Testers Wanted

Abstergo Industries is looking for testers for a new drug to treat chronic fatigue.

We are looking for 50 testers, the experiment will run for 2-6 weeks.
Some of the tester will be administered a placebo.

The testers get $1260 each as payment. To take part in this test you must send us your documents, composed of curriculum vitae, copy of you identification card and health certificate.

Before you can start you will be fully examined to determine whether you suffer from any already existing disease or other abnormalities. During the testing process, you shall be examined once a week. Alcohol or other drugs are absolutely prohibited and will result in termination of your contract as well as not receiving your pay.

For legal reasons only candidates from the United States and Canada are accepted.
If you have questions about the test, please contact us at www.abstergo.org/testers or ask in the comments section below.

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    • Please visit your closest Abstergo facility or office for more information.

      Thank you,
      Otto Schmidt
      Future Technologies Division

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