and Jacob.
    If only people knew what is to come.”

    *Lacrimae looks at me*

    “Then…it’s been an honor to have you as a friend, who is an idiot, and as my commander, who would not stop trying to fix issues of society and his internal fights”

    “It’s been a long time hearing my name…thanks”

    * Silently chuckles*


      “We can’t stay here.. It’s to dangerous.” I sighed after they left us alone.

      “I know.. but we can’t exhaust ourselves to much either. They are probably on the hunt for us already.. and whether we like it or not these assassins are the best chance we have right now.”

      “I know.. but can we really trust them? After everything we’ve been through?” I looked down to my feet.

      There was a long pause before he approached me, seeing the tears well up in my eyes, softly falling to the floor. He lifted up my chin ever so lightly, and wiped them away, embracing me in a hug.

      “I don’t know if we can.. but for the night.. just for tonight and then we’ll leave.” He tried to reassure me.

      I sniffled a little, trying to comprehend everything that had happened in a single day.

      “Why can’t he just see..?” I began, choking on my own words as the left my mouth.

      “I know.. It’s sad. You know he won’t stop looking for us.”

      “But what if he doesn’t want a part in this..?” I asked.

      “Well, it’s either succeed, or die trying.” He said.

      More tears began to fall as I squeezed him tightly, unable to calm myself. I couldn’t bear much more of this.. this absolute insanity. I was beginning to doubt we could do this.. with targets on our back where ever we went.. it felt like we’d never be safe.

      I felt extremely weak.. my skin was pale, my body trembling as I felt my stomach churn yet again.

      I suddenly found myself sliding out of his grasp as I fell to the ground, my heart weakly beating as I slowly closed my eyes.

      (Rest is going to be in third person)

      “Adee!” He shouted, quickly bending down as she fell unconscious.

      He shook her in attempts to wake her, but he couldn’t get her to wake. She was frail, weak.. how long had she been hiding this from him?

      “Adee please! I.. I can’t lose you. You’re all I have left…”

      he trembled as he continued to shake her, checking for her pulse. She was still alive… but for how long he wasn’t sure.

      Before he had a chance to do anything else he heard someone on the radio.

      “Oi, Adee, how you holding up in there?”

      Jacob quickly scrambled to the radio system and pressed a button.

      “S-send paramedics.. n-now!” his tone was harsh, yet he sounded distraught.

      1. *Hears Jacob on the radio and responds back still carrying my weapons on the balcony*

        “Shit, I’m on my way”

        *looks at Jess with a bit of sadness…*

        “Je t’aime Jess…
        Quelque chose de mal est arrivé à Ade”

        *Contacts some of my old team members who patched me up*

        “Oi, c’est Crow. Code Lapis, je vais vous aider les gars … souvenez-vous cette fois-ci, cette fois c’est bien pire qu’un site noir et personne ne parlera de la situation. Je vais te tuer moi-même et j’attends le même sort pour moi!!”

        *Teleports to the Hexagon Balard in France, Retrieves old my team,and teleports to Jacob and Ade*

        “Hey I’m here..these are my friends who used to be part of the Commandement des Opérations Spéciales”
        *Looks at her and then looks at my team*

        “Merde, vas-y maintenant!
        Elle n’a pas beaucoup de temps”

        *nods to them*

        “I know we have seen issues when we were first introduced to this hidden war. No one believes us.”

        *They start working on her with their equipment and some of the tech I gave them considering I stole a lot of equipment from abstergo…yet I took out any sketchy components that work like a tracker*

          1. (Still going to do this in third person.)

            He watched in horror as the scene unfolded. He couldn’t believe his eyes as they slowly removed her black jacket to reveal blood covered arms, along with scars.

            “What the hell..? Who.. who did this to her?” He was panicked, scared.

            He had no idea… nothing. What was she hiding from him..?

            He tried to take a few steps closer but the paramedics pushed him back.

            “Sir, you can’t come any closer.”

            “No! L-let me—” He tried to push through.

          2. *Looks at him and tries to keep him still*

            “Il y a beaucoup de conneries dans ce monde. Nous avons tous nos fantômes. Parfois … parfois ils peuvent revenir. C’est à nous de l’arrêter et de ramener ces fantômes à la paix”

            *Remembers what who ever was talking to me about when I blacked out a few days ago…hopes I didn’t panick jess*

          3. “What did you do to her? She–she wouldn’t do this to hers–” he began.

            “It appears she was attempting to dig a tracker out of her arm.” Came one of the medics.

          4. *goes to them making sure I don’t interfere*

            “L’a-t-elle fait récemment ou était-ce … comme par le passé?”

            *looks back to Jacob*

            “Je ne ferais jamais de mal à Ade”

          5. (uhhhhhhhh lol what are you saying?)

            “W-what?” He began.

          6. (Sorry..about that . Just French)

            *Tries to calm down but can’t*

            “I would…never harm her”

          7. (all good, was just highly confused. I’ll use translate lol.)

            There was a long pause as Jacob said nothing, the signs were not good.. and on top of to much blood loss, she hadn’t eaten in some time. The odds were against them.. and so was time. Precious seconds they had… they were numbered. It was beginning to become a grim reality for them both. Still–her words echoed through his head. “We make it, or we die trying, together.” She told him.

            She was everything to him.. the only one that believed he was much more than his past painted him out to be.. he wasn’t the same man he was. Yet how could anyone other than her trust him? and worst yet–He could feel it. That rage that coursed through his veins, that blind rage that had made him so easily tricked… It was taking over.

            He clenched his fists, glaring at this assassin that stood in front of him as he raised his fist. Before he through the punch, he stopped, shaking his head.

            “No.. this isn’t me anymore..” He tried to shake the violent whispers that spoke to him in his subconscious mind away.

          8. *looks at Ade*

            “Ade … reste en vie”

            *Debates on whether or not I should sacrifice half my life for her or save it in case Jess gets hurt. Realizes Lacrimae is best suited for this job and has a higher chance of bringing her back*

            “Lacrimae … s’il vous plaît la ramener”

          9. (BWHAHAHAHA shes a tough girl she has an injection which basically gives her rare first civ abilities, that’s why that pattern appeared on her forehead and she started to glow earlier.)

            “Just.. do something!” He yelled in frustration.

          10. ( (>…>) your dead to me..)

            *looks at Jacob*

            “They are doing their best…it’s up to her wether or not she does this shit and not end up a piece of bread in a toaster”

            *Sits in a corne…thinking of all the pieces of eden and apples then mumbles to myself*

            “One apple destroyed in space on a voyage…we must destroy the rest. End the chain…End the war”

          11. Jacob calms down enough to look at him.

            “Destroy the Pieces of Eden..? once and for all..?” I asked, raising my brow.


            (ADELINE IS COMING lmao)

            In my unconscious state, I found myself.. in a dark space. Everything–Just pitch black. I slowly stood up, attempting to grasp anything that may hold my weight. However that all began to fade as I quickly fell to the ground once again, wincing in pain.

            I felt it all.. the pain.. that grief, the sadness.. it was almost as if everything were being layed out in front of me. I almost gave in–that is until I heard a voice. A voice that called out, it’s tone soft and calming.

            “Don’t give up.” It echoed.

          12. (Corner*….the only thing C0rvus got are crystals, teleportation, and precursor(First civ/Isu) Vietnam like flashbacks along with his armor having the patterns …later on lacrimae will spill some things about the first civ weapons to him .-.)

          13. *plays the wii music quietly as I look at Ade and then looks at Jacob flipping the hell out*

          14. *looks at him*
            “The edens themselves are not indestructible…they can be destroyed. just like the Sword Of Eden…and one of the apples that got destroyed in a satellite voyage causing us to go to the moon and retrieve the other one. JFK had handle two of them, and before that…the apples were used in WWII and so on and so on.Every legend,Every myth…has truth in them…just told by those who survived the events and lived to tell the tales”

          15. “I’m quite familiar.. I was an assassin some time ago.. though Adee and I are fighting to get out of this god damned war.. We just want a peaceful life.. though–” He began before a doctor came out.

            “Sir. She’s awake.” said the doctor.

          16. *looks at my team*
            “Merci Beaucoup”

            *looks at Ade*
            “They spoke to you also…did they?”
            *Is deep in sorrow*

          17. I feel dazed.. confused. I don’t know where I am.

            “W-what?” I asked confusingly.

          18. *shows you my right eye that has the piece of eden pattern shaped like a sword in a gem that I touched which caused me to become what I am*

            “You heard the voices didn’t you…except this time, it didn’t appear as a warning or a memory”

            *looks down wondering if I am a sage…just defective*

            “And Jacob…this war within another war, has been pre-determined by them. You can escape but look at me…I’m back right to the fight, yet this time I have someone to fight for”

          19. “I’m… an ancestor of Juno’s… It’s like.. like she’s inside me. A reincarnation or something. Ugh. Just—just forget I said anything about it. My mission is set. Get out of this war.. go off grid..” I shook my head, still slightly distraught as I looked to the door to see Jacob standing there.

