New Design For A New Extension

Today we present to you the new Abstergo Entertainment Logo and Extension of Abstergo.

We made a survey for you to rate it:

We can not wait to see how much better Abstergo Entertainment will make your lives be. It is the best opportunity to help to entertain you while engaging you within the development of our new world.

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An interesting color scheme: darkening gradients of each of the three primary colors. It is more colorful and eye-catching than it’s predecessor, but sacrifices some of its symmetry, making look less industrial/contemporary in nature.

I am curious as to what spurred you to make these changes. The three primary colors in their gradients, in a classical sense, make up the foundations of all that you see. Is your new logo a way to suggest that you are in, or even in of itself, the foundations of the way we live? Or perhaps you simply wanted a warmer color scheme to seem more approachable to your customers? Or maybe this a signal of some greater transformation/transition for Abstergo?

Your analysis seems rather interesting Mr. Sharon. This new logo not only represents Abstergo Industries but also represents are new market front image; Abstergo Entertainment. It is the new creative logo based on our new portable Animus.

Thank you,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

I thank you for taking the time to answer. Going from pharmaceuticals and expanding into entertainment is quite a transformation (but is an animus entertainment, or would it be better classified has research/education?).

I am curious, though: “Mr” Sharon? I happen to be a Ms. ;) Maybe you were thinking of someone else?

Dear Ms. Sharon,

First I would like to apologize greatly for the mistake of replying to you in the form of a ‘Mr.’.

Secondly, yes the Animus is for the purpose of research and education. The reason it falls under entertainment is because you would be learning and researching your own history instead of spending hours reading a (most likely biased or untrue) history textbook.

The Animus allows you not to only imagine what you read and dream of what happened but it will give you a hands-on life experience of History.

History being the study of change (well if it was static then it would be dead).

Thank you for your interest Ms. Sharon and my apologies again,

Otto Schmidt
Linage and Subject Acquisition and Customer Officer

hi. i’m intERested in yoUr website, being a user of some abstergo’s proDuct. does a french versIon will be online one day? i undersTand your language, but it will be better if i cOuld read in french. thanks.

I like the touch of color! It’s a nice change, but maybe you can mute it a little and lower the saturation on the logo? It must be the mustard yellow that’s throwing me off. Other than that, amazing work! Keep doing what you do, Abstergo.

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