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Now you get the chance to ask the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Abstergo Industries, Alan Rikkin, whatever you want. This could be about his career, plans for the future or his private life.

Ask him what you always wanted to know about him or Abstergo Industries!

How did he came to Abstergo Industries?
What was his first job at Abstergo Industries?
Where was he before he came to Abstergo Industries?
Does he have pets?
Where does he live?
How many employees does Abstergo Industries have?

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Is there a abstergo HQ in UK. If there is, could I have a free trip to there. I am a big fan of Abstergo. You people actually change our lives with the best resources you provide us. Therefore, I’ll require your help when I am doing my law campaigns for getting rid of notorious criminals who terrorise the world. Imagine if you helped me in the future with your hi tech resources. Abstergo will be known for its powerful face of justice.

We admire your love for Abstergo Industries and we will aid you as much as we can in order for you to achieve your endeavors.

Yes, we have many facilities and offices in the United Kingdom. Please read the FAQs first and we take care of everything else.


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

The FAQs explains it all. We do what we do to show our love for Abstetgo and Ubisoft Montréal for creating the games we play. For more answers, please reread the FAQs.


Help us. Help you. Help the World.

Unfortunately, world peace is almost impossible as conflicts are in human’s nature. Wether one party or another are in agreement, there will always be an another to contradict its views, and because of this, sometimes, measures have to be taken and that’s what happens with war. World peace would though be an excellent thing to have in our young world and it could be achieved if everyone shared the same views…
Thank you for your question,
Alan Rikkin
Abstergo’s CEO.

I would consider this as a private question, not sure if he would tell, sorry.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

Mr. Rikkin, what do you say to allegations of slave like working conditions in Abstergo’s Chinese manufacturing divisions? Many of these factories have come under fire of late for substandard safety measures, gruelingly long work shifts, and brutal treatment of production line employees by company police. The factory towns themselves are located in remote regions of Guangdong Province (some can only be reached by train) and those few independent reporters who have visited tell of company “minders” obstructing their investigations and spying on them, as well as a general atmosphere of fear and paranoia. Who can really say what is going on in these towns? Surely the CEO of Abstergo can answer.

Mr Rikkin. Excuse the encryption of my IP adress. I do not wish to be located, if you see what I mean. It’s a bit risky for me to post this message, but I have taken all needs to be sure you won’t be able to locate me. The innocent messages you are replying to are bothering me. You know why. You know who I am, or who we are. If you ever thought we were gone, then you were mistaken. We are still here, and we are stronger than ever. I was forced to visit Abstergo, a while back. Even before your recent subjects. But, I’ve escaped by my own means. It is strange, it’s been a long time now, and I am concerned to which you have recovered from the damage that I have done. I hope you recognize me, and be sure that we will do everything to keep 17 from your hands. Hope we’ll see each other again, say hello to Viddic.
James “X”

Hello Mr. “X”,
I answer you by order of Mr. Rikkin.
We don’t know who you are but maybe you want to tell us.
I could meet you in the next days, please explain us your text.


Fariq Chalid,
Executive Officer Arabian Peninsula

Oh, but you know who I am, Mr. Chalid. It is sad to see that Mr. Rikkin is to busy with his technicians, trying to locate me. What do you mean by, “I could mee you in the next days”. It is pretty funny. You think I’m just going to present myself to you ? I’ve had an encounter with 4, a while ago, was good to see how far you damaged him. Also, I checked out some of your blog posts. I am glad to see you used Stillman, so far, that she gave you all the Animus projects we developed. It is pretty impressive. But Lucy is out of the way now, it’s a shame, but you did all of this, and we do not feel guilty.
I hope I can hear more from you. And don’t try to locate me, I’m not even close to any of our hideouts.

Good afternoon,

Mr. Rikkin, if you don’t mind me asking just one question and by all means you do not have to respond whether it’s due to security or personal reasons etc..

To what extent do your religious believes go to?
And to elaborate, what’s your believe and/or understanding of the church, bible, god, etc.

And once again Mr. Rikkin your choice to respond, no personal ofences will be taken.
Thank you Sir.

Mr. Bartello

Hello Mr. Bartello,

I do not belong to any religion, I am an atheist.
But I can understand and see why people follow different faiths.

At Abstergo there are many religions, I think we have all larger faiths.