          20. *looks at Lacrimae*
            “It appears…this fight to end the cycle is up to us,My call has been unanswered until now. Who is to say..this is another simulation of the world like before.What was once for survival…became a war that is unnecessary, all for what? Power? The Isu will never understand…we have our mission, find the edens and destroy them..first up collect a few to end the war, second is elimanate Elijah Miles”

          21. I grinned for a moment, staring into his eyes. “A higher purpose… Jacob.”

            He looked up to me.

            “What do you say.. one last mission? End the war for good.. so no one will have to suffer anymore?” I grinned.

            “Hmm.. I like it.” Said he, approaching closer.

            “Mind if we join your little team?” I looked to the man.

          22. *Lacrimae makes sure my old team gets back to France safely as I walk out and sit on the assassin base’s roof, staring at the sky…still in sorrow of everything*

            “I set my sails
            Fly the wind it will take me
            Back to my home
            Sweet home
            Lie on my back
            Clouds are making way for me
            I’m coming home
            Sweet home”

          23. (wait she was asking you something… she wanted to know if she could join in. One last mission. One last time.)

          24. *Radios Ade and Jacob*
            “…as much as this cycle brings pain and sorrow, it brings joy knowing what is known and unknown. Will you walk among your own path to end the cycle…or follow it, rebirthing the cycle…making it repeat?
            Juno and the first will…along with Desmond Mile’s kid want to bring the Isu back. Infiltrated both sides of the fight. So…do you have something to fight for? If so…let us bring them down like before but this time end them forever.”

            *Hopes the comm is loud enough for Jess’s assassins to hear and makes sure she can hear it as well*

          25. “Don’t expect us to trust other assassin’s.. perhaps we can assist you though. Afterall, I was an abstergo agent.” I chuckled, looking to Jacob, who rolled his eyes and walked away.

          26. *Lacrimae accidentally touched play on my Personal Data Pad on my left arm and now in the radio plays the Wii sports theme*

            *stops it*

          27. *a few weeks later*

            “You seem to have healed well.” He laughed, sipping on his mountain dew with his legs kicked up on the table.

            “Perhaps, you never know.” I chuckled, kicking his feet off the table and sitting down next to him, stealing a drink of his mountain dew.

          28. *Works on Jess’s Apartment by still organizing, putting in new furniture, installing a lot of security and blast proof walls fused with my crystals, grocery shopping,and adding an new tv and lastly a big armory*

            “…am I dumb for doing this?”
            *Lacrimae look at me*
            “She’ll either slap you…or just call you an idiot”

            *sits at the balcony*

          29. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 21, 2018 — 3:54 PM

            *She walks in the door, holding a few books* “Wow…” *She sets the books down and walks to the balcony where C0rvus is* “Did you do that?” *She gestures towards the apartment, her hood down, her hidden blades locked* “Because I like it.” *She smirked, climbing and standing on the railing of the balcony, the necklace of the Creed with the Templar symbol in the middle is in her pocket*

          30. *Wonders if Jacob and Ade are ok as I silently laugh*

            “From a killer for abstergo to now…a semi-peaceful freelancer with Precursor things going on in my head along with..being caring if everyone is doing ok, like a guardian”

            *sips my whiskey as I relax with a smile*

            “One day,one day I need to make a choice to either keep being fused with my armor and have these crystals or be normal. I wonder if I could have both, only the key will tell”

            *Lacrimae waits for c
            Jess just like me*

            “…jess matters a lot to you, doesn’t she?”
            “Well…she is another weakness of mine just like precursor weapons, except she is a lovable nuke”
            *hopes that she didn’t hear that and takes a nap on the new couch*

          31. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 21, 2018 — 4:02 PM

            *She does a Leap of Faith into a bush below, climbing up and doing it over and over*

          32. *panicks and doesn’t take the nap as I hear her*
            “Hey hun..err yeah I did. I had to keep myself busy”


          33. *watches her do what seems like an infinite leap of faith*

            “I’ll never get over her doing that”

            “Why Crow?”
            “That’s because she is just smoking hot”

            *Lacrimae hits my head*
            “Ow…damn, you almost made me spill my whiskey”

          34. *has something hidden behind my back and Lacrimae looks at me considering that she didn’t notice me holding something besides my whiskey*

          35. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 21, 2018 — 5:04 PM

            *She stopped after the 50th Leap of Faith, climbing up and sitting on the railing, she starts practicing with her daggers, taking them from the sheaths and starts to counter, striker, slice and roll as she practices*

          36. *hides the surprise,tries to sneak attack her by carefully watching her attack patterns, and then finally interferes quickly like a rail gun shooting its projectile*

          37. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 21, 2018 — 6:28 PM

            *She smirked, running up the wall and tackling him from behind, her dagger at his throat* “I’m not going to kill you, but, if you were a threat, then this blade wouldn’t be above your neck, amore.” *She got up, getting into a fighting stance*

          38. “ A challenger has entered”

            *Looks at her eyes as I join the practice*

          39. *smiles during the practice fight*

            “Hey hun…why are you so beautiful? It’s a dumb question but feel free to kill me”

          40. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 21, 2018 — 6:34 PM

            “Come find me, ciao.” *She did a Leap of Faith over the railing, falling easily and landing in a bush, then blends into a crowd below*

          41. *does the standard leap of faith into a different bush,gets out,and looks around*

            “Shit…lost her, if I don’t find her she’ll have to teach me. A marksmen who can get answers out of people and kill them but can’t find the girl of his life.”

            “Want me to find her also?”

            *Lacrimae said as she flies around and this time adapts to the surrounding with complete silent fans*

            *Notices it’s bright outside so I use that to my advantage by adding a crystal layer used before to bend the light to make a crystal invisibility cloak and knows that she doesn’t seem to be the person to sit around on chairs like our previous ancestors*

            “Eh bien merde … que faire de cette situation?”

            *Remembers I let my motorcycle go to her when I decided to give up and answer for my betrayal, does it again and my motorcycle goes towards your direction as I quietly speak*

            “La mémoire est la clé”

            *Follows it and makes my footsteps extremely light so I don’t leave traces of my footprints*

          42. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 21, 2018 — 9:09 PM

            *She climbs a tall tower, about halfway up, her movements silent, she kept going*

          43. *once I get closer I started to run to her, lightly grabbed her arm, and then tripped myself since I rushed way to fast*


          44. *Radios Ade and Jacob as I look up at Jess while still on the ground*
            “How…are you doing Ade? I tripped”

          45. *gets up and shows Jess the surprise, which is an orchid similar to the creed symbol*

            “What do you think?…and I think you and I should take a vacation, most likely kill templars I don’t know. Just…want you to know I’m here for you”

            *Smiles at how badass you are outpacing a marksman*

            “I’ll cook dinner ok?”

            *teleports to the apartment, starts cooking steak with grilled Brussel sprouts, and puts wine on the table once done cooking*

          46. *realizes she vanished and still continued the seek*
            “God damm it”
            *Rushes towards the balcony and follows her footsteps before the heat signature fades away on Lacrimae’s sight*

            “Why are we running still?” I said as I catch up still unsure if I’m following her or not but is believing that this may be her footsteps

            *Lacrimae flies faster*
            (God refreshing takes so long…I don’t get a chance to see anyone’s message)

          47. *Lacrimae notices my stress level is rising*
            “You sure you want to continue following? I know when you get passed your stress limit you slumber back to depression and Your at an 80%, you also revert to your old language”

            “Et alors?! Je dois continuer à suivre même si je me perds. Merde, je ne sais même pas si c’est la trace de Jess!”

            *Rushes faster and faster with a mixture of teleporting thinking I failed her and failed myself*

            “’s enough you are about to get yourself hurt”
            “Je m’en fiche!”
            *Falls off a rooftop, hits my head hard on the road,has blurred vision for a little bit but continues running*

            “Crow…please I know I’m just a drone but your now at your limit. You already tried to get yourself killed hoping that anyone in abstergo was carrying a Isu weapon to kill you. How long will you continue?”
            “Jusqu’à la fin!”
            *my right eye glows in the golden pattern beneath my gas mask as I continue my search, Keeps spawning crystals in my palm as a stress reliever but it fails, and continues putting myself in this stress*

          48. *gives in to my stress, stops running,and considering how fast I went I’m now sliding like no tomorrow*

            “It’s ok Crow”
            “It is not ok…Lacrimae”
            *Summons my crystals but now they have the First Civ glitch effect to them as I surround myself in the crystals which I cocoon myself due to all the stress I’m now in*
            “I dislike failing and yet I have failed her. Who knows…these failures will lead to her death and then what? Repeat what has happened over again causing pain and misery where ever I go? No one can replace her…that’s is how much she means.
            I’ll go through whatever they bring towards me just to protect her!…I probably wouldn’t be able to ask her that one last question”

          49. “Hmm, clumsy. You need to be lighter on your feet. Silent…” I chuckled, jumping down from above and landing next to him before he had a chance to comprehend who was there.

