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Meet the Team: Fredrik Sandberg

N.B : “Meet the Team” will consist of several introductions of some of our majors employees. You will be able to ask questions to them. We hope it will be an enjoyable experience.

Fredrik Sandberg

Fredrik Sandberg is the Chief Customer Support Officer of the Abstergo website. He leads the whole support team.

His accession to Abstergo took place in 2002 when he started as a news writer. Later he was promoted to higher and higher positions until he was appointed to CCSO (Corporate Company Security Officer) by Alan Rikkin.

Fredrik lives in Hamburg, Germany. He is married and has two children. His workplace is the establishment of Abstergo in Hamburg where he answers questions from customers from all over the world. He also leads the social network pages of Abstergo (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

If you want to contact him, just write an email to or comment below!

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