-Alan Rikkin

Mr. Rikkin,

Its a pleasure to write to you, as it was before and hopefully in the future…
I was looking for Someone who would reason with an idea. And correct me if I’m wrong please. I’ll be honest, less than twelve hours ago, I was a severe schizophrenic.. I was with my friends last night and we were all having a great time till confusion struck us all, an Idea one thinks negative has others negative. Thought after thought, negative after negative. I was just thinking, is it possible schizophrenic should be looked upon unique rather than abnormal. Cause I know now that we have been too frustrated with our optimism on so many occasions to actually see that these so called disorders could very well be Devine?

Is there a way to join Abstergo in a job that does not have our hands covered in blood. Do u have an Abstergo HQ somewhere like in the middle east? I guess you did not like my encoded message I sent before :(

One more question, does Abstergo really exist? Or am I living in another dream?


What do you mean by “hands covered in blood”? Abstergo Industries is a pharmaceutical company that supportsthe mankind with best knowledge.

Yes, we have branch offices in Dubai, Jerusalem, Cairo and Riyadh.

Excuse us, that we did not recognize your encrypted message, we just have tried to decipher using common encryption methods. Please tell us wich encryptionmethod you have used.

-Alan Rikkin

If what’s below is incorrect then the encrypted message is useless.

As far as my knowledge goes, Abstergo is a shadow corporation that has interest in many companies above a certain level. Abstergo also has the best laboratories and projects such as the Animus project lead by Dr. Warren E. Viddic and his team. Last but not least that Abstergo Industries is the modern day front of the Templars. Am I mistaken Mr. AR?

Never mind. I must be mistaken. It was a great privilege and honor for me to have spoken with the CEO of Abstergo Industries!! I wish you a great day Mr. Alan Rikkin :) Hope to speak to you again soon. :D

According to Wikipedia the templarorder was disbanded in 1312: “Under pressure from King Philip, Pope Clement V disbanded the Order in 1312.”

In our organisation are no templars, just a few freemasons, but they have nothing to do with the templarorder.

-Alan Rikkin

Thank You for that clarification I must have had fiction mixed with non-fiction. I guess because of my exceeded play with Ubisofts’ games of Assassins Creed, same ones I think that Abstergo directs to for more information (or I can be wrong again) but are you really Alan Rikken? The replies are being sent to me from and not Alan Rikken as replied to the questions of Mr. Stone. Thank again so much for your time Mr. Alan Rikken.

Are there any job openings at Abstergo? Other than the drug test subjects? And where can I find some Abstergo pictures of your HQs in the middle east? (exact locations would be nice too)

Thank You again. :)


I will just write you an email with further informations about Abstergo Industries and jobs.

I am the only Alan Rikkin I know, so yes, I am really Alan Rikkin.

Pictures of our offices in the Middle East we can’t publish here because of security reasons.

-Alan Rikkin

I truly hope my messages are not annoying you or bothering you in anyway. You and Abstergo are truly one of my few role models. :D

You have no idea how many Abstergo logos I have drawn so far, all over my notebooks and even my school work. About that e-mail are you really going to send me one with the job listings and all of that other stuff? I haven’t received anything yet and I’m very anxious. Still can’t believe that I am chatting with thee Alan Rikken!!

I rechecked the email in the comment submission form and it is correct but I have not received anything unfortunately. I was wondering if there was another way of contacting you other than this blog. So I can get to know you better.

I clicked on ‘like’ on facebook. Can’t find you for private messages though. Like the idea of sending it through Facebook too. Waiting…

Mr. Rikkin
Question 1: What’s the one thing you do every day that you enjoy?

Question 2: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Question 3: If stranded on a Desert Island, what 3 things would you like to have?

Question 4: Do you like to wear Hoodies?

Question 5: What’s the typical day in the life of Alan Rikkin like?

Hello Mr. Stone!

Answer 1: To have breakfast with my family at weekend.

Answer 2: I am proud and happy to work at Abstergo, I won’t leave this great concern.

Answer 3: If my family could be just one thing, I’d take them, furthermore I would like to have an exiting book and my iPod.

Anwer 4: In the past when I was younger I liked it. Did you know that there are Abstergo Hoodies? You’ll find it right here:

Answer 5: After getting up at 5 o’clock I have breakfast, then I go to work, most of the time I’m in my bureau, but I’m also meeting colleagues to plan with them and help them. Right now is the planned launch of the satellite-EYE-Abstergo a big project to work on most.
During my break at 3 o’clock I like doing a walk through the parks of Washington.
Then I continue with the project planning and execution.

Usually at 8 o’clock I leave off work.

-Alan Rikkin

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