            He only cocked his head toward me before I continued.

            “I can already tell.. you two are close. Be careful with that bond.. it can compromise you both and get one or both of you killed.” My tone turned serious before I continued yet again, “I would know..”

          50. *still in my crystal that is now just a pure form of the first civ…still in fear so Lacrimae speaks*

            “Crow’s worst fear is to fail someone and his phantoms and a few have catched up to him”

            *Crystals continues getting worse as spikes show up on my arms*

            “Tu m’as donné le pouvoir de survivre, m’a donné la volonté de vivre ma vie.
            Encore une fois, toi et moi,main dans la mains.
            Je resterai dans ma maison
            La maison de mon coeur,celle de verre
            Que j’aurai dû bâtir avec la pierre”

          51. “Hello, do you not see me standing here?” I tapped his shoulder.

          52. *looks at Ade with anger,sorrow,and fear as Lacrimae doesn’t know what to do now*

          53. “What is it?” I ask, sitting next to him.

          54. *Lacrimae looks at Ade*
            “I don’t know what to do with him but each time he goes deeper into this fear it just won’t stop getting worse. I haven’t really seen this type of crystal Ade…how are we even gonna handle this? I tried to stop him but he continued on following her trace which is now vanished”

          55. “no one ever explained anything about crystals… I am afraid I will need more detail before I can help.” I sighed.

          56. *Lacrimae hovers next to Ade as she speaks*

            “The crystals hold data on whatever yet they can be used as weapons. He got these when an artifact fused his armor and gas mask to him which also included itself as his armor. If you look around him you can see the crystals…but now they have a more First Civ and a violent glitch effect pattern. His right eye is also glowing gold with the eden’s pattern”

            *Notices Ade’s sigh and teleports constantly but not even changing location*

            “Crow’s fear became a thing when his original team 7 years ago were killed in combat down in the Middle East during an Operation. The team that helped you were a replacement team but his original teams’death made it feel like it was his fault they died thus creating his fear of losing someone and failing along with the phantoms.
            Right now he thinks he failed jess by completely losing her trace during a practice combat/ search.

            Long story short, Crow doesn’t want to fail her because he thinks she is going to die in this war”

          57. “I understand.. believe it or not I was once a naive assassin.. unsure what to believe, that is until I found out that the assassins had orchestrated the attack on my parents house.. rigging it to explode the second my dad opened the door.. I was only four then. My brothers and I were separated.. I was left in the grass fields.. my parents long dead and my brothers no where to be found. My memory was locked.. hidden away. I did not know of my family heritage.. who my parents were.. until Jacob showed me.. unlocking the memories hidden deep within my mind with a Piece Of Eden. He was an assassin.. and I was on the opposite side. He showed me the memories of my distant past.. and thus uncovering the truth. Aiden, my handler, being my brother, and Jacob, his twin and my second brother, who as said was an assassin.” I sighed, fiddling with the zipper to my jacket refusing to look up as I continued, “Over time.. Jacob proved his loyalty to us.. saving both me and Aiden on a suicide mission.. yet still–Aiden and Epsilon didn’t trust him. Unlike them–I saw,” My tone turned harsh suddenly, “I saw nothing but a man who had been brainwashed.. a man who needed our help, yet they kept him locked up like a caged animal. I.. just wanted to be a family once again, to pick up the pieces.. but I guess that is to much for anyone to understand.”

          58. *Crystals start to slowly shatter as the glitch effects start to go away, I stop teleporting in the same place,and looks at her*

            “I…didn’t know that even when we were both part of Epsilon. We shall kill Aiden first and the chain…I just don’t want to fail her and the team yet here I am”

            *Right eye,gas mask,and armor still glowing in the eden’s pattern*

          59. “Fallen leaves from the tallest trees is all we are huh? If Aiden wants to be for them what do we do?”

            *is now fully calm*

          60. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 22, 2018 — 7:10 PM

            *She jumps from the tower, falling into a bush, climbing out and walking up to C0rvus silently* “Did I miss something?” *She had her blades ready to spring out, eyeing Adeline carefully, as if Ade was an animal about to strike*

          61. *looks up,gets up, goes to Jess,Kisses her deeply and hugs her*
            “I…thought I have failed you. Ade here calmed me down along with Lacrimae because I was in fear of failing you and the team…I just didn’t want to let the same fate happen like my original team that died 7 years ago in the Middle East. I came to terms now with those phantoms of my team and laid them to rest thanks to her.”

            *Armor and Gas mask glows pink as I’m even calmer*
            “Also…if you were up there. Who’s heat signature were we following Lacrimae?”
            “I guessed it was her’s Crow…where the hell did the motorcycle go though”
            *checks my Personal Datapad on my left arm*
            “It’s at her apartment…guess it wanted to go back”
            *looks at Ade*
            “ know who we shall target first? I’m sorry for putting you through all this.”

          62. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 22, 2018 — 7:40 PM

            *She hugs him* “It was only a practice match, not a mission.” *She sighed, muttering in Italian* “spero che non reagisca in modo esagerato.”

          63. “If a practice is failed…who is to say what may come to a mission?”
            *looks at her as Lacrimae flies to her*
            “Crow…tends to have a need to perfect and complete an objective caused by his fear which is why he went into a full meltdown of hell”
            “Qu’attendez-vous de moi Lacrimae?”
            “Well I didn’t expect that you idiot, you nearly got yourself covered in spikes and stuff meanwhile you possibly freaked and confused Ade here”
            “Eh bien, je suis désolé Lacrimae … je veux juste faire de mon mieux pour Jess”
            *still wanted to show Jess the surprise I got her before I panicked*

          64. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 22, 2018 — 8:50 PM

            *She checked her phone, sighing* “Merda…I’ll be back soon, ciao.” *She left by rooftop, she had done a reverse pickpocket and had put a note into C0rvus’s pocket when she hugged him, it was a handwritten note with the symbol of the Creed and it read:

            The item in the parchment is from me and my cousin, may he rest in peace.

            Remember that we must live with our actions, whether glorious or tragic, amore, stay safe. -J.L.”, with a small package wrapped in parchment, inside was a framed picture of Desmond and her, standing side by side*

          65. *feels something in my pocket,takes the items out and reads the letter as Lacrimae joins in to read*
            “Je resterai fidèle à cela, mon amour. Vous êtes un homme bon Desmond, votre mort ne sera pas vaine, même si Abstergo vous déteste.”

            “You think this may be fate Crow?”
            “Je vais la garder en sécurité Desmond et prouver ma valeur le long du chemin …”
            *slowly blinks as I look up*
            “Un jour, je pourrais avoir besoin de vos conseils dans cette guerre, mais surtout, compte tenu de votre partie de la famille, je pourrais avoir besoin de vous pour m’aider à demander à Jess de m’épouser.”

            *Places the letter and picture in the hard case on the side of my left leg as I help Ade up*
            “Thanks Ade…our mission starts tomorrow so you get to choose the target ok?”
            *messages Jess through the crystal and makes sure the crystal is in dark mode*
            Surprised he is your cousin hun and I shall keep by those words,
            You know I love you even if I’m just a walking armory of stupidity and death.
            If you have a target, you know i’ll help out once asked.
            -Crow “C0rvus” Harbinger

          66. *Pokes Ade*
            “Take care ok”
            *decides to walk back to the apartment,enters through the balcony,cleans the place up, and sleeps on the couch with an orchid next to me for Jess*

          67. (sorry i wasn’t online.)

            I was speechless, unable to comprehend.. until it dawned on me while the love birds talked in hushed tones. I couldn’t even think as the tears began to well up in my eyes. Before I could say anything.. C0rvus helped me up, poking me on the shoulder and said “Take care Adee, okay?”

            I jerked away, a single tear falling as he stared into my eyes.. he didn’t understand the risks..

            I began to walk away, unable to fully get past the shock of what he had said. It echoed within my thoughts, “We’ll kill Aiden” he said. How could I possibly stand by.. and watch him die? and what if.. what if I had to pull the trigger..? Even after everything, he was still my brother.. I couldn’t live knowing these.. these rebel assassins were going to kill him. Maybe I could stop them.. maybe I could save Aiden. But then.. then he’d try to convince me to come back… or he’d kill me.

            Lost in thought, I blared my music through my headphones, walking around outside, straying from the building. The tears fell.. I couldn’t possibly–

            Suddenly I felt someone grab me by the shoulder, and pulled me into the nearby alley. at first I almost screamed, but after a glance, I came to realize it was Jacob.

            “Where the hell have you been?! I’ve been looking for you for hours it seems..” he sighed.

            “I needed to clear my head..” I began, looking into his eyes.

            “You could have been captured.. they have posters everywhere.. saying we are wanted, as well as articles on the internet.. they won’t hesitate.” Said he.

            “I know the risks, I’m not stupid.” I rolled my eyes in response.

            “I’m just protecting y–”

            “I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to snap.. It’s just…”

            “Adee.. You know you can trust me… What are you not telling me?” He asked.

            “It’s nothing.” I lied, trying to keep myself together.

            “Well it has to be something.. just tell me.” He sighed.

            “They plan on killing Aiden.. I know the three of us have our differences.. but he is still our brother.. I can’t let them–” I began, my tears welling up once again as they fell down my face.

            “They won’t.. I’ll make sure of it.. but you have to be prepared.. if and when he finds us.. he may not show the same mercy.” He said, looking down to his feet.

            “I know.. I just hate this.. all of this, I can’t take anymore. I miss Rosa.. and Aiden.. and the team.. they were my family for so long.”

            “I know.. but they never were.. they were lying.” He growled in response.

            “I.. I don’t know what to think anymore.. and my arms–” I looked down to my feet.

            I couldn’t possible tell him.. I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. Would he push for an answer..?

            “You don’t need to explain.. I get it. Still–” He paused for a moment, gently placing his hands over my shoulder before continuing, “I’m here now.. and I promise you I’m not leaving your side this time.. a promise is a promise, one that won’t be broken. You are my sister..”

            I wrapped my arms around his torso, the tears slowly falling as I placed my head in the center of his chest. I could hear his heartbeat.. its gentle and steady pace beginning to calm me.

            “It’ll be okay.. and if need be–”

            His words were cut off as we heard a loud noise coming from in the direction of where we were hiding. Pop, pop, pop.

            “That was a gun! come on!” I said, whipping the tears as I released him from my warm embrace and moving my hand down to his wrist, quickly pulling him in the direction of which I had came from.

            I touched my earpiece, turning my coms back on as we reached the makeshift hideout.

            “C0rvus, Jess, do you copy?” I said as we quickly entered with our guns drawn.

            (Going to do another reply with my hacker character)

          68. 0DD17Y (unknown hacker) Wednesday, May 23, 2018 — 8:40 AM

            Running a facial rec. for the two targets, and now one suspect, I went through hours upon hours of photos, and security footage as I tried to track their where abouts. It had taken some time, but I finally caught a glimpse.

            “I got them.” I said through my ear piece.

            “good, send the coordinates, I’ll have a tac team aid you in this mission.”

            “Copy that.” I said, closing my laptop and placing it in my bag before left the safety of the abandoned apartment I was using to stay low.

            I began to head towards the location by car, speeding as fast as I could down the road. I turned the car as it skidded into a parking space, yet when I arrived, backup was no where to be found.

            “Uhh Viper, where is that tac team you said you’d send out?” I asked.

            “Ten minutes out, they’ll be there.”

            “Copy that, should I engage?” I asked.

            “No, we don’t know how many are there.. they could have an entire team of assassins in there.”

            “Copy that, waiting for tac to arrive.”

            I said, when suddenly I heard a glass window break, followed by gunshots. I ducked behind cover.

            “Esa!” I heard him shout through my coms.

            “I-I’m fine. I’m going in.” I said, my tone harsh as I tried to catch my breath.

            “No, do not, I repeat do not. Wait for the tac team to arrive!” Came his panicked voice.

            “There isn’t time.. they are more than likely on the run. I have to do this now!” I said, kicking down the door, drawing semi automated gun with a lazer pointer.

            I maneuvered through the small corridors, attempting to find the perpetrators.

            “You can’t hide forever!” I said cockily, checking the next room, yet still with no luck.

            (eep.. this will be interesting.)

          69. *Lacrimae gets out of her stealth mode and is above Jess*
            “Crow gave you a choice…he also dislikes being confused as part of the brotherhood unless you are just straight up calling him an assassin similar to a freelanced hitman.He won’t kill him if you ask him but he believes that if he gives the choice to the enemy, if they choose to not die…he won’t kill them yet if they backstab him, that is when he strikes back. He somewhat follows the same way of the Bushido Code. The death of his team was because he tried to let the target live but the enemy took advantage of that and later on…shot them in their sleep”

            *wakes up to the radio,rushes to my motorcycle, and starts going towards them*

            “I’m only my way Ade!”
            *Checks all my weapons as I drive and counts how many mags I have for my PTRD-41*

            “Good 51 mags all full with 14.5mm armor piercing rounds”

            *gets to Ade and Jacob, Drift in a circle around them as I through smokes down*

            “I have a feeling it may be Psi team or Epsilon…anyway what in the bloody hell is going on?!”

          70. (uhh now i’m confused they were heading back to C0rvus jess and lacrimae lol oh well just say they meet half way and they have someone chasing after them from the shadows.)

            “I don’t know.. I have a plan though..” I began.

            “which is?” Jacob asked.

            “I’ll tap into the com network they are using so we can hear their plans of attack,” I looked directly at Jacob as I continued, speaking directly to him, “You and I will provide a distraction, it’ll give Lacrimae, Jess, and C0rvus time to escape.”

            He nodded in response before I turned my attention back to Larcimae.

            “Make sure they get out of here safely… we’ll find you guys once this is over with.”

            Suddenly I heard a convoy of cars fastly approaching.

            “Go!” I yelled, pushing Lacrimae back in the direction of the others.

          71. (ughhh the double replies lmao. just loop it back into play. Lacrimae arrives on scene before C0rvus does, while she is telling Lacrimae to get the others to safety C0rvus shows up.)

          72. (On* god damn my fast typing and auto correction)

            *sees the vehicle and shoots the engine with my anti-tank rifle causing the car to not operate anymore*

            “If your listening to me…whoever you are. Leave the area now”

          73. *Lacrimae tells me the situation*

            “We need to start going Crow”
            “What do you mean no? Ade told me to tell you and Jess to retreat”
            “Vous savez que je ne vais pas rester en veille et regarder!”
            “Crow just do it for once…”
            “Fuck cette commande”
            *Starts to full blast Stromae-Tous les mêmes as I crouch down with my rifle waiting for the other vehicles to be in sight*

          74. “I said go! they’ll want me more then they want you.”

          75. *adds my crystal layer again to make myself invisible by bending light as Lacrimae James the camera feeds. Shoots th engines of the first few vehicles that show up and the vehicles behind the other ones shut down since my rifle is made to take down tanks*

            “Exactement Ade … un inconvénient peut être un avantage pour nous si nous l’utilisons contre eux”

            *continues shooting as I look at her*
            “Je vais verser mon propre sang pour vous, Jess, et cette équipe!”

          76. “Bien, mais la prochaine fois, pouvons-nous s’il vous plaît parler anglais? Je ne suis pas le meilleur en français. Itailian est différent, mais mon français n’est pas le meilleur.” I sighed, wondering if I said that correctly.

            I ducked under cover again as I tapped my ear piece, when suddenly I heard a loud ringing noise, followed by radio silence.

            “Can anyone hear me?”

            still nothing. I looked to C0rvus and sighed.

            “They are jamming the frequency signals.. we’ve lost contact with the other team members.”

          77. (Who the hell is James? I meant Jammed, sorry)

          78. *Charges for the corner of the building on my left as I speak and shoot*

            “D’accord”, I said as I look at Ade
            *Lacrimae finally jammed the camera feed and nods to Ade signaling she completed it*

            “Are you going to speak English sir? Your not in the Commandement des forces spéciales anymore”

            *reloads my Anti tank rifle*
            *the enemies get out of the vehicles and up i shoot them in the head*

          79. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, May 23, 2018 — 12:15 PM

            *She switched her normal hidden blades to her hidden pistola, she loaded it and climbed a building nearby for a better idea of who to kill* “Merda…C0rv, who is the target??”

          80. “Ahh! finally come to join us huh?” I grinned, vaulting myself over a cement wall just in time for a machine gun torrent to start firing.

            “The target.. I don’t know who she is… I got a glimpse of her. A women… I’ve never met her and I’m unsure which unit she is from, let alone which country…” I scoffed, unable to digest this harsh reality.

          81. I rushed forward past all the gunfire with charging speed, my body emitting a soft golden glow as the voices begin to fill my head once again.

            “Stay with him.. don’t leave his side.” The faint echos leave me dazed as I am caught off my guard, my defense broken.

          82. *talks to Jess as I shoot*
            “It’s Rare Bird…she is back but this time she is alone”
            *Radios Ade*
            “Oi, I’m pretty sure she is from Psi team. I remember a long time ago Otto formed a new team that went dark. If she isn’t part of Psi team then….I don’t know what to say”

          83. (She is standing right next to you, and com systems are down so you can’t radio anyone…)

            “Perhaps, I’d rather spare the detail and get out of here.” I said, my eye twitching as I felt a sudden rush of energy ignite within me, feeling the energy surge through my entire body.

          84. *goes back to talking to jess*
            “She is alone somewhere but right here she has friends..that’s what I meant”

          85. *looks at Ade*
            “I’m not running anymore…But fine”
            *Prepares to extract by throwing the same deadly nerve gas I threw when Ade and I were escaping the base*

          86. He threw the gas down and suddenly I couldn’t see.

            “Jacob– C0r–” I tried to say, but I coughed.

            There was a panic– men screaming as they slowly died, but… I came to a stop when I heard the unmistakable voice…

            “Adeline.. S-stop running from them… T-they found–”

            “Rosa!” I turned around as the smoke cleared to find someone holding a gun to her head. I quickly drew my gun, but I heard another female voice as the women appeared from the shadows.

            “Well well, if it isn’t our abstergo traitor.” Came her voice.

            “L-let her go!” I yelled, panicked.

            (switching character again.)

          87. 0DD17Y (unknown hacker) Wednesday, May 23, 2018 — 1:43 PM

            I glared at her, she was nothing but a traitor, a disgrace to her family name.. and the legacy that came with it, but perhaps if I played my cards right, I could get the assassins.. but I’d lose her in the process. Still–Epsilon would find her eventually.

            “I will, only for an exchange though.” I grinned.

            “What do you want..?” She scoffed, knowing she was in no circumstances to make any rash decisions.

            “The trio of assassins, I’ll let you and your ‘dead’ friend go if you hand them over.” Said I.

            “How.. how did you find her? No one except me knew she was still alive..” she mumbled.

            “I have my ways. Now, what’s it gonna be?”

            “Adeline–D-don’t do it!” Came Rosa’s thick Italian accent.

            “Relax Rosa, I think we all know I’m not stupid. my face is plastered everywhere.. you’ll kill me the second I turn my back, along with my brother. I’m sorry, ms… hmmm what’s your name? Ahh, nevermind.” said the traitor.

            I glared at her, and fastened the trigger, ready to pull it back, yet right as I was about to, something happened, another smoke screen, followed by shots fired, a bullet finding its place buried deep within my shoulder as I breathed in the gas..Before I knew it, I hit the ground, paralyzed.

            “I’ll spare your worthless life today, my dear adversary, but the next time I won’t show mercy.” I heard her laughs echoing as the smoke cleared.

            “Odessa! Odessa do you copy?!” came viper from my coms.

            “I.. I need a medical team.. p-paralyzing toxin.. and a bullet wound.” I stuttered, unable to recover.

            “Copy that, we’ll talk about your failure once you are healed. I’ll have a talk with Otto Schmidt, I’m putting you on Epsilon once you’ve healed.”

            I sighed as I heard sirens lining down the block, flashing lights coming into view… I let them get away.. again.. This was far from over.

          88. “Can you walk?” I looked to Rosa.

            “I-I don’t think so…” She stuttered.

            “I got you.” Said I, pulling her arm over my shoulder before continuing “Jacob, lend me a hand..”

            “W-wait–Jacob?! Why the h–” She sounded dazed, confused, and a little infuriated with me.

            “Look, I’ll explain everything in due time.. but for now we need to get out of here..”

            I looked to the trio of assassins before continuing “Come on, we need to get moving before we are spotted.”

          89. *walks away from cover as I tilt my rifle down and one of the agents shoots at my gas mask but the bullet just crumbles and falls once it contacts my mask*
            “Really? I thought they…ah never mind I don’t care”
            *points at Rare Bird as I tilt my head down abit*
            “So you finally came out of the shadows huh?”

          90. *realizes she is down,impales her with a small crystal mixed with a tracker that buries deep into the skin, and I shoot s crystal at her but it heals her wound*

            “If your going to die…your not going to die right here. I will give you that choice if you die or live so…” *silently laughs*
            “Until we meet again…remember that choice I gave you. Come back with the answer, for the truth is in plain sight and only those who are not blinded by the war can see the light in the abyss”

          91. “Vus come on, we don’t have time!” I said, busting the window of a nearby van, unlocking the door, and hotwiring it as Jacob helped Rosa in the car.

            “get in!”

          92. *nods at Rare Bird, looks at Ade,Jacob,Rosa,and Jess*
            “Go without me, I’ll catch up..and Jess go with them don’t question why”
            *Looks back at the target*
            “Guess they call you Oddity right? Well see you next fight…tell Blade I said hello”
            *Teleports to my motorcycle and takes a separate route*

          93. (ugh hold up sorry i thought my last comment didn’t post I made a new comment bubble up top. I’ll reply there.)

          94. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, May 23, 2018 — 4:21 PM

            *She read his message as she was traveling by rooftop, she sighed, replying to him with:* “C0rvus, Today is like any other day in my opinion. Also, did the Rare Bird say something about Otto Schmidt?? I swear…sarà carne morta se lo rivedrò.

            Cya soon, amore.
            -J.L.”, as she jumped across gaps to get to the next roof, she had to tread lightly as she noticed cops and Abstergo guards talking about Ade and Jacob and this new person, Rosa, who I assume lived in Italy*

  10. Jesse Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 10, 2018 — 6:53 PM

    *After a few minutes of hiding in the shadows of the Abstergo building, I rounded a corner and began my assent once again, I had my crossbow ready, I peeked over the edge of the building, shot two guards, who fell with a soft thud, gurgling as they attempted to yell out, I hopped over the edge, making my way to a service panel, pick-locking the lock, after my goal; to retrieve a few files and leads that could bring them to a Piece of Eden.*

    1. IF Prototype LQ-84i (Bladewolf) Friday, May 11, 2018 — 6:23 AM

      (could of waited others to reply)

      The canine is patrolling as he didn’t notice anything yet as he patrols around. But he heard quiet footsteps thinking it’s the two guards also patrolling.

      What alerted him is the two body falling onto the ground, he has a very good sense of hearing. He then ran towards the body now using body heat sensor and as well as his way of seeing all floors of building with his great hacking skills.

      Noticing a unknown in the area that not supposed to be as he then set the alarm on alerting everyone.

      “There’s been a breach, a unknown is in the service floor.” The canine spoke with the speaker to all floors. “Taking something from there, a file I presume.”

      1. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, May 11, 2018 — 3:56 PM

        (sorry) *Once opening the door, I heard the alarm sounding, I reloaded my crossbow, going inside carefully, hiding behind a few boxes laying around, I took a smoke bomb from my belt, tossing it near a few guards as it began to fill up the room, using Eagle Vision, I assassinated the guards, making sure I hid them behind a few boxes, and continued down the hallway, firing my crossbow at any cameras that might be active.*

        “Damnit..” *I muttered when I heard more guards coming, hiding behind a pile of boxes*

        1. *breaks my crystals and radios Blade* “Oi, what’s going on?….”, i said as I put my sniper to my side and get my Glock out. “..oh screw this, the ole flamebringer is back and is bringing a storm” *Appears on the second floor but still confused as hell*

          1. *rushes towards the cameras and realizes they are damaged* “WHAT THE HELL!”, I yelled as I go towards the armory for a flamethrower,grabs one and rushes around following death*

            *Still on the radio with Blade* Why isn’t this place extremely secured and most of all how the did whoever it is know where we keep the files?..I mean come on *Teleports around the area and manages to hear footsteps* You know what…ima burn this person *rushes towards the sound and eventually catches up as I turn my radio somewhat off*

            *pulls the trigger and lets out roaring flames for a minute,quickly switch to my glock,and shoots the person’s left arm* “You got a lot of nerve showing up here…Getting marked for death and seeing friends snatched. Witness hell in the flesh as you fight to the death, for eventually all will be swallowed by grief. How many times do I have to kill your friends in the endless cycle of war?”, I said as my gas mask glows violet in anger

          2. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, May 11, 2018 — 9:44 PM

            *I remained hidden behind a few boxes, ready to strike, while waiting for the alarms to stop, I realized that the guy I had killed, was bleeding everywhere, giving out my spot, I sighed, annoyed as I switched from my spot to another a few paces away, I sighed once I settled into my new hiding place, still ready for anything to come my way, I glanced at my steel bracers, muttering,* “Be at peace, father..” *I readied my crossbow for my next target*

