Ask The CEO: Update

Greetings to all of our fans! We are thrilled by the amount of support you have shown to the “Ask the CEO” feature. Mr. Rikkin has been delighted of answering all your questions. Please note that the old post is now obsolete, as Mr. Rikkin is currently busy with some business matters.

We though do not want to keep your curiosity locked! That is why Mr. Aubrey Jacobs, who is the assistant of Mr. Rikkin, will answer all your questions on behalf of Mr. Rikkin! Please feel free to ask any questions you would like to ask to Mr. Rikkin in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Ask The CEO: Update

  1. Who is the Grand Master of the Order?

    1. Hello, Mr. Kenoy,
      I was intrigued by your question and cannot seem to answer it.
      What “Order” are you talking about ?
      On behalf of Mr. Alan Rikkin,
      Mr. Aubrey Jacobs,
      Assistant and Secretary of the CEO.

      1. The Templar Order

        1. I’m afraid you might have been misinformed. We have nothing to do with the Templar Order.

          On behalf of Mr. Rikkin,
          Mr. Aubrey Jacobs,
          Assistant and Secretary of the CEO

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