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Portable Animus Update

News of the Portable Animus is slowly trickling down, so here is quick note on what we know so far!

The Portable Animus will include everything that the full version of the Animus offers, but in a handheld device that can be used anywhere at any time. Of course, given the intensity of the program, it is recommended for use only when the user is stationary. Since it is a handheld device, the user is not limited to Animus sessions within an Abstergo facility.  Within the time you purchase, you are able to use the device as often as you like. Frequent breaks, however, are strongly encouraged.

The Portable Animus will run on a variant of the full Animus 3.0 OS. As of now, the release date is scheduled for October 2012, but that is subject to change. Be sure to follow our news-feed for more exciting updates!

By John Griffin

Editor for Abstergo Industries publications based in the USA

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