          3. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Friday, May 11, 2018 — 9:58 PM

            *I winced as the bullet made itself into my arm* “Shit..” *I decided I’d have to run, seeing as I have no options left, I ran, straight to a window, breaking it and climbing out, throwing a smoke bomb inside before I do so, I climbed down the side, activating my Eagle Vision, I located the room I needed, I broke the glass, shot the lock of the file cabinet with my Glock, then taking up the files I needed, I went straight back through the window, jumping to a tree, climbing down and running, keeping my hood up. I ran a while, hoping fences, weaving through streets, keeping the files tucked under my arm.*

          4. *Rushes towards my motorcycle,gets on it,and quickly drives it to catch up going through shortcuts*

            “Lacrimae hurry up and follow him…why the hell am I telling you that? You can’t lose a single person in your drone life”, I said as Lacrimae deploys from my motorcycle and follows the assassin*

            *plays hands down by dwilly and sings about someone on the team as I shoot the suspect on the run trying not to damage the files*

            I don’t slow down
            I’m too wavy
            But I don’t know how
            We both ended up tangled in this place
            But I’m here to stay
            I can’t fake the wave

            I guess it’s safe to say that I got you
            And you got some new lingerie with that stuff, ooh
            I create a new halloween for that costume
            Not for having pants on
            I got a pair of cuffs, put your hands down

            But usually I’m solo, dolo
            Act a fool
            I don’t know so and so
            I’m home alone
            With thoughts of mom at night
            Go out at night
            About to ask you out
            There’s no more out

            Cause it hurts to see greens
            On really bad scenes
            And love is just pain
            I’m late to these things
            You want it

            I will follow, follow, follow your lead

            *Lacrimae scans every single detail of him but focuses more on backups of the file as I talk to the suspect*

            “Your group…did this to me. Captured me for an artifact that changed me!”, I yell as my gas mask turns to orchid in pure rage as I blockade him with purple crystals

            *Gets off my motorcycle , covers it with crystals Incase the person steals it and impales his legs with the crystals*

            Bad mistake you did…Lacrimae destroy the file and head back to the facility…tell blade it’s been obtained in section my crystal core

            *Lacrimae burns it and does as requested*

          5. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 13, 2018 — 1:23 PM

            *I heard his singing, not paying attention to the lyrics, then stops when crystals block my path* “Shit..” *I glanced behind me, grimacing in pain as a crystal impales my leg* “We never took you to test anything.” *I turned to face him, letting only my mouth show, a scar curved diagonally across my lips* “You don’t understand why we needed these files.” *I looked at him.* “…Mind if you just..get rid of this crystal? *Points to her leg.*

          6. IF Prototype LQ-84i (Bladewolf) Sunday, May 13, 2018 — 3:41 AM

            Bladewolf was in the call with him as other chased after the intruder. “I am unsure but I believe we not expected a intruder, especially at this time.” He spoke as he went over to check the bodies if they are alive or not. “Terminate or detain the intruder.”

            He then got on call with the Abstergo doctors for the bodies and to take the away.

            He was staying as he doesn’t know what was going on as the cameras are damaged, otherwise he will able to hack and watch.

            “We also need a technician to fix the cameras.”

          7. “Roger that..I’m pretty sure I can fix them and use a few crystals”,I said as i try to take my gas mask off but it’s fused with me

            *puts the assassin in a crystal Caccoon without his weapons and teleports us to the facility*

            “Blade…I’ll leave him to you”, I said as I fix the cameras with a few crystals and technicians

          8. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 13, 2018 — 3:03 PM

            *I was confused, then realized I was trapped, I had failed my mission.*
            *Running through the streets of my hometown, I raced against my brother, we jumped, climbed, fell, until I lost sight of him, I wandered around for a bit, until I rounded a corner and found his body, blood everywhere, someone had gotten into a van, the Abstergo symbol on the side, I had fallen to my knees, then, getting up, I put my brother’s misery to an end, mumbling.* “Be at peace, my brother…” *I got up, walking away*
            *I banged against the crystals, doing no damage, I sighed, leaning against the side of the Cocoon.* “Damn…” *I pulled down my hood, my brownish black hair pinned up in a braid*

          9. IF Prototype LQ-84i (Bladewolf) Sunday, May 13, 2018 — 4:58 PM

            “Affirmative” The cyborg canine spoke as he then walked over to the crystal that held the intruder inside. He then stayed guard as he watched and heard the intruder inside the crystal are trapped inside unable to break out. He started to sit as he watches.

            “You are unable to break out, or escape. you will not able to contact your friends, I able to hack so I have turned the network from your cell or any device you have.” He spoke.

          10. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Sunday, May 13, 2018 — 5:24 PM

            *She sighed in annoyance* “I am very aware I can not escape.” *She pulled her hood back up* “I though this was an easy task. Geuss not.” *I winced when I moved my arm.* “Shit..”

          11. *enters the caccoon with all kinds of beverages n snacks, creates a table and I set them down*

            “ I’m the only one who can end my crystals…and I made sure not to puncture through your bones”, I said as I stitch and patch her up.

            “This…fuse of my armored hoodie and gas mask started after Tower came to success…two weeks later your group ambushes me and sent me..somewhere, put me in a secured box thing. All I can fully remember is that I was tasked to tell them a location of an eden..showed them the way and as I touched the damn artifact it fused me with these and gave me these crystals” *shows that I cant remove my armor and gas mask off*

            These crystals also hold data..which is why I have this dark violet crystal embedded into my chest also, I’m sorry

            *sits at the corner as my right eye glows a pattern of the eden*

          12. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 14, 2018 — 4:18 PM

            “Thank you…” *She had her hood pulled low, so her eyes her hidden* “You could have killed me in the hallway, yet you didn’t. Tell me, what stopped you?” *She sat down.*

          13. *looks at her but still feels guilty,adds an extra layer of darker crystals to make it soundproof and blur the visions of outsiders*

            “Unlike the team I’m in..I’m no longer for kills because I rather give someone an honorable way out and I expect the same for the enemy to do the same for me” *Heart slows down abit*

            “I could’ve done my task yet it’s odd about how I just…didn’t want to kill you or severely injure you” *silently laughs at myself but slowly admires you from afar*

            “Blade,a brother to me, seemed like he wanted me to kill you but you said something about why you guys needed the file and..I don’t know who or why abstergo would betray me”

          14. Jesse Larkson, Advanced Assassin Monday, May 14, 2018 — 10:37 PM

            *She lifted her gaze, her amber eyes having the faintest glow* “Thank you, for not killing me…Though, I haven’t the slightest clue why you would want to talk to an Assassin like me, most stay away from me because of my past..” *She averted her gaze back to her bracers.*

          15. *gives blade and the team a look of caution* “careful brother”

            *teleports back into my floor and sleeps in my crystal cocoon next to the giant data crystal*

          16. Jesse Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 15, 2018 — 11:55 AM

            *She sat there quietly, a smirk still upon her face*

          17. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 15, 2018 — 2:25 PM

            *She sighed, keeping her hood low, muttering something in Italian* “Forse se ne entrano solo pochi, potrei essere in grado di spedirne alcuni…” *She kept her gaze on her bracers, the blades tucked away underneath.* “Niente e vero, tutto e permesso.”

    2. *looks at your bracers and scar for a second* “Something about you I suppose… it appears that your weapon and scar share a memory together either a start or in between for weapons can have a memory, they just don’t speak it.”

      *still admiring a bit but realizes I need to head out so they can interrogate you* “I need to start going…i’ll be back and please don’t die” *removes the extra layer and adds a few crystals to fortify your hood to deal with the interrogations as I leave*

      1. Jesse Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 15, 2018 — 10:39 AM

        “I’ll try not to…” *She smirked* “Cya.” *She sat there, still looking at her bracers, her hidden blades ready to spring out, as they were strapped to the bracers.*

        1. (Meant to put the other comment here but I guess that’ll work, right?..ah nvm)

          1. Jesse Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 15, 2018 — 11:56 AM

            (that’s fine, i do that kind of thing a lot.)

          2. ( shorten ya’lls scrolling and mix match,um nvm idk)

            *Sends the eden file to you as it’s stored now in the temporary armor I created for you and a small holographic crystal text message shows ups *
            “I hope you will use this well, i believe both sides are wrong. The powers within should be destroyed, for we have a group infiltrating both sides…just to give the precursors back their right to rule. A hidden war within a hidden war -カラス“ *Short voice message shows up* “Heh I may die from this but…like I said I’m driven by curiosity*

          3. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 15, 2018 — 7:19 PM

            *She remained still, she read the text, wondering what it meant at first, before understanding, muttering Italian once again* “Dio abbi pietà di tutti noi..” *She fell silent when she saw movement somewhere on her right side, outside the crystal cacoon.*

          4. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Tuesday, May 15, 2018 — 11:28 PM

            *She sighed, being still, and silent, as she formed a plan to get out of here*

          5. *only slept for a couple of hours but wakes up And teleports to her* “fuck it…I know I’m in a war, a blind war.”

            *Quickly adds a extremely reflective crystal layer to myself so I’m bending light to create a natural invisibility as I remove my cocoon surrounding her,my gas mask uses a precursor voice that I have no clue about as I sadly talk quietly *. “One of us will be forgotten, One of us will be wrong” *lightly grabs her right hand signaling to go then let’s go of her hand* “hopefully we will meet again… then maybe we can properly talk over a few drinks and don’t worry,my fused armor can’t get damaged by whatever force they throw at me…it’s precursor vs a product made by their artifact”

            *lets you contact me through the crystal embedded in my chest either through message or voice as I teleport to the roof*

    3. It had been weeks possibly even months since I took my leave. It was like a haze, a state of mind where it all seemed so unreal.. Yet I found myself missing the team.. missing the action. Yet it was like.. Like there was nothing left but bad memories.. Axel was gone for good.. Perhaps I shouldn’t have snapped, but he put the team at risk.

      Rosa was gone.. never to return. I wished her the best of luck, knowing she’d be okay, but no one else could know about her being alive.. not even the team.

      Aiden and Jacob seemed to dislike each other even more, and I hated every minute of it.. perhaps it would have been better to just kill him.. save everyone the trouble.

      It was like everything was falling apart.. everything I worked for, everything I stood for slowly dying off… like a wilting rose, slowly losing its pedals as its life cycle came to an end. Though I wished.. wished that I could be back. So here I was.. approaching the seemingly normal building that was secretly the Epsilon headquarters. I approached cautiously, hoping to slip by security intell as I entered, keeping my head held down.

      Yet when I entered… I heard something else. Gunshots fired off and alarms sounding from within the hollowed walls of the complex. I sprung into action, pulling out my mod Glock 19, and began search, hiding searching each room in military style. However by the time I arrived on scene, it was to late. The suspect that was at large within the building had been apprehended by Blade. Dashing for cover, I quickly hid as they passed by me, unable to come to terms with my appearance back at the Epsilon headquarters.

      My chest tightened, I tried not to breath, and stayed completely silent within the cover of an office desk, the shadows shielding me from the sight of prying eyes. My stomach began to twist and turn–a gut wrenching pain that sent chills down my spine.. I felt like I’d throw up. This was what I had been feeling since we apprehended Jacob.. I knew I get through to him.. yet they wouldn’t allow it. They said he was dangerous… If he was truly dangerous, he would have killed me that day that he shot Rosa.

      Still–this feeling; the build up of the anxiety.. it was all to much. And worst yet… perhaps they didn’t need me.

      Perhaps.. maybe I should do what I originally came here to do.. They don’t understand, or at least it doesn’t seem that way, my original reason of being here to break Jacob out. We could find Rosa, and go off grid just like she had, perhaps I could have the family I wished for.

      But what would it be without Aiden..? Could I live with myself for betraying him like that? I just wish–wish I could.

      Yet perhaps.. maybe, it was time for me to make my own decisions.

      With Blade and what looked like to be a women in assassin clothing, shot by one of the members of the team passed me, I quickly exited the place of hiding, silently scaling the nearest wall and began to silently move across the metal beams on the which allowed for lights to be hung on.

      I came to a duo of patrolmen hanging about. They seemed distracted, it would be easy to take them out.. There was no going back now. I jumped, silently landing on the safety of a cat walk, placing my Glock back in it’s holster, and took a deep breath before faulting myself over the railing of the catwalk, air assassinating the two men with my hidden blades, their blood slowly pouring out onto the carpeting. That would definitely stain–oh well.. It doesn’t matter. I made quick work searching for any ID’s that the men may have on them, coming to find one of the two with a level three security badge.. I quickly took it, and mentally laughed, thinking to myself (picture this in italics lmao) “well, no time to hide the bodies.

      Redrawing my Glock, I quickly did a check to ensure no one had seen me, and came to a stop at the training center. I knew he wouldn’t have any weapons on him, they would make sure of that. I spotted an old rustic set of hidden blades, along with a gun, some bombs of various sorts, and ammo. I quickly collected them, then disappeared back into the shadows as I made my way to the high security prison in which Jacob had been held.

      “Ps… Brother.. wake up.” I whispered, gently pressing my face to the bullet proof glass.

      He tossed in his bed, not realizing I was actually there.

      “Brother.” I said a little louder, but no enough for anyone to hear.

      His eyes shot open as he jumped out of the bed, slightly spooked and a little confused.

      “Well, It’s about time you visited me.” He chuckled.

      My stomach churned, uneasy with this newfound idea of mine.. It felt wrong to betray the team.. after all they had done for me. Yet–what choice did I have… If they can’t trust him even after saving my life and Aiden’s… Then they’d never trust him.

      “I needed ti–”

      Suddenly everything began to go black for a split second.. almost as if someone had turned out the lights, and I began to feel lightheaded, my heart almost jumping out of my chest as it became difficult to breath. My shoulder bashed into the medal wall, made of reinforced steel to make sure it was locked tighter than a bank vault. I winced as my right hand hit the wall, attempting to steady myself before I collapsed. Then the darkness began to recede, leaving me to see Jacob standing there, his hand on the glass as he hit it, trying to get to me.

      “Adee!” His voice was frantic.. he was scared.

      “I’m fine.. and you won’t be breaking that anytime soon.. it’s bullet proof.” I reassured as I gained my bearings.

      “Damn high security; and no.. What the hell is going on with you…?! You look tired, dehydrated.. and look at you. You were never this skinny! Dammit Adeline… tell me what’s going on.” He said, looking through the glass.

      “What isn’t going on with me.. I find myself crying every night… I can’t take this anymore. Why? Why must we take part in this wretched.. forsaken war? Why can’t it just end, and why can’t we just walk away from it?” I began, hollowing out my voice to avoid him seeing the emotions I was feeling.

      “Sis.. I offered to take you away from all of this.”

      “I know.. I took my leave for some time.. and I’ve done a lot of thinking. Visited one of the many places we had moved to before they were killed.. And I found this.” I began to get choked up, pulling the picture of our family.. now just another reminiscence of what used to be out of my pocket and pressing it against the glass for him to see.

      “I remember the day that was taken.. a very long time ago.”

      “Do you think we’ll ever be a family again?” I asked, placing the picture in my pocket once more to keep it safe.

      “Someday.. Say, if you left, why are you back? you could have just–”

      “You know damn well I wouldn’t abandon you like that. Besides.. I–” I tried to say it but I couldn’t quite get the words out of my mouth.

      “You what?”

      “I’m here to free you.. we could find Rosa.. she’s still alive. Perhaps.. we can go off grid just like her; perhaps we could live a normal life like you promised.”

      “But you’ll be betraying your team, and above all you’ll be betraying Aiden.”

      “If Aiden could ever come to his senses.. he could join us..” I said, my tone harsh and cruel.

      He sighed before he replied, “Alright.. so what’s the plan? How are you gonna get me out of here?”

      “I may have ‘received’ an early Christmas present from one of the guards.” I chuckled softly, pulling out the level three security clearance badge and holding it up to the scanner.

      The door slowly opened, and he began to walk towards me. Before he had time to react, I took a running jump, embracing him in a hug that only a sibling could give.

      “I missed you, dear sister.”

      “I mi–” Suddenly another round of alarms began to sound, indicating yet another threat from within the building–us.

      “Well, I think it’s time to get out of here.” He chuckled.

      “Take these, you’ll need them.” I said, tossing him the weapons and supplies.

      With a wry grin, he looked at me.

      “Take point, you know this place better than I ever could.” Said he.

      I nodded, and slowly wandered down the hall. I came to find a single man who spotted us a little ways down, and drew his weapon, firing a shot. The bullet just barely grazed my collar bone, blood beginning to drip down. With my Glock still drawn, I aimed, and fired one single shot. The bullet went straight through the mans chest, and he instantly fell to the ground in a violent sputter of coughs, blood foaming around his mouth.

      “Come on, we don’t have time. We have to go.” Said I, signalling for him to follow me as I began to walk down the hall.

      (WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I LOVE THIS SIDE OF ADEE!! I was thinking.. I came up with an idea on how to reset things with my characters.. Have her betray Epsilon. XD lmaooo I was thinking.. maybe I could create a new character when I have some time to use in here.. one that doesn’t have super powers and stuff? lol. Also, glad to be back in action guys. I missed y’all.)

      1. (Like a recipe…you can always spice it up. Besides I’m pretty sure we have seen some powers due to the sword of eden, apple, Mayan armor in AC:BF,etc. also welcome back madame walker!! ^-^^-(?_?)-^^-^ )

        *looks at the entire abstergo building*

        “Guess it’s time to move on old pal,Will a devil’s friend hide in the dark?
        They’ve laid their plans and they’ve made their mark
        We pity the souls that they have claimed
        They won’t be saved when they rot in flames
        Oh will the power hungry lives be spared or will their thrones become electric chairs?”, I look down from the roof top to watch Jess escape,look at the sky when she is gone as I said it questioning my purpose.

        1. (lol currently working on a new character. hopefully if I can get all the basics down I could bring her in soon. lol. Also, I don’t know if we’ve met. Lol, I’m not sure. I can’t exactly get on discord as of right now.)

          As we rounded the corner, blind to see the oncoming danger, I collided with another security guard, who drew his gun. I clashed with him, bashing my elbow into his got, and with faster reflexes than anyone has ever seen me do, I bashed my other elbow into his arm, causing him to drop the gun as he fired a shot. Before he had a chance to scream, I slit his throat with my hidden blade, two more coming toward me as the first fell to the ground. The other two came at me at the same time, and I quickly dodged, causing the bullet fired from one to go into the others stomach. then I quickly ran up the wall, came back down, stabbed the second in the neck, and then fired a shot at the one running toward Jacob with an AK 47. I grinned as he looked at me in astonishment.

          “Where in the hell did you learn that?”

          “Practice, dear brother. Come on, we have to keep moving.”

          He nodded in agreement.

          (COME ONNNN!! LMAOOOO i’m so curious to see what would happen when she runs into the other team members. Especially Aiden.. if she runs into him. XD)

          1. (Sorry, it’s been so long, just excited lol.)

          2. ( Oi!!…I don’t know why I am yelling but your yelling so I’m yelling but anyhow…I’m pretty sure aiden will see Jess. Though C0rvus realized half of the agenda)

            *doesnt feel like crystal teleporting anywhere so I just walk all the way to first floor knowing a battle is happening, hijacks the intercoms*

            “Go, fly you fools”, I said as I silently chuckle. *turns it off and then makes it to the first floor, cocoons myself in my crystals just like I did to Jess…but this time i’m answering for my own betrayal, I sing about this situation*

            “I don’t wanna fight, now
            Your bark and your bite, now
            To prove that I’m right, now
            That you’ve lost your sight, now

            I’m holding it tight, now
            Can’t see through the night, how
            To show you my light, now .” I sang quietly with a small smile under the gas mask as I lean agasint the wall of the cocoon.

          3. (sorryyyy lmao I just get excited XD)

            We rushed down the stairs, and I could hear the men over their coms through mine.

            “It.. It can’t be her! She wouldn’t–”

            “Don’t fool yourself.. We all knew this was coming.”

            “Set up a perimeter. The girl is not to be harmed, but if force is necessary, knock her out. Kill the man.. he is to dangerous.”

            I mumbled curse words under my breath, trying to figure out what should be done next.

            “Sis, I think we need to get moving.” He said.

            (I really need some help here, I can’t go much further with this without y’all. Well, I’m working on this new character, she’s gonna have relations to Adeline, buuuuuuut uhhhh idk how yet. Still, I need help with this XD)

          4. *looks down going through memories as Lacrimae, my drone, flies to me*

            “Lacrimae…go help Walker and her brother. Walker , from now on, is the one to give orders to you.” I said to Lacrimae as wait for whatever is to come from my betrayal.

            *Lacrimae does as she is told and tries to find Walker but as my drone leaves I said under my breath* “The longness of semper…is all I know”

          5. (Say* oh well, hate doing this on mobile…anyway how’s your day?)

          6. *speaks back as I slowly look around…still leaning on the wall*

            “It’s been my pleasure to have done what I have done, you need anything else…you know who to contact”

            *hums a tune as I still await for what is to happen to me as the cocoon gets surrounded by the abstergo agents*

        2. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Wednesday, May 16, 2018 — 7:45 PM

          *I got up, sprinting to the nearest window and breaking it, jumping out and doing a Leap of Faith into a large bush, as I get out, I began to sprint away, taking to rooftops and fences as easy as jogging down a street, once I became farther away, I turned to face the building a distance off, smirking, I muttered into the crystal to speak with C0rvus* “Perhaps we can settle things over drinks, thanks for not killing me.” *She began to run once again, jumping down to air-assassinate an Abstergo agent roaming about, I dragged him into a bush, then rounded a corner meeting up with a fellow Assassin.* “Well, glad to see you didn’t die!” *He said, laughing* “Shut up, Cameron, now’s not the time.” “Fine, cmon, our Mentor has been worrying that you failed.” “Only because you told him.” *She noted, smirking as they made their way through town towards the Assassin’s base.*

          1. (Damn it, I did it again xd)

          2. *sings about my past in a sad way as I look towards the agents failing to drill their way into my cocoon*

            “Silent in the dark
            Waiting for the spark
            The wood soaked
            In their blood
            Their hands joined
            In the mud
            The ember
            Gently glowed

            The flames kept
            Rising higher
            They stood in the fire
            They burn with desire
            They dance with devotion”

            *silently sighs as I sit down in the corner watching them forgetting that my comm to Jess is still on*

          3. *my motorcycle sends out a beacon to her…it then gives up and goes to her while playing my entire cinco de miyo, once it catches up it stops in front of her*

          4. Jessie Larkson, Advanced Assassin Thursday, May 17, 2018 — 7:00 PM

            “Cameron, go tell our Mentor I will be there soon…” “Alright, don’t die!” Cameron started towards the base* “Ey, why’s your bike here?” *She spoke into the crystal again, before stepping up to the motorcycle* “Do you need some help?” *She muttered into the crystal.*

    4. (Are you guys in the Epsilon base or somewhere else???)

      We still had a long way to go…. he had been imprisoned on the top floor… I ran down another flight of stairs, Jacob following closely behind me.

      As we made our way to the bottom of the steps we ran into more men.. this time, we were severely outnumbered, but with him by my side.. I knew we could make it.

      bullets began to rain down upon as we ducked for cover, and I slid, ducking into another desk. With my Glock drawn, I pulled my head up to shoot one of the many men, but I missed, and ducked again as they fired back. Jacob managed to nail one in the should, the sheer pain knocking the foe to the ground as he winced in agony.

      “We need backup!” Yelled another through their coms.

      1. (Epsilon, but now far far a distant galaxy, jk idk , but she is long gone)

        *still staring at the agents, full blast mariachi music as i get very impatient*

        1. (Can we “run” into each other? are you even an abstergo agent??? lmaooo)

          I fired off three more shots before ducking for cover again, yet I only managed to hit one.

          (*whistling. Someone join the fun XD god I love this side of Adee.)

          1. (C0rvus was…an abstergo marksmen and after the success of operation tower he was captured by the assassins,brainwashed until he came back to base,met jess and after meeting her, he is now questioning who captured him exactly and wants revenge on the precursors or whoever made him touch the artifact that did this to him)

            *Lacrimae shows up and is ready to assist her*


            *meanwhile I’m still full blasting mariachi music as I watch the agents continue to break multiple drills to get me*

          2. (Adeline is a very complex character.. i build story as I roleplay with my characters until they are entirely to complex. Long story short, She grew up an orphan, not knowing who her family was, that is until she met her friend Rosa. However Rosa kinda faked her own death, and wishes to make everyone think she truly is. Adeline’s handler, Aiden, turns out to be her brother… and Jacob is Aiden’s twin, who is an assassin brainwashed to kill abtergo agents. However, he has proven multiple times that he won’t hurt the Epsilon team, but Aiden and the rest do not see it that way. So.. Even though Adeline is an Abstergo agent as of right now, she is turning against the Epsilon unit and breaking Jacob out of the base. She doesn’t like assassins either.. you’ll find out why here in a bit.)

            “An assassin? Why should I trust you?!” I yelled.

            (things are about to get interesting oml XD)

          3. *gets extremely pissed off when one of the agents starts threatening about jess and my drones*

            “Bad mistake my friend”
            *Breaks my cocoon as I quickly pull out my Glock and starts shooting in a rampage*

            “Oh the hell did you guys even get hired if you can’t simply do your job”, I said as I go towards walker’s location

            *all everyone hears is mariachi music until I go back into a rampage thus playing some deftones*

            “Lacrimae…you knew what would happen if they threatened to do something to you”

            *looks at walker*

            “Oh, Ello madame walker”

          4. “who the hell are you and how do you know my name?” I asked, taking a defensive stance, not knowing what to do.

            (ugggh I am about to make this even worse lmao